Thursday, April 26, 2012

When I'm sixty-four

Will you still need me, will you still feed me when I'm sixty-four?

Indeed we will.  Whether we like it or not we continue to feed the slot machine of Israel where there is no programmed payout for the vast majority of Americans or the world. House takes all. 

It's the 64th birthday of Israel. We won't celebrate but we would like to blow out the candles on that rancid cake once and for all.

Detention of children, continued land theft and the push for more wars for Israel are a few of the indications that wisdom often does not come with age.

These kids have no more birthdays to celebrate and only a few in our convoluted western world seem to care .......


  1. Very Good, Excellent even...

    The historical Truth {Dublinmick notwithstanding] is that "Israel" has never been a "JEWISH" state {of mind}...

    Israel is a People...not a Place....and although the Historical record has a number of FOG BANKS..

    The "Christian/White People" nations are actually "Israel"...the Economic "Blood" the Zionazi/Satanic Vampire "JEWS" feed Rape the world...

    Yesterday "Ralph" was filling in for "John" on RBN...and the callers were great...discussing the "RIGHT TO TRAVEL"...Here fundamentally is the "Secret" to "Christianity" still unrealized by the Braindeadgoy/"JEW" worshipping MORONS...


    "We" don't need a "LICENSE" to travel "OUR" Fathers' DOMAIN...despite what "Jew" worshipping MORONS believe..!!

    The Secret is at the county level to have at least 12 TRUTH LOVING MEN {Non Braindeadgoy} who will stand GOOD for each other...Period !

    No Need for ATTORNEYS/Crooked "JUDGES/Talmudic Magistrates"....or any other manifestation of "JEW" worship....{Freemasons}

    Presently in Texas, in a Rural County one Robert Fox is on TRIAL by the Zionazi Crime Syndicate posing as the STATE OF Cherokee County...

    Robert has been TORMENTED/TORTURED by these Zionazi REPTILIAN OFFSPRING for 20 years...!

    The Zionazi "JEWISH" Media covinously conspired with ZOG to Mass Murder the Davidians...the innocent people in OKC Murrah Building...9/11..Palestine ...Iraq...Central America..Africa..SE Asia..300 Million souls MASS MURDERED in the last century...because of willing BLINDNESS by White Men who could have prevented the MURDERERS by Simply standing TOGETHER and TELLING THE TRUTH about the "JEWISH" Narrative...!!!

    Signed affidavits stating the TRUTH...No More TSA..!!
    The "TERRORISTS" are the "JEWISH"....everything else is SELF DEFENSE....Just Like Wayne Martin said on the 911 Tapes when being shot at by Zionazi TERRORISTS ADL/ATF..."I Have a RIGHT to defend Myself!"....and so do we all !!!

    We can start by KNOWING the Truth about what makes someone a "JEWISH"...No One on Earth HAS to be a "JEWISH"... especially not the "JEWISH" people...Ashkenazim Proselytes to Talmudic Judaism....NO MORE "JEWS" NO MORE "JEWISH" STATE...of Mind...FREE PALESTINE...FREE THE WORLD !!

    Bravo Kenny...what a GRAT SIDE SHOW !!!

    I would stand in line for this...Magnifico !!

    Peace....Davy ...{birthday 27 April 59}

    1. Thanks Davy, your additions are always welcome.

      Tomorrow is also my daughter's birthday! We plan on having a nice peaceful celebration.

    2. As long as you control the media, the Federal Reserve, Wall Street and have brainwashed Evengelical 'Christians' into supporting the murderous Zionist entity, nothing wil change.

  2. Hmmm...wonder why these hate the jews blogs on jew owned google never get hacked or shut down. Something doesn't add up. Be sure and delete this comment.

    1. Assuming hate is involved is a misconception but I suppose to trolls this doesn't matter. Good try in attempting to introduce doubt in readers but still worthless.

  3. The Zionists are powerful.

    But one assumes that they were not the people who wiped out a lot of the American Indians, or who planned Operation Northwoods.

    We should not forget those fascist American generals and fascist American oligarchs who don't happen to be Jewish.

    The invasion of East Timor, which wiped out almost half the population of East Timor, was organised by generals who were a mixture of Moslems and Christians.

    The Crusades in the Middle Ages were a Christian enterprise.

    Lock up the Zionists and you will still have false flag operations, wars and genocides.

    In much of Asia it is the Chinese who usually get blamed for running the sex trade, the fake drugs business, and secretly pulling all the strings.

    In parts of Europe it is often the Catholic elite who are blamed for child abuse and support of fascist activity.

    The NWO is an alliance of people who want to keep the Feudal System and the mafias in power.



    1. Of course that's true aang but there's one group in the west that works overtime through media and government control to try and maintain a taboo against criticism and in some countries makes it illegal to openly question some aspects of their narrative. No, they haven't cornered the market on bad people, there's plenty to go around.

    2. More misdirection from our "favorite" disinfo peddler. Nice try Aangirfan. The zionists are at the top of the pyramid, not the CIA or "the crown" or the Catholics. Nope. Its the zionists. Sure, false flags and phony terror and war would still take place if Israel were taken out but lets not pretend there wouldnt be a ton less of it.

      And who owns the media again?

