Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I Don't Think Hank Would Have Done It This Way

Hank Williams Jr. is really not worth talking about but we'll try and make some small point.

Freedom of speech is great. No matter how dumb, grab a pulpit and shout it out.

Jr. was in Iowa the other day...

Following the song “We Don’t Apologize For America” a chant of “USA, USA” broke out amongst the crowd. Williams smiled, telling the crowd that he was their mouth piece and adding:

“We’ve got a Muslim president who hates farming, hates the military, hates the US and we hate him!”

The cheers that followed were loud and enthusiastic.

Now most of us don't like Barry. We also don't like Romney and his little twinkie Paul Ryan. We certainly didn't like Bush and Cheney. Heck, the last politician we even tried to like was Jimmy Carter but he was in over his head and that didn't turn out very well. We tend to be an equal opportunity disliker, unlike Jr. who seems to think that if there's an R after the name then they must be all giddy for God and country...and war.

What's the deal here Jr? You and Barry actually seem to have a lot in common. Both of you don't appear to mind if the military kills off a bunch of Muslims, protects opium crops, destroys countries in the Middle East, sucks up to Israel and gives bankers a free rein to steal. Just like your hero GW did, not much difference there. I guess Barry's just not progressing fast enough in the killing for you. I'd say you want any attack on Syria and Iran to be delayed until after your Mitt takes office so he can take all the credit...and you too can take a bow as a mouth piece.

Rumors in my head say that you want to kick off Mitt's inauguration with a rousing "Are You Ready For Some Genocide!"

Maybe I shouldn't be so hard on you Jr. After all, the accident back in '75 that left your frontal lobes damaged and all the years of drug and alcohol abuse may have taken its toll and you just can't help yourself. Plus all the repetitive rhetoric whispered  in your ear from your buddies Shawn Hannity, Glenn Beck and Mike Huckabee about Muslims did 9/11 and we've got to get 'em over there before they do it again was just too hard to overcome.

Country music has long been a tool for the neocons. Drinking and carousing, support the vets, that's all you need. No songs of peace allowed. No speaking out against war even if you apologize. Just ask the Dixie Chicks. Rejecting the two party system of fraud in song? Why, that would be downright un-American.

I don't know what Jr's daddy would have said about all this. He didn't live very long. At times he did have some good lyrics though. Jr. must have forgotten this one.
A tongue can accuse and carry bad news  
The seeds of distrust it will sow  
But unless you've made no mistakes in your life  
Be careful of stones that you throw

Yeah, we've thrown a few stones here today but Hank Sr. was talking about our neighbors not the 'stars,' politicians and  the whores of money and war who make such easy targets. With them it is always open season.


  1. YEEEEEHAAAWWWW! Fight them over there is right brother! I dont care if Obama has droned to death more Muslims in 4 years than Bush did in 8, hes a damn muslim and his skin is brown like them, and hes a damned socialist! Shit a mighty dang this nagger has to go! I mean...this marxist liberal trotsky commie has gotta go! Yeah, thats it...

  2. Last October, country singer Hank Williams Jr. made a comparison between President Obama and Hitler. Last week, at the Iowa State Fair, he reportedly said that the president is Muslim.

    Obama - Hitler - Muslims. What do Hitler and Muslims have in common? They are both enemies of the Jewish Organized Crime Cult that passes itself off as a religion.

    Why is Obama placed in there? Because your Federal Elections are nothing but a circus. You have been given two choices. Jew-Puppet Obama or Jew-Puppet Romney.

    How many blacks do you think won’t vote for Obama? 2 % maybe? 98 % or more will vote for Obama, not just because he’s black. No. Because of his positions. Yeah, that’s the reason…

    How many Whites will vote for Obama? Certainly fewer than did previously who were “proving they weren’t racists”. LOL

    This crap by Hank Williams Jr. is all part of the stupid buildup to a giant non-event. Think of the election as a big WWF showdown featuring the pre-planned winner and loser.

    That is all this is. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Please tell me - which candidate is going to end the practice of charging interest for the use of money? Which candidate will take money creation out of the hands of the private Jewish corporations?

    Right. Neither one. That’s because your President doesn’t really have any power. They used as a prop by your shadow Jewish government. That’s all.

    1. Holy f'ing crap, you "Friend" trolls just wont stop will you? You get your $$$ for another Hitler mention. Yay for you. Pathetic. Who do you work for troll? That JDL/John Friend psy op is hilariously transparent. Perhaps you work for them. Speaking of which I already called that whole fiasco a WWE wrestling match. At least get an original line you hack.

    2. How many Presidents prior to Obama were not white males? And was it white people who always had the right to vote or was that black people? Neither is relevant though right you stupid ass toothless backwoods troll? Facts and history are never relevant to lemmings like you though. I hate Obama because of his handlers policies and the fact that hes willing to be the latest puppet. You hate him for something less. Divide and conquer? Check. Hitler name drop? Check. Go get your paycheck little guy.

    3. No, only white folks should be allowed right friend? Cause you're a fascist dick licking closet case jew on the take who gets paid to troll and "express himself" on politically effective blogs like this one. Go insert another ADL cock in your mouth while you recite your vile talking points you piece of shit.

    4. Who do you work for troll?
      oye yoy yoy, why are calling my lil bupkes bubbala John Friend a troll? He works for me, whenever uncle netanyahu isn't around, he keeps my bed warm.

  3. Yo Dog…I gots my Obama money. Dat all I b needin dog. Get yo ebt cuz its free. Im voten Obama.

    1. Feel better now Friend?

    2. Now thats comedy a thinkin man like me can git behind! "Dog" LOL! Awesome stuff man. You shold write my speaches.

    3. Can't spell, huh?

      Idiot. How much money is left on your ebt?


    4. My daddy aint teech me to spell and neither did the pubblic scool system! I know you only think blacks cant spell but I live in Tensseseee. or actually I think its Texas now, er cant rememer. I love "black" comedy though! It makes us white boys feel sooooooo much better bout our miserable selfs! Yeehaw!

  4. You fucking racists just don't want to see a person of color in the white house.

    You're just racists.

    I hope they keep affirmative action going because you racists are just trying to keep the black man down.

    You racists need to be paying for my 9 kids. Who's going to pay for all these kids? Huh?

    It's your fault I'm like this.

    It ain't my fault that I act this way. It's your fault you racists.


    I don't care if Obama is a muslim. So what? He's going to keep giving me free shit.

    That's america.

    1. Waaaaaahhhh! You cry too much troll.

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Seriously, you add nothing. If you were even remotely funny maybe it would be worthwhile but come on. Its just sad.

    2. http://timster-howdarei.blogspot.com/2012/08/never-so-proud.html?showComment=1345565780114#c4702834122822111262

  6. LOL: the comments are hilarious. Kenny, the trolls seem to rule your comment section.

    As for Jr. I call 'em Richard Noggin'.

    1. Since you've fallen for the hook, line and sinker of your beloved boy wonder JF, no wonder why we appear as "trolls" in your mind.

  7. Hank Jr is an idiot, his daddy was a genius, it would have been better the world if Hank Sr lived to be 100 and Hank jr drank him self to death at the age of 30.



    Aysha Ring was a beautiful young white woman who was murdered one year ago this month in Baltimore, MD.

    After this happened, the following posts were made regarding this heinous crime.

    A negro named "Mikey" sought to make a moral comparison between a police shooting in Oakland, CA and the heinous Aysha Ring murder.

    Below is a discussion of those events.

    Hi Mikey,

    To provide a context for other potential readers, please find below a copy of one of my posts and your corresponding responsive post.

    My Post:
    Hope all had a good Christmas - unfortunately, Not for a 24 year old White woman in Baltimore. When waiting at the cash register to make a purchase a black male came up and grabbed her from behind - and then brutally cut her throat with a knife. The assailant cut her throat down to her spinal cord severing her major arteries. 15 Blacks in store left. Didnt try to help or talk to cops. Nice. Google Woman Stabbed to Death at Liquor Store Aysha Ring MSM IGNORES STORY

    Your Post:
    hope you all had a good new year - unfortunately, not for Oscar Grant III, a male who was lying face down on the floor co-operating with a policeman & the policeman took it upon himself to shoot him dead. policemen are supposed to protect not kill.
    i miight start hating & abusing every White policeman i see from now on.... or then again i might just think, i cant hate all White policemen for what one officer did, that would be just plain pathetic!


    You had mentioned that you didn’t know anything about Oscar Grant – but that you had “just googled it to make a point”. I think your point is that you can’t judge an entire group from the actions of one.

    You wound up making an entirely different point though – one perhaps unintended. Read on and I will tell you what point you actually made.

    My post was intended to illustrate that the mainstream media is racially selective in its reporting. Often deciding not to report on even particularly heinous racially motivated crimes committed by Blacks against Whites. And to make people aware one specific racially motivated brutal murder of a White woman by a black man that she did not even know.

    My post was also intended to communicate to readers that in media “Perception equals Reality”. Media editors decide content and content influences perception. Using a simple mathematics analogy, the question arises as to whether media editors are intentionally manipulating the “perception” side of the equation to influence your reality.

    Of course they are.

    An interesting paradox concerns the massive reporting that plane crashes receive. Plane crashes are statistically extremely rare, but practically everyone is made aware anytime one happens - national headlines abound. Auto accidents are relatively commonplace and do not receive much national media attention, if any. Perhaps the fact that Blacks commit terrible crimes against Whites is just so commonplace that it just isn’t worthy of a national headline. But Whites committing terrible crimes against Blacks (such as was alleged in the infamous Duke Rape Case) are so rare they are essentially over-reported and easily make national headlines? Google “Duke Rape Case” unless you are already familiar.

    White Guilt Propaganda & The Culture of Blame
    Some say that there is an intentional White Guilt Propaganda campaign raging in our mainstream national media. Guilt has certainly been used as a political weapon of mass destruction before and was used to “de-Nazify” post war Germany.

    Many people have a gut reaction to the "Holocaust". That word alone evokes guilt, righteous indignation and pity. It was designed to evoke guilt from Germans, righteous indignation from Jews and pity from everyone else.

    Now just replace the word "Holocaust" with "Slavery and "Racism". This is the primary tactic used by civil rights activists in the US.

  9. Bystander Effect – or Justice Served?
    There may be no legal duty to help someone who is struggling to live as a result of an underserved attack – but there is a moral duty to help. A moral duty that a random group of 15 black people collectively avoided. Was this just a case of “Bystander Effect”? (Google “Bystander Effect” for more info)

    Bystander Effect is a social psychological phenomenon in which any specific individual is less likely to offer help in an emergency situation when other people are present. There are two important components to Bystander Effect. One is a sense of diffusion of responsibility and the other is the need to behave in correct and socially acceptable ways. Certainly, diffusion of responsibility may account for the collective sense of shock and resultant lack of help. But what about behaving in a socially acceptable way? Why was it apparently “socially acceptable” for a group of Blacks to leave a White woman with a terrible neck wound? That group of Blacks did two things. They collectively withheld help to a desperate White victim and they all left the scene. Why did they all apparently feel that is was “socially acceptable” to leave the scene before help arrived?

    As this White woman undoubtedly clutched her neck in agony as torrents of blood spilled to the floor, was there a collective sense that justice for Blacks was somehow being served? If so, the scope of the problem evidenced here is almost unimaginable. A problem so vast and so deep that it may well be irreparable.

    None of the black patrons tried to help the White woman. Some even stepped over the woman as she bled from her neck arteries as she was dying. The woman was likely conscious for a while as it takes some time to die that way. Conscious, as black people from the very community where she worked, and whose people she worked to help through her job at a school devoted to inner-city Catholic education…stepped over and around her and just let her die.

    Maybe she would have died anyway due to the severity of her wounds. But someone could have at least tried to pinch off her arteries with their fingers to try to stop the bleeding as much as they could. Failing that, someone could have at least tried to apply external pressure to the wound. Failing that, someone could have at least stuck around to provide moral support to the victim. Failing that, someone could have at least waited around for the police and ambulance to arrive.

    Nobody did.

    I suspect that if there were at least a few White patrons present…someone would have tried at least ONE of those things - no matter the race of the victim.

    I was not judging an entire group from the actions of one individual. I was making an observation of the actions of an entire group. It just so happens that one defining characteristic of that group was their race.

  10. Black people are promoters of what can only be called the Culture of Blame. They, along with sympathetic kool-aid drinking Whites blame Black failures on Whites, on Hispanics, on Koreans…on anyone and everyone but themselves. My message to Blacks is that they need to embrace the concept of personal responsibility. They need to realize that their reality and fate has everything to do with their own choices and their own actions.

    The bitter irony is that the only reason why the White woman Aysha Ring was in that black community in the first place was because she worked at a school whose sole reason for being - was to help the people of that community.

    In my opinion, the moral of the story to White people is – don’t bother even trying to help Blacks. Don’t buy into the whole White Guilt Propaganda campaign. It exists only to separate you from your valuables, and may even cost you your life. Realize that Blacks have been playing Whites for fools. And that the black Culture of Blame has created a massive and unearned income stream for Blacks, at the expense of Whites. If you try to help Blacks, you only place yourself at risk. Blacks don’t deserve your help, they need to help themselves. Many of them actually they hate you even though they don’t know you and you never did anything to them. Some will intentionally physically harm just because you a White, and don’t count on black bystanders to lift a finger to help you if you are in need.

    1. Meanwhile all you can do is blame blacks. Hypocritical jewish tool.

  11. The message to White police officers (and all police officers) is to do everything possible to avoid accidentally discharging your weapon. Google “Accidental discharge Sig Pistol” and see what you find. The message to all young people who encounter the police is to simply comply with police instructions and avoid at all costs escalating a confrontation.

    The unintentional point you made was that perhaps Aysha Ring and Oscar Grant are indeed good examples of the nature of violence between White people and black people in America.

    In one case we have a White woman who was working to help black people who was intentionally killed by one of the very people she was trying to help. And in the other case, we have a black person who was (probably) accidentally killed by a White police officer who was responding to a 911 emergency.

    1. OK, you got your story in with this cut and paste. It's not like we're not aware of these situations. The jewish media agenda, lack of responsibility, etc. etc. But if you want to discuss this, isn't incogman the place?

  12. Well, it didn't take for this one to get totally fucking out of control.

    Since when did this blog become a forum for the big white vs. black divide and conquer scam? Since the door was left wide open I guess. Hasbara or just racists? It's hard to tell. Probably both.

    Looks like it's time to start deleting the most pathetic ones that have no sense of humor or are so far off topic to be meaningless. I don't call it censorship. I call it being civil. If you don't like I'm sure you'll let me know.

    1. Hear Hear Kenny...you gave these hasbara agents the space to prove their BAD FAITH

      Michael Hoffman elaborates on the parasitical "Smart-ass" so-called nature of the WORMS...


      ...just the facts
      twisted & disgusting hardly describes JEW TROLLS

      Always the Talmudic double standard.

      In the name of democracy, tolerance and liberty for all, we are ruled by the BAD FAITH...."spirit" of the Talmud.

      you have in GOOD FAITH let them show their "Stuff"....delete the obnoxious

      Thanks for being the one with the gumption to allow the OBVIOUS to be presented,

      As far as HANK goes, and Randy, too - How sad the "NARRATIVE" of the BAD FAITH PARASITES has to be promoted by the dullards like Huckabee and J. Voight....

      ....the Zakheim TRILLIONS pay for habara trolls...


      these worms HATE TRUTH & JUSTICE....


    2. Since John Friend(Prothink) and his troll brigade decided to make it so.

    3. Thanks Davy, I don't like playing whack-a-mole but sometimes it's necessary.

      anon, seems like it.

    4. Thanks, Kenny. United We Stand, Divided We Fall. This isn't about Black vs. White, or Jew vs. Goy, or Democrat vs. Republican. It's about human decency vs. self-serving depravity. You're one of the good guys in my book. Don't let a bunch of disinfo guys turn your blog into a toilet.

    5. Thanks Jody, your words mean a lot to me.

  13. Kenny, Dr. Monkey Spankenstein is in the house and pounding wildly. Please shunt him off to a quiet corner where he can concentrate on his issue. thanks.

    Any of you heard an internet radio program by a Mark Glen called The Ugly Truth?
    • Mark Glen is on the right track with respect to the Jewish problem.

    The only place he derails is in his assertion that somehow all White people have to do is go forth and explain to the blacks and mestizos the nature of the Jewish problem - and that they will miraculously understand and be on our side.

    What Glen does not seem to understand is that both blacks and mestizos benefit from the current system. The like the unfair advantages. They like the free stuff. They like the “special rights”. They like the EBT cards. The leadership in both the black community and in the mestizo community are in the pocket of the Jews.

    Glen needs to come to terms with the fact that those groups are not full of “noble people of color” as depicted in Hollywood films. Their reality is quite different than that - and they tend to hate White people.

    I am not sure exactly why Glen insists on his patently unworkable strategy. Perhaps it has something to do with Canada and their crazy tolerance laws. Perhaps Glen just doesn’t have enough life experience and has live in areas that are simply too White.

    The other big issue that Glen & Co. bring to the table is an overt hostility towards what he calls “Neo-Nazis” who are “Racists” and “want to isolate themselves from the rest of the world”. That stance seems awfully Jewish to me. Very, very Jewish. Glen misrepresents people who want to preserve their way of life and cultural environment. Why he does this is not clear.

    Maybe Mark Glen is romantically involved with a black person or something. I don’t know. But what I do know is that he is a poor strategist and is embracing an ideal that does not exist.

    We need separation from the various communities that seek to harm us. It just so happens that those communities are not White. When I think of Mark Glen - the work "Smarmy" comes to mind.

    His Canadian friend on his show likes to promote himself as a superior intellect.


    Their show needs to go.

  15. White people want economic freedom to be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor and exercise self determination. White people create, invent, innovate.

    Not every "culture" does that.

    In fact, certain "cultures" intentionally latch on to White society so they can act as a parasite. It's provides a better existence than what they can provide on their own.

    As their numbers increase, the weight of their impact increases and bogs the system down.

    Maybe Mark Glen should move to Africa or Haiti and help his brethren there. No need to listen to his spew downing white people who simply want to live in a prosperous environment and maintain their culture.

    Mark Glen also lied about Hitler. He falsely stated that Hitler "reached out" to "other races" hinting that Hitler wanted to create a "Multi-Cultural" "Rainbow" Germany.

    That is a complete lie. It is an intentional misrepresentation of fact.

    Hitler was fine with trading with other cultures, other nations - but they needed to stay in their own lands.

    Mark Glen somehow got confused on that MAJOR point.

    Not too sure about MG's show. Who's funding that again?

    Mark Glen… Mark…. Isn’t there a certain group that likes to choose names that are verbs? Like “Rob”…?
    Well, anyway – not everyone is buying the MG version of utopia. It’s foolish to think we can turn the blacks and mestizos against the Jew.
    Very few blacks and mestizos that work for a living would understand the Jewish problem – or accept that it was factual.
    The majority of non-whites are lovin’ that free ride and if the jew.gov isn’t giving them enough they’ll just take what they want from us.
    An alliance with non-whites against the jew is a pipe dream.
    Why does MG push that tripe?
    ALSO, what does MG misrepresent what he calls “Neo-Nazis”? is he talking about the “Frank Colin” type of “Neo-Nazi”? If he is – that’s because Franks real name was “Cohen” and was a Jewish plant created to shame Whites by intentionally distorting the position of White people who want to live in a safe environment and maintain their culture.
    OH AND ONE MORE THING…..MG said on his show that Adolf Hilter “reached out” to “other races” – making a specific point to contrast MG’s version of Hitler with MG’s version of “Neo-Nazi’s” who he says “want to isolate themselves from the rest of the world”.
    Mark Glen, Adolf Hitler did not want an influx of other races polluting Germany.
    Mark Glen, Adolf Hitler had no problem with other races inhabiting their own lands.
    That was Adolf Hitler’s position on that issue – and you chose to intentionally distort is just as you have distorted your straw man “Neo-Nazis”.
    I’m looking at the overall situation here and I’m asking a question.
    Is MG another Frank Colin?

    1. Dear shmegege,

      Why don't you checkout my niece Sarah Silverman, you'll find her very sexy. She thinks just like you, whenever she isn't even thinking! Unless if you're into "toddlers and Tiaras" that's a different matzo game.

    2. I am suspicious of Mark Glenn for various reasons but I'm even more suspicious of a race obsessed troll like you. Back to Friends asshole.

  16. URRRRGH! Even Snippits and Snappits has fallen for this "Stop White Genocide, whites will drop to drop to 8% worldwide by 2060 if multiculturalism continue" fear mongering.

    Really Noor? Don't think so. As long as there are shows like The Bates family (with 20 kids), sister wives, here comes little boo boo and 19 Kids & Counting are around, white people aren't on the verge of extinction.

    Don't try to play it nice by stating that you have a multiracial family. Let's face it, deep down you were an ugly racist & equally homophobic. Embrace your racist self. Even dead racist Curt Maynard was married to a Mexican woman. Noor means light in Arabic, but your light radiate intense hate like your Jewish counterparts, those you pretend to hate so much. May be you should join hands with them.

    Thanks to the poster who wrote back to her:

    "Dont worry "Noor", as long as you and other whites refuse to have sex with non-whites our race will survive. You're being used by pushing this divide and conquer racial crap. I thought you were better than this. Guess I was wrong. You racist whites play the victim almost as well as the racist jews do."

    1. Almost like its some sort of campaign how so many are "falling" lately huh? Big things are in the works. Iran war. Another Israeli false flag. I keep hearing about chemical weapons. All of these shady "lone gunman" shootings. Who knows whats next. One thing is for sure though, no media outlet is too small to try and control, even the blogosphere. When the shit hits the fan they'll want to control the message. Completely. That includes making any potential opposition look like fools and bigots and lunatics.

    2. False flag scenarios are being continually set up.


    3. I noticed that Kenny. What exactly is that "businessinsider" site? Ive seen them post blatant propaganda before, but Ive also seen them post some truths not read in most papers. Wonder whose behind it.

      But yes, the groundwork is being laid for a false flag followed by war. Who knows if it will be before or after the elction(Im thinking after). It will negatively affect all of us regardless of race or religion though. These are the types of things we should be focused on, as you said.

    4. I don't know anything about it but any good propaganda outlet will always throw some truth in the mix.

      I'm going to go with you that if something major happens it will be after the election.

  17. What's that one song by Junior?

    "I don't think Hank would of done it this way"

    1. Actually it was Waylon Jennings. There's a link to a version at the last word of the post.

  18. Hitler.

    Like the sign of the cross to Dracula.
    Draws 'em out every time. Too funny.

  19. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Thanks for the input ADL soldier. You're extremely helpful. To the zionist cause.

    2. Anon@12:51=wife cheated on him with a black guy.

      Explains a lot.

  20. Kenny,your not hard on Hank.


    I am,here's how.


    Hank is the vintage Man's Man,King of the Rednecks.

    Since your such a Badass?


    Your born on May 26 1949 which you've meant that Vietnam was fought when you were 18

    That would make it your time to serve.

    Hey Hank,Why didn't you sign up and serve in the military and fight for your country???

    Since you say Obama is a Muslim President and "We Don't Apologize for America"


    During Vietnam there's no record for service.

    Which means right on cue with your Neo-Con buddies like Ted Nugent,Dick Cheney,George"Dubya"Bush you yourself avoided serving your country like the plague.

    Which your statements make you a:


    1. The draft lottery was not until 1969 so he had a couple of years to get drafted even if he had a high number for those born between 1944 and 1950. There's no mention anywhere that he went to college to get a deferment or that he was 4-F. He was working in the music industry then so his handlers may have had some influence in keeping him out.

      I can't recall any common kid I knew who before the lottery or didn't have a college deferment or was 4-F who didn't get drafted or join voluntarily. An old friend, in I think '69, came home from his college graduation and found a draft notice in his mailbox. For those without money and pull it was difficult to not be forced to go.

      Chickenhawk indeed!

    2. Like Bush his father pulled some strings for the little coward hypocrite. Both were powerful in their own ways. Not to compare them beyond that. H.W. is evil personified.

    3. Oops, I just realized it looks like I'm calling Hank Williams evil. I meant George H.W. Bush, not H.W. for Hank.

    4. chickencrooners would apply to many current tough singing country wailers who do their fighting in studios behind mikes or from pool side with beers in red solo cups.

      or on stage in their BDUs, ie, tight jeans.

  21. I noticed that many people have commented on the murder of my daughter Aysha ( pronounced Asia ) Ring. Aysha and her brother grew up and went to school on a military base, where if you are white, you are the minority. I was always thankful for this because they grew up to judge a person on their character, not the shade of their skin. Although Aysha was not Catholic, she worked at Cristo Rey Jesiut High School in Baltimore. She loved working with the kids. One of Aysha's greatest attributes was her tremendous capacity to empathize. She would cry when she knew some of their backgrounds.... perhaps things they endured or their home situation. The school provides opportunity, where there is none, for a young person of any shade of skin. I was not angry that Aysha's murderer was black, but that they found him not criminally responsible because he didn't know right from wrong... yet he knew to get rid of the weapon, put the clothes he was wearing into the washer, and take off... and many other things. And I never blamed God. The thing that most strikes me about all the views is that Aysha would have embraced everyone of you. Diane