Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dancing Around the Maypole

May 1st, or May Day, was considered by several cultures to be an important holiday, especially in occult circles due to celestial alignments.

The Beltane festival, an ancient Gaelic celebration of sexuality, fertility…and blood sacrifices.

The origins of the Beltane festival can be traced back to the celebration of the Sumerian God Enlil – who is known to us as Baal.  more

Dances of deception.....
Obama makes a secret trip to Afghanistan, meets with Karzai and signs a long term agreement to never leave as long as there are profits to be made.  He gave an address to the nation from there saying basically... 9/11, al Qaeda, bin Laden, Taliban, "God bless our troops, God bless the U.S.."

Reinforcing the myth of bin laden's death ... here ... here ... here ... ad nauseum.

Occupy has violence up its sleeve? The police certainly do. 

Watch out for the homegrown terrorists. Dupes never learn.

Provocateurs? What provocateurs?

White powder sent to banks is hinted at to be from occupiers and turns out to be corn starch. Bankers said "oh heck," we thought it might be our coke shipment.

Don't forget the old time psyops with new techniques. The greatest threat to the US ... al Qaeda in Yemen! They're cranking up the radiation on the x-ray machines at the airport checkpoints it was reported.

What???  RT says with a straight face "Porn files reveal Al-Qaeda master plan to terrorize Europe."

What???   Tzipi doesn't want war and says that Netanyahu’s government is putting the existence of the jewish state “in mortal danger.”  Pat Robertson's peeps interview an Israeli pilot who says "we're getting ready."  Last chance to send Pat some mo' money before the rapture. Let's hope he's one of the first to 'disappear.' And that he takes several of his 'friends' with him.

An oldie but goodie. Suitable for the new order maypole dance?


  1. Stout, Kenny this post was stout.

    Things are becoming so bizarre it is hard to catalogue them.

    I look a Tzipi and think, thank goodness I didn't ask her to the senior prom.

    1. Thanks Mick, My internet connection was down for 24 hours until the phone co. brought me a new modem. It was strange, I must be an inner tubes addict. Most of the links here I saw about on tv. Not the best way to get the 'news.' Even RT has too many gatekeepers.

    2. Kenny I always cringe when the cable people show up! :)

  2. Good stuff kenny, nice run down of all the absolutely ridiculous stuff going on these days... I caught a segment of Erin Burnett's program on CNN the other day and there she was talking about al-CIA-duh's porn files with some other Super Serious "journalist", hyping the threat the "Islamic terrorists" pose to us all. What a joke man, it's so silly anymore. They continue to play us for fools because, well, we are. At least the vast majority of us.

    BTW - Jeff Prager was interviewed by Jim Fetzer the other day about his research into micro-nucs being used to destroy the WTC towers. I think he's right on the money.


    1. Hey John, thanks for the link, will listen later.

  3. Better to remember our old Roman cousins this time of the year. We still got one day of the Floralia yet!

    "The Roman festival of Floralia began each year on 4/28, and continued till May 3 with revelry and sexual license unusual even by the standards of ancient Rome.

    "Flowers were naturally associated with youthful beauty and vitality, and also with the impermanence of life; phrases such as "Gather ye rosebuds while ye may" and "Carpe diem" (pluck the day) are echoes of joyous Floralia litanies."

    Actually my mother lived in Austria as a kid and the kids still gather flowers around for this festival. But the first kegs of summer beer get opened up too. Carpe diem, why not?

    1. Interesting history Franz. I think beer is in our genetic makeup. Carpe diem indeed.

  4. state crushing rebelMay 2, 2012 at 7:01 AM

    All the proceeds from my Guy Fawkes mask go to Warner Bros. My Che t-shirt came from Hot Topic because I am a rebel who wants communism.

    1. state crushing rebelMay 2, 2012 at 7:45 AM

      Thanks for the insight Fox-bot! Aren't you missing a Koch sucking rally though? Eat the poor, free Wall Street!

  5. Anaughty MouserMay 2, 2012 at 8:02 AM

    Thank you Kenny.

    Check out Snippits and Snappits if you already haven't. The posted article confirms Jeb Bush will be elected the next presidential GOP candidate in a brokered convention, then the next American president - where votes are "counted" in Spain.


