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The Trial of Ezra Pound

"The real trouble with war (modern war) is that it gives no one a chance to kill the right people."

"Wars in old times were made to get slaves. The modern implement of imposing slavery is debt."
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"In our time, the curse is monetary illiteracy, just as inability to read plain print was the curse of earlier centuries."

"Music begins to atrophy when it departs too far from the dance... poetry begins to atrophy when it gets too far from music."

Foreword to Secrets of the Federal Reserve by Eustace Mullins
In 1949, while I was visiting Ezra Pound who was a political prisoner at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, Washington, D.C. (a Federal institution for the insane), Dr. Pound asked me if I had ever heard of the Federal Reserve System. I replied that I had not, as of the age of 25. He then showed me a ten dollar bill marked "Federal Reserve Note" and asked me if I would do some research at the Library of Congress on the Federal Reserve System which had issued this bill. Pound was unable to go to the Library himself, as he was being held without trial as a political prisoner by the United States government. After he was denied broadcasting time in the U.S., Dr. Pound broadcast from Italy in an effort to persuade people of the United States not to enter World War II. Franklin D. Roosevelt had personally ordered Pound’s indictment, spurred by the demands of his three personal assistants, Harry Dexter White, Lauchlin Currie, and Alger Hiss, all of whom were subsequently identified as being connected with Communist espionage.

I had no interest in money or banking as a subject, because I was working on a novel. Pound offered to supplement my income by ten dollars a week for a few weeks. My initial research revealed evidence of an international banking group which had secretly planned the writing of the Federal Reserve Act and Congress’ enactment of the plan into law. These findings confirmed what Pound had long suspected. He said, "You must work on it as a detective story." I was fortunate in having my research at the Library of Congress directed by a prominent scholar, George Stimpson, founder of the National Press Club, who was described by The New York Times of September 28, 1952: "Beloved by Washington newspapermen as ‘our walking Library of Congress’, Mr. Stimpson was a highly regarded reference source in the Capitol. Government officials, Congressmen and reporters went to him for information on any subject."

I did research four hours each day at the Library of Congress, and went to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in the afternoon. Pound and I went over the previous day’s notes. I then had dinner with George Stimpson at Scholl’s Cafeteria while he went over my material, and I then went back to my room to type up the corrected notes. Both Stimpson and Pound made many suggestions in guiding me in a field in which I had no previous experience. When Pound’s resources ran low, I applied to the Guggenheim Foundation, Huntington Hartford Foundation, and other foundations to complete my research on the Federal Reserve. Even though my foundation applications were sponsored by the three leading poets of America, Ezra Pound, E.E. Cummings, and Elizabeth Bishop, all of the foundations refused to sponsor this research. I then wrote up my findings to date, and in 1950 began efforts to market this manuscript in New York. Eighteen publishers turned it down without comment, but the nineteenth, Devin Garrity, president of Devin Adair Publishing Company, gave me some friendly advice in his office. "I like your book, but we can’t print it," he told me. "Neither can anybody else in New York. Why don’t you bring in a prospectus for your novel, and I think we can give you an advance. You may as well forget about getting the Federal Reserve book published. I doubt if it could ever be printed."

This was devastating news, coming after two years of intensive work. I reported back to Pound, and we tried to find a publisher in other parts of the country. After two years of fruitless submissions, the book was published in a small edition in 1952 by two of Pound’s disciples, John Kasper and David Horton, using their private funds, under the title Mullins on the Federal Reserve. In 1954, a second edition, with unauthorized alterations, was published in New Jersey, as The Federal Reserve Conspiracy. In 1955, Guido Roeder brought out a German edition in Oberammergau, Germany. The book was seized and the entire edition of 10,000 copies burned by government agents led by Dr. Otto John.

