Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Boy and His Dog

As if Tennessee politics couldn't get any more whacky, it does.

Not content with the Republicans getting all the nationwide laughter with their Diane Black, Lou Ann Zelenik, Marsha Blackburn and a state legislature more concerned with Sharia Law and a Muslim working for the state than jobs, the Democrats decide they are losing the comedy battle so they try a stand up routine of their own.

The Democratic Party had a Senate primary the other day with 7 candidates in the running for a chance to go against banker buddy Bob Corker. The party did not promote anyone and it was very difficult to find out anything about the candidates. I guess many thought washed up actress Park Overall would get the most votes but lo and behold this guy Mark Clayton won overwhelmingly. The party claims that Clayton won only because his name was at the top of the ballot and that Dem voters are too stupid to glance on down the list. A losing candidate, Larry Crim, is squawking for a new primary to be held without Clayton so his name would be on top and then he would win.

The Dems wasted no time disavowing Clayton as an anti-gay conspiracy loon and encouraged those in their cult to write in a vote in the November election even if it's for Mark's dog. Everyone from Rachel Maddow to Mother Jones is calling for Clayton's head on a stick to be paraded around in a San Francisco gay festival. "An abomination" says someone at the glue huffers post.

Why would that be you may ask? Well, Clayton is an unpaid vice-president at the Public Advocate of the United States where they have the nerve to post opinions. One of their opinions is that marriage should only be between a man and a woman. I've had some gay friends all of my adult life and have family and extended family members who are gay and they are good people as most gays are but when is 'enough is enough.' Does everything have to now become a Chick-Fil-A moment?

another view of the certification
The Southern Poverty Law Center has designated this Public Advocate organization as a hate group and according to most of the media if the SPLC says it's so, it's so. No questions asked. The SPLC creates its own hate groups and takes every opportunity to use other groups to further its own agenda. Disagree with any of their stances and you are a demon. Ultimately they want laws and police state backup to go against anyone they hate and that would include most everyone reading this.

Never mind that Mark Clayton was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation by the SPLC for some reason or another and signed by none other than Morris Dees. But that was then and this is now.

So who is Mark Clayton? He lives in the Nashville area and some say he is a floor installer. He got his name on the ballot and in this video he says he has raised $100, has one campaign sign and has $35 left to go against the $6.3 million that Corker has. Shades of the 2010 South Carolina Senate race of Alvin Greene vs. Jim DeMint? Sort of similar but so far not nearly as bad.

Clayton also ran in the 2008 Senate primary hoping to go against another corporatist Lamar Alexander but he lost that one. He has a campaign site that he hasn't updated since that time where there is an Alex Jones video. Let's hope he has progressed a little since then. Here's the cached version since his bandwidth seems to have been exceeded. 

It looks like Mark is running a Facebook campaign. Besides the gay marriage issue he only mentions a few others. He says he is pro-life but unlike most Republicans he is also against unlimited unauthorized by Congress wars. As for the conspiracy nut allegations he speaks against the Orwellian Super State and the North American Union. He's against national ID cards and Eastern European NATO expansion which could lead to World War III against Russia (nothing about NATO in Libya or Middle East countries). That's about it.

Several weeks ago I created a semi-fake Facebook account so I could join in with the tens of millions of other fake accounts and use it to make comments where FB is required. I posted this quick comment on Mark's site. So far no responses but at least it hasn't been deleted.

You make some good points but on the issues you've barely scratched the surface. Since the Democratic Party has disavowed you, there's no reason to hold back and we have some of what we call litmus tests that we would like you to address.

Defense spending, homeland security, state department manipulations, over 700 overseas bases and the related war machine spending by credible accounts take up over 60% of federal spending and are the real reasons for the deficits. What would you do about this?

Israel. We give them untold billions of dollars, fight wars for them, yet they are an apartheid illegal state loaded to the gills with nuclear weapons. Their lackeys AIPAC, ADL and SPLC and others manipulate Congress, the President and numerous state and local officials through bribery and blackmail putting the interests of Israel ahead of our own country. Your thoughts?

The private Federal Reserve and Wall Street and world central banks are a criminal syndicate responsible for the theft of trillions of dollars yet they are allowed to continue their destruction of the world economy unabated. Would you stand up to them?

9/11. A false flag that set the stage for all the mayhem we are now experiencing. Would you call for a new independent investigation with subpoena power and indictments and trials?

The war on drugs. Not just a social failure but considering elements of our own government and the CIA are major drug traffickers and enablers with big banks laundering the profits should demand an end to it now. States rights regarding medical marijuana and complete legalization are outside the jurisdiction of the feds. What do you say?

Single payer health care.

The disease of usury.

That's enough for now. We look forward to your responses and your debates with the neocon, warmonger corporate shill Corker.

Mark, take some real stands beyond what you already have ... or stand down.

I'm not promoting the boy and his dog but he did win the primary with no money and the SPLC and most of the media is against him so that's almost a good reason to vote for him. We'll keep an eye out for what he does. Heck, he may be a plant but we'll see. There's no chance Mark could win but at least maybe we can get a few laughs. In Tennessee politics, laughs are what it is all about.

“I’m saying this is the South. And we’re proud of our crazy people.
We don’t hide them up in the attic. We bring ‘em right down to the living room and show ‘em off.
See, Phyllis, no one in the South ever asks if you have crazy people in your family.
They just ask what side they’re on.” — Julia Sugarbaker


  1. Its pro-wrestling with the SPLC/ADL tools on one side and the controlled opposition like this "public advocate" group on the other. Still more divide and conquer. Fear the gays,fear the muslims, fear the whites, fear the blacks. As long as we all stay afraid they have us right where they want us. Hes a plant. He plays the divde and conquer game and he largely fails the litmus tests as far as I can tell.

  2. Politics : Many blood sucking parasites.

    Congress - Opposite of Progress. exactly does unnatural sexual behaviour, deviant behaviour - make someone

    ...on the upside at least the Synagogues and "Jewish Schuls" are well protected by "Taxpayer" {volunteers for freier status}... pretend "money", which oddly enough grants "Authority" to a "Religion" that is in open violation of the 9th Commandment...!!

    ...once in West Texas, where Perfect Strangers {neighbors} wave at you on the road, my Grandfather took me to a feedlot NW of see 30,000 head.

    He said "You'll probably never see this many cattle in one place, again"

    stay focused.


    1. I happen to think that the sight of you and your wife is an "unnatural and deviant" sight but I would never stop you and her from having sex or marrying. :-) But then I'm a mature adult so I could care less who other adults have sex with and marry(as long as its other consenting adults).

      Did you choose to be straight Davy? I didn't, it just kind of happened. Do you think gays choose to be gay? Come on man, grow up. Unless you are deeply religious and think its your duty to call gays "deviant" and stuff. In that case I have no argument that will ever sway you to a rational position.

    2. Whether by design or people just falling into a trap, as anon @ 6:49's a big 'divide and conquer game.' As I always say, while we're arguing among ourselves over such things, our pockets are being picked.

    3. No offense Kenny, but you kind of stumbled into it yourself with the -"when is enough enough?" line. Maybe when gays can see their signicant others in hospital rooms? Or when gays can get the same financial benefits that opposite sex couples get? Etc. etc. etc. Did you ask black people in the 50's and 60's "when is enough enough?". Im not comparing the 2 situations but both are essentially civil rights struggles. Gays dont want "special rights" they want equal rights.

    4. My words often fail me but the point I was after is that these civil rights or lack of them may eventually not mean a thing if the banker and war machine insanity is allowed to continue. Economic collapse and World War III will put all of our rights on the back burner.

    5. curiously as an avid reader of History, it would seem that the investigation into premeditated mass murder {300 million last century] would trump alleged behaviour between consenting sodomites in private...

      how is this irrational fixation on "deviant" sex remotely related to any logical assessment of what really buggers mankind ?

      very puzzling, yet it is a clear indication of orientation...remember how the old farts would complain about navel gazing....apparently some gaze lower...


  3. Early reports on the Sikh temple shooting at Oak Creek, Wis. are that it was 'domestic terrorism' and a 'hate crime' based on the dead gunman's tattoos. Here we go again.

    Another report is that the gunman lived on 'Holmes Ave.' hmmmm

    Multiple shooters? Several reports on this.

    Just another day at the office in false flag land?

    1. They are saying it was a white supremacist in his 40s. Seems like it could be a legit shooting but coming on the heels of the highly suspicious batman shooting I cant blame anyone for speculating on this one.

    2. The SPLC is all over a certain aspect of the 'shooter.' I won't link to them but here's another one that may be of interest.

  4. Maybe it's a new strategy. I was down at Dennis Kucinich's old hangout a few weeks back and one of his long-time supporters was telling me "They re-districted Dennis into Lake Erie in the hopes he gets the message. If he don't quit bitching about the wars, the next stop will be to Wellstone him."

    And then I thought, BANG. That's the new strategy: Run tons and tons of marginal people. Worse than Palin, worse than Pigasus. Even run Harold Stassen's goldfish. Sooner or later we'll have nothing but an avalanche of loonys and crackpots running in every election cycle.

    The strategy would be that when the stampede finally gets insane, we put Dennis back in. And any other normals left in other places. I mean what's left?

    1. And this is a 'new' strategy? Seems to me this has been going on for my 50+ years, at least.

    2. Franz, we've all mentioned it before. The threat of being Wellstoned is real. It keeps them in line, marginalized and afraid.

  5. reading that fb comment of yours made me sigh and think, thank god for the internet.

    people tend to be rather surprised up here when they hear I've never voted in any elections. I know a lot about politics, both national and EU, so I guess that's the reason for people's confusion over the matter. I don't remember who was the theorist or what was the branch of philosophy no more, but this view has stayed with me anyway since I was a teen - if you do not approve of a system, do not participate in it. I do not approve of our parliamentary system as it is now (there's very minor changes that could be done to change that, but I assume no-one here is that interested in finnish political system so I won't go into it), and on EU I don't think I need to elaborate...

    I have been telling people around here that they should step out of the false paradigm of thinking that they cannot have an effect on what happens around them. they can. I lately realized that the billions people pour to voluntary retirement funds all over the globe could literally turn the course of the world if people realized that if they controlled where their funds were invested they'd change the course of the markets. I find it appalling that mcd's has been one of the 'best investments' for years. if people were told they can effect the face of the world by where or what kind of industries to have their assets invested we'd see a change pretty quickly. atm there's no 'ethical funds' in f-land, but as far as I've googled they do exist in the big world (in oz there's plenty).

    I was writing an article in my local bar some days ago, and overheard one of the regulars, a woman in her sixties, at the counter saying that she would love to be able to control where her taxes went. I didn't say anything, but my wet dream for the past decade or so has been to have an online taxing system that would allow people to locate a certain percentage of their taxes as they wished. say, 30 percent should go to schooling, health-care and infrastructure, the remaining 70 one could 'invest' freely.

    personal banking has moved online in f-land in the past decade, and many social services requiring good security. yet, we've been fed propaganda about voting online. on the other side of gulf of f-land, estonians are ahead of us with this:

    1. I understand not voting. But I vote third party. I feel like this is a better message to send to the establishment class than not voting at all. They expect apathy and by not voting that is how they'll take it. Even if you think the Libertarian and Green parties are phony or whatever I still feel we should vote for one of them and reject the 2 parties every chance we get.

    2. Hey P2P, here in the states there are many credible examples of electronic voting machine fraud so for us to think that online voting could not be rigged is just a dream. It would take honesty across the board and we're far from there. A poll on the local newspaper site this past week asking who would be in favor of secure online voting was almost 2 to 1 in favor of it. Many people still have 'faith.'

      anon, of all the national elections I've voted in only twice have I went for a 2 party candidate so I'm with you on that. I'm in favor of the adding the 'none of the above' category. I think that would get a lot of votes.

    3. yes, donald duck, batman and lately anders behring breivik keep scoring in our elections, too (in the presidential elections early this year there was about 10 000 'disqualified' votes from an electorate of 4 million). apparently most western 'democracies' have a minimum percentage of participation from the electorate to be legit, in f-land we have no such thing...

  6. Kenny,

    As you know, I am a Tennessean. When I saw this nut, I felt like it was just another idiot who saw an opening to get 15 minutes of fame. He certainly doesn't "do anything for me". Sure, he has a couple of points, that in a sane world should go without saying. In this crazy land, we are given people to choose from with some of the weirdest, off the table beliefs. It is as if they are filling the sElections with fools and maniacs.
    On the other hand, Corker is a mealy mouthed, banker-enhanced, bought and paid for shill that should never again win an election.
    Of course this means he will definitely win re-election. Because Tennesseans love mealy mouthed, banker-enhanced, bought and paid for shills.

    1. I hear you. As of this moment, politically, our state is a lost cause.

  7. FYI-this site is still running really slowly for me. I'll be typing and mid-comment it just freezes for a minute or 2. Been doing this for 2 days now. Anyone else?

    1. I'm not seeing it from my end so I have no idea what the problem may be. Thanks for trying.

  8. As widely assumed, Ron Paul has NOT been invited to speak at the Republican convention. Plenty of zionist stooges will be there though. Will Ron Paul FINALLY give a big FUCK YOU to the establishment Republicans and Mitt Romney? He damn sure better if he wants to salvage any credibility. With his foreign policy team of Dan Senor,Dov Zakheim,Jon Bolton and other criminal psychopaths Ron Paul needs to forcefully and publically reject Mitt Romney.

    1. Can't have anyone out of tune with the beat of the war drums.

      I have a feeling Ron will stay silent on Romney.

    2. I have the same feeling as well Kenny. Or at least mostly silent, maybe with a half hearted nod to the anti-war crowd with a non-endorsement but no outright repudiation of Romney Inc.