    1. I know that's the talk Mouser but please say it ain't so.

    2. Here's Noor's link to what we all hope ain't so:


  6. What if they gave a train wreck and only idiot "Jew" worshippers showed up to take part in their self annihilation..?

    Or how the braindeadgoy self eliminated their Darwin awards ceremony..before the final curtain call...?


    Idiots galore...seriously....it's an ugly truth thingy.

    people I've met since Waco...Eustace Mullins, Willie Martin, Richard Butler, Jim Braveheart Floyd, Tupper Saussey, Pat Shannon, Red Beckman, Walker Todd, Ramsey Clark,

    Cynthia Mckinney, Steve Cokely {6 months before Waco}, Bunker Hunt,
    Rabbi Bob Scheidt, Randy Weaver, Jack McLamb, Bo Gritz, Linda Thompson,
    Barbara from Baton Rouge, Eva Vail, Phil Marsh, Sir Richard McDonald,
    Gen. Ben Partin, Devvy Kidd, Dean Stonier, Ken Vardon,
    *{many left off to protect their safety}...

    Larry Becraft, Linda Thompson, Glen Wilborn, Numerous "Federal Agents"...and of course a host of Radio Talk show hosts who have consistantly avoided the fundamental FALSE ASSUMPTION...."Jews are Israel"...!!
    THE JEWISH LIE that permeates WESTERN CIVILIZATION....so-called - DEMOCRACY.


    Confronting the "ISSUE" is paramount/UNIVERSAL....Brothers. . . & Sisters.


    NONE of this insane BOLSHEVIK/Zionazi Insanity "JEW" worshipping = SPREADING DEMOCRACY would be possible without the WHITE PEOPLE "NATIONS" aiding and abetting the Zionazification of Planet Earth....!!!

    Listen to me now...and hear me later...!!
    -------> http://bible.cc/hosea/1-11.htm <-------

    100% of so-called "JEWS" don't have to be..!!

    It is a matter of Physical, Mental & Spiritual HYGEINE to KNOW TRUTH...!!


    Especially the UGLY TRUTH that NO SO-CALLED "JEWS" were ever Israelites...!!!
    *{please, don't believe me!!}....see for yourself...----->


    I found a really old History book on Roman & Greek History and read it... a few things peeked my interest...Both served many "gods"...and they were not Negroid or Mongoloid.....go figure.


    Not Knowing the truth{s} of History doesn't make them go away...it really doesn't matter what Satanic Cult..."Jew" worshipping STOOL SCULTURE DEITY CULT one adheres to...The Truth will always be the Truth.

    See the Train wreck...?


    Annihilate the "Jewish/LIES"... state of mind.....Know Truth.

    Thank you Kenny for allowing me to POST this missive against Lies and TORTURE/Murder of my neighbors...especially the colored ones who do not have the weapons to fight back !!!



    1. Hey Davy, funny you should mention Tupper Saussey. Remember The Neon Philharmonic? I won that album from a local radio station when it first came out and met him a few years later at a gathering in Nashville. Always followed him, even when he was in hiding from the IRS but he still leaked some communications to let everyone know he was still alive. A good guy. He's missed.

    2. A brilliant mind, from Heugenot stock...had just finished visiting with Eustace, when word came, about Tupper passing..

      my eclectic tastes emerged in Memphis back in the late sixties, ...recalling a Sunday morning in Mississippi between Horn Lake and Walls, {'67} Elvis had purchased a small horse farm at a crossroads, and the people in their cars at 9 am was ridiculous, at 7 my feelings for Elvis were somewhat skewed seeing all those fans, I truly felt sorry for him... attending a Lutheran school just down the street from Graceland, I just felt like he needed some Privacy. Johnny Cash, B.J. Thomas, Jerry Lee, and others, Memphis was a Music town...I do recall people sang more back then...

      My first album was Neil Diamond Jonathan Livingston Seagull, my Second was Serenade...didn't really buy into the screaming demon...Rock & Roll scene, Saw Harry Chapin in Dallas & Memphis before he died...I liked story songs and songs with meaning...Tupper provided much needed cultural wealth and is sorely missed...http://www.tuppersaussy.com/Home.html

      A tangible symbol of the Huguenots is their special cross. A model of this can be seen in the front of the pulpit at a church at Simondium. This symbol is still a Protestant sign among Huguenot families in France and is given to new born babies or to young people confirming their Protestant faith, also as Christmas or New Year gifts.