The burning of the book was upheld April 21, 1961 by judge Israel Katz of the Bavarian Supreme Court. The U.S. Government refused to intervene, because U.S. High Commissioner to Germany, James B. Conant (president of Harvard University 1933 to 1953), had approved the initial book burning order. This is the only book which has been burned in Germany since World War II. In 1968 a pirated edition of this book appeared in California. Both the FBI and the U.S. Postal inspectors refused to act, despite numerous complaints from me during the next decade. In 1980 a new German edition appeared. Because the U.S. Government apparently no longer dictated the internal affairs of Germany, the identical book which had been burned in 1955 now circulates in Germany without interference.

I had collaborated on several books with Mr. H.L. Hunt and he suggested that I should continue my long-delayed research on the Federal Reserve and bring out a more definitive version of this book. I had just signed a contract to write the authorized biography of Ezra Pound, and the Federal Reserve book had to be postponed. Mr. Hunt passed away before I could get back to my research, and once again I faced the problem of financing research for the book.

My original book had traced and named the shadowy figures in the United States who planned the Federal Reserve Act. I now discovered that the men whom I exposed in 1952 as the shadowy figures behind the operation of the Federal Reserve System were themselves shadows, the American fronts for the unknown figures who became known as the "London Connection." I found that notwithstanding our successes in the Wars of Independence of 1812 against England, we remained an economic and financial colony of Great Britain. For the first time, we located the original stockholders of the Federal Reserve Banks and traced their parent companies to the London Connection.

This research is substantiated by citations and documentation from hundreds of newspapers, periodicals and books and charts showing blood, marriage, and business relationships. More than a thousand issues of The New York Times on microfilm have been checked not only for original information, but verification of statements from other sources.

It is a truism of the writing profession that a writer has only one book within him. This seems applicable in my case, because I am now in the fifth decade of continuous writing on a single subject, the inside story of the Federal Reserve System. This book was from its inception commissioned and guided by Ezra Pound. Four of his protégés have previously been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature, William Butler Yeats for his later poetry, James Joyce for "Ulysses", Ernest Hemingway for "The Sun Also Rises", and T.S. Elliot for "The Waste Land". Pound played a major role in the inspiration and in the editing of these works--which leads us to believe that this present work, also inspired by Pound, represents an ongoing literary tradition.
Although this book in its inception was expected to be a tortuous work on economic and monetary techniques, it soon developed into a story of such universal and dramatic appeal that from the outset, Ezra Pound urged me to write it as a detective story, a genre which was invented by my fellow Virginian, Edgar Allan Poe. I believe that the continuous circulation of this book during the past forty years has not only exonerated Ezra Pound for his much condemned political and monetary statements, but also that it has been, and will continue to be, the ultimate weapon against the powerful conspirators who compelled him to serve thirteen and a half years without trial, as a political prisoner held in an insane asylum a la KGB. His earliest vindication came when the government agents who represented the conspirators refused to allow him to testify in his own defense; the second vindication came in 1958 when these same agents dropped all charges against him, and he walked out of St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, a free man once more. His third and final vindication is this work, which documents every aspect of his exposure of the ruthless international financiers to whom Ezra Pound became but one more victim, doomed to serve years as the Man in the Iron Mask, because he had dared to alert his fellow-Americans to their furtive acts of treason against all people of the United States.

In my lectures throughout this nation, and in my appearances on many radio and television programs, I have sounded the toxin that the Federal Reserve System is not Federal; it has no reserves; and it is not a system at all, but rather, a criminal syndicate. From November, 1910, when the conspirators met on Jekyll Island, Georgia, to the present time, the machinations of the Federal Reserve bankers have been shrouded in secrecy. Today, that secrecy has cost the American people a three trillion dollar debt, with annual interest payments to these bankers amounting to some three hundred billion dollars per year, sums which stagger the imagination, and which in themselves are ultimately unpayable. Officials of the Federal Reserve System routinely issue remonstrances to the public, much as the Hindu fakir pipes an insistent tune to the dazed cobra which sways its head before him, not to resolve the situation, but to prevent it from striking him. Such was the soothing letter written by Donald J. Winn, Assistant to the Board of Governors in response to an inquiry by a Congressman, the Honorable Norman D. Shumway, on March 10, 1983. Mr. Winn states that "The Federal Reserve System was established by an act of Congress in 1913 and is not a ‘private corporation’." On the next page, Mr. Winn continues, "The stock of the Federal Reserve Banks is held entirely by commercial banks that are members of the Federal Reserve System." He offers no explanation as to why the government has never owned a single share of stock in any Federal Reserve Bank, or why the Federal Reserve System is not a "private corporation" when all of its stock is owned by "private corporations".

