Sunday, September 23, 2012

At the End of the Line

It's always great to have Ahmadinejad come to town. He gets to sit down with pricks like Piers Morgan and make fools of them while giving a few Americans the chance through the media to hear the other side and get some semblance of reality and a little bit of the truth.

Here's a sneak preview with Ahmadinejad responding to a question on the likelihood of conflict between Iran and Israel.
"Of course the zionists are very much, very adventuresome

very much seeking to fabricate things

I think they see themselves at the end of the line." 
Sounds like the lyrics to a song. Someone should come up with a tune, maybe a jazzy rock take.

Ain't the US a great country? We let our designated enemies come right on in to New York, talk with the MSM, give speeches at the UN and let the media spin the story as their bosses want it. This is the guy who according to some folks will be a key player in new wars and possibly the ultimate one, World War III. At least while Netanyahu and Ahmadinejad are here we probably are safe for a few days and we miss an opportunity for a Yom Kippur 'event.'

In some kind of suddenly sane world, Obama would be rounding up Bibi and Mahmoud while he's got them here and all three would be sitting in a room discussing the future. A future that doesn't include a nuclear holocaust where all the little people lose. A future where Israel's perverted dream of from the Tigris to the Euphrates and the breakup into tiny pieces of not only the Middle East but the world for the benefit of the bankers and some few corporations will never happen. A future where psychopaths and criminals do not rule the world. A future of peace and prosperity.

 ...Pipe dream...sorry for temporary lapse of reason. We'll be seeing the reality soon enough. Maybe the end of the line...for whom is the question...


  1. Piers Morgan is quickly becoming one of the most annoying people on tv. He attacked Richard Belzer for his brave book on various assassinations. He ripped Jesse Ventura recently. Hes soft on war criminals. Its ashame he wasn't put in jail for his role in the Murdoch hacking scandal that got pushed under the rug because of Murdochs, :ahem:, connections.

    1. It's no wonder why CNN's stats are down. Replacing the freak Larry King with Morgan was a dumb move. Actually I like it...showing how bought and burnt out they are.

    2. Its desperation. Gotta get those ratings. Bend over as far as it takes. I'm watching Rmoney on CBS 60 Minutes right now. One lie after another. Obama is next. More of the same. Romney is currently chiding Obama for not closing Gitmo and not ending military tribunals. As if he would. What a charade.

  2. Ahmadinejad is 100% controlled. If he wants to hurt UK/israel/USA, all he has to do is expose their bullshit psy op, false flag 911, and their bullshit war on imaginary terror. Nothing has hurt muslims more . He doesn't. He reads the 'bad guy' script they give him. Jews have called him 'the new Hilter', I'll thake their word for it. I every world leader is controlled, except maybe the former pm of indonesia

    1. If he's controlled, he's a funny way of showing it. You do realize the real power lies with Khamenei, don't you? And that Iranian media discusses just that very possibility re: 9/11?

    2. so why does press tv employ galloway a stooge who thinks the official verion of 911 is the truth, again nothing hurts muslims more

    3. anon, you've obviously not been paying attention. Even the MSM covered it.

      "On Anniversary, Iran's Ahmadinejad Says U.S. Planned 9/11 Attacks"

      "U.S. Walks Out on Ahmadinejad's 9/11 Comment"

      Ahmadinejad: 9/11 Attacks A 'Big Lie'

    4. It is a legitimate question to ask why press tv has on certain guests. The same question goes for RT.

    5. RT is highly shady. They would not be allowed the reach that they have if they were not some sort of controlled opposition. I used toi watch Alyona when she was on, liked how she ripped the MSM but overall I have not been impressed with RT. PressTV at least sometimes goes into some hard truths like 9/11 so unlike RT, I cannot watch PressTv on over the air broadcast(or cable as far as I know) in the US.

    6. cnn did the media hoax part of 911, so why doesnt achmadinijad say that to piers morgan?

    7. Because he doesnt believe in tv fakery bullshit disinfo like you do? There were planes that hit the towers and they were flown with Zakheims SPC tech. Likely not the "original" planes but there WERE planes. Simon Shack(ot his real name obviously) works for Dov and the boys. Ace Baker probably does too.

