Friday, March 2, 2012

Just another big day in tornado alley.

4:00 CST. Sun shining here. 80 degrees.

100% chance of tornadoes.

The county 911 system is robo calling everyone with the warning and where the shelters are.

Nashville tv stations are in full time weather emergency mode.

People are preparing their 'safe' spots and mentally adjusting to possibilities.

Multiple relatively small 'supercells' with the key word being rotation, rotation, rotation.  Confirmed tornado on the ground in one area.

Tornado sirens going off in Nashville and other towns. Schools not already let out are being locked down.
Just another big day in the new tornado alley.

We've been through it so many times since 1997 we try and be cool but it's always tense. Some family is coming in with a few beers. We watch the reports and the sky. We pray in our own way for all to be safe.


  1. We use to have hurricane parties in Miami. Gee, those were the days. The combination of hurricane Katrinia, and the fact that I am now an adult living on the Ca. San Andreas fault line and experienced the 1989 SF bay area quake, I sorta lost my sense of humor and "what, me worry?" attitude about these things. I hope when it's over you didn't lose anything other than sleep, Kenny.

  2. Hey Kenny,...Well, what can I say? here in rothschalia, we have been having so much "un-seasonal" torrential rain, that the PTB decided to open the Dam gates again as it is due time for maintenance - they opened the gates during the torrents in Queensland last year - 11 deaths! REALLY, how can there be a sheeple that doesn't get it yet? Got HAARP? To add to this disgraceful manipulation of our environment to destroy our farming infrastructure, yep that's exactly why our weather has been soooo, destructive, the PTB have forecast that Australia will be a NET importer of foddstuffs within three years! From a NET grower/provider of all food and nutritional needs for this country, to a country dependent on imports!

    They have also created legislation that will end freedom of speech here in rothschalia! See my latest Post..


  3. Where I am we missed the brunt of the storms. Lots of damage statewide, numerous video reports coming in, but no deaths. Kentucky and Indiana were not so lucky. At least 25 dead in those two states.

    HAARP? Weather patterns have certainly changed the last 15 years but whether nature needs an artificial stimulant I don't know. What I know for sure is that carbon taxes won't fix a thing except for swelling the pockets of a few.

  4. Glad to hear you're okay, Kenny. I was thinking about you yesterday. I live in Northern Indiana and didn't see anything but rain.

    Veritas might have something there. I heard there were more tornadoes yesterday than there usually are for the entire month of March. I'm going to look into it.

  5. Hey Kenny,...Does anyone not know that there was huge hurricane off the coast of New York on 911?!

    I first heard it mentioned by John Hutchison of "The Hutchison Effect", some really interesting stuff out there folks.


  6. I saw this today. Worth a watch.

    "Why in the World are They Spraying?"

  7. dont mean to be cruel, heartless, but this might give these suffering braindeaders who support the slaughter in libya, iraq, palestine, pakistan, syria, and suffering in iran, cuba, elsewhere a taste of their beliefs.

    to the innocent and aware, i apologize.