American history in the twentieth century has recorded the amazing achievements of the Federal Reserve bankers. First, the outbreak of World War I, which was made possible by the funds available from the new central bank of the United States. Second, the Agricultural Depression of 1920. Third, the Black Friday Crash on Wall Street of October, 1929 and the ensuing Great Depression. Fourth, World War II. Fifth, the conversion of the assets of the United States and its citizens from real property to paper assets from 1945 to the present, transforming a victorious America and foremost world power in 1945 to the world’s largest debtor nation in 1990. Today, this nation lies in economic ruins, devastated and destitute, in much the same dire straits in which Germany and Japan found themselves in 1945. Will Americans act to rebuild our nation, as Germany and Japan have done when they faced the identical conditions which we now face--or will we continue to be enslaved by the Babylonian debt money system which was set up by the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 to complete our total destruction? This is the only question which we have to answer, and we do not have much time left to answer it.

Because of the depth and the importance of the information which I had developed at the Library of Congress under the tutelage of Ezra Pound, this work became the happy hunting ground for many other would-be historians, who were unable to research this material for themselves. Over the past four decades, I have become accustomed to seeing this material appear in many other books, invariably attributed to other writers, with my name never mentioned. To add insult to injury, not only my material, but even my title has been appropriated, in a massive, if obtuse, work called "Secrets of the Temple--the Federal Reserve". This heavily advertised book received reviews ranging from incredulous to hilarious. Forbes Magazine advised its readers to read their review and save their money, pointing out that "a reader will discover no secrets" and that "This is one of those books whose fanfares far exceed their merit." This was not accidental, as this overblown whitewash of the Federal Reserve bankers was published by the most famous nonbook publisher in the world.

After my initial shock at discovering that the most influential literary personality of the twentieth century, Ezra Pound, was imprisoned in "the Hellhole" in Washington, I immediately wrote for assistance to a Wall Street financier at whose estate I had frequently been a guest. I reminded him that as a patron of the arts, he could not afford to allow Pound to remain in such inhuman captivity. His reply shocked me even more. He wrote back that "your friend can well stay where he is." It was some years before I was able to understand that, for this investment banker and his colleagues, Ezra Pound would always be "the enemy".


Here are the simple facts of the great betrayal. Wilson and House knew that they were doing something momentous. One cannot fathom men’s motives and this pair probably believed in what they were up to. What they did not believe in was representative government. They believed in government by an uncontrolled oligarchy whose acts would only become apparent after an interval so long that the electorate would be forever incapable of doing anything efficient to remedy depredations.

(AUTHOR’S NOTE: Dr. Pound wrote this introduction for the earliest version of this book, published by Kasper and Horton, New York, 1952. Because he was being held as a political prisoner without trial by the Federal Government, he could not afford to allow his name to appear on the book because of additional reprisals against him. Neither could he allow the book to be dedicated to him, although he had commissioned its writing. The author is gratified to be able to remedy these necessary omissions, thirty-three years after the events.)


  1. Hey, thanks for the link to the Mullins/Pound Fed book. Heard about it years ago, never had the time despite downloading and losing it already. So now I'll MAKE time, since it seems like it's running out...

    "The burning of the book was upheld April 21, 1961 by judge Israel Katz of the Bavarian Supreme Court."

    Talk about a "get of the fence" sentence!

  2. Of all the name calling - cut to the chase - final word - ultimatums -

    ....considering the volumes of information stretching from Adoram to Bernanke to Zakheim...

    the serpent trail leads to the snake hole....The "MONECHANGERS"...

