Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Greenies

The Green Party convention is underway and they have a presidential nominee, the jewish Jill Stein whose Green New Deal contains some good points along with some probably not so good and doesn't go nearly far enough in solving our problems. Cheri Honkala gets the VP nod. As an activist, Honkala has been reportedly arrested over 200 times but we won't hold that against her. Heck, we wish Hillary Clinton would get arrested just once and she's a real high level criminal. We'll keep an eye on both of these green ladies though, just in case they are not what they want us to think they are.

I would like to go off on a rant and say that the Green Party is controlled opposition but at this moment I don't know. Help me out if you know anything I don't. I'm certain most of their supporters are sincere but as with any group that gets money from somewhere and at least a little publicity on the national stage there is always the chance of manipulators and manipulation behind the scenes.

Voting in this upcoming election is not going to make a difference. The two party fraud and those feeding the criminal system most likely already have the winner picked. The Green Party is a small sideshow but some of the messages they proclaim have merit and do need to be talked about. We will pick and choose what we like and expand on them and reject some of the aspects and try to show where they come up short. Some of us selectively chose part of Ron Paul's message and if you look at the Greens and choose carefully you may find they leave the Paulites in the dust. As I have been told, sometimes it's as simple as the message not the messenger or what the messenger has to say in its entirety. We have the right, maybe even the duty, to tweak someone's else's message and right or wrong have it entered into the debate.

It will be interesting to see what the 2012 Green Party platform will say in its entirety and maybe it will go even further that the 2010 one. Their platform and you could also call it their agenda seems mainstream to me. There's a lot of points that most reading here will agree with. It's the dems and repubs that are the radicals but if you're a part of a criminal syndicate of bankers and their underlings, radicalism is to be expected. 

Parts of the greenies platform are what many of us have been saying. No to Israel, right of return for Palestinians, a new 9/11 independent investigation, end the Fed and print our own money, single payer health care for all, close all the overseas military bases, end the wars, cut military spending by 50% (not enough), repeal of the Patriot Act and its clones, fighting sex trafficking, legalization of marijuana and ending the drug wars, etc. etc.

Some of their programs needs to be tweaked. How about a call for true investigations, indictments and open trials for financial crimes, war criminals and the political bottom feeders? Treason is a capital offense. The deeds against humanity should not go unpunished. I'm not sure we're ready for their immigration policy. We have a multitude of environmental problems and there's lots of room for debate on how the priority would go. They talk too much about the UN without mentioning that they too are institutionally corrupt  Too much reliance on big government to save us and I don't see a call for elimination of the IRS and taxes on labor. Or anything about how do we rein in usury. 

I'll vote because it's easy for me and I get to observe the local system and the electronic voting machines. Will I vote for the green's Mrs. Stein? No. I'll probably write in something absurd as usual. Will I in face to face political conversations use some of the green's talking points and maybe even mention them as an alternative? Yes.....but with a few caveats

Anyway, we know the basic blueprint, the hymnal, the cookbook. Those who follow it are tweaking the recipes as they go along thinking they may get the perfect pie, one where only a very few crumbs fall off for us to fight over. How about we tell them at every opportunity? ..... "That ain't going to happen."

From w..... a summary of the protocols of control and slavery.
"We are the destroyers" 
Goyim are mentally inferior to Jews {add whatever other groups you think are appropriate} and can’t run their nations properly. For their sake and ours, we need to abolish their governments and replace them with a single government. This will take a long time and involve much bloodshed, but it’s for a good cause. Here’s what we’ll need to do:
  • Place our agents and helpers everywhere
  • Take control of the media and use it in propaganda for our plans
  • Start fights between different races, classes and religions
  • Use bribery, threats and blackmail to get our wayAn
  • Use Freemasonic Lodges to attract potential public officials
  • Appeal to successful people’s egos
  • Appoint puppet leaders who can be controlled by blackmail
  • Replace royal rule with socialist rule, then communism, then despotism
  • Abolish all rights and freedoms, except the right of force by us
  • Sacrifice people (including Jews sometimes) when necessary
  • Eliminate religion; replace it with science and materialism
  • Control the education system to spread deception and destroy intellect
  • Rewrite history to our benefit
  • Create entertaining distractions
  • Corrupt minds with filth and perversion
  • Encourage people to spy on one another
  • Keep the masses in poverty and perpetual labor
  • Take possession of all wealth, property and (especially) gold
  • Use gold to manipulate the markets, cause depressions etc. {among other techniques}
  • Introduce a progressive tax on wealth {most of it only for show for those at the top of the pyramid}
  • Replace sound investment with speculation
  • Make long-term interest-bearing loans to governments
  • Give bad advice to governments and everyone else


  1. concerned citizenJuly 12, 2012 at 10:04 PM

    How does Ending the Fed fit it with not getting rid of the IRS?

    You can't have one without the other.

    I call bullshit but my ultimate litmus test is on their views of 9/11.

    1. I agree. Stein calls for the nationalization of the Fed but unless I've missed it there's nothing about eliminating the IRS and income tax on working class labor.

      Their 9/11 stance is pedestrian and I would like to see more detail. They seem afraid to do anything other than hint. Jeez, just call it a false flag and get on with it. Stein may be slow in implicating the many members of her own tribe who were involved.

      "The Green Party calls for a complete, thorough, impartial and independent investigation of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, including the role of the administration of George W. Bush, vaarious U.S. based corporations and interests, and other nations and third parties."

  2. The ultimate litmus test is always 911 the second is (drum roll please) support of the patriot act. Ten years after the murder of JFK were we any closer to actually punishing the guilty parties? The same is true for 911, and as time continues to roll on all we are stuck with is the "but 911 changed everything" meme. The only hope I actually see is the interwebs continue to churn out an alternative view to the official story no matter what the official lies are. And I believe (maybe its just hope) that more and more people are waking up.

  3. Agenda 21 and the carbon tax are zionist international bankers like Rothschilds' laws to implement a new world order with the 99% as landless serf/slaves.

    Greenies are direct agents of the protocols of the elders of zion, aka the 1%.

    Better dead than zionized.


    sad that she beat roseanne. she's well aware of her past mk programming. I've followed her blog on and off since she announced her candidacy. understandably she has not mentioned anything about mk and its extent while running (too controversial, I give her that). hopefully in the future she'll have chances to speak out about her own experiences. if I remember correctly, it took her 14 years to deprogram.

    also - was reminded of this yesterday:

    1. I was hoping Barr would get the nomination. It would have been interesting but I suppose there was a fear the whole party would be looked at as a joke.

  5. I'm registered Green party. They are certainly better than Ron Paul as their domestic agenda is not nearly as harsh and fascist.

  6. the green movement is controlled, by those who do DU, oil spills, nuclear 'accidents', chemtrails 811 7/7 etc

  7. Interesting. The Green party in the UK has some good people.

    - Aangirfan

    1. The Green party in any country is knowingly or unknowingly fronting for Agenda 21 you horse's ass! You're such a brazen zionist twat.

    2. While I agree that aangirfan is a zionist stooge, and I agree that governments will use eviromentalism or anything else to gain more control, that does not mean the Green party is "bad" or pushing Agenda 21 or whatever. I dont agree with the entire Green platform but I agree with it more than I do the Libertarians,Democrats or Republicans platforms, thats for damn sure.

  8. Thank you for bringing this to my attention, Kenny. How strange that I have not see one word in the Boston Globe regarding the Green convention since Stein (sigh) from Massachusetts. Just another omission in the layers of smokescreens and obfuscations committed by the corporate media. It will be a big day of voting up here, what with the Brown-Warren Senate seat up for grabs. I'll be voting for Warren (Wall Street hates her) over Brown, but I expect a rig job. I'm sure John King's map has already been programmed. As for the prez, I'll be voting for another Green -- Ralph Nader. He may be controlled-opposition (maybe not), but he's the only candidate I can ever remember calling for war crimes trials for Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, et al.

    1. Is Nader running? Or are you just writing him in?

      I'm awaiting more info on Stein. I emailed them and was told that the website would have a more specific issues section within a few days. I specifically asked them about 9/11,Israel and if she would call for holding Bush and Obama era criminals accountable. I told them how important that last one was and how that would pull in the most people.

      And yeah, the name makes one step back and wonder where the loyalties lie maybe but lets not be too hasty yet. I would vote for Scott Creighton,Stephen Lendman or any other number of jewish people any day if they're right on the issues that matter to me.

    2. Hey Rocker, good to hear from you. I think we would all agree that politics is a big mess. I saw a while back that Warren seems to have caved in to AIPAC. I had a little hope in her till then. Still, it will be good if Brown goes down as almost all the incumbents should.

      anon, thanks for the tip that the greens will update on the issues. I'll be sure to check back and see what they have to say. Since the greens have no chance of winning the only thing that will matter is the dialog. All the more reason for them to go all out on the issues you mention.

      I think that a 3rd party candidate can get into the debates if they reach 15% in several national polls. Who's polls and how we would know if they were legit I don't know.

    3. Yes, Warren adopted standard Democrat platform re: Israel. That's why I think Brown will win, Wall Street the decider. Globe finally covered GreenStein today. Haven't read yet. Anon, just writing in Nader this time, anon. It will be the fourth time I vote for him for president. Keep up the good word and good fight, Kenny.

  9. It's time to end this warJuly 14, 2012 at 11:50 AM


  11. I was a big time Nader supporter in '08, back when I was still in the fake "Progressive", anti-war, anti-Wall Street, half-truth phase of my wake up to what's really going on. The Green Party, Libertarians, and other "Progressive" parties fail all the major litmus tests, so I don't even waste my time with them anymore (why should we when they aren't going all the way?).

    Merlin Miller is a guy we all should be supporting in my opinion.

    Merlin Miller was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa. He graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY and served in the U.S. Army, where he commanded two units. Merlin later worked as an industrial engineering manager at Michelin Tire Co. He has been married to his wife Susan for 37 years. They have 4 grown daughters, three of whom also graduated from West Point.

    Merlin earned an MFA degree in Cinema/Television from the University of Southern California in the mid 1980’s. He worked at Paramount Pictures and later on low-budget features. Merlin left Hollywood to begin his own independent grass-roots efforts after several years of disillusionment with the degenerating quality of entertainment and lack of any true opportunity for those respecting traditional or Christian values. His award winning films include “A Place to Grow” and “Jericho”, and he is currently developing projects critical to preserving our way of life (

    I often ask…

    Where have our heroes gone? At one time, we could find them among us, always visible when danger appeared. They were bigger than life, incredible looking, noble-minded and respectful of all that was good and decent. They were part of a world that honored beauty, skill, and fair play. They were our European-American brethren.

    I also ask…

    Where are the good stories? At one time, we could discern right from wrong because stories promoted truth, justice, and liberty. The world felt good when they ended happily, or inspired us to overcome when they did not. They made us want to be better people and live in a better world. A world built by our European-American brethren.

    At one time, we lived in hope that the American dream was possible, that we could achieve greatness, and find peace, love, and happiness. The dream required hard work, honesty and humility, but it was within reach. Our founding fathers and ancestors proved it could become real. –Merlin Miller, April 2, 2009

    1. No thanks, I dont vote for supremacists, either jewish, white or otherwise. Thanks for proving that zionist jews dont have the supremacist market cornered though. I mean, unless you actually are jewish yourself. Which wouldn't be a problem in and of itself but would actually explain a lot.

    2. John Friend is trying too hardJuly 15, 2012 at 5:59 PM

      Let the record show that John Friend deleted at least 3 of my own comments today(and it looks like others as well), including comments critical of Mike Delaney of controlled op ProThink and comments critical of official 9/11 lie promoter and also controlled op(and blatant racist. Oh wait, "reformed" white supremacist) David Duke.

      You're a hard workin man John Friend. The question is who for. Your behavior as of late gives some clues. Tell your handlers(or your own deluded psyche)-they're trying too hard. The sudden turns you've taken have been just that-too sudden. Showing your hand with not just the censorship but with the narrative you are pushing lately. You always were a 9/11 disinfo pusher,with your Judy Wood,no planes,everything under the sun slop approach. Now you're tainting everything you touch with this white supremacist act you're on. Too much. Psy op fail.

    3. A question for you John.

      Over at prothink's (Mike Delaney) website it says that you are now listed as a "Prothink Umbrella Network Site." It also says that donations going to him help to fund your site ...

      So what moved you in this direction?

      Despite "Missing Links" being a pretty good film as I remember it, there are questions about Delaney that those of us who have a skeptic's nature have concerns about. Those concerns do not come lightly. I have been following Delaney through all of his transformations since long before I started this blog. I had fairly regular communications with him until I was banned from his early website for asking questions and as you probably know I do not tend to be antagonistic in comments, especially with minor figures.

      The biggest concern is that the White Nationalist movement has always been and will always be infiltrated to varying degrees. The speculations on this will always be there and sometimes in cases like Hal Turner be proven.

      I have no problem with one being proud of their race and think that everyone should be. I'm certainly no self-hating white. It's the divide and conquer aspects of playing up racial tensions that I have a concern with. It also muddies the waters in the anti-zionist, anti-jewish criminal debate. Wasn't it jews, zionists and their allies that created and perpetuate the current mechanisms of keeping us divided over race?

      John, I also have no problem with you expressing whatever opinions you may have and look forward to seeing your upcoming 9/11 presentation online but my gut feeling is confused over the association with Delaney.

    4. Thanks for the info Kenny. In light of this John, your censorship of comments critical of Mike Delaney comes off as highly questionable at best.

      And I agree, John and the type of "info" he has been peddling lately is not about being "proud", thats what they hide behind. It has all the hallmarks of being deliberate divide and conquer. Many blacks,latinos and yes even jews are increasingly becoming aware of issues like 9/11 truth, the harm of zionism and Israel, usury and bankster issues etc. What John Friend has been peddling is designed to repel all of those people. Its a good sign really, it shows how desperate "they" really are to deploy such tactics.

    5. Hey kenny, I will gladly address everything you just raised. I have been in contact with Mike for about 6 months or so at least I'd say. I met a friend of his in San Diego a while back, and got his number from her. We have talked on the phone and on Skype a few times, I actually just called him tonight but wasn't able to reach him. Missing Links was a huge wake up call when I watched it. Anyways, when all his sites (ZionCrimeFactory, Missing Links, etc.) got booted off of GoDaddy's servers, he ended up moving to a different server and asked me if I was interested in having him host my blog in case I run into any problems with Blogger. We didn't really establish anything clearly, and next thing I know he bought the domain for me, which is It's on a WordPress account, and I was able to transfer all my posts and comments over there last week when I was playing with it. But after thinking about it, I'm just going to stick with Blogger, I like it way better, I know how to use it, I like the template and the way it looks way better than the WordPress set up. I'm sure I could get the WordPress site on the same par as my Blogger site, but I just don't have the time or energy to do that right now. So, I'm just going to stick with Blogger, no offense to Mike or anything, I'd rather just stay with what I've got. Plus it's a hassle changing sites (like when I changed my old url for example).

      I honestly don't know Mike that well at all, we've talked on a few occasions and I definitely consider him a friend and ally in this fight. I've learned a lot of things from him and ZCF for sure, and I stay in contact with them.

      I don't know where everyone is getting that I'm all of a sudden a "white supremacist" or "white nationalist" or whatever. I'm going to do a post about my thoughts on race soon, so stay tuned. As I explained in the posts I did on Hitler and in my conversation with Deanna, after really investigating Hitler, National Socialism, etc., I came to the (obvious) conclusion that they were the good guys, they were fighting the good fight. And Hitler and the NSDAP were NOT "white supremacists" or anything like that, that is Jew propaganda, just like all the other lies and slanders that are constantly being thrown at the man. Anyone saying otherwise is fucking ignorant and has not done their homework on this subject. Here is a good book if you're interested in this subject:

      Did Hitler want to preserve the German race? Was he proud of the German people, their accomplishments, their culture, etc.? Absolutely, and what is wrong with that? Hitler and the NSDAP had a variety of ethnicities and races fighting with them against the Jew controlled Allies for God's sake people! He wasn't a "white supremacist", we've got to get over this Jew propaganda.

      I hope that answers your questions and concerns kenny, if not I'd be happy to clarify.

    6. "and next thing I know he bought the domain for me"

      HAHA! Likely story. Now why would he do that John? Use your fucking head you dumbass. Oh and you gotta love the "anyone saying otherwise is fucking ignorant" line. No John, anyone who falls for the "Hitler was the good guy" meme is a fucking ignorant useful idiot. I'll let you figure out who you are useful to. If you dont already know. Did Hitler like police state measures? Did Hitler hate genuine elections? Did Hitler like invading and occupying nations? Did Hitler say that non-whites were less valuable as human beings than whites? Yes to all. But he hated jews!!!!(while,you know, sending them to Palestine to steal land and hiring some of them to fight in his army etc.) So hes the "good guy" right John? Fucking idiot.

    7. Thanks for the response John.

      I have my suspicions about certain individuals as I'm sure we all do. I don't dwell on them and I'm certainly not into infighting and my tendency is to ignore them but on occasion questions do need to be asked.

      My preference is to stand together the best we can. Tools and those manipulated will expose themselves eventually.

    8. "Tools and those manipulated will expose themselves eventually"

      Truer words were never spoken Kenny. John Friend is in the process of doing just that right now. Pay attention people, this is a lesson in infiltration and manipulation of political movements. You are seeing it in real time from the ProThink crowd and whoever ultimately controls and manipulates them.

  12. Charlie Giuliani interviews Merlin Miller:

    Mark Dankof interviews Merlin Miller:

    The Friday Show interviews Merlin Miller:

    1. Still censoring the hell out of comments on your site I see. Another red flag from you. Keep em coming "friend".

    2. He can censor to his heart's content on his site and that is expected. I am surprised that none of the major bloggers have come forward denouncing JF's 360­° transformation into a race baiting zio-stooge. All I see that they are sucking up to him, which is mind boggling.

    3. Sure, hes free to censor all he wants but it is a red flag. Hes trying mighty hard to control the narrative over there. It is striking how almost nobody has called him out on his recent 360 though. I guess maybe some people have and he likely just deleted their comments.

    4. LOL, man you guys are pathetic.

    5. Mr. Friend, do you agree with the following statements from Adolf Hitler(what follows are just a couple of the quotes you repeatedly deleted from your blog. Apparently you've been deleting a lot of other comments as well.)

      The result of all racial crossing is therefore in brief always the following:

      (a) Lowering of the level of the higher race;

      (b) Physical and intellectual regression and hence the beginning of a slowly but surely progressing sickness.

      To bring about such a development is, then, nothing else but to sin against the will of the eternal creator. And as a sin this act is rewarded.

      -Adolf Hitler (Mein Kampf)

      Peoples which bastardize themselves, or let themselves be bastardized, sin against the will of eternal Providence...

      -Adolf Hitler (Mein Kampf)

      ...absolute intolerance also provides long growth.

      -Adolf Hitler (Mein Kampf)

      There is only one holiest human right, and this right is at the same time the holiest obligation, to wit: to see to it that the blood is preserved pure and, by preserving the best humanity, to create the possibility of a nobler development of these beings.

      A folkish state must therefore begin by raising marriage from the level of a continuous defilement of the race, and give it the consecration of an institution which is called upon to produce images of the Lord and not monstrosities halfway between man and ape.

      -Adolf Hitler (Mein Kampf)

      As you can see, the quotes are all from Mein Kampf. Legitimate quotes in other words. That means I left out some of Hitlers overtly tyrannical and warmonger-like comments but you can comment on the mostly racial ones above for now.

    6. Daniel Carver of the KKKJuly 15, 2012 at 5:47 PM

      I like your style John Friend. Black people are a scourge, not just jews and gays and the like. Wake up white people!

    7. Wake up white people and what's next? Exterminate everyone else on earth? Ghosts of the Indians and Aborigines haunting you in your dreams? Karma is a bitch.

    8. Daniel Carver of the KKKJuly 15, 2012 at 6:45 PM

      The ghosts dont haunt people like me and John Friend. Our pure white souls can fight off the mutt mutlicultural and multiracial menaces that are indians,blacks etc. Aint that right John? Its not multinational corporations that are killing us, its mutliculturalism! Pay no attention to the men behind the curtain with real power, pay attention to the scary black men down the block or the scary mexican janitor down the hall, thats the message me and John Friend promote! Yee haw!

    9. I am censoring and deleting comments on my blog that come from annoying, ignorant, anonymous trolls, I have a life and am a very busy person, unlike some of you. I don't have time to waste playing games with losers that troll blogs trying to start fights and disrupt things.

      The quotes from Mein Kampf, can you please provide page numbers and a link to the version you are referring to? I have not read Mein Kampf all the way through, I do not have a hard copy and I simple cannot read an entire book like that online.

      Either way, the quotes you provide maybe genuine and may not be, and if they are: what the fuck is your point man? As I stated above, Hitler wanted to preserve the German race, so what is wrong with that?

      By the way, some fucking loser posted this on my blog:

      "You're a fucking pussy. This is war. I'll be in S.D. You fucking bitch."

      Wow, how fucking pathetic man, "this is war", what the fuck does that mean? You clearly have no life, no friends, no girlfriend, no children, no ambition, nothing - you are a waste of space, a fucking coward trolling blogs posting anonymous comments that do nothing to advance our cause, simply trying to start shit and intimidate me. You think I'm fucking scared of some pussy anonymous troll? Haha, you got another thing comin' bro, you know where to find me.

    10. You mean deleting a comment simply stating the David Duke is a race baiter who ignores 9/11 truth and in fact actively promotes the 9/11 lies about muslims being the culprits? That comment? Or how about the one simply stating that Delaney and Prothink are likely controlled opposition? I know you work for them now but you do know what it looks like when you delete comments like that right John?

      Oh and its funny how you allow the "I'll be in S.D." comment but delete the far more innocious ones about Delaney,Duke etc. The agenda is clear.

      The quotes ARE from Mein Kampf, stop ducking like a fucking coward and answer the goddamn questions already you little girl. My point is that you are in love with a white supremacist tool who was propped up by jewish and US banker money. Do you agree with his obviously supremacist comments about race? Do you see blacks and other non-whites as inferior human beings as Hitler did?

      Hitlers views clearly went beyond "protecting the German race". I know you ignore his warmongering but even if you do you cannot ignore the above quotes from him. They are legit. Hate to break it to you dumbass. Keep flopping around John, its hilarious to watch a disinfo shill go down hard like this.

    11. You know who is good at constantly playing the victim while victimizing others? Zionist jews. Now what is John doing here by deleting just about every "negative" comment on his site except for one-the one above about "I'll be in S.D."? John Friend is a racist on par with the most racist zionists. That they use similar tactics is not surprising at all.

    12. to john friend,

      hitler and the boys went shopping for philosophies and 'facts' which supported their agenda, which most likely was what you say - "the preservation of the german race." I have met and talked with many people better read than me who've been able to be more elaborate on the philosophical and factual errors the national socialist party did in crafting their metaphysics.

      now, I'll just briefly explain why hitler and the SS boys misunderstood the aryan race.

      julius evola, an italian occultist and scholar was one of many european thinkers who the nazis were interested in. they used some of his writings and analyses of ancient buddhism, hinduism and tantrism to formulate their propaganda (I use the word propaganda here because they had a clear cause - for the sake of the conversation at hand we can agree that cause to be "the preservation of the german race.").

      race, on the opinion of evola and in accordance to the ancient texts from which also the SS boys enjoyed, was and is metaphysical. period. in revolt against the modern world evola states clearly that the aryan spirit can possess a body of any physical race. yet, in his speeches and in the policies of the third reich, race was seen as physical.

      if you do not have time to read revolt against the modern world, then just download from the net as an ebook, and read H.T. Hanse's introduction to evola. he goes into these issues as well as evola's connection to the SS (particularly himmler).

      a quote from evola, on the topic:

      "We would like to make it clear that to us spirit means neither frivolous philosophy or theosophy, nor mystical, devotional withdrawal from the world, but is simply what in better times the wellborn have always said were the marks of race: namely, straightforwardness, inner unity character, courage, virtue, immediate and instant sensitivity for all values which are present in every great human being and which, since they stand well beyond all chance-subjected reality, they also dominate. The current meaning of race, however, which differs from the above by being a construction of 'science' and a piece out of the anthropological museum we leave to the pseudo intellectual bourgeoisie, which continues to indulge in the idols of nineteenth-century Positivism."

      as a final remark: ends do not justify the means. by idolizing a group of men who did and participated in horrendous things for "noble" ends does not give a good image of you. also propagating race over consciousness is on my opinion the greatest thought crime imaginable in the 21st century. or, ever?

    13. to download revolt against the modern world and other works of evola see the following site:

    14. in order to make myself a bit more clear:

      in revolt against the modern world evola states clearly that the aryan spirit can possess a body of any physical race. yet, in [hitler's] speeches and in the policies of the third reich, race was seen as physical.

      also, according to evola the semitic spirit can possess a body of any physical race. metaphysical race reflects a person's mind and consciousness, and as we see in today's world in the western countries the semitic spirit runs rampant in the minds of us manipulated to manifest greed, envy and egoism.

      if someone wonders my use of the word possess, then wonder on and see how you possess.

    15. Interesting stuff P2P, the quote from Evola you provided sounds right on the money to me. I haven't read that book, and honestly I still have a lot to learn regarding National Socialist Germany. This race stuff is pretty complex, but I find it interesting. From what I can tell, Hitler was against miscegenation, as were many people in the Western world at the time and even today. I don't see anything wrong with that necessarily. That doesn't mean I think other races are inferior or anything like that, and if you actually knew me personally, you would know why. I'll leave it at that.

      You write:
      "as a final remark: ends do not justify the means. by idolizing a group of men who did and participated in horrendous things for "noble" ends does not give a good image of you."

      What, exactly, were the "horrendous things" that the NSDAP participated in? We have to remember, the Jews declared war on Germany in 1933, and France and Britain declared war on Germany in 1939. Germany was completely betrayed by Jews and communists in Germany at the end of WWI, which is why they lost the war and why the Jew controlled Allies screwed the Germans over big time with the Versailles Treaty. The real war criminals, the people who did "horrendous things" in WWII were the Jew controlled Allies - namely, the UK, Soviet Union, and USA - NOT the Germans. Fire bombing of civilians and cities in Germany, nuclear bombing of Japanese cities, massacres of Polish officers at the Katayn Forest, etc. etc. - the real war criminals in WWII were the Allies. You and other people here covering for the Jew controlled Allies and their horrendous crimes against humanity does not give a good image of you or anyone else for that matter.

      You also write:
      "also propagating race over consciousness is on my opinion the greatest thought crime imaginable in the 21st century. or, ever?"

      Where do you get this from man? When have I ever "propagated race over consciousness"?

    16. propagating hitler is propagation of race over consciousness in my book - with the exception of good farce.

      miscegenation... what a weird word to have in one's vocabulary - and how odd to implement it to a discussion about spirit and such. the only arguments I would approve from the naturalists in regards to miscegenation relate to interbreeding. I myself am a mongolian, and would be thrilled to see the result of raising a child with another aryan of any genetic heritage.

      the "race stuff" is simple: true race is spiritual, defined through the quality of one's consciousness. everything else we've heard is propaganda, usually stemming from the old divide and conquer -drill. and now I guess I have to give my pennies to why hitler and the boys are part of that...

      romanticism in 19th century literature of europe and st.petersburg reflects a rise in consciousness that I personally would trace back to influences from the eastern religions and the new rise of archaeology, which brought more knowledge from greece (the hellenists shared quite a similar view of reality as do the category of 'eastern religions' in my book). even in f-land people were beginning to 'get it' - our national epoch, kalevala, can be linked using the knowledge acquired by contemporary comparative religion to myths of ancient hinduism.

      what were they getting? underneath existence lingers a stream of joy... read romantic literature, see a few good paintings from the 19th century, and that stream will be visible. it was still just a hint in the minds of most, but, the writers and the poets (and some of the occultist folk) were well onto it. nietzsche was in the front-line, philosophizing in the flow of joy instead of building great systems of thought that would explain-it-all.

      the thing about the stream of joy is that it's discoverable within each individual. the 'path' is wholly internal. this is the underlying thought in romanticism, and as such it was a danger to those bent to divide and conquer - those who choose to live their lives off the backs of others. psychologically it's rather simple a process: when you do not believe in the existence of internal bliss you decide to 'secure' your material well-being.

      then kant, the first ever person with severe asperger's to live in history, said "therefore, every rational being must so act as if he were through his maxim always a legislating member in the universal kingdom of ends." if you've assumed that material well-being is on the top of your end, so it should be for all. see the horror already?

      on my opinion, the worst thing the DSDAP did was to distract the european consciousness from the path it had been evolving on. they ruined the swastika as a symbol. they stigmatized discussion of important, novel spiritual concepts. they terrorized a generation of people in numerous ways, and twisted germany into division that lasted until 1989. you can continue to propagate that hitler had nothing to do with this and that his goals were noble, but - wait - an advice.

      read into what preceded hitler. assume him and the NSDAP the first ever branded party, and treat them accordingly - as mere products. read what they read, and share the information you find that feels right to you. in the times we live in, hitler is but remains of an old division where you can still pick sides - when your opinion is divided, you're conquered.

    17. John Golda GurionJuly 16, 2012 at 11:37 AM

      "while,you know, sending them to Palestine to steal land and hiring some of them to fight in his army etc."

      Exactly. John doesn't give flying rats ass to the Palestinians, since they aren't from the aryan hood.

      "Did Hitler want to preserve the German race? Was he proud of the German people, their accomplishments, their culture, etc.? Absolutely, and what is wrong with that?"

      Rubbish! Same stupid logic can be apply towards shitler's mama - golda meir, david ben-gurion and netanyahu.

    18. I always appreciate your input P2P. You bring some much welcome insight to the conversation.

      That was a good link with some good links off of it. So much that can be studied, so little time.

  13. Merlin Miller is a member of WhiteNewsNow(

    No wonder why closeted supremacist JF is enthusiastic about Merlin Miller.

    1. Mr. Friend isnt exactly "closeted" anymore despite what he says.


  15. i stopped listening to Charlie Giuliani, i can handle his atheism, but not his insults at other folks beliefs, i deleted john friends bookmark from my browser (i think he's been replaced), but i do salute the original john friend's 911 work, it's all about Shitler. We all know how the world is run, the probability of `rogue`leader getting as far as Shitler without being controlled is less than zero. please wake up old friend

    1. Daniel Carver of the KKKJuly 15, 2012 at 6:55 PM

      F off then. We dont need no race traitors like you. If you're even white. John Friend aint concerned with the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, hes concerned about the WHITE truth! Big difference friend. Its agenda bloggio now. The disinfo chips have been cashed in and its time to focus on whats important. Protecting the white race from the mongrel races. Forget the real problems in the world, my daughter may end up f'ing a black dude some day! Or my son may end up marrying an asian girl! Now those are REAL problems! Fuck worrying about 9/11,zionist control of US politics and media and corporations becoming "people", we got a WHITE agenda to promote! I cant wait until John Friend goes full on Incogman with the obvious agenda personally. Hes getting there....

    2. Why don't you lock up your kids in the basement like Josef Fritzl? Since you've such a man crush on Mr. Friend, invite him over. You two can easily remake Broback Mountain 2 to fund white agenda. Be a hero!

    3. Daniel Carver of the KKKJuly 15, 2012 at 7:28 PM

      The sad thing is that I'm satire and John Friend isnt, yet the difference between us is purely theatrical! I say what he and other "white supremacists" think! Yee haw!!!

    4. Waiting for Mr. Friend? He ain't comin back, I'm afraid. He's been replaced with a zombie supremacist drone!

  16. Prostank + John Fiend = Shitler's wettest dreams.

  17. Very good discussion here of the White Nationalist Movement, my thoughts are right in line with what is discussed here:

    1. You're a fucking coward and a joke John. Cant answer a single question or complaint, you just delete to your hearts content you shill. You are only hurting yourself

    2. honest questionsJuly 16, 2012 at 7:41 AM

      How much are Delaney and his handlers paying you? Did this change in tone from you come as a direct result from payments from Delaney and ProThink? Do you have any non-white blood in your family? On that last question, I only ask because if you are a true adherent of Hitler maybe you should, you know, actually read Mein Kampf and his other words before actively promoting him as "the good guy". Wouldn't that make sense?

  18. Goon Squad thinks that Mr. Fiend is "pro Palestinian"

    HIlarious. Palestinians aren't either Europeans or aryans, so Mr. Fiend has no time to fight for the "steerage" class people.

    1. Goon Squad is one of my favorite blogs so I'll give Greg the benefit of the doubt here. Maybe he hasnt been following John Friends descent lately. Though he has another post praising John Friend today for his 9/11 activism. I wonder if John will talk about Judy Wood,space beams and holograms at his 9/11 talk? You think he can at least manage to go the entire talk without praising Hitler? With "friends" like these.....


    I suspect that GB is aware but he's probably not ready to piss off Mr. Fiend. (grin)

    1. Hopefully thats it. John Friend is radioactive, and I suspect thats the purpose of him now. To taint all that he comes in contact with.

  20. Everyone may have seen this but we all seem to like a good controlled demolition. Not as pretty as WTC7 but it got the job done.

    1. Thats not bad but WTC7 is still more impressive imho considering all the buildings around it. Found this through Noor, had to re-post it as its hilarious and effective:

  21. Who's coming to John Friend's 9/11 presentation, besides FBI, CIA, and ADL informants?

    Except for Kenny, none of the bloggers (those I usually frequent) has the guts to point out why supremacist mindset will destroy the whole zionist awareness & 9/11 movement. They have decided to look the other way, which makes me reconsider about their sincerity.

    Many thanks to you all anonymous posters here who are doing their best to expose that viper in the den.

    1. Thanks joe. I don't think the supremacist mindset will destroy the movement but it probably will keep some potential allies away if they perceive that everyone in it is that way. I also think that many on the blogroll to the right have stated the same thing at one time or another.

    2. I could not agree more. Hes a viper(or whoever "changed" him and is using him. Ahem-Prothink-ahem). And the purpose of such vipers IS to destroy the 9/11 and anti-zionist/Israel movements. There will be more of them. There have already been many. John Friends 9/11 talk will likely be a disaster and the ADL/FBI tools will be right on stage giving the talk.

    3. Agreed completely again. John's event would be "To catch a predator" style. Once you're there, you will be on the danger to the society list by ADL/FBI/CIA probably Mossad too. JF is a big attention seeking whore and he would do anything possible to get noticed & recognized. Then the snakery follows. So his previous actions were noting but to enter the den.

      "And then there's John Friend of San Diego who, if he was to tell you one single thing about himself it's that there were no planes at 911. Did he mention that there were no planes? Because there were no planes at 911. It's interesting that, how there were no planes. Everyone talks about 911 but there were no planes there. Oh! Just remembered! There were no planes at 911! Ha ha ha, what a laugh, no planes at 911, he says.
      Stories! Jokes! Smutty double entendres! Laugh! What a swell party we'd have! Right up until fucking John Friend walks in to tell us there were no planes at 911. Shit! And we were having such a good time!"


      Nobody of church of nobody had warned us last year about this conniving snake. What did everyone do? All came down rushing to baby little John. LOL
      Look how's that turned out?

  22. The only Jew I ever voted for (except for one Libertarian) was John Kerry, and look how he turned out. Is Stein a Marxist Jew?

    1. I wouldn't doubt that Stein has studied Marxism. The Green Party has elements of Marxism in their platform I think. I'm far from knowledgeable on the subject but if one can separate Marx from jewish Bolshevik communism and Chinese communism and pick and choose their points carefully there are some things in his writings that most people would agree with. Just don't tell anyone where those ideas came from.

      Still waiting for Stein and the green's update. In the meantime I've read some of what the other greens have to say on their site. There's way too much emphasis on the UN as savior.