Friday, June 1, 2012

Sending Your Kid to Fukushima

Here's a question for you. Would you send your child to Fukushima to help clean up debris?

Apparently a number of parents say yes and even pay a chunk of change for their kid's educational opportunity at the new 'ground zero.'
A contingent of 10 students and two professors from Middle Tennessee State University will leave Nashville early Monday, June 4, to participate in the cleanup and rebuilding mission in Fukushima, Japan.
Each student will pay a fee of $1,000 to cover all instruction fees, lodging and international airfare from Nashville to Japan. 
The Japanese government announced Feb. 21 that the country has cleaned up only five percent of the rubble more than a year later.
Here's the kicker ..... 
MTSU has assessed the current situation and consulted with Fukushima University,” said David Schmidt, vice provost for international affairs. “At no time while engaged in program-related activities will students be in areas where the U.S. government recommends its citizens avoid travel.”
They will only be in the areas that our government says is safe so I guess everything is A-OK. No word on whether the students will wear 'safe suits' during the clean up as in the photo above. Maybe they will be in and out before full scale burning of the debris begins. Of course Japan says there is no cesium of any dangerous level in a recent trial incineration of debris. 

The students, their parents and their professors must have not heard this from a very truthful Japanese official: 
"People can not trust government.”
I don't think parents should be overly protective of their kids but whatever happened to "err on the side of caution?"


  1. Holy Crappness! Parents just say "f*ck No" to such "educational opportunities".

    Did their parents willing to send 'em over as cleaning crews to Hiroshima/Nagasaki? Don't think so.

    Kenny, remember those "Nucular" experiments during the 40's in Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands etc? Aren't we actually radiating our radio-active aura since you guys were little? Those islands are bit closer to us than Japan.

    Oh...since I live in Hollyweird, everyone looves eating sushi here and there are at least 8/9 sushi houses in the neighborhood.
    "Fukushima radiation seen in tuna off California"

    I rather eat california grown kelp instead.

    1. Sorry Musique but that horrid stuff has been showing up in the kelp beds as well.

  2. Maybe they dont like their kids. My Mom used to always tell me ,there's quicksand down there in that river. There are caves too and they will cave in on you. Well we boys all got on our bikes and headed straight for the river to see these wonderful things :).

    1. Fukushima.

      Rivero live yesterday revealed some very ominous facts. Obama gave the green light to israel to infect the Iranian nuclear power closed computer net with the USrael Stuxnet virus against Siemen's control systems. The virus was unknowingly downloaded on a laptop, taken out of the closed system net and thereby released into the wild - including Japan's nuclear power plants. The emergency systems at Fukushika were incapacitated when the tsunami hit - when the nuclear power plants needed them most. Result was core melt down.

      Now cesium and a host of other lethal nuclear isotopes have been released into the Pacific food chain. These will cause cancer and leukemia in the years to come. These will cause infertility and congenital mutations.

      To recap. israel wants Iran immobilised. Obama agrees to nuclear power plant sabotage. The virus escapes and causes Fukushima meltdown. The marine food chain becomes nuclear infected. Millions of people will experience cancer and infertility.

      Good job Obama. Good job israel.

      The (over 18 adult) students going to 'clean up' Fukushima are a corporate media ploy to pretend nuclear energy is okay. Bullshit by GE, Westinghouse, Siemens and all the other corporations who fear a popular moratorium on all nuclear energy.

      Will backfire (if there really are any students actually going), they will develop cancer and/or leukemia and/or infertility and fetal abnormalities.

      The 'authorities' knew one year ago the bluefin tuna were infected with radiation but didn't want to alarm the public. Translation the corporate fishing industry in California, Oregon, British Columbia and Alaska would have lost profits.

      End nuclear energy world wide. Fire the governments run by the corporations runs by the zionist central banks world wide.

      This revolution of truth has begun. We must all do our part.

      The new world to come must make private central banking 100% illegal.

      Voting by the people must be transparent, fraud free and respected by those entrusted to lead the people.