    ...the brevity, and laser concise direction of this sideshow is without equal....

    this ides of August

    two thumbs up


  3. Great collection! Love the idiot professor, Helen Dennis, chiming in about his "mania" and his "hobby horse", doing the usual streetwalking for the Talmudic bankers and their system. Is it ok to kick a lady professor up the arse?

    Pound was very keen on Alexander Del Mar's works on money. Here are a few:

    del Mar, Alexander, (1899). Barbara Villers, or a history of monetary crimes
    del Mar, Alexander, (1880) The history of money in ancient countries from the earliest times to the present
    del Mar, Alexander, (1879). Usury and the Jews.
    del Mar, Alexander, (1867). History of Money and Civilization
    del Mar, Alexander (1864). The Great Paper Bubble or the Coming Financial Explosion.

  4. Note also, that in addition to Eustace Mullins, both Ernest Hemingway and T.S. Elliot were very close to Ezra Pound.

  5. The 450+ BILLION DOLLARS we pay each year to the private banking families that own the Federal Reserve is one of the biggest con games in history.
    There's no sane reason why Americans should have to pay interest--tribute?--to a bunch of secretive banksters, all for the 'privilege' of borrowing our own money.
    Whenever you withdraw money from your savings account, do you give away 10% to someone you don't know each time?
    No, and neither should we be under the shackles of the FED, but don't expect Mitt the Twitt or Barry Sotero to bring that up during this election.

  6. Thank you, Kenny. I have learned an immense amount in this post (and it will keep me busy for quite a long time).

    Ezra is an amazing individual.

  7. In following up, I found a very strange video of Eustace Mullins saying that the Nazis and Jews are one and the same. That without the Nazis, Israel would never have been.

    After reading/studying Ezra Pound's early stuff, this flies directly in the face of him:


    1. I agree. Without the Nazis and Hitler sending jews to Palestine there may(key word) not have been an Israel. I would also say that the supremacist mindset of the Nazi regime is stikikngly similar to that of the supremacist mindset of zionism.

    2. *strikingly similar

    3. Now you're playing the naive and surprised role??
      You don't need tons of books and so called experts to figure that out, when everything is laid out there for you. Of course you don't give a damn about the fate of the Palestinians, instead you chose to fall for the shitler spinmasters & apologists. shitler is the founder of shitrahell, no doubt.

    4. Is there a bonus given to those who manage to mention Hitler/Nazis in every thread on every possible alternative news blog? Just wondering because it sure seems like it lately.

    5. LOL You're so correct. Everytime they mention israhell's founding vater/abba, .666¢ goes to their savings acct.

    6. The very mention of Adolf Hiter, reminds westerners the ‘Jewish Holocaust’, though his Nazi troopers killed more Gypsies and Christians than they killed Jews. Strangely, while the Zionists expects every human-being to remember Hitler as an evil person – there are many people who adore Hitler without hating Jews. For example, authors Hennecke Kardel has called Hitler “Founder of Israel” while Dr. Bryan Mark Rigg wrote that Hitler was quite popular among the German Jews and 150,000 whom served in the Nazi Army. Hitler is very popular in India. Bollywood even produced a movie, titled Dear Friend Hitler. Currently, Indian TV is running a soap opera, originally named Hitler Didi but after American Jewish lobby groups threatened Indian government – its name was changed to ‘General Didi‘.

      The Zionist-controlled media will never mention that Jewish terrorist groups Irgun, Haganah and others cooperated with Nazis. In fact the rise of Nazism and Hitler to power was never, or almost never, opposed by the Zionists prior to the establishment of the Zionist entity. On October 2, 1937, two SS officers, Herbert Hagen and Adolf Eichmann visited British occupied Palestine as guests of the World Zionist Congress, founded in 1897

    7. Mullins equating "The Nazis" with "The Zionists" reveals a lot about Mullins. Mullins is a liar. All of this talk about Hitler somehow being a Jew Agent is also a lie.

