Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Shake & Bake

This is for all TSA fans.
TSA agent arrested for involvement in meth operation


I know folks like the DIY mentality but this shake & bake meth making in the hands of the careless blows a lot of things and people up and contaminates their environment and beyond. Just a couple of weeks ago in my county 12 people were arrested for meth making. 9 of them took public defenders.The jails are over capacity and the hard line approach is costing us more money than we can afford. In my opinion the social and individual implications of what is going on is greater than they were when amphetamines were legally available as prescriptions and the black market was flooded with them.

Perhaps we should legalize all drugs, manufacture them clean and let the causalities fall where they may. Treatment and counseling instead of jail? Would there be less causalities in any number of ways if we did? 

Oh, and abolish the TSA while we're at it.


  1. Legalize it all. The meth heads and crack heads etc. will get it even if its illegal. Its not a question. As you point out, the cost to the individual using and to the tax payer is too high to keep drugs illegal.

    Use marijuana. Its a giant "fuck you" to Big Pharma when you do. They fear marijuana. It does in fact have very real medicinal value. The latest studies on its effects on tumors is just the latest ignored(by the gov/MSM) piece of information proving its value.

  2. I agree Kenny and anonymous. For many years I've concluded that legalizing everything is the best policy. Because ultimately, people are corruptible. Might as well make it all clean, regulated, taxed, and put the taxes towards treatment. For the hard stuff esp heroin and coke my opinion is that we should require folks to become "registered addicts" they have to watch informational videos to maintain their status to be able to buy a limited amount per day.
    anyway my 2c, njt

  3. Hey Kenny,...Here in rothschalia, South Australia is the only state in rothschalia that has "de-criminalised" personal usage of Cannabis products. Each 'household' may have two(2) plants per household, it used to be per adult! When the neo-con Liberals (Republicans w/- out the Republic!!) came back in to power (ad nauseum) they reduced the quota o f Plants per person to plants per house-hold. Lo' and Behold, amphetamine use went fucking BANANAS! Gues which tribe of child-molesters CONTROLS Amphetamine production and distribution? Not to mention Heroine!

    Fuck Laws, fuck it ALL, bring on the revolution, let's get shut of these fucking yids, once and for always!


    P.S Fuck off rub-a-'Dubs', I know you pretend to be an anon! IP chasing s/ware dickhead! How's the seafood in fluorida?

  4. I'm often reminded of what my now gone Vietnam era friend once said.

    "If I had pot this good everyday, I wouldn't need the junk."

    1. You should see how quality the pot I just got is. I wish I could post a pic.

  5. "P.S Fuck off rub-a-'Dubs', I know you pretend to be an anon! IP chasing s/ware dickhead! How's the seafood in fluorida?"

    I have no idea what you are talking about Veritas, only your psychiatrist knows for sure.


    1. Theres not a psychiatrist on the planet that could make a dent on veritas psychosis.