Sunday, April 29, 2012

Days of Craze

Lindsey Lohan arrives in Washington for the White House Correspondents’ Dinner and sums up the attitude toward Americans with this one gesture.

“Everything that is wrong with America is here in this room.” 
          – Jimmy Kimmel

Well not everything. The room wasn't big enough.

Helen Thomas didn't get an invite. The 'lobby' made sure of that. 50 years ago Thomas convinced President John F. Kennedy to boycott the White House Correspondents' Association's annual dinner if women weren't invited to attend. Now we have Kim Kardashian and even dogs as special guests. Yep, women and free speech and pooches have come a long way.

May Day is coming up and last year's 'big lie,'  the fake killing of bin laden, is a talking point for Obama's re-election. Will there be an 'event' this year? Maybe something that attempts to portray Americans as the new enemy of the state? We'll see. 

It's 'blow up a school with drones' day in Pakistan. The 'terrorists' never seem to learn, do they? Hillary Clinton and Tim Geithner are going to China this week and it's hard to tell who will get the schooling there.

Surely if someone can win a Pulitzer Prize for a collection of poems that often reference David Bowie, then Timster's newly published book should also have a shot. Not really but maybe we should have an alternative world Pulitzer where we all get a vote?

This is going to be an interesting spring and summer. But aren't they all?


  1. The Big Picture The study of crime begins with the knowledge of oneself. ~Henry Miller, The Air-Conditioned Nightmare

    1. Here's some material you might be interested in -- sorry, it's a bit long:

      FYI, Sitchin, according to some is reptilian disinfo (and a shapeshifter). Bizarre, eh? Stewart Swerdlow says that the Annunaki are a different (reptilian) race than the Draco reptilians. Icke conflates the two, but claims that Sitchin told him not to investigate the reptilian angle. I just finished Icke's latest book and I think he has the bigger, more coherent picture than Sitchin ever put forth in his books but...Icke acts like the Holohoax was true. So no one seems to get the whole picture right, but Icke does come the closest.


  2. Some are HOTTER than others...last summer was pretty toasty, like 1980...
    at least in Texas, anyway.

    MG deleted this uglytruth, dunno why... can only surmise it didn't fit the agenda...maybe too ugly ?

    ...a "mason" was upset at hearing Truth the other day...shoulda seen that scrunched up face...

    not only are "We" not all the same, but "We" are not equal either.....

    Just to set the Record Straight....You can take the Law into your own hands... knowing the Law really helps, alot.

    Truth + Justice = PEACE


  3. Ah, Lindsey.

    Why couldn't she puke up at the White House Correspondents' Dinner like she does in bars and limos all over la-la land?

    Oh yeah. That's just for us little people. Maybe next year, if there is a next year.

  4. For those of you who missed it, Helen Thomas had a starring role in the 2006 WH Correspondents' Dinner. Starting just before 1hr:11 on this video. Will we ever get an answer to her question...?

  5. i gave up on ugly glen. to buy into his jive you have to believe that israel runs the world, which i don't believe. Going up each step of the ladder i ask 'do they take orders" does israel take orders? at the top of the pyramid someone gives orders

  6. Hey Kenny,...When reading this Post, I couldn't help, but be reminded of The Rocky Horror Picture Show: What an interesting twist to Cast a black fella as Frankenfurter! Hillarious Clinton as 'Janet'...


  7. Utopian IdealistMay 1, 2012 at 11:52 AM

    Happy May Day Comrades! May equality of results always be achieved in your glorious collective where selfish interests are put aside for the good of comrades. Let us smash the evil kapitalist oppressors from our keyboards with barbed essays of collective inspiration.

    1. Weak attempt at humor?

    2. Utopian
      And while the socialists around here muse I suggest you go back to your recent copy of human events of National Review and bath in trickle down economics Reagan style while your servants keep the red wine and New York Strip steaks flowing on your sail boat off the coast of Connecticut. Some of us have a sense of humor also!

      Don't go away you are entertaining. You sound like someone Goldman Sachs or Soros set up with the extra cash.

      That is not the real story though, this is the real story. Make sure the sailboat is well moored!

      Things must be good, I sense things are trickling down for ya!