      Adolf Hitler's NSDAP ended Usury in Germany. He ended the entire system of "The Thralldom of Interest" which includes the practice of wanton trading in company stocks.

      When company stock can be owned by anyone with the cash to buy it - even people with absolutely no ties to the community where that company is located - massive problems arise.

      What kind of problems?

      The stockholders look to reduce costs and increase their dividends. Since a major cost of doing business is labor - guess what? They look to reduce those costs. That is why so much of your industry has been off-shored.

      That is only a little bit of what Hitler called "The Thralldom of Interest" - and he ended it.

      Those of you who malign Adolf Hitler are one of two things. You are either a Jew disinfo harbarat - or you are uneducated. Perhaps you lack any higher education and you simply don't know who to think or analyze a problem to discern what is true and what is not true.


      You are what you are.

      And, if you are that way - you deserve what is happening to you.

    8. Hitler lovers=actual hasbaRATSAugust 17, 2012 at 3:47 PM

      Please save that bullshit next time you zio-shill. We aint buying.

    9. Go back to gagging on that Jew dik you're working.

    10. Its the same every time from this ADL/JDL/AIPAC/SPLC/whichever outlet hes working for-"der, you hump jew leg! You suck jew dick! Yer a jew!". Of course you suck Hitlers "dik" you fucking tool. Its obvious what your agenda is. Back to John Friends disinfo den now ok little groupie?

  8. Pound was the most significant cultural intellect of our time. No wonder they incarcerated him. He knew,as the Scriptures, and the men of virtues of antiquity, and the Apostolic Church knew, that Usury is a grave mortal sin and that is the social order we live constructed on grave mortal sin. All voices that oppose the sin, Dante's Inferno is filled with them, are to be silenced. Thanks Kenny for keeping the light burning.

  9. Great post,

    Doctor Mudd, Pound and Rudolph Hess had secrets that would have changed the course of history. They had to be quarantined. Not quite off topic, see right at end of this post, the unbelievable set of circumstances

    Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedyand John Wilkes Booth

  10. Me, I gotta have some "Nazi" red herring with every meal. "Nazi, Nazi, Nazi!" It's what's for dinner. Hey, heads up. We gotta another Hitler in Iraq, I mean Libya, I mean Serbia, I mean Pakistan.

    Special offer: Free "Nazi" Wanking Club membership. This week only, but you gotta promise to go all out!

  11. Will they be dancing to the tune "I'm a nazi wankie and I know it?"

  12. there is a difference b/n hitler-saddam and ho-chi min.
    hitler was supported by the jews. saddam was supported by the jews. ho-chi min was supported by the jews.
    hitler didn't mass murder his populace-saddam didn't mass murder his populace-ho-chi min did mass murder his populace.

    hitler was no agent but worked with the jews together which went well for the jews until he found out the jewish soviet is organizing an invasion of europe for the year 1941. hitler then crushed the jews plans in taking barbarossa action and nearly avoided todays jewish world soviet.
    saddam was an agent but would not bend down to take up loans or other stuff to be dependent on the west.but he was an agent and their ally.they destroyed him b/s he didn't bow down to them for the same reason iran won't bow down to the jews-they are both nationalist countries and had no jew central bank.

    ho-chi min was an agent and stood by to order his people incarcerated and massacred by the millions after millions already died by the jews bombing the nation into total destruction.

    the reason why saddam never killed off his own people and did the uncle ho thing was- he was a nationalist.
    hitler was a nationalist. uncle ho was an internationalist-a jew friend 100% - a stooge without independence. thats why uncle ho had the chance to survive.

    uncle ho had a central bank. hitler had no central bank. saddam had no central bank.
    show me a nationalist who avoided a jew central bank in his nationalist country or later like by mussolini pulled the plug later on and stayed for that independent-and i show you a flying elephant.


  14. NTS lies re 911-

    For those who are still not up to speed on the truth about the September 11th, 2001 attacks on America, that killed some 3000 innocent Americans


    1. So you know how many people died then? I think NTS is lying about 9/11(or unknowingly pushing lies) when he latches onto the "tv fakery" disinfo so hard.

