Wednesday, July 25, 2012

At the Ready

Olympic Judges Holding Their Decisive Scores

'Judge not that you may not be judged' may be good advice for our interpersonal relationships but when it comes to the events and people of our current political and social engineering theater of the absurd, it's what we are going to do.

At the ready for the Olympics is the U.S. helping out however they can.....
The U.S. intelligence community has set up a 24/7 center to analyze all threat information coming in during the Olympic Games in London...because the Olympics...“present a potential target for terrorists and other disruptive groups.”
That should help the visitors sleep easy. Judgement on this is still out. They may  thwart something big, take a bow and say that we just can't make it without them.

The latest phase in the James Holmes Aurora shooting saga is the lost in the mail confession of the plans he sent to a psychiatrist before the event. For mass media consumption I'll give it a 7. Judging on style, the sheer sloppiness of it gets a generous 2. As an aid in keeping James locked up in a psych hospital and never going to trial it gets a 9.

At the ready will be none other than our Army Command to make sure the upcoming political conventions don't get out of hand.
"During the Democratic/Republican National Conventions, Department of Defense personnel will support the U.S. Secret Service," a Northern Command spokesman said in an email.

"For operational security reasons we do not discuss the numbers of military personnel and resources that are involved," U.S. Navy Lt. Cdr. William G. Lewis said. "Additionally, we do not share our operational plans."

The secretary of defense would have to approve any request for military assistance, Lewis said
Judging by the past, this is not necessarily a good idea. Especially if the scenario is staged and/or manipulated.

Troops kill antiwar protesters at Kent State

Chicago 1968 ------- more iconic photos of the military working the home front

Judging the narratives ....."the fuse that connects the hemispheres"

0. That's my judge's scorecard on the only two candidates running in my district's congressional race. Diane or Lou Ann?  A write-in for my dog is looking better all the time.

Am I going to continue to score politicians, the media and people in general on the 9/11 Litmus Test? You bet.

Am I going to judge the sanity and cowardice of our country for allowing a small minority to control foreign policy and continue to take us to war, run and manipulate the financial system to steal everything they can, call the shots in the major media and laugh in our faces as they do it? You're damn right I am.

“I intend to judge things for myself; to judge wrongly, I think, is more honorable than not to judge at all.”
        ― Henry James

“One must not let oneself be misled: they say 'Judge not!' but they send to Hell everything that stands in their way.”
        ― Friedrich Nietzsche

“Judgement can do without knowledge: but not knowledge without judgement.”
        ― Michel de Montaigne 
“[Eomer:]'How shall a man judge what to do in such times?'
'As he ever has judged,' said Aragorn. 'Good and ill have not changed since yesteryear...It is a man's part to discern them, as much in the Golden Wood as in his own house.”

        ― J.R.R. Tolkien 

At the moment I am at peak... I cannot take any more BS level.... When this happens I get to a loss of what to post, how many times can it be done? Over and over...

Then I remember, they use any method to break us down. And if they will have a "break the bones" policy on Palestinians, you know they have a "break the brains" for the rest of us.
        ― Noor


  1. Kenny
    If no one has given you a pat on the back lately let me correct that. I find your writing to be very succinct, highly informative, and until we find out differently scathingly accurate. For my time and benefit I find those qualities to be in the gold for writing efforts. (I had to tie into the olympics) Thank you for your effort.

    1. Thanks Fred. I basically view this blog as just a jumping off point to explore the writings of those over at the blog roll.

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    3. Kenny
      I have a question does it mean you have arrived on the net when you get your own personal little commentator that suborns everything you post? The comment I made was dual purpose the content and message were sincere, but I also awaited the reply from my new best friend and boom there he is =] So instead of playing stupid post wars with him I implore everyone to use this little acronym in reply to his obvious baiting and general lack of decorum. JCL = Junior Cocksuckers League Now maybe I can get something to go viral on the blogs. o_0 That is all. Be well.

