Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Con Game

My 'con' Diane Black is not only an Israel firster but has a husband who claims to be a doctor and has made millions in the drug testing industry through his company Aegis Sciences Corporation. This pseudo-doctor is now making the rounds at Tennessee's capital hill trying to influence the legislature to derail the "Safe Access to Medical Cannabis Act." Of course he stands to lose a sizable chunk of his income from this sensible bill especially if one day full legalization comes to be. He and his wife, who needs to be ousted from Congress, might have to actually work for a living if the fraud of the 'war on drugs' ends.

The letter Mr. Black is passing around is here.   Lobbying to maintain one's position in a con game is nothing new, in fact, it's how the legal system works. According to the illegal meanderings of the Supreme Court, Aegis is a person who can give bribes and influence people to maintain their positions of power and profit.

Even the Tennessean is publishing what most likely is a lobbyist screed posing as an 'editorial.'

The fix is in. A couple of things the Tennessee legislature cannot be accused of is having common sense and compassion. Honest representation at all levels of government without the taint of blood money is a broken concept.


  1. No surprise. Medical marijuana bill dies.|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

  2. At least IN THEORY you had a chance.

    Here in buckeyeland there ain't even a pretense.

    The wife gets migraines and a local doc actually told her marijane would help her. A few tokes at the onset is supposed to be far superior than the overpriced POISON prescription junk they sell. But let's consider it a necessary sacrifice for the war on drugs, right?

    The other week she was saying, maybe we can get a better shake if we move back to Virginia... I almost laughed.

    Things will change when we all get together and hose off the whole deck. Fed, state, whatever. Nothing happens till we wad them all up and toss them for good.

    1. Wise words Franz. The all together is the hard part.

  3. Off topic but "AmericanGoy"=controlled op. Of the "cannibalrabbi" variety if you know what I mean.