    2. The link below by Noor covers Jim Stone's article including photos which confirms Fukushima was exploded as well as cyber crippled, in a deliberate attack on Japan's nuclear facilities by israel.

      I wonder how they are enjoying glowing sushi in Tel Aviv. Patrick Willis does a great voice over of Fivero's: 'Did israel just kill us all?'

  3. Desperately uninformed.

  4. Speaking of radio active dust in our beloved country ...

    Friends (of Donna Summer) claimed she was convinced she had been a victim of 9/11 — developing the cancer that killed her after inhaling the toxic dust-filled air that blanketed lower Manhattan for days after the destruction of the World Trade Centre. The singer had been living in New York at the time of the terror outrage, in an apartment close to the Twin Towers.

    Too bad that she didn't get to learn about the dancing israhellis.

    A startling number of healthy, young New York City cops who responded to the 9/11 terror attacks have since been diagnosed with cancer, according to data obtained by the New York Post.

  5. Well, New York City is run by a criminal syndicate that is implicated in the demolition and coverup of the WTC Towers. Someday, they will be held accountable as there is no statute of limitations on murder. As for Fukushima, this is an international disaster that requires all experts to develop a remedy to contain this nightmare. Where is General Electric, no where to be seen or heard! Where are all the so called 'Experts' who promoted Nuclear Energy! Do not send your children to Fukushima! Peace Out! Doug

    1. 'Well, New York City is run by a criminal syndicate that is implicated in the demolition and coverup of the WTC Towers.'

      True. In my city, if I tried to demolish my garage without a permit the local building inspector would arrive and give me a stop work order until I got a permit. It seem that in New York demolition permits are no longer required, in fact the city will send cops and firemen to help you, all on the tax payer's dime. Dimitri says they couldnt even get a building permit until they provided a deomilition plan. So Larry's arrest for demolition without a permit is long over due, it seems New Yorkers do not have a government. To quote Eustace: Every government is an occupying govenment

  6. I'll wager if these youngsters didn't already earmark the summer as an opportunity live, eat, and sleep in radioactive debris, they'd be someplace 'safe' like Mexico where they could build housing in the middle of an active drug war. Yep, if the government is silent about any dangers, all is well.

    My university may not have provided the best education in critical thinking, but it's clear to me the past 30-odd years has seen a decline in common sense and leadership. The two professors are welcome to expose themselves to the risks of radiation induced cancer, but the thought of students paying for the privilege is beyond my understanding. Have fun y'all!

  7. You get what you deserve in trusting a government that deceives, but the children don't deserve this action! These parents should be taken to Fukushima and clean it up!

  8. pay no attention to nuclear radiation, oil and corexit in the gulf,depleated uranium, aluminum barium chemtrails.
    just make sure you get in your SUV and drive to the Home Depot to drop off your used batteries, it helps the environment and big oil at the same time

  9. I'm looking into cancer insurance because of Fukushima. Who are these bone headed parents? I will bet dollars to donuts that they're all white and middle class.

    1. Not all middle class whites are brainless and/or clueless. Some of us were just born white, attained some success, and never sold our souls or our brains.

  10. Bravo, Michael James, for your fasting-till-death protest. God bless you for making the ultimate sacrifice. I hope the rest of you will consider doing the same thing...doing so will truly raise awareness regarding the tyrannical oppression that each of us faces. Amen. And love and light.

    1. Michael James supporterJune 2, 2012 at 12:55 AM

      "Should Cameron continue to ignore the demands of the British people, let it never be said that I died in vain. For every Englishman prepared to lay down his life for the liberties of his compatriots, hundreds, if not thousands, more will follow.