    2. TV fakery is a proven fact and not worthy of debate, anything to the contrary is disinfo or an afirmation of the offical narative which is 100%, every word, Bullshit. If NTS says 'zionists did it', that's true, but they were not alone so he lies by ommission and BTW the zionists take orders,the question is 'from who'?, most likely from the owner of shitrahell 'dear lord rothschild', you know the guy who owns half of the world governments, banks, resources but is too modest to put his face on his counterfeit bank notes.
      So, Vid Rebel and NTS constantly and I mean constantly push 3000 victims, this was disproven by hoipoloi and phil jayhan. I even put D R Griffin in the same category, he also lies by ommission, you know 10 books and nothing about fake victims or fake video or lying wittness. he belongs on a golf cart

    3. Anon@6:27-pushing both Hitler love and tv fakery DISINFO meant to let Dov and the boys walk. Same M.O. as John Friend. You obvious fucking troll.

    4. right, you think dov did it with a remote plane,
      how's the weather in tel aviv?

    5. shitrahell pays people to troll 911 sites and type the words-

      'what are you a fu%$ing moron?? everyone saw those planes'

    6. You tell me how the weather is "friend".

      Israel(or more specifically the 9/11 perps which include Rabbi Zakheim-the guy you work for) pay people to troll 911 sites and type about "no planes in NYC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".

  15. very few deaths.
    zero firemen, zero cops dead

  16. "shitrahell pays people to troll 911 sites and type the words-

    'what are you a fu%$ing moron?? everyone saw those planes'"

    Generally this has been replaced with

    ' no planes disinfo lets Dov Zakheim off the hook'

    well, dov was never on any hook, and BTW, he takes orders too

    1. Yep, he takes orders just like you do. From the same people. Which is why you protect him and his role in 9/11. Fail.

  17. NTS is disinformation. He also claims the moon landings were a fraud.
    His blog is rank amateur garbage hasbara. My advise is to avoid it.
    Same goes for Aangirfan, both are most likely based out of Tel Aviv.

    1. I certainly dont put it at the forefront of my activism, in fact I dont really talk about it at all. But still, I dont for one second buy the official story of the supposed moon landing. Talk about "politically convenient". And really, you dont wonder why no human being has made it back to the moon since then? Despite the advancements in technology since the 60s when we supposedly first went?

    2. agreed, apollo was a hoax

      google- astronauts gone wild

  18. @AnonymousAugust 17, 2012 7:57 PM

    re dov zakheim

    every war is a bankers war, to paraphrase Ezra Pound-
    in past centuries the purpose of was was to get slaves, today they use debt, and of course the purpose of war is create debt

    consider that no one has been arrested for 911,
    conclusion- it was done by untouchables (we dont have a government), so dov was never on any hook. in fact israel never tried to hide its role in 911, it's as if they were set up to take the rap, if israel goes down for 911 crime the real perps don't care, the real perps are banks, the purpose of 911 is to keep the central bank scam going for as long as possible, it's already exposed as a fraud and is currently on life support, but every day they can keep it alive like a zombie is bonus for them

    1. And Dov will NEVER be on the hook, and neither will his masters if tv fakery disinfo has anything to say about it.

  19. Saw your comment at Scotts about "Pussy Riot" being a western backed op and I couldn't agree more Kenny. So obvious. The endless media coverage is of course the first tip off. Russia is standing in the way of certain designated "enemies"(Syria and Iran) and Israel and the US dont appreciate it. Pussy Riot=obvious psy op

  20. Came here from John Friend's site. Fantastic post on Ezra Pound, especially some of the pdf books which I was having a hard time finding. Did you upload these yourself ? I will soon be linking them and your website in a thread I started a few months ago:

    Here's one more Pound book link you don't have that you can put up:

    Jefferson And/Or Mussolini by Ezra Pound

    Keep up the good work and don't let these trolls destroy your comments section like they were trying to do with John's in the name of 'free speech.' It's not a matter of free speech, it's a matter of etiquette. If someone does not have a constructive argument to add, then their free speech is protected in the retard regions of the internet where they belong or in the you tube comments section where they can barf-out and rant-&-rave their unreasoned ad-hominem attacks & name-calling & association games about who's a shill and who's not, who sucks who's dick and why, and other such gentlemanly presented arguments, ad infinitum.