  2. This is OT (a little) -

    1. James Holmes has been reported to be Presbyterian.
    2. The camp that he worked at (run by Jewish Big Brothers / Big Sisters) is non-sectarian:

    People are, deliberately or not, confusing the JBBBS program (where all participants MUST be Jewish) with Camp Max Straus, which is run by JBBBS. Camp Max Straus has no religious restriction (see link above).

    I tried, patiently, to explain this difference on Mark Glenn's TUT site, and got called a Jew shill by one of the maniacs who posts there. The level of commentary on that site is, on the average, ignorant and looks like the kind of stuff you find on Incogman. Please, Mark, if you're reading this, clean up your site. Start with the nuts who write in all caps.

    So it may be true that Holmes is indeed a Presbyterian. Or he may be crypto-Jewish and Presbyterian raised. We really don't know enough right now to jump to conclusions.

    There was more than one person involved in that shooting - perhaps 3 others who got away. Holmes, IMO, is some poor sap who got set up.

    1. Keith Johnson's site is exactly the same. A wild animal monitors the comment section and immediately calls people a Jew (or whatever) when I simply asked for a link to an article he quoted.

      I get the same attitude from Scott Creighton.

    2. I looked into all that too Andie and until we get something more definitive the speculation that the Holmes family is jewish is just another distraction.

      Holmes was not a 'lone wolf,' that seems obvious by now.

      b'man, 'wild animal' is a good term for all those who try and hijack a comment thread. On second thought, maybe not fair to all the wild animals we know and love.

  3. I think the whole damn Colorado shooting event was staged to be honest, do we even know if anyone really died? That ABC video report was so phony... it all seems scripted, just like the false flag events in Bulgaria and France (earlier this year), where Jews were the target in both cases, but do we even know if anyone really died in those "attacks"? I think something definitely happened at the theater that night, and wouldn't doubt if some people really did die, but I don't think it's being accurately portrayed by the media. And this Holmes guy in court is clearly an MK ULTRA-style victim.


    2. Another synchronicity that just came to light is that there was a SWAT training exercise in New Mexico going on the same day, paid for by Homeland Security and mimicking much of the Aurora event.


  4. Brilliant, excellent analysis and Matthew 7....

    Discernment is a really big issue in the Judge {ing} dept..

    Take Waco, the so-called "Judge" [Walter Smith] tossed the Jury decision, * INNOCENT* , and sentenced the "accused" to 40 years for "self defense"...

    Ron Paul was doing "real good" until the Hero from Kansas asked him a SPOTLIGHT question concerning the only issue on Earth that really matters...waltzing around MASSMURDER for Global Zionazi as not to offend the "Good Baptists" and NEO-CON worshippers was extremely disingenuous....a very poor reflection on his integrity and credibility...after 11 years...?

    Granted the Battle is uphill and severly lopsided, yet there can be no retreat in furthering the Truth at the expense of the eternally deluded...and in that vein RON PAUL adjudicated himself...dancing under the stars, as Granny used to say...Pitiful, PITIFUL...

    Righteous Judgement is what Kings and Priests are supposed to do....NOT TAKING BRIBES--

    it pretty much comes down to WHO prints the currency...WHO owns the Media...and WHO operates a crackhouse called Congress ?

    ....have "THEY" adjudicated themselves as TARES ?

    The returning King...KNOWS THE TRUTH.

    your friend


    1. What exactly are you referring to regarding Ron Paul? Hero from Kansas? He always has been too soft on Israel so I dont doubt what you're saying but would like some specifics if you've got them.


      on C-Span....July 24.

      Darkmoon -

      All of this is clearly evil. All of this is also clearly what is being supported by the current American incumbent in the White House; his Republican challenger, Mr. Romney; and a Zionist-owned American Congress. John Hagee of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio and head of Christians United For Israel (CUFI) has been enlisted to delude millions of American Protestant Evangelicals into wholehearted support of this sick endeavor by providing deceptive religious cover and “Christian” theological cover for this coming War of Civilizations in his endorsement of a Talmudic racism totally at odds with the teachings of Jesus Christ in the New Testament.

      Ron Paul...politician or statesman....?

      A Real Texan would have grabbed the leg of ZOG before April 19, 1993...

      like a pitbull and not let go...but 11 years later after 9/11 ?

      The Litmus Test....Judge for yourselves...

      The 911 litmus test is for our Politicians.

      All of them need to be Pinned down.

      Tom an Independent From Lawrence Kansas, nails the issue perfectly as he calls in to C-Span July 24, 2012.

      The Perpetrators of 911 are Traitors and under our Constitution,
      Congress is required to act.

      Demand a new Investigation.

      Our whole WORLD has been
      shaped by this event which is an Obvious Lie as told by our own government.
      Pin your Rep down and anyone else in government. 11 years on this is an Open wound.
      The Innocent Life in Iraq and Afghanistan and the American soldiers was
      because of the 911 lie.

      No more excuses, we need to settle this issue now!
      This September let's give our Owners a Present. 911 is back to stay.

    3. Thanks for the response Darkmoon. And thanks for the video. The caller was very brave. I knew Ron Paul failed the 9/11 litmus test(which is also for media figures as well as politicians) but have never seen this video. He tries to throw a few bones at the end but still pushes the hijacker meme. Bullshit. Good work. Israelis and American traitors did 9/11. Only 9/11 truth will set us free.

    4. For crying out loud, they guy is running for president. He's woken up millions to the scam that is the Fed. He's called out neo-cons on the floor of congress. He's called out the CFR in a nationwide debate. Yet all some people can do is cry "He's not questioning 9/11! He sux! Blah blah blah."

      Even in this video, he came as close as he could to basically saying "I'm with you" by saying that he doesn't trust committees. Anything more would be political suicide, but he sent the message. I'm seriously think that there are many that would love to see him say something politically destructive and lose all chance at gaining the White House.

      9/11 was a psychologically and emotionally damaging assault on the American people as a whole. Many have not recovered from it. Many are. You can't FORCE people to understand things. You can guide them to to new information.

      I wouldn't give up on Paul simply because he knows that speaking out regarding 9/11 would render him useless in the long haul. He understands this perfectly well, and is playing it to the bone.

    5. And no offesne switters, but you're seriously uninformed on how our political system works if you ever thought Ron Paul had a serious chance of winning.

    6. I'll wait until Tampa to throw in the towel this time around.

      I'm sure you and a couple thousand others will have plenty of excuses as to how he pulled it off.

    7. I like your optimism switters but lets be realistic here. Ron Paul isnt even trying that hard himself. Hes actually friendly with Romney. His son endorsed him. Ron Paul would be the oldest nominee possibly ever. The convention is right around the corner. But you already know all of this.

      I dont like Ron Pauls economic views overall but I still hope you're right and he wins. I wont hold my breath.

    8. Whenever I despair, I remember that the way of truth and love has always won. There may be tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they may seem invincible, but in the end, they always fail. Think of it: always.

      -Ghandi :-)

  5. Has anybody read the latest post at "How Dare I" ?

    1. Yeah, good one. I just had to leave a silly comment.

    2. The guy at the top of page in the hat now looks like Jack Nicholson from the ending in The Shining. E I E I O !

  6. Ok, I expected the-"hes done so much good and would only discredit himself if he were honest about 911!" line. And I always give the same response. What wars has Ron Paul stopped by ignoring the 9/11 lies? What Patriot Act type legislation has he stopped by ignoring the 9/11 lies? HES STOPPED NOTHING. HES CHANGED NOTHING.

    Hes already useless if your criteria is what hes ACTUALLY gotten done as a Congressman. Which is to say NOTHING. Ron Paul is not a hero, hes just another politician trying to work within a broken system that will never allow him to change anything. There is literally no point in self censoring on 9/11, especially at this point considering hes almost done in the Congress. Fuck his sons career, I dont give a shit about it,hes proven himself a major sell out. Ron Paul talks a good game. Thats all he does though. Talk.

    1. That is all they do when it concerns "us", talk.

    2. You're either being willfully naive or are naturally antagonistic.

      Who has stopped any wars by shrieking about 9/11?
      Who has stopped any legislation that TPTB have wanted passed?

      He's changed the political landscape in this country in a very short time. Millions of people are a lot less politically apathetic after hearing what he has to say about Austrian economics, civil liberties, the drug war, wars for empire, etc. You're ignoring the sea change that he's brought to the Republican party. They're trying to evict the neo-cons! That's doing nothing?

      There's no point in censoring on 9/11 if your an anonymous internet commentator, but for people who try to work within the system to bring positive change, yeah, ya gotta use your noodle when dealing with sensitive psyops such as that.

      He is a hero to many, if for nothing else but his refusal to sway with the political winds and courage to stand by his convictions. Sorry you choose not to give him credit for what he deserves credit for.

    3. No Congressmen have "shrieked" about it switters have they? Becuase they are the same brand of coward on this important issue. Yet Paul TALKS about the Fed so somehow hes some kind of messiah? Whose being naive here? He hasnt changed the Republican party, they're the same neoconned banker whore suits they always were. The "Tea Party" is a cruel fraud. Are you kidding me? Are you really gonna tell me the Republican party(or Democratic for that matter) is worth a damn? The landscape has not changed, look around. Both parties are still firmly in the pocket of Wall Street and Israel. Oh, and pushing Austrian economics isnt a good thing imho. The other things you list about him are good. 9/11 made the wars and erosion of civil liberties possible.

      Again, you cannot name a SINGLE thing he has ACTUALLY changed about this corrupt system. He in fact IS swaying with the political winds on 9/11-the lynchpin of the "war on terror" and the drones,wars,Patriot Acts-all the things Paul rightly rails against.

      There is nothing antagonistic about pointing out facts unless those facts bother you. That would be your problem, not mine. Instead of making excuses for the likes of Paul people like you should be prodding them to go further and providing cover when the flack starts flying. Making excuses for politicians has gotten us NOWHERE.

      For the record I DO give him credit in some areas. I had a Ron Paul sign in my yard in 2008 and found his anti-war voice at the Republican debates to be pretty impressive. I still find many of his words impressive. At some point we have to start demanding more from the few "leaders" that we actually do respect though. Like not accepting the most horrific and beneficial(to the scum in power) lie in recent human history without so much as one hearing on say, put options. Or war games(McKinney at least asked Rummy and Myers about them). Or even demolition, considering we have almost 2000 professionals at this point calling BS on the towers "collapses".

  7. Is it cowardly to not want to be Wellstone'd? Or McDonald'ed?

    He is more powerful right now as an example, rather than a martyr.

    Yes, the tea-party his supporters started got, for the most part, hijacked. But that was just the new people, not the Remnant.

    His supporters are the loudest anti-war group out there now. The Left has totally discredited itself, and the Neo-Cons have been exposed as the warmongers that they are.

    You seem to want him to take a sledgehammer to the establishment, whereas I see the need for an ideologically precise scalpel.

    I believe that you have to lay a groundwork of education before you can muster public support (aka arouse the awakened) for the massive changes that need to occur if we are going to have any recovery.

    He's the best we've got at the moment.

    1. The scalpel hasnt worked. Now hes about to retire. Mission Accomplished?

    2. I'd argue that the scalpel is working great! Millions have been awakened by the message. Upturning the status quo does not happen overnight.

    3. I agree with Switters, James Traficant was the only house rep Brave enough to tell it like it is and the FBI framed him and sent him to prison for over 7 years. George Hanson, Rep. from Utah got the same treatment,Prison for being fully candid. Wellstone and Sonny Bonno got the message directly.The Mob controlls Congress and The Mob is controlled by the Fed.If those critisizing Ron Paul are dissapointed because he refuses to commit suicide they should storm the white house and demand transparency. Oh, but they would get shot, Thats not fun.

    4. More excuses for Ron Paul. The man is a politician. He doesn;t have to storm the White House, all he has to do is hold a fucking hearing or maybe at least not advance lies like 9/11. Ignoring it is better than promoting blowback. He doesnt have to yell "inside job" but for fucks sake the guy didn't even pay lip service like Kucinich did(saying he would hold hearings on the put options and that he has serious questions about 9/11). Its ok to criticize him for it. McKinney asked Rumsfeld about the war games. What did Ron Paul do to confront the biggest and most damaging lie in recent history? Not a damn thing. He sure raised a lot of campaign money though.

  8. We can look at it as what it was, or we can look at it as what we can make it. My perfect vision of America is different (obviously) that that of the blacks, latinos, native americans, etc. The old saying "You can't please everybody" comes into play here.

    I consider myself a non-church going Christian. Basically, (very basically) the lessons Jesus teaches are good ones. You don't have to be Christian to believe in the Golden Rule. (A point, I might add, that RP brought up in a debate! (!!!) And was booed for it. )...

    There is a balance to be achieved, in obtained what we want in regards to how America "should be", and to me, the beauty of that is in the doctrine of States Rights. Leave Americans free to at least travel to a state that suits them.

    As far as abuse goes, I wonder if those "hallmarks" are because blacks seem to be generally more concentrated in or near large cities, (because the communist influenced state has trained them to be dependent) so the effect is magnified. I've seen all races horribly affected by what you mention. I even heard someone say that whites make up the majority of welfare recipients in some states! So it seems as that as long as the state is around to take from one group and give to another, there will be people to take advantage of that. There's a reason it's said that socialism robs (one group, of the fruit of their labor) and the recipients (not all of course!) of their motivation and inspiration.

    I think America needs a shock. Too much bread and circuses for too long is detrimental to the human mind. The recent focus on zombies, I believe, is TPTB reflecting upon us what the majority of people have become, metaphorically.

    The truthers, the awakened, the lovers, etc...these are the survivors.

    America loves Hollywood endings. They were literally created just for them. Are they still competent enough to create one for themselves? (I suppose you could say it's in production, called the RPRevolution ;-)

    As far as I go...I'm opinionated (which is supposedly annoying) but rational. Convince me I'm wrong type. I do what I can, (probably more than I should)..but as Rick in Casablanca says "I stick my neck out for nobody." I have family that depends on me to be the rock. Lead by example.
    (sorry for diatribe Kenny)

    1. Hey swits, your opinions are always welcome.

      I always say that we are 'pickers and choosers' of ideas and I think we can all agree that certain aspects of Paul's message are the same as ours.

      I also always called Paul and Kucinich the 'designated dissenters.' At the least they sometimes challenged the status quo.

      Now that they both will be out soon, is there anyone who is going to step up in that role? Even if it's only a few words of dissent and maybe some media air time? Even if it's only for show to give the illusion of debate? I think this next congress will be more of a farce than ever.

    2. Thanks Kenny. Paul and Dennis very well may be designated dissenters...but they are inspiring others to take up the torch as well. There's a few in Congress now, more at local levels across America. It's hard to see that as a bad thing. One great aspect of RPR is that they're desperately trying to evict the neo-cons from the party. That would be a great first start.

      It seems our elected officials are a bunch of know-nothings!
      You've probably seen this before, but side by side it becomes more obvious.

      Does israel have nukes?

      What's the capital of israel?

      They are just stumped!

  9. But wait, THERE'S Muc More . . .

    Fact Check Central . . count them if you can.

    Ron Paul could use some BALLS...maybe being in Sodom on the Potomac,
    and being an OB-GYN has had a less than MANLY effect on RP...after
    so long a period of time...maybe a little BRASS KNUCKS & LEAD PIPE would help the overly sensitive "Israel Firsters" in the so-called GOP.

    Sometimes aman has got to do what a Man has got to do...



    Politics is a "Jewish" scripted stage play...wanna buy a ticket ?

    Register to VOTE....a public declaration of NON COMPOS MENTIS.....just sayin'


    salaam alaikum