    3. The "NWO" is a term that people like Alex Jones use so they can avoid talking about a largely zionist elite who control most nations, including the US and including the US media. Not everyone who uses the term is a controlled opposition shill. Some are simply useful idiots taken in by said shills spin.

      No, not all elite/establishment figures are zionist. Just most of them. And the ones that aren't themselves still serve them. Take out the zionists and the rest of the cards will fall. They are the head of the snake.

  4. Other horror story altogether but people in California have forced the power companies to provide and opt out on smart meters with other states following the lead, Georgia for one. The claim is a smart meter is hundreds of times more microwave than a cellphone which is bad enough.

  5. California is the one state where they have to label flour containing potassium bromide in flour ... a known cancer cause which incidentally is banned in Europe and China. Strange that such things, GMO, Corexit and other killers are banned in Europe but just fine for America.

    1. California sometimes leads the way but Monsanto seems to have too much power to let GMO's get labeled. When/if ever they pass a law for that I'll really be impressed.

      In a similar vein, I heard that of all the bottling plants they have all over the world, the US is the only place that Coca-Cola uses high fructose corn syrup. The rest use sugar. I don't drink them anyway, sugar is bad enough, but obviously most Americans don't care that their national drink has been degraded even more.

  6. the purpose of smart meters is to meter us at a higher rate for charging our electric cars-

    'Dear Mr. Jones, our system shows that you have modified an electric stove outlet to charge your 2013 Nissan Leaf VIN # 23409823408723 for a total of 40 hours, please review our terms of service. A $1.50 per kw hour surcharge plus a convenience fee will appear on your next bill'

  7. They are doing much better than this now days. They have new super aspartame called neotame. it is molecule different but much more powerful so they don't have to label it though and it is going in everything. They have been putting aspartame in gum, tums, breathmints, low fat yogurt etc for awhile. It is in some anti-depressants. I guess it makes that pill taste better and is of course addictive. Fluoride of of course in bottled water. They are coming from every direction.

    Causes brain to stop producing serotonin.

    I read some article saying it was in regular coke and other soft drinks now, but can't find it. It probably is I don't trust them.

    People are better off these days eating beans and rice with distilled water.

    IT is not only the product either.

    "kidnapping, torture and murder — are occurring at Coca-Cola bottling plants in Colombia. But it's not the first time Coke has committed such atrocities."

    I am always amazed when I see someone weighing over 300 pounds walking out of the store with case of aspartame cola.

  8. I almost forgot, parts of the Gulf of Mexico are being ordered closed as fish and shrimp are being reported with now eyes and seriously deformed with tumors and sores. People tried there best to tell them not to dump corexit in the gulf, it is banned as a dispersant in Europe and they went right ahead. It makes the oil sink and it is harder for the microbes now to eat it away. I have not eaten a shrimp or fish from the gulf since deep water horizon. Try and explain this to somebody though and they will look at like you have two heads. (hey man this wasn't on fox news!) People are programmed to think oh he must be one of those environmental wackos! The dying brains now trapped in the matrix have been given a one liner to fit almost any situation. It is conspiracy, wrong link dude!

    "Alarmed by widespread reports of visibly sick, deformed seafood coming out of the Gulf of Mexico, state officials have closed area waters to shrimping this morning (April 23). The waters will be closed indefinitely as scientists run tests in an effort to get a handle on a situation that is fast becoming a full-blown crisis on the Gulf Coast"

  9. It is not only Palestine now but babies are seriously deformed in Fallujah, new piece by Fisk.

    1. What about Busby's claim that uranium-enhanced weapons, not just DU or white phosphorus as Fisk says, was used in Fallujah? I wouldn't be surprised.

  10. Yeah they used both. There were many pieces on it at the time.

    Did you see this?

    Meeting to defend Gunther Grass shut down by pro Israelis. It is playing with fire, once Germans get enough they will go out in the streets. Right now they are too cowed by a zombie media that only speaks of the economy and the great accomplishments of Merkel, (Hitler's daughter) through Heidi Braun's sister. Grass may be a fuse though and might push some to look around them.

  11. Are they getting tired of it also 24/7?

  12. You know Kenny there is so much going on these days it is hard to keep track of it. This one is kind of close to home though, strange mystery booms over Georgia! It is also near the madrid.

    1. Several years ago in Texas, spring 08, a Lightening strike only a few miles away caused the ground to shake enough to move the bed...

      around that same time in Ohio, midwest were also reports of ground shaking Sonic Booms,.....

      in June of 2010 in Eastern Oklahoma are some lakes, while passing by saw a huge "bubble" surface...

      the area west of Dallas is ripe territory for liquefaction...when and if...

      speaking of side shows...

      Have you ever seen green ball lightening ?

      Cheers Mick, Happy Birthday to your Daughter Kenny

      Hope your day is splendid....and meaningful.


  13. Hi Kenny,

    Here is Something I did looong times ago ..oh wait, 3 years isn't that long.

  14. Davy
    We have had that happen in Florida where a sink hole pops up and an entire lake disappears. Happened around here a few years ago. I remember reading some of this on geysers forming in Texas and Oklahoma especially. They have drilled a lot oil there and they say the pockets are filling up with methane now. There is not enough water left to pump in them as Lake Meredith is now about dry.

    The pictures are gone on this one but the gist of it still there.

  15. ADL Fusion Center Address LoggerApril 28, 2012 at 4:56 PM

    Any news on cispa?