    1. Yet another John Friend groupie comes to shame Kenny for allowing the TRUTH about his Prothink disinfo ass to be told. Sorry "Negentropic", your white supremacist "Friend" brought this on himself. Let him fight his own battles and sleep in his own shit.

    2. And by the way, your "Friend" deleted plenty of comments that added to the "constructive argument" so that excuse doesnt fly. Sure, I bet hes gotten a fair share of ad homs slung at him but I can assure you he regularly deletes comments that are on topic and about the thread at hand. John is a troll his damn self, just because he has a blog doesnt change that. His censorship is pathetic and its obvious why he does it.

    3. Stupid, xenophobic & racist detergentropic, Go create your own blog and devote a shrine for your hasbarat master JF. don't come here to tell Kenny what to do.

    4. You guys are cute, especially when you harmonize your little rants three at a time.

      Linking to a site does not necessarily imply agreement with or endorsement of all that's on that site

      Brain Supremacist & Anti-Criminal - try being against morons & criminals of all races & the rest will take care of itself & never ignore general statistics. Don't be surprised if many more people of certain races & ethnicities end up in the moron & criminal categories than others.

      A White Teacher Speaks Out

      What is it like to teach black students?

      Christopher Jackson

      Hitlers speech on Palestine 1939

      Hitler calls the English & Jewish settlers in Palestine “invaders”
      And the Palestinians he calls a “freedom loving people”!

      Selections from Hitler’s Table Talk Against Christianity

      All quotes are taken from: Hitler’s Table Talk 1941-1944:

      Selections from Hitler’s Table Talk For Islam

      "German racialism has been deliberately distorted. It never was an anti-"other race" racialism. It was a pro-German racialism. It was concerned with making the German race strong and healthy in every way. Hitler was not interested in having millions of degenerates, if it was in his power not to have them. Today one finds rampant alcohol and drug addiction everywhere. Hitler cared that the German families be healthy, cared that they raise healthy children for the renewal of a healthy nation. German racialism meant re-discovering the creative values of their own race, re-discovering their culture. It was a search for excellence, a noble idea. National Socialist racialism was not against the other races, it was for its own race. It aimed at defending and improving its race, and wished that all other races did the same for themselves.

      That was demonstrated when the Waffen SS enlarged its ranks to include 60,000 Islamic SS. The Waffen SS respected their way of fife, their customs, and their religious beliefs. Each Islamic SS battalion had an imam, each company had a mullah. It was our common wish that their qualities found their highest expression. This was our racialism. I was present when each of my Islamic comrades received a personal gift from Hitler during the new year. It was a pendant with a small Koran. Hitler was honoring them with this small symbolic gift. He was honoring them with what was the most important aspect of their lives and their history. National Socialist racialism was loyal to the German race and totally respected all other races."

      ~General Léon Degrelle of the Waffen SS

      Destined to Witness: Growing Up Black in Not-See Germany [Paperback]

      "To be a boy or girl at that time was wonderful. In the Hitler Youth the differences between Christian denominations or the different German states didn’t count. We all truly felt that we were members of one body of people – one nation. Youth hostels were opened all over the Reich, enabling us to hike from one beautiful town to another seeing our fatherland. Every effort was made to strengthen our minds and bodies. Contrary to what is said today, we were encouraged to become free in spirit, and not to succumb to peer (or authority) pressure. In peacetime, NO military training was allowed by the Hitler Youth leadership; scouting yes. Incidentally, to “snitch on our parents” was frowned upon." ~ Hans Schmidt from Living in Hitler's Germany