    8. hows the weather in telaviv?

    9. Anon@10:27, I'm going to assume thats directed at Dov Zakheim lackey Anon@4:31.

    10. Colonel George Nelson (U.S. Airforce Retired), an air-crash investigation expert has observed that NOT ONE uniquely identifiable part has ever been produced by the government FROM ANY OF THE 4 ALLEGED CRASH SITES (3 million numbered parts from each plane, that makes 12 million friggin missing parts ! )

      No-Plane parts matched = no planes of any kind, period - end of discussion - And, no, they were not all picked up and stored in a secret government 'stash,' they were never recovered & matched as is standard procedure for all plane-crashed.

      This is how easy it is to prove No-Planes on 9-11 (even without the missing 12 million parts & the rest of the literal mountains of TV fakery evidence):

      Boeing Max Speed At Sea-Level: 360 MPH

      Speed we were told they flew by FEMA, British RAF & the FAA : 550 MPH

      these so-called 'experts' calculated this speed from the video footage using the width of the towers as a comparison of how far the planes moved respectively between two stills which are taken at every 0.04 sec (PAL) or at every 0.033 seconds (NTSC cams) even though any pilot knows that a 767 can do at most 400 mph at 700 feet altitude before it vibrates itself into pieces.

      That's why the max speed at this altitude level is restricted to around 350 mph by software.


      NO ONE could have flown the planes at around 550 mph into the towers, not even the best trained pilots because it's physically impossible at that altitude for both 757 and 767s. (and to say that real pilots could not have flown these planes but remote controlled planes controllers could have, is laughably retarded and absurd).

      Therefore, the videos they used to calculate these speeds must be obvious fakes

      Interview with Simon Shack of September Clues - Brian S Staveley, Justin Cooke - 04 / 08 / 2012

      Introductory Tour Guide to the September Clues research by Simon Shack -(updated on July 18 2011)

      Fairly Comprehensive Audio on All Aspects of the Likely 'How' of the 9-11 Psy-Op - 03 / 18 / 2012 - Brian S Staveley, Justin Cooke

      And by the way

      Shack already gave all his private info on Clues forums last year. Shack is not his birth name, that is Hytten, but Shack is the name he was predominantly known by even before making September Clues:

      ~Negentropic MK V

      Shack already gave all his private info on clues forums last year. Shack is not his birth name, that is Hytten, but Shack is the name he was predominantly known by even before making September Clues:

      b] Fairly Comprehensive Audio on All Aspects of the Likely 'How' of the 9-11 Psy-Op - 03 / 18 / 2012 - Brian S Staveley, Justin Cooke[/b]

    11. Oh my god you're dense. No planes parts match= NOT THE ORIGINAL PLANES, it doesn't mean "no planes at all". Fucking idiot. Tell Dov its not going to work.

    12. great links -AnonymousSeptember 25, 2012 6:42 AM


    13. Nope. It means No Planes or flying objects of any kind whatsoever. It also means no 'holograms' projected from a flying object or any such nonsense that Fetzer pushes as Shack already demolished Richard Hall's claims in just one post.

      No one is claiming that Dov Zakheim isn't a criminal and didn't steal the 2.3 trillion missing from the pentagon under Rabbi-watch or maybe even that they were thinking about using remote controlled planes but the facts prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they did not.

      Even if Dov Shitheim's so-called remote controlled 'planes' were actually different planes than standard Boeings, something which nobody is claiming (but which you're apparently implying), they're claiming that remote-control systems were used to hi-jack controls of the Boeings, there would have been surviving parts out of millions to match to that other flying object. There are not, not even ONE part, therefore take your plane-hugging & give it a rest with your beliefs in the Easter Bunny before you become permanently retarded.

      You also have to remember that Simon Shack's research findings about the 'vicsims' were independently confirmed by Salem News :

      "I did an exhaustive check of the list of victims provided on the CNN website. What I found is that out of 2,970 people listed, only 446 appear in the Social Security death index. Of those only 249 have a confirmed death certificate on file. Of those, not a single one has a valid “last address of record” on file. That is a lot of clerical error,"

      Yes, there are only 249 death certificates on file and not a single of those has a valid 'last address of record.


