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The Judaic Mormon

The Salt Lake Assembly Hall cruciform layout is complemented by Stars of David circumscribed high above each entrance. These symbolize an LDS perception that they are a re-gathering of Biblical Tribes of Israel. 

In order to understand Mitt Romney's love of Israel, money and power, it may help to look into the historical relationship between Jews and Mormons.

Joseph Smith and Kabbalah: The Occult Connection {PDF}
Through his associations with ceremonial magic as a young treasure seer, Smith contacted symbols and lore taken directly from Kabbalah. In his prophetic translation of sacred writ, his hermeneutic method was in nature Kabbalistic. With his initiation into Masonry, he entered a tradition born of the Hermetic-Kabbalistic tradition. These associations culminated in Nauvoo, the period of his most important doctrinal and ritual innovations. During these last years, he enjoyed friendship with a European Jew well-versed in the standard Kabbalistic works and possibly possessing in Nauvoo an extraordinary collection of Kabbalistic books and manuscripts. By 1844 Smith not only was cognizant of Kabbalah, but enlisted theosophic concepts taken directly from its principal text in his most important doctrinal sermon, the "King Follett Discourse."

Smith's concepts of God's plurality, his vision of God as anthropos, and his possession by the issue of sacred marriage, all might have been cross-fertilized by this intercourse with Kabbalistic theosophy--an occult relationship climaxing in Nauvoo. This is a complex thesis; its understanding requires exploration of an occult religious tradition spanning more that a millennium of Western history, an investigation that begins naturally with Kabbalah. 

Mormons and Jews {PDF}
Over a century before other churches began to rethink traditional Christian (mis-) understandings of Jews and Judaism, LDS leaders not only saw Judaism in a positive light, they even sent a mission to Palestine to bless the land that it might receive the Jewish people back.

The Book of Mormon {PDF}

Joseph Smith in his Book of Mormon had plenty to say about Jews, not all of it favorable, but did speak of the restoration of Israel which could explain much of the Mormon support for the illicit state.
And it came to pass that I, Nephi, spake much unto them concerning these things; yea, I spake unto them concerning the restoration of the Jews in the latter days.

And I did rehearse unto them the words of Isaiah, who spake concerning the restoration of the Jews, or of the house of Israel; and after they were restored they should no more be confounded, neither should they be scattered again.

Zionists and Mormon politicians have a long history of working together and pushing propaganda and myths.
U.S. voters should recall a time when Mormons saved Jewish lives 
The best known and most influential Mormons in the United States during the 1930s and 1940s were Senators William King and Elbert Thomas, both Democrats from Utah. Both men were fervent Christian Zionists.

Thomas had visited Jerusalem in 1912. According to his diary, he sat on the Mount of Olives and read from the writings of early Mormon leader Orson Hyde about the Jews: "Consecrate this land for the gathering together of Judah's scattered remnants, for the building up of Jerusalem again after it has been trodden down by the Gentiles so long. Restore the kingdom unto Israel, raise up Jerusalem as its capitol."
King, for his part, was one of the founding members of the American Palestine Committee, an organization set up in the 1930s to rally Christian support for Jewish statehood. 
Sen. Thomas developed close ties to Benzion Netanyahu, who in those days was director of the Revisionist Zionists' American division.

 Benzion Netanyahu's relationship with one of the most influential Mormons in America in those days is particularly interesting in view of this week's New York Times report about Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's previously unknown, longtime personal friendship with Mitt Romney, dating back to their work together at the Boston Consulting Group in the 1970s.

Highlights in Jewish - LDS History

 David Ben Gurion: "You know, there are no people in the world who understand the Jews like the Mormons."

Ben Gurion was the first president of Israel when it became a nation in 1948.

Strange Mormon cult practices even has a major fraud denouncing them.
Wiesel to Romney: Tell Mormons to stop baptizing dead Jews

Prominent Holocau$t survivor Elie Wiesel has called on Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney to “speak to his own church” and ask them to stop performing posthumous proxy baptisms on Jews.

