Friday, May 18, 2012

Bono ... again

For being a good little spokesman for the globalist thieves, Bono gets another payoff that maybe could make him the richest musician on the planet.

Not much new here. Just another example of social engineering to get us to support the rape of Africa.....all for the children of course. Bono is now shilling for Monsanto and friends and partners with Hillary and Obama. He works the crowd and shows us how selling out is profitable.

World Order Ritual - U2 in Nashville 

Snubbing Bono 

Appeal to U2's Bono


  1. Beats me why anyone would pay to listen to a shithead like Bono. I prefer more traditional Irish songs-

  2. Lends new meaning to "Going down in History", Gag & Magag....yuck.

    Take that... FREE PALESTINE !!!


  3. Greetings Kenny.

    Patrick Willis' voice and the images of Snordelhans video give Visible's words a very ominous effect.

    The new world order system already has one half of the world's population living in enslaved abject poverty.

    If thermonuclear war is achieved as planned with Iran as the detonator, 99% of the world will experience enslavement, looting and murder at the hands of the zionists.

    Keep your voices strong. There is still time to avert the looming sinful goal of those who knowingly do evil.

    The images in the video are going around and around in my head.

    We need God's help. I can't see how it is humanly possible to stop this pan-genocide planned by the Synagogue of Satan.

    As I stood in front of Peace Park in Hiroshima 23 years ago, looking at the melted hands of the tower clock marking the moment the nuclear bomb exploded killing 100,000 in the blink of an eye, tears ran down my face as I thought: How did mankind ever get so out of hand as to kill men, women and children in this manner?

    We are there again. This time Hiroshima and Nagasaki are the whole world.

    Again I ask myself: How did mankind get to this point of considering killing billions of men, women and children?

    I can find no answer.

    We need God's help.

    Whatever your idea of a higher power is, please pray for help.

    Please do it now.

    1. We got there because people like yourself are prepared to do anything in the name of religion. Any religion. We don't need 'Gods' help, whatever nonsense that may be. we need to grow up and be responsible for our lives, not blame a 'New World Order' for our own greed, avaraice, and moral failure.

  4. Kenny, If you have 40 nimutes read this entire article. What do you think?

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    3. To Barry,
      I have just a few words for you:
      Gay marriage
      I hope you enjoy your "R+R" at the years end.

  6. Never liked Bono.

    (Prison Planet has a disinformation article from The Guardian, which is said to be run by MI6.

    - Aangirfan

    1. Independent mediaMay 20, 2012 at 2:22 AM


      Why do you NEVER cover the evil doings of the Rothschild zionists and israelis?

    2. The truth is because we work for them.

      - Aangirfan

    3. Aangirfan@2:51-I dont doubt it.

    4. Independent mediaMay 20, 2012 at 12:56 PM


      Are you then not, by definition, PART of their evil doings?

    5. Actually Aangirfan DID cover the Rothschilds recently. If I remember correctly it was a post basically stating that the Rothschilds are bit players and NOT the top of the food chain if you know what I mean. He was downplaying their influence.

    6. Anon@1:45;

      Thus supporting the probability Aangifan (they not he) are working for the Rothschilds.

      By the way, the khazarian askenazi false-jew zionist Rothschilds are the apex of the criminal cabal destroying the world. They are exposed as the Synagogue of Satan by Jesus Christ in the book of Revelations.

    7. "They are exposed as the Synagogue of Satan by Jesus Christ in the book of Revelations."

      Please point out exactly where, copy and paste the exact passage if possible.

      I don't doubt the Rotshchilds wickedness but I don't need a religious text to tell me that.

    8. Since you don't need a religious text to tell you the Rothschild's wickednes, why you you bother to ask?
      If you want to read it you will find it yourself.
      If not, don't ask me to do what you are not prepared or interested in doing yourself.

    9. Anon@8:50-exactly what I thought, no answer. Save the BS next time or I'll call you on it again.

    10. See Greg Bacon's comment below.

    11. "Some of these comments are worth reading. Others are Zionist shills doing their best to distract from the topic at hand."
      That would be you anon@1:11.

    12. Sorry asshole. I asked for proof that Jesus fingered the Rotschilds by name and you predictably did not provide it. If anybody is a zionist shill it is you. We have enough proof of the evil of scum like the Rothschilds without needing to make up total bullshit you moron. Thats about discrediting and you know it.

    13. Fuck the shills.

  7. And this prick has the nerve to call himself an Irishman. Some pliers and a bit of piano wire would sort him right out.

  8. These fuckers are playing for keeps. And people better wake the hell up to that fact.

    These earth changes, and so-called scientific and social changes that are obviously engineered, clearly have an agenda.

    What Agenda Might this Be?

    WHY would the elites dig a super underground vault to store seeds from all over the planet while introducing genetically modified seeds growing food they themselves won’t touch?
    WHY have they built secret underground bases?–that aren’t so secret if you poke around a bit.
    WHY is the world not told a single fact about the Fukushima radiation readings, and the EPA monitors get shut off and standards recalibrated?…while the media black out continues?
    WHY is questioning water fluoridation considered cult science while multiple millions drink the toxic industrial byproduct yet European countries throw the process off?
    WHY are they pushing vaccines so hard when they’ve been proven to maim children and adults?
    WHY is the banking system getting off scott free when everyone knows they engineered this economic mess?
    WHY is war on terror so accepted when it was based on a staged false premise–a clearly government induced false flag millions identify?
    WHY is the education system spewing out dumber and dumber kids while more money is poured in to this fruitless endeavor?
    WHY is everyone so freakishly fat they can’t see their feet anymore and are suffering accelerated off the charts health challenges?
    WHY has questioning anything become a terrorist threat?
    WHY is our atmosphere so purposely filled with aluminum and other toxic substances our respiratory illnesses have skyrocketed, never mind other complications like increased seizures, memory loss, and alzheimers?
    WHY is going through the airport now a radioactive exam and terrorizing experience for even children and the elderly?
    WHY is the government now allowed to arrest, imprison and even kill you without trial? well as spy on you at will?
    WHY is the media swill the same on every channel with literally no independent reporting or investigative journalism?
    WHY is our DNA being tracked, our irises scanned, blood tested and our movements monitored?
    etc. etc. etc.
    Getting the picture?

    Wake the fuck up, is all I can say. If you don’t get it yet, I pity you. We’re under attack.

    There’s a lot to be angry about. And if you’re not angry, you’re not alive. Then turn your anger into activity. DO SOMETHING!

    - Zen

    1. Zen, two words, Un-natural Selection. Controlled and directed species divergance into permanent slave species plus permanent overlord species. That is the goal of the Looooooonnnnnggggg game they are playing

    2. WHY is the media swill the same on every channel with literally no independent reporting or investigative journalism?

      -That's why I call it Televizion

    3. WHY are conspiracy theories so popular on the internet? lol

  9. See also:

    Ethiopia denies forcing indigenous people off land for foreign investors


    Obama to announce $6 billion for African agriculture ahead of G-8 summit

  10. I'm slow in getting back to everyone but thanks for all the comments.

    Did anyone notice that on the second alleged comment from Aangirfan @ 2:51am that they were not logged into google? Of all the comments that aang has made here over the years that would be a first so I'm calling that one fraudulent. imo
    Also, why post that thread over at Visible's place in a comment? It didn't seem to fit the narrative going on there.

    1. Some of these comments are worth reading. Others are Zionist shills doing their best to distract from the topic at hand.

      Remember, the 'divide and conquer' strategy' has worked for thousands of years.

      Are we still stupid enough to fall for that tactic?

      As for as 'Boner', fuck him. Anyone who gets invited and attends the 'Big Boys' summit in Davos, Switzerland every year can't be trusted.

  11. Kenny,
    I'll answer your question with a question.
    I know you know who am from my IP address. I have been following and commenting honestly at your blog for more than three years. Whether I use a name or anonymous to comment I sincerely try to tell the truth to the best of my ability.

    Why are you carrying "Aangirfan" who are run by the zionists just as much as Alex Jones is? I do not understand why you do this.

    You have a very good truth orientated site, why "Aangirfan"?

    1. I don't check IP addresses so I don't know who you are. I don't even know how to do that. A recurring screen name would be nice. I do appreciate all honest comments and hope that you continue to come here to give your opinions.

      Even assuming that aangirfan is hasbara, there's still some information to be gleaned there. We've been around long enough to sort things out.

    2. This ongoing anti-Aangirfan campaign makes no sense to me. I've been reading there regularly for years and know it well. Jews, Zionists, Rothschilds all get tons of mentions, and none of them good. Saying Aangirfan is hasbara is not only self evidently idiotic but a perverse distortion.

      I'm guessing Aangirfan's chief sin is to also dissect organised pedophelia. With the global pedophilia power structure having a disinformation campaign that's easily as big as hasbara, what are we to make of people who tell us that we have to talk about the Jews, the Jews, the Jews?

      I'm not saying it isn't the Jews - it certainly is - but the Jews aren't the only evil slave-owning scumbags out there. There's a whole other gang, and maybe it's not quite as big nor as powerful, but their minions are easily as busy.

      Anyone who wants us at war with the Jews, and only the Jews, is effectively doing their bit for a campaign that may as well be called 'Making the World Safe for Satanist Pedophiles.'

      Remember - 15,000 kids go missing every year in the US alone and the police keep no records of it. If we magically disappeared all the Jews do we think that would stop? ...or get worse?

      Is that worth talking about? Or not?

    3. Very well said. Yes, it's worth talking about.

  12. Jewish people today are the most Anti Semitic people on the planet, having initiated and sustained an assault on all Semitic peoples of the world via the media and military.

    The majority of Jewish people have stolen the identity of the semitic people and used it as a weapon against those very same semitic people and those who would defend those very same semitic peoples.

    The term "anti - semitic" can be used against Jewish people with complete ethical and intellectual justification.

    1. According to The Jewish Encylopedia 80-90% of Jewish people today are Ashkenazi Jews. The origins of the Ashkenazi Jews are to be found among the Chazar's

      " Charars: A people of Turkish origin whose life and history are interwoven with the very beginnings of the history of the Jews of Russia." - Jewish Encylopedia

      Thus according to purely Jewish Sources we can see that 80-90% of Jews today are not Semitic at all. They are descendent from a Turkish Asiatic race that converted to Judaism in the 748 AD. Their nation was called Khazaria. It was spread out over what is now the Ukraine, Georgia and Kazakhstan.

    2. The majority of Israel, like the rest of the world is Ashkenazi / Khazarian Jews. Thus, according to Jewish sources, Most Israel's and more Jews are NOT SEMITIC.

      How can they use the label anti-Semitism against all their critics if they themselves are not semites?
      How then can they use the term anti- Semitism to stop criticism of their ethnically cleansing a Semitic people such as the Palestinians?
      How can they accuse the purely Semitc Palestinians and Arabs of being "Anti- Semitic" when they ( ashkenazi Jews ) are themselves NOT SEMITC?

    3. Operation RingWorm: In 1951 100,000 Sephardic Mizrahi Moroccan (Semitic) Jewish children in Israel were bused into the desert and bombarded with 35000 times the maximum dose of radiation. 6000 of them died immediately and the rest died slowly over time from a host of diseases such as cancer, Alzheimers etc..

      Even being Jewish is not enough to save people from the rabbid anti-semitism of Jews. "The Ashkenazi children were told to return to their seats. The dark children were put on the bus." - David Deri

      The courageous American Jew Jack Bernstein's book "The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel" outlines just how racist and anti-semitic Israel society is. Jack was assassinated by the Israeli Mossad for speaking out.

  13. Never been able to understand the Bono mania myself. A faker. Don't like the music. He's there to get the younger sheeple into the fold, though he is getting a little old for that.

  14. just tried to post this link on Facebook , and it was not allowed.Strange!!!!


  16. bono used to be a working class irish punk. the thing that made u2 popular is that they were for the people. take that away and all you have is a media clown that can sing. U2 used to represent the people but now they represent the man. How can bono sell this evil and uncatholic seeds to africa. natural seeds are from god and have worked for thousands of years. But i guess George Monbiot and his band of priviledged dickheads know better than the average farmer :P (sarcasm).

  17. he is selling it everywhere. this is fucked up.

  18. Bono can pack his Louis Vuitton Bags and get outta here. Folks may also be interested to know that 'news anchor' Andrea Mitchell's husband is Alan Greenspan. How's that grab ya?