      9/11 Reflections Part 2: Interview with Simon Shack of September Clues

      911 ACTORS - Simon Shack

      SSDI = Social Security Death Index

      Neither of the first two people Bob Mc Ilvaine and Marsh-O'Connor are sobbing over on multiple media channels in the above video are even on the social security death index, never mind the fact that they certainly do not have death certificates.


    14. & remember: ALL photos and videos of the 9-11 Psy-Op event before, during & after are suspect until analyzed and proven authentic, ALL of them. That's why Judy Wood's stuff based mainly on photos & videos does not hold water. No one, except one guy named Joel Meyerowitz was allowed to photograph at ground zero & most of the images were produced by a guy named Steve Rosenbaum at Camera Planet. Yes, I know, both Mexican nationals, lol ! So forget about Dov Motzaballs fever & start looking at Rosenbaum & Meyerowitz over at Clues Forums.

      Shack passes the holohoax litmus & fingers the Zionists / Jews as the likely main players. Phil 'the Shill' Jayhan and the huge "Let's Troll Forums" (7500 members were signed in to that place at time on Sep. 11, 2011) are the ones who haven't even bothered in all these years to investigate the holohoax. You won't find one thread on the holohoax there. Shack is solid all the way. I'd give the guy at least 85% shill clearance, as high as Deanna Spingola and Dennis Fetcho (both No-Planers, Fetcho all the way down to the September Clues 80-page comprehensive Vic-Sims report as he revealed in his recent interview with John Friend), something I'd never give to anybody smart enough to pass the holohoax-litmus, pass even the Uncle-Adolf litmus ("A slave is one who can neither speak well of Hitler nor ill of Jewry"~Frederick Toben), but stupid or dishonestly shilling enough to continue to plane-hug after 100% proof is dangled in front of them from every direction.

      Ace Baker / Collin Alexander with his '9/11 the Great American Psy-Opera' 8 part fancy production

      goes as far as acknowledging all the fake actors but not the Vic-Sims which is very suspicious.


      by simonshack on September 6th, 2012, 10:28 pm

      Having said the above, I'm certainly not oblivious of the prominence/hegemony of the jew-factor in world politics/media and propaganda. As you may know, I'm half Norwegian (from a father with centuries of Norwegian ancestors) and half Swedish(from a mother with centuries of Swedish ancestors). A total Scandinavian entity, if you will - and to be sure, with zero jewish origins. See, a funny thought occured to me a few years back - as I realized that Norway and Sweden add up to a total of about 13 million of this planet's inhabitants. Apparently, the Jewish people also add up to a total of 13 million of this planet's inhabitants.

      Now, what if 90% of the American (and European) News Media Corporations were owned / controlled by Norwegians and Swedes?

      Wouldn't that make the rest of this planet's inhabitants raise an eyebrow?

      ~Negentropic MK II

  3. I remember watching live the speech he gave at colombia university. What I watched seemed as a very articulate and wise man, his delivery was all in farsi so of course it was translated but his body language and mannerisms spoke to me beyond the translator. It was actually quite reassuring to me all in all coupled with his words. Then the end of the speech came and Norah O'Donnell (msnbc) unleashed a tirade upon him with a look on her face like she had just sat in fresh dog shit. This was after the infamous intro by Lee Bollinger (pres of colombia u) which I had missed. I should have realized how out of the mainstream loop I was at the time given that Ahmadinejad had recently hosted the holoco$t convention. It took me a while to figure out who she was back then but here is her transcript if anyone cares to look The real shocker to me was how disparate our 2 viewpoints were given what we both had just watched. geeze i can be a dummy at times 0_o

  4. Member the Traveling Wilburys, The End of the Line? Here's a snippet:

    Well, it's all right, even if they say you're wrong
    Well, it's all right, sometimes you gotta be strong
    Well, it's all right, as long as you got somewhere to lay
    Well, it's all right, every day is Judgment Day

    Well, it's all right, riding around in the breeze
    Well, it's all right, if you live the life you please
    Well, it's all right, even if the sun don't shine
    Well, it's all right, we're going to the end of the line

    1. I started to link this song but not liking Dylan very much I didn't. Oh well, it's still a good tune. Roy Orbison had died and the guitar in the rocking chair was for him.