In the practice, known as "baptism for the dead," living people stand in for the deceased to offer that person a chance to join the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the afterlife, according to an account in the Tribune. Mormons believe it is their moral obligation to do the temple rituals, while those on the other side can choose whether to accept the action or not.

Juvenile Instructor Vol. 27, page 344 Bathsheba W. Smith, born May 3, 1822 , wife of President George A. Smith in her " Recollections of the Prophet Joseph Smith", published in the Juvenile Instructor for June 1,1892 is the following: I heard him say "Peradventure, the Ten Tribes were not on this globe, but a portion of this earth cleaved off with them, went flying into space, and when the earth reels to and fro like a drunken man, and the stars from heaven fall, it would join on again.’"

Journal of Discourses, Volume 7, pages 285-286, by Brigham Young, "It is no more difficult to transfer the Ten Tribes from this earth to another planet, than it is to take the city of Enoch from this earth, or bring Adam and Eve from another planet."

Millennial Star, Volume 28, pages 417-419, Orson Pratt, " The prophet Mormon, the father of Moroni, had been trusted with all sacred records of his forefathers, engraved on metallic plates. New plates were made by Mormon, on which he wrote, from the more ancient books, an abridged history of the nation, incorporating therewith many revelations, prophecies, the Gospel, etc.. These new plates were given to Moroni on which to finish the history. All of the ancient plates Mormon deposited in Cumorah, about three hundred and eighty four years after Christ. When Moroni, about thirty six years after, made the deposit of the book entrusted to him, he was, without a doubt, inspired to select a department of the hill separate from the numerous volumes hid up by his father. The particular place on the hill, where Moroni secreted his book, was revealed by the angel Moroni to the Prophet Joseph Smith, to whom the volume was delivered in September, A.D. 1827. But the grand depository of all of the numerous records of the ancient nations of the western continent was located in another department of the hill, and its contents under the charge of Holy Angels, until the day should come for them to be transferred to the sacred temple of Zion."

[The North Pole is] “containing thousands of millions of Israelites.”

-    W.W. Phelps, “Letter No. 11,” Latter-day Saints’ Messenger & Advocate, October 1835, v. 2, no. 1, p. 194

One of the most startling of Joseph Smith's "revelations" concerned the moon and its inhabitants. He even took the liberty of describing the moon-dwellers and their dress! He stated: "The inhabitants of the moon are more of a uniform size than the inhabitants of the earth, being about six feet in height. They dress very much like the Quaker style and are quite general in style, or the fashion of dress They live to be very old; coming generally near a thousand years." (From the Journal of Oliver B. Huntington, a devout Mormon contemporary of Joseph Smith. Copy at Utah State Historical Society, Vol. 2, pg. 166. Also found in The Henry E. Huntington Library, Pasadena, California).

 Joseph Smith's Receipt of the Plates and the Israelite Feast of Trumpets

Joseph Smith in the Book of Mormon

Joseph Smith as a Student of Hebrew (PDF) 

Mormons and Freemasonry

Comparisons between Mormons and Jews
 Both have been spoken of (seriously and devotedly by members and mockingly by detractors) as a "chosen people."

That's just a start. There's much more if one cares to delve into it.

Does Mitt Romney actually 'believe' all of this Mormon doctrine? Or even some of it? He doesn't talk about it and wants us to think he will be a 'secular' president. A Judaic Mormon president is a scary thought. So is four more years of Obama.


  1. If Obama or Romney get in as president the US is finished,
    Vote Libertine, vote Ron Paul, to end the wars, end the Fed and end the zionist domination of everything American.

  2. "A Jewish neocon trying to sell a Zionist Plan for the Middle East to a group of American paleocons might have a difficult time explaining how the Plan to build a Jewish Empire could possibly be in the interests of the United States. The promise that the Plan will create a standing army of disaffected and not very smart radical Sunni terrorists who could then be tricked to be deployed against the traditional paleocon enemies of China and Russia would be an excellent selling point. You can see why the Chinese and Russians might want to put a stop to this."

  3. Wagging the Martian-Doggie

    I agree with Northern Truth Seeker.

    Why do we have M.Rivero (who admittedly worked on special effects cinematography for NASA) shilling for another space fakery?

    Why doesn't he stop lying? It makes all his professed investigative rapporting at WRH suspect. When you know someone is lying, how can you trust anything else they say?

    Why is the truth so bloody hard for anyone in media (corporate or alternative) to stick too.

    Lying is destructive to everything and everyone.

  4. actually the words "JEW" and "ISRAEL" are antonyms...mutually exclusive as so-called "Jews" cannot be Israelites...

    The Talmud and hating Jesus makes a "Jew" a Jewish....90% of so-called "Jews" are descendents of Khazar [Japhetic] ASHKENAZIM Talmudic Terrorist Psychophants calling themselves "Jews" ...

    Notwithstanding the facts...

    ever wonder about all the freemasonry symbols and 2B1 ASK1...
    ...cornerstones of demonocracy....

    or why can't the "Jewish" media tell the Truth...?

    or why 19 Arabs were able to convince the JEWISH terrorists to print currency...OWN the "Central BANKS"....OWN the MEDIA and run a Kosher Brothel in Sodomite city...Washington D.C......called CONgress...,7340,L-3083,00.html

    GOG & MAGOG Synagogue of SATAN "JEWISH" Media TERRORISTS Promote Permanent JEWISH CONTRIVED Wars.....remeber "JERICHO"....?
    By the by....

    WHO pays the scriptwriters...?

    Real reporters report issues responsibly.

    Regurgitating official JEWISH lies legitimizes attacking one nonbelligerent nation after another. IRResponsible parties share guilt with JEW TERRORIST war planners.

    Perhaps JEW BANKER CONTRIVED mass slaughter and destruction energize the stool sculpture deity cult so-called "JEWS" who also own the Abortion clinics...and the meat packing plants...OINK OINK.... They're paid to lie. They support Synagogue of Satan "JEWISH"... war lords.

    Truth and full disclosure are not allowed in the Jesus hating cult of dungdoodling terrorists and is verboten. They willingly promote the unconscionable....idea of Jewishness

    Real news and information are suppressed. Iran's Press TV, Russia Today, Voice of Russia, and the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) provide them. They promote truth, stability, democratic values, sovereign independence, cooperative international relations, and peace....and JUSTICE...!!

    WTF....? is America a ZIO - NOTSEE CULT COMPOUND ?

    "Today, the global conditions are changing drastically and independent nations should stand by each other to achieve justice and humanity."

    He added than Iran won't cave under Stool Sculpture deity cult compoud "JEWISH" pressure. "(H)egemons never seek benevolence and justice. (Their) policies have always brought war, oppression and EXTREME JEWISHNESS called O'romneybomination."

    Foreign intelligence elements are also involved.

    virtual virgil

    1. Virgil,

      May God bless you for your truth.
      The whole world needs to know what you have posted in order to end this stampede to the slaughterhouse.

    2. Is that a NAZI emblem, the bird on the stick, behind the Rabbi?

  5. WAKE THE FLOCK UP!August 30, 2012 at 6:28 AM

    “Power doesn’t come from a badge or a gun. Power comes from a lie. Lying big and getting the whole damn world to play along with you. Once you have people agreeing with what they know in their hearts isn’t true, you’ve got ‘em by the balls!”

    1. Talk about lying big. Condi repeated them early and often last night.

    2. Guess who I hate almost as much as Ros-Lehtinen? Here in my hood on the West coast is this one.
      I hate for these people to praise America. They are a disgrace and it's offensive.

    3. Condi Cunt of Misery

  6. Did anybody see Rand Pauls speech? Did the sellout at least throw a few tiny bones to the anti-war Ron Paul supporters?

    1. Sellout. Too much love of raygun. Plays the terrorist card. Wants to cut the debt but nothing about slashing the military and the empire. Not worth watching.

    2. I have this same response to all of them. Sick and tired.

    3. Just what I expected. A few crumbs but mostly bullshit. Rand Paul is pathetic, he even speaks like a typical politician. I have some major gripes with Ron Paul,first and foremost his failure on 9/11, but you would never hear him speak like his son did. Rand wants to actually BE President instead of just run for it like his dad. Which means hes a total sellout.

  7. Watch what? More lies and BS?

    Read their platform.

  8. All of them Judaic Masons. Cooked brains and souls, intent on cooking the rest of us. Their greedy misery of war and usury desires control and company. Anyone noticed the inverted stars on the Republican logo? They are telling us right to our faces whom they serve. Sick and tired...resisting this stuff along side living with the totally brainwashed...does incline one to feel sick and tired.

  9. In reference to the top photo,notice the small pyramids with the all seeing eye, some of them inverted, in the six triangles forming the outer portion of the hexagram?

  10. "New York Times report about Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's previously unknown, longtime personal friendship with Mitt Romney, dating back to their work together at the Boston Consulting Group in the 1970s."

    Bibi Netanyahu told Vanity Fair
    “I remember him [Romney] for sure, but I don’t think we had any particular connections, I knew him and he knew me, I suppose.”~Bibi Netanyahu, July 2012 in Vanity Fair Interview

  11. Poor Clint Eastwood looked like a confused old coot last night. He was so bad that for about a minute there I seriously considered that he might have been a "false flag" meant to screw the RNC up.


    Steven Lendman nails it today.

    The whole bullshit attempted takeover of the Middle East is a MSM fueled lie.

    I hope zionist Rothschilds USrael/NATO gets its proverbial ass handed to it on a platter by Russia ans China.

    American, israeli and NATO country politicians and their respective mainstream medias are the biggest fucking liars on the planet right now.

    Rothschild zionists need to burn in hell for the death for the death and misery they have caused over the past 150 years.

    Russia and China are going to kick some ass - ours.

    1. Agree with everything you said. Its too bad you fall for Prothinks lackeys bullshit though. Its obvious what they are.

    2. Mouson swoons like a little cheerleader for everyone, from John Friend to whoever is out there. I find him to be a questionable character.

    3. Mouser, not Mouson.

  13. Speaking of Jews and Mormons, Vegas is full of both. Marie Osmond attends church there. There's a supermarket chain in that area named Smiths (after Joseph you know who)

    They got bought out by Kroger.

  14. Interesting video concerning jews and mormons.
    Booth being a jew name of sorts as William Booth jewish founder of Salvation Army.And John Wilkes Booth jewish assassin of Pres. Lincoln.

  15. Does that or next president will be Mittanyahu...?

  16. Ryan Dawson wipes the floor with you-all!September 1, 2012 at 2:08 AM

    1. This patriotic American living in Japan tells it like it is - not for those who can't stomache vulgar languaged truth.


    2. We the 99% are about to win the Trifecta! Simultaneous collapse of all global fiat currencies, international starvation food shortages and world war three.

      And after we win we will find ourselves in the new world order ruled by international zionist bankers.

      Have a great day.

    3. Only thing about that guy is the fact that he insists that Flight 77 hit the Pentagon and attacks those who do not agree. Red flag imho.

    4. Boeing 757 here?

    5. Nope. Looks like a missile and/or bomb to me. Possibly a drone. A "friendly" drone of course, that wouldn't have been shot down like a 757 would have been.

  17. we Are
    in the new world order ruled by international zionist bankers.

    Joan Veon When Central Banks Rule the World Part 1

  18. sept 1 1939. 5 am

    germany invades poland

  19. Dawson belongs to the Ron Paul creek.


    Aangifan is coming out of Telaviv.
    NEVER a single piece of information about israel genociding the Palestinians off their own land.
    NEVER a word about Mossad being neck-deep in 9/11.
    NEVER an utterance about zionist Rothschild bankers trying to set up the NWO.

    Fuck Aangirfan. Haven't read a thing by them for almost a year.

    1. Yes, they censor worse than even John Friend does. You can ask the most legitimate question or leave a most legitimate comment or criticism and most of the time it will not be posted. Only "rah rah" supportive comments are allowed.

    2. Ive specifically commented about Israels role in 9/11 and other terrorist events and my comments were not allowed at aangirfan. Very suspicious site.

    3. Have you seen aangirfans latest post? Its an attack on Islam. Who else does that regularly?