      Yours faithfully

      Michael James


  11. Can't even make this stuff up. Simply mind blowing!!!
    And they have to PAY??

  12. The Fukushima was constructed to fail (or blow up) later. Commissioning, license, siting, design, and more was done by the same cabal as the WTCs preset and the Halliburton/BP oil well still pushing massive amounts of gasses and fluid into the GoM. The senate says this was intentional but lack the brain and spine to act. They sure CAN SUCK THOUGH.
    When my daddy threw us out of the rowboat in deep water, he said he was teaching us how to swim. These adults sending their kids to decompose in radioactive waste are just plain creepy. I hope the Japanese government keeps them out of harm's way. I'm sure the Bush satanists are thinking 'sacrifice!!!'.
    Please consult Jim Stone's interviews at, and his 'Dimona Dozen v. the Fukushima 50'. Then see Major General Stubblebine's report. Yahoo! search Stubblebine + radiation + Fukushima. This is the most serious event in the history of the world because Old world genetic slag still think they are smarter than everybody else and therefore entitled to kill them all so they can have it all. Their efforts to reinstall themselves in total grandeur led to these recent attacks and they fucked up bad, worse than Al 'D' Gore and 'Global Warming'. I admit there are a lot of knuckle draggers out there, but most just want to be surrounded by honest people just like the rocket scientists. We sure need the people who grow the lettuce and tomatoes more than we need the City of London. Elite FAIL.

  13. Thanks to everyone for dropping by and the comments. This seemed to be too absurd a story for me to let pass by.

    This is the same university that became the first in the nation to partner with the military in a drone program for development of future generations of the vehicles and drone jockeys so it's not too much of a stretch for them to roll with live testing of students at Fukushima.

    At least with the drone program there were folks who raised the ethical questions.

  14. Apeman, I just posted the amazing article by Jim Stone last night. Amazing information even if only parts of it are true but alas I fear most of it is pretty bang on and confirms suspicions I have had from the outset.

    3/11 the Japanese 9/11 and ... well in both cases there was significant Israeli involvement in security prior to the event. And in both cases, those involved were out of the country before danger struck.

    Joe Viallis was assassinated, I believe, because of his expose on the Asian Boxing Day Tsunami by presenting the truth. Stone presents similar truths regarding Fukushima. A compelling read.


    These parents are fools, absolute fools. But then, logical thinking was removed from the curriculum some time ago.....

  15. Not only are the kids test subjects but so are the parents. : (

  16. Killing those in jailJune 3, 2012 at 12:38 AM

    Greek prisoners are literally being starved to death. This is austerity by the EU gone morally wild. This story has a direct relation to the FEMA camps coming to America in conjunction with the global economic breakdown which began June 1, 2012 when China and Japan began to trade with the remnin B, without the US dollar as their currency reserve.

    "Amidst the deepening financial crisis, the state budget for many prisons has decreased to a minimum for some months now resulting in hundreds of detainees being malnourished and literally surviving on the charity of local communities, a Proto Thema article reveals.

    The latest example is the prison in Corinth where there’s a supply stoppage from the nearby military camp, and prisoners are about to starve reports prison staff, since not even one grain of rice has been left in their warehouses. The prison staff reports they haven’t received any state funds for the last three months.

    A few days earlier, the commander of the camp announced to prison management the transportation stoppage, citing lack of food supplies even for the soldiers, and had shut down the last source of supply for 84 prisoners. The response of some Corinth citizens was immediate as they took it upon themselves to support the prisoners, since all protests to the Justice Ministry were fruitless.

    In the past few days, groups of Corinth residents have started collecting food as a small token of solidarity and respect to people who may be denied certain rights by the justice system."

    How can a civilized world incarcerate and then starve to death their citizens?

  17. Give me love or give me deathJune 3, 2012 at 7:04 AM

    Infidelity, Divorce and BPD in Rothschild land

    Even the zionist 'royals' are being hit by BPD and divorce.

    Kate a Rothschild heiress and Ben a zionist billionaire.

    "It seemed like the perfect union – a marriage that brought together two of the country’s wealthiest families."

    "He was the multi-millionaire son of the late financier and tycoon Jimmy Goldsmith, she a scion of the Rothschild banking dynasty."

    "But now Ben Goldsmith and his music producer wife Kate, who have three children, are to divorce after she embarked on a passionate love affair with an American rap singer named Jay Electronica."

    "The couple are set to divorce after she embarked on a passionate love affair with an American rap star."

    "Last night Mr Goldsmith confirmed the split, saying: ‘I’m pretty shell-shocked by everything. All I am thinking about now is my children.’ The marriage ended with a dramatic showdown at the family home in Notting Hill, West London, on Wednesday morning."