    2. I didn't want to link to it for the same reason i guess.

    3. Yes, Bob Dylan is a world class hypocrite who paints Israelis as "victims" while they kill with impunity. Fuck that guy.

    4. yeah, shlomo shekelgrubber the plagiarist thief true to his collective's diseased thinking.

  5. I always enjoy seeing the PM in interviews. I remember his bout with, Larry King. He was laughing in King's face as he answered the absurd line of questions.

    Ahad, absolutely points out 911 as an inside job, always when he is given air time.

  6. RT ans Press TV both have nuggets of truth, much more than our vile news outlets.

    Keep in mind, they are both used to undermine our nation, propoganda. This is ok, but take them both with a grain of salt.

    All media is subversive in nature.

    1. That's why even as a kid I liked to listen to Castro speeches and later on Saddam Hussein when the US was after him. I don't have to like any of these guys but they know we are brainwashed and like to burst the bubble for their enemies. That's what makes them useful to us, the American people.

  7. wouldn't it be sensible to purify "OUR" language and stop calling the enemies of mankind "OUR" friend and ally, and "OUR" so-called "Government"...?

    it just seems that proper mental hygeine could assist fixing the problem of doubleminded morons unable to identify the source of global insanity....right Pogo ?

    “eternal vigilance is the price of liberty”.

    name one mistake the zionazi JEWSA so-called USGOV has made that benefitted the American people in the last 150 years.....based on TRUTH & JUSTICE....

    Quarantine the ECONOMIC TERRORISTS...

    Annihilate the "JEWISH" state of've lost that oven feeling...!

    Know Truth



    1. We're getting paid Davy boy!!!!!! "White nationalist" ADL tools unite!!!!!

    2. Davy the filthy kosher pig,

      Stop using the word Bismillah with your filthy racist rant. You have No right to desecrate it.

      Bismillah al rahman al rahim

      The Arabic phrase shown above is pronounced as Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim, and is a beautifully poetic phrase which offers both deep insight and brilliant inspiration. It has often been said that the phrase Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim contains the true essence of the entire Qur'an, as well as the true essence of all religions.

      Muslims often say this phrase when embarking on any significant endeavor, and the phrase is considered by some to be a major pillar of Islam. This expression is so magnificent and so concise that all but one chapter of the Qur'an begins with the words Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim.

      The common translation:

      "In the name of God, most Gracious, most Compassionate".

      fails to capture either the true depth of meaning or the inspirational message of this beautiful phrase. So, let's look deeper into the meaning of these wonderful words.

      تتعفن في الجحيم

  8. If we do exactly zero with our spare time on a daily basis, at the end of one year we will have exactly zero to add up.

    Arresting the 9/11 Co-Conspirator....Remember Noriega ?


    1. Davy troll says what? We know its you, with your prerequisite "whitenationalist" link meant to ruin another Kenny posting to the outside/uninitiated. Nice try.

    2. Piggy D, did you learn that by watching the white nationalist version of Single White Female? Sadly, you're not sassy enough to pass as me.

      Epic fail!

  9. The skinny on Nuttyyahoo:

    "And even if Israel were 'scrubbed off the earth' peacefully through a one-state solution, Netanyahu would certainly hang for his role in the 9/11 attacks."

    Bingo! The ex-furniture salesman from Poland is going postal because if he gets caught for 9/11 HE WILL HANG FROM HIS NECK UNTIL DEAD.

    Now there's a court proceeding I'd like to see.

    Your Honour, the people of the United States accuse Nattyyahoo as one of those primarily responsible for the harm to person and property on 9/11, we ask for the strictess penalty possible.

    1. Right - here is Kevin Barrett's article, where he describes his hypothesis in detail:

      I'm not sure Kevin is correct. (It's always tricking interpreting others' motives.) One thing he left out - Iran is now trading oil for gold. That's a problem for the petrodollar. All these wars are fought against countries that want to avoid using the dollar. Still, a false-flag may be in the offing, regardless of motive, to get the US to fight Iran.

      I love that Ahmadinejad is speaking out about 9/11. I wish that more world leaders would do it.

  10. Gotta get my sheckels gotta get my sheckels, ahem, WHITE NATