Friday, April 13, 2012

A Few Bit and Pieces

An Iranian TV perspective of the holocau$t gets the youtube down the memory hole treatment. It may be from a copyright complaint from MEMRI TV,  because they supplied the English sub-titles, through Content Lizenz Agentur but how NBC Universal could be involved I don't know. I doubt the Iranians would care.

The video is still available here and here and I hope the links don't doom them to the same fate.

It's not really about copyright infringement and the fair use doctrine which doesn't always count. It's the subject matter that someone doesn't want people to consider.

Tennessee is a very beautiful state in the spring but that beauty doesn't extend to a great number of our law makers. Now they have gone over the top again by trying to pass a bill to update the state’s abstinence-based sex education curriculum to define holding hands and kissing as “gateway sexual activities.” Technically, I suppose that's true in the same sense that all alcoholics started with the gateway liquids of mother's milk or baby formula.

This 'holding hands' bill follows on the heels of one that allows teachers to inject creationism, which means the Christian and Judaic variety, into basically whatever classroom curriculum they want to. Oddly enough the same bill allows teaching that global warming is a scam to separate folks from more of their money to give to the rich.

Among some folks, the bill to allow gun permit carriers to have a pistol in their locked car at work is a bad idea but it makes sense to me. Very very few legal gun carriers have a 'zimmerman moment.'  A few legislators do have a little common sense and the back from the dead medical marijuana bill is still being kicked around but will eventually be kicked to the ground and stomped on. The legislature basically fits the criteria of  'even a broken watch is right twice a day.'

Is Tennessee the current designated laughing stock of the nation? I'm not sure. There's still quite a bit of competition.

Louis Farrakhan did make it over the state line, the road blocks have not yet been set up, and spoke to a packed house at Jefferson Street Missionary Baptist church in Nashville. Funny that the almost all black university, TSU, made some excuses for not allowing him to speak there as originally planned.

Think this guy Richard S. Corenthal, a new board member of the 911 'non-profit' Tuesday's Children has the truth in his heart? Just another long-term part of the cover up I'm guessing. And what about this upcoming so called 'trial of the century?' I must be going soft. I'm starting to feel sorry for those who can't seem to overcome the pressure of the psyops.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz  makes a point to say that Obama will not play the Mormon card. What her real concern is once it's open season on Mormons, can open season on jews be far behind? Don't worry Debbie, Abe Foxman has got your back and once again he's on Mel Gibson's back. Mel has denied allegations by a screenwriter for Mel's proposed move Maccabee, which is now on hold, that he repeatedly referred to jews as 'oven-dodgers.'

It's a cache of data, 25 million gigabytes' worth, roughly equivalent to half of the Library of Congress and nobody quite knows what to do with it. Much of it was/is legitimate personal files people were storing at Megaupload. It's a reminder that one needs several backup locations, physical and cloud, for what they want to keep.

Here's a pdf of Dave McGowan's "Laural Canyon" if you might be interested.  h/t Jeff Prager


  1. Funny clicking Laurel Canyon which I have read before, I got a 403 error, you don't belong here. LOL

    The net has been really quirky for me lately. I can't open live links at the moment on wordpress, maybe later. One reason I get disgusted with blogging.

    1. That was my fault Mick, not from your end. I thought the link was to a public folder accessible to anyone without having to get a Dropbox account.

  2. thanks for the holohoax video, very well done. lately i've been thinkin that H was conrolled opposition. perhaps he was allowed to print his own debt free currency, prosper, only to be smashed to hell as an example for any future dictator who might have similar ideas. Burn Germany with it's worthless paper money, Then after the war- 60 billion in reparations, in deutchmarks and euros! ha ha ha!

    i get tired of web site that treat H as a hero. He did more for the jews than anyone. and he killed too may christians to be a hero. H was installed. i think achmadinijad is the same, his father's real name is jewish, they even call him 'the new hitler'

    my advice to anyone living in a zog state where holohoax denial is illegal- afirm the jew role in the Bolshevik blood bath of christians, that's not illegal yet.

    warning to all muslims- the bankers killed at least 100 million christians in the last century, this century they are comming after the muslims

  3. Robert Faurisson visits Sweden

  4. This is OT (somewhat) - someone flew into my blog with the info:

    Faridabad, Haryana arrived from on "Zionism Stinks" by searching for

    How that happens, I don't know.

    The blog above is promoting Northern Leasing - author is Sandeep Kumar (made up name?). The CEO of NL is a Jay Cohen. The business is registered in AZ and NY.

    They are listed at and get one star averages on Google reviews - i.e.: "I paid more than $4000 for a (credit card) machine that costs $300 on ebay. Northern Leasing has almost 900 complaints with the BBB and a rating of F. UNLESS YOU ARE A FOOL, DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH THEM."

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    They are now selling their wares to suckers from India. Another Jewish / India connection.