    "Mr Goldsmith, 31, confronted his 30-year-old wife over explicit text messages and emails he found on her smartphone that she had received from and sent to the New Orleans-born hip-hop artist, who now lives in London and is one of her clients."

    "After initially denying the romance, Mrs Goldsmith confessed to the affair when her husband told her he had read the text messages.
    During a heated altercation, Mr Goldsmith slapped his wife and kicked a child’s toy at her."

    "He then took the children to school. By the time he returned, she had called police and they were at the house to arrest him."

    "Last night a spokesman for the Metropolitan Police confirmed that officers were called to attend a domestic disturbance in the couple’s street at 8am and arrested a man on suspicion of common assault."

    "The couple's marriage is on the rocks after Mr Goldsmith confronted his wife over explicit messages she had sent to rapper Jay Electronica. Mr Goldsmith was released after being given a caution."

    Can you say BPD? Can you say without God NO marriage is sacred. Can you say it is better to love a truly loving partner then have all the gold and power in the world but have a marriage without true love and respect?

    I can.

    1. Ben could have just continued his role as cuckold or done like king David and arranged for the rapper to die in a staged race attack in Brixton.

      He is/was probably totally in love with Kate. Persons with this disorder have both impulsive and promiscuous sex.

      I feel sorry for Ben and his children.

      Here's the story's link:

    2. Ben might want to get a DNA paternity test on those three children. There's a huge possibility his BPD wife did not conceive all or any of them with him.

  18. There's no such thing as coincidence - it's just God's way of remaining anonymous.

  19. Aangirfan has a lot of nerve attacking What Really Happened. I have my disagreements with Riveros stance on the Pentagon 9/11 fraud but at least hes willing to lay out evidence of Israeli involvement. Meanwhile Aangirfan is trying to convince us that Mubarak is a swell guy who Israel and the CIA hated when the evidence shows otherwise. They loved Mubarak and hated to see him go. Losing him was actual blowback to their policy of meddling in others affairs.

    1. Not a Aangirfan fanJune 3, 2012 at 8:27 AM

      F*ck Aagirfaan with a ten foot donkey's dick!

    2. Ive left 2 replies on the story Aangirfan posted about Mubarak. None of the comments were an "attack", just me disagreeing with the conclusions of the article. None of my comments have been posted. That speaks volumes. Very tight control of the comments is not always a sure sign of disinfo but its at least one characteristic. They love to control the narrative and hate dissenting opinions.

    3. Make that 3 comments that havent appeared. All of which disagreed with Aangirfan about Mubarak being anti-Israel and anti-CIA.

    4. The ever off-topic anon bashing Aangirfan again, eh?

      Interesting you should be sticking up for Mike Rivero. Also interesting you're bleating about being censored. Speaking of both of the aforementioned, I found it perfectly laugable the other day over at WRH where Rivero was bitching that he'd had his comments censored by Reuters. What a fucking hypocrite. Rivero is no stranger to censorship.

      Go have a read of that and see Rivero cross the line from failure to mention organised paedophilic satanism (which one can overlook) to an out-and-out paedophile disinfo attack on the parents of McMartin (which one can't). And not only did he ignore being told otherwise, he made the comments disappear. Accidental is one thing, purposeful is another. No other conclusion is possible: Rivero is a paid-up member of the pedophocracy.

      And then there's you anon. You and Mike Rivero, two blokes who've stepped across the line, planted their flags, and told us what they are. I'll say it plain and simple - you're a paedophile disinfo spook. Which is to say a kiddy raper. Don't bitch, you got the game, you may as well have the name.

      And between getting your teeth smashed in and having your bullshit comments deleted you should count yourself lucky you're getting of so lightly. As much as I dislike those who imagine themselves chosen by God, I reserve my true hatred for cunts like you.

    5. Ok, so both Rivero and Aangirfan engage in censorship. Fuck both of them. Again though, at least Rivero doesnt spin AWAY form Israel and the Rothschilds all the time like Aangirfan.