      It bears no resemblance to the Roman Cross, but tells its own story, depicting many aspects of the life of the Huguenots. The cross comprises four petals, or cross arms, representing the four Gospels. The eight petal tips depict the beatitudes and together with the four tips of the Fleur de Lis, represent the twelve Apostles. The dove at the foot symbolises the Church - it was added by the goldsmith Maystre of Nimes in 1688. The dove has outstretched wings, its face downward and is of special significance of the Huguenots in flight, and they approved the design - a reminder of their cause and reason for leaving their homeland.

      The Book of Psalms had been translated into French by Clement Marot and a new edition appeared in Geneva 30 years later. The Huguenots brought this translation with them and Psalm 68 boosted their morale in times of war.

      Music and Art....a richly woven tapestry as Chapin said...In Six String Orchestra...& There Only was One Choice...Lately Steven McDonalds' Music provides the most enjoyment as it incorporates History & tunes....Stone of Destiny & Highland Farewell follow closely Sons' of Somerled as among my all time favorites...I still remember having Milk & Cookies with Mrs. Horn in Horn Lake in 1966-67....she was in her 80's...and Mr. Latimer who owned Bull Frog Corner...and his son Alan who would give me a ride on his White Horse around Horn Lake....Mr. Wallace, a descendent of William Wallace lived next door...some rich history there...do you remember the Sultana ?

  7. Every time I watch the news I get the feeling we're all the butt of some big cosmic joke and I want to yell, "Enough already! I figured out the punchline and this stopped being funny a long time ago!" But I guess we're all stuck with this madness until there is a critical mass of people who "get it." Thanks for being one of those people who get it, Kenny.

    1. Thanks Jody. Yes, they are in our face and daring us to do something about it.

  8. http://veritas6464.blogspot.com.au/2012/02/expendable-movie-it-is-film-you-will.html

    Thanks to Veritas for this link.

    Shappel Corby has been in jail for seven years for a crime she never had anything to do with.

    I question the ABC story that she tried a DRUG overdose in prison when she NEVER was a drug user before she was framed for 5 kg marijuana. Burning the evidence before testing for country of origin is the smoking gun of truth that this is a frame-up.

    Suspicious in the extreme is the so called AISO (sp?) who like the CIA probably run the illegal drug transport in and out of Oz, and who like the CIA are best buddies/controlled by Rothschild zionists.

    I honestly don't think she did this crime or had anything to do with the planted marijuana.

    My conspiracy mind does not exclude the following scenario:
    The beautiful Shappell Corby has BPD and has a romantic affair with a married zionist AIFO director who falls completely in love with her both who she dumps when she gets bored with him. He is found out by his wife who divorces him and he continues to chase Shappell but she says get lost.

    Scorned by Corby and divorced by his wife the zio Oz secret service director decides on revenge on his ex-girlfriend who he blames for breaking his heart and marriage.

    The AIFO plants the marijuana in Corby's bag and the government of Oz, beholden to the Rothschild zionists is TOLD bury the story and COOPERATE with the Indonesians to make her a poster child for consequences of drug muling.

    Where there is injustice and corruption anywhere in the world, one should always look for the zionist jews influence.

    But that is just my conspiracy theory.

    I wonder what she said in her book?


    1. I saw the story at V's place. Whatever the hidden reason for her set-up, I hope the good folks in Oz can work to get her freedom back before she's murdered.

  9. Here's your blood sacrifice:

    Taliban kill 7 in Afghan capital after Obama visit

    Chicago Sun-Times‎ - 2 hours ago
    KABUL, Afghanistan — The Taliban struck back less than two hours after President Barack Obama left Afghanistan on Wednesday, targeting a ...

    1. How convenient. The Green Village, a privately guarded compound. hummmm

  10. Another What???

    May Day is now "Loyalty Day."


  11. The vigilant citizen does some great pieces but this is not one of them. Maybe he has been reading Drockton. This is an opinion I see quite often that Beltane is somehow a satanic ceremony. Just because LaVey founded his church on May day does not mean it is satanic. You will find more people disagreeing with this assumption than those who support it. Also the clay tablets in the Berlin Museum,, our oldest written knowledge of the era do not say Enlil was baal. They say he was a nefilim and the son of the lord of the universe. That is what they say. Where people get such ideas is amazing. For instance I recall Drockton once saying the Gnostics were satanists. I hardly think the disciple Thomas was a satanist.


    "The Celts did not believe in Satan. So Matrisciana's statement that such lanterns left in windows were a sign that the occupants of the house were sympathetic to Satan is ludicrous. There is no evidence that the Druids performed human sacrifices of the sort described by Matrisciana. The custom of "bone fires" did not originate in the fashion that Matrisciana suggests. It was once customary for farmers to collect the bones of livestock slaughtered for food and burn them in fires at festivals such as Samhain, the fires being called "bone fires" and later "bonfires." Folklore about black cats originated with the Inquisitor's reports of "familiars, " not with the Druids."


    "pagan is not a sinister word – pagan means country dweller, it does not mean cooker and eater of small children, or Satan worshiper, or a host of other misconceptions." Beltane, however, is only the second most important date on the Satanic calendar"


    May Day is also the anniversary of the modern satanic movement since Anton Szandor LaVey’s Satanic Church was founded on May Day, 1966. The Satanized version of Beltane begins April 30 at sunset."


    March 1 was the date of the Roman women's festival, the Matronalia, sacred to the Goddess Juno. This is also the day of Saint David in Wales. It is not a Satanic holiday.

    1. Nice additional info. Is it safe to say that the original celebrations and ceremonies have been hijacked and twisted over time? Seems so to me.

      Haven't read Drockton in a long time. Never felt at ease with his writings.

      Ran across this site and found it interesting.

    2. http://visupview.blogspot.fr/

      Interesting is an understatement Kenny - it's mind blowing information about the CIA and LSD.

      Great reference! Thank you.


  12. In fact Sitting Bull performed the sun dance after 49 incisions were made on his arm in honor of the 49 sons of Antu or the Lord of the universe mentioned in the Sumerian Epic or Enuma Elish. Enlil was the first one of those 49 sons mentioned.

    Using this type rational we would have conclude Sitting Bull was a satanist also. Unfortunately sometimes people read something somewhere and make wild assumptions about it.

  13. great post, Kenny. Zombie soup, like how you read off the latest ingredients. It's an art in itself.
    RT's reality check are Gayane Chichakyan and Peter Lavelle, in my opinion. I actually sit down and listen when they are on.

    1. Thanks Genie, I'll keep an eye out for those two. Sometimes I cringe seeing some of their guests, like 9/11 gatekeeper Joshua Holland who I saw on there yesterday.

  14. Yes Kenny that is exactly my point. Many things are being hijacked. Just because some egghead satanist somewhere claims Jesus, Krishna, Mohamed, Santa Claus or Beltane were connected to satanism doesn't make it so.

  15. Kenny, Have you noticed Aangifan never runs a story which is anti-Zionist or anti-Israel? Wonder where they are centered and who funds them?

    1. I don't really want to get into this aangirfan thing again. Everyone needs to come to their own conclusion.

      I will say that I do see some anti-zionist slants, at least from my perspective.

      Like this one from April 29.


    2. A lot of us have wondered that. Just the other day he was on a thread(see below) misdirecting again. Some interesting stuff there but much of it seems like spin meant to misdirect. Some of it seems like Alex Jones style sentasationalism too.

    3. Aangirfan was actually downplaying the role of the Rotshchilds there wasnt he?

    4. OK, we'll play,

      The view I see projected is that aangirfan is British Isles based. There seems to be an Indonesia link.

      If he/she is on a payroll, then it's one of the oddest misdirections out there. Aimed at only a small fraction of the blogosphere. Even if it is a controlled opposition, it's still interesting to observe in that respect. At least for those of us who like to try and figure out those kinds of things. Good disinfo contains a lot of truth. 'Take what you need and leave the rest' as the song goes.

      If aangirfan reads this perhaps he/she can enlighten us on the motives and purpose.

    5. I think we all just have a different take on the criminals ruling the world, that's all. I have learned more from aangirfan's blog than virtually any other blog I follow. I have some major disagreements with aangirgan, especially relating to 9/11, but he/she/them put out a lot of interesting and important info. I do wonder how aangirfan is able to post so much though... it's incredible.

      From what I gather after following that blog, aangirfan is Scottish but lives or has lived in SE Asia. I'd like to Skype with aangirfan one of these days... doubt that will happen! kenny, do you have Skype?

    6. Sorry John, don't have Skype. Had it for awhile on another computer that crashed but rarely used it. Heck, I've got black tape over the camera on my laptop for the remote possibility of remote access. That's probably being a little too paranoid ... isn't it?

  16. Anaughty MouserMay 3, 2012 at 2:00 PM

    Madison Rupert at the Endthelie site profiles the just leaked US military Civilian Detainee manual from 2010 for the internment camps inmates in the FEMA camps now laying empty in the US.


    The manual descibes in great detail the physical and psycholological measures permitted to 'facitate internees to develope positive attitudes to American policy. These include non-lethal weapons and silencing internees 'with a soft cloth around their mouth and tied behind the neck (sic)'.

    Remember zionist Bolsheviks interred and murdered over 50 million Russian Christians less than 100 years ago.

    Can't happen in America? Hmmm...

    Respects, Mouser

    1. Thanks for pointing this out Mouser, I just put up a post on it. I follow End The Lie and have messaged back and forth with Madison a few times, but I missed this the other day. Scary stuff...

    2. Greetings John,

      The quintessential work on the jewish Bolshevik slaughter of tens of millions of Christian Russians is captured by Juri Lina in his book and videos entitled:

      "Under the Sign of the Scorpion"



  17. the military lies. when they report 'suicides', it can't taken at face value. maybe the soliers are waking up. start talking to their buddies. and have to suicided fot security reasons

  18. I never make any author or site my guru or source of truth in all instances. There is always going to be something you disagree with on most sites. Take what is useful and leave the rest. Discretion is always advised. I enjoy aangirfan there is a lot of information there.

    Paul Craig Roberts for instance thinks America is controlling the U.K. and forcing them to do our bidding. Sure buddy sure! If we are in control lets start printing the money again.

    There are some segments even in the alternative media that seem to down play anything associated with those clay tablets. It demolishes some of the mythology we have been handed maybe, or maybe some have just been so poisoned they cannot process new information and call anything a new age trick. I dunno know! The sermon on the mount can be shown to be strings of passages from the old testament with some Qumran tests carefully thrown in and all strung together at the council of Nicea. It is no wonder this discovery panics the catholic church.

    You do hear many old timers talk about the military being good for young minds. Most of them have no idea what DU is or what is in the myriad vaccinations that will be heaped on them. Any war is good war to them, our boys are fighting for freedom like they always do. It is a different type brainwashing than what was used on Germany but just as effective and it generally leads to total war and destruction. You can't stay both stupid and free for a great length of time.

    When I watch Americans leave the convenience stores with energy drinks (now shown to eat the enamel off teeth within 5 days and destroy the liver) banned in Europe and with a whooping big case of mountain dew under their are containing aspartame and that special yellow fluorescent dye that causes cancer, I shake my head. Americans are being poisoned and are not quick enough to even notice it.

    This guy goes way overboard in my opinion as he concludes that most everything about every religion is some kind of myth but he does point out some glaring discrepancies. I see Jesus as the Avatar myself but there has been some heavy cutting and pasting going on and do feel that Jesus was showing the people of his time how to save themselves and not instituting a belief system.


  19. Good points Mick. When Jesus was doing verbal combat with the economic terrorists in the Temple Treasury, they admitteed "NEVER BEING IN BONDAGE"..John 8:33.

    In Mackeys' Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, the words Assassin, Babylon & Captivity reveal a considerable amount of real info...for forensic historical analysis.

    Futhermore , and NOTWITHSTANDING...the limitations of "OUR" language...it is also interesting to read the book by Manly P. Hall...the Secret Teachings of All Ages...

    There were never any so-called "Jews" before the letter "J" was invented, as nemerous researchers agree. The issue really is who benefits from the SHEEP - {Genesis 49 & Deuteronomy 32} being STUPID/Spiritually blind...?

    Having recently read Sitchin & Tellinger and having seen the excavation of the Rockwall in Rockwall, Texas - it is abundantly clear/OBVIOUS to me that as long as idiots argue over what is highly irrelevant....enormous amounts of blood and treasure is sacrificed for lies ...and what is not spiritually/mentally/physically profitable...Wasn't it Solomon who alluded to the deficit in knowledge being a factor in accounting for liabilites associated with stupid behaviour ?

    One of my favorite movies is TIME BANDITS...and the line "Oh Benson you are so mercifully bereft of the ravages of intelligence."

    Cheers.....Stinking Kevin


  20. Did anybody ever figure out what this is that calls itself

    It's an acronym for what?

    Mossad fun and games?


    Another google spooky shill
    hiding under google-loominati owned blogspot?


    Enquiring minds want to know :)