      And who are you Anon@6:44? You work for Aangirfan of just a big fan? Fuck you you pathetic groupie jackass. If you cant handle criticism thats on you, you overly sensitive douchebag. Get over it. IN this line of activism you are going to see some people sling around the disinfo term. Aangirfan deserves it more than most. "You're a pedo". Are you fucking serious with this shit? Fuck you and fuck the Rothschild agents "aangirfan".

    6. And I didnt wanna go there, but since you did I will. "aangirfan" appear to be pedos themselves. "They" may report on pedophilia but they also post a hell of a lot of gratuitous pictures of young kids half naked. You can report without posting those pics right? DISINFO. Its so obvious. You dont like it when some of us catch on so you scream about "you pedos!" and attack us. Boo fucking hoo. We're on to you. Just because you pathetically call peoiple pedophiles for not buying into Aangirfans disinfo peddling doesnt mean we are going to stop calling them out. What a pathetic and lowly fucking tactic though. Project much?

    7. Ha ha ha ha, what a load of gibberish!

      Guy, you don't make any sense at all. Not apart from what I stated above. Not forgetting of course that, yet again, the comments you claimed had been censored at Aang's weren't censored at all. They were right there. How many times have you done this now? Over and over - "I've been censored!" And every time your comments are right there. You're so stupid that if there was a debate between you and a sock with a turd in it I'd put my money on the turd.

      As for Rivero not spinning away from the Rothschilds et al, that's the whole point. As a member in good standing of the Satanist Paedophile wing of the death cult his job is to point fingers at the other half, the Jewish banking wing. And of course to attack those who discuss his own division. This is how the death cult works: it's split in two halves with each pointing fingers at the other. And you do your bit too, obviously.

      As for Aangirfan, it's my best guess that Aang is a survivor of the aforementioned jackals. But came good. It seems that you are too, but didn't. Which is to say, Aang is on the side of the angels. And you ain't.

      But that's not to say that you couldn't come out of the closet, admit all, and come on board to fight the good fight. What do you say, guy? Redemption is always possible. Imagining sloughing off all that filth in your head and being free. It's a thought isn't it? Redemption is a personal trip and yours if you want it.

    8. Uh, dumb fuck, I posted 5 comments all having to do with the story at hand. Exactly ONE of those comments actually made it through the censors. Try and keep up moron.

      As for Aangirfan spinning AWAY from the Rothschilds, thats the whole point of disinfo. Again, you're a fucking moron.

      So you're NOT from "Aangirfan" and you are simply a dupe who loves their brand of disinfo? Good to know. You fucking moron.

      As far as the good fight, you're too invested in your pet theories to actually fight it. And no offense, but you were likely molested as a kid. I'm sorry that happened if it did but just because others dont get as invested in exposing pedophiles as you do does not mean they are automatically pedos themselves. This kind of logic is patently INSANE. You are an insane fucking moron. Seek professional help.

    9. Yeah... "don't get as invested in exposing pedophiles". Interesting phrase. You don't mind if I run with it do you?

      There's a difference between 'not getting as invested' (yeah, yeah, I've turned it into a gerund) and going on the attack. Rivero could have been excused for 'not getting as invested' until he went on a concerted and prolonged attack against the victims of McMartin. And then there's you with your concerted and prolonged attacks against Aangirfan.

      Given that Aangirfan spends plenty of time detailing Jewish involvement in all things wicked, the worst you could say about them is that they 'don't get as invested' as Rivero and his all-Israel-all-the-time shtick. But here you are making out that such a lack of investment is no big deal. Don't argue - 'not getting as invested in exposing pedophiles' is okay, you just said so. But madly, not getting as invested in Israel-Israel-Israel is a crime worth shouting about from the rooftops. Yeah, right.

      Let's rephrase it: Rivero goes beyond not getting as invested in satanist pedophilia and goes into an out-an-out attack on the victims and you stick up for him; and Aangirfan never attacks anti-Zionists (indeed has written more about crypto-Jews, Donmeh, and Sabbateanism than converso Rivero ever will) and is guilty merely of 'not getting as invested' and that prompts you to attack, attack, attack. These are double-standards to the point of disappearing up your own arse.

      You know the irony here? This reminds me of nothing so much as the Talmud wherein Jewish sins and virtues are only so depending on whether they're committed against Jews or Goyim. Just substitute the word 'paedophiles' and you're there.

      But never mind the Talmud, this is simple stuff: your argument makes no sense and you make no sense. Unless we plug you into the fact that the paedophile disinfo trip is full-time, professional, and on a par with the Jewish hasbara. Now your attacks on any-topic-will-do become transparent. They do so because paedophiles have no equivalent to the Jewish anti-semitism accusation. Paedophiles cannot declare themselves and they cannot attack from front on.

      Gosh, what's a poor kiddy-raper to do? Or more to the point, what did you do? Oh look you attacked Aang for speaking poorly of the Bee Gees. Ha ha ha ha, talk about desperate! You've made it crystal clear that in your relentless attacks on Aangirfan any fucking thing will do.

      How about this for an obvious but bullshit tactic: you send Aangirfan bullshit comments, which will quite rightly be censored and you know it, and when Aang does the right thing you attack them for censorship! Is it just me, or does that come across as a particularly Jewish stunt?

      Jews and paedophile satanists - more in common than they know. Which is not so surprising really given that they're partners in wickedness.

      But whatever, like you understand this pyramid of filth or your true role in it. In the meantime you ain't about to quit. Your assigned task is to attack Aangirfan. And I say, carry on! Not only are you educational (we get to see a real-life disinfo effort in real time) but your abject desperation is invariably my laugh of the week. Who knew car wrecks could be funny until you came along? Crash on!

    10. FYI-there are numerous people here(and elsewhere) who "attack" as you say, aangirfan. You really do come off as delusional though. Not an attack, just an observation.

      Also, you must hate Kenny. He doesnt spend really any time on paedophiles outside of a link here or there(which is fine to me but unforgivable to you). I guess that makes him a "kid raper" huh you delusional maniac? I don't generally believe in psychiatrists but in your case I would recommend it.

    11. Oh, and the real "jewish stunt" is censoring in the first place. If aangirfan would have posted them you would have seen how on topic and about the post it was. No "attack", nothing personal, just criticism of the post. Is that not allowed? Not at jewish run disinfo controlled opposition blogs like aangirfan, thats for sure.

    12. Why on earth would I hate Kenny? In no way, shape, or form does he fulfil the role of paedophile disinfo spook. That's just you.

      Clearly the entire argument I made above differentiating between not getting invested and attacking was lost on you. Or you wilfully ignored it. Probably the latter, now that I think about it.

      As for the 'numerous people', I never seen one who wasn't anonymous. Anonymous equals 'worthless' in terms of numbers.

      Anyway, this is tiresome and I'm out of here. Why don't I sign off with a psychological experiment? I used to do this with the Zionists over at Indymedia. If I tell you to have the last word will you give in to your overarching desire to do so? Or will you baulk at the fact that you'd be doing what I told you? So far, I haven't encountered a single Jew who could resist. So, off you go pal - have the last word. No really, I insist.

  20. Fredom's just another wordJune 3, 2012 at 8:25 AM

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  21. Where is that "Obey" skeleton/zombie screenshot from?

  22. You complete moron. It was YOUR OWN CRITERIA that tells me you "hate" Kenny. That is if you are at all consistent. He covers pedophilia about as much as Rivero does, which is to say not much. You called Rivero and myself "kid rapers" for apparently not being as obsessed about the subject as you are. You are a lunatic. I get that you like aangirfan because he covers your favorite subject but I could care less that it hurts your feelings when people criticize Aangirfan for giving the Rotshchilds a pass etc. Get over it you fucking groupie.

    Oh, and nice try with the "if you respond you're a zionist,der" bullshit. Thats not immature at all. Uh oh, guess I'm a zionist now huh retard? Brilliant logic from a "special" mind. Seek professional help. Both for your abuse as a child and the abuse you dole out to random people online now. You are clearly damaged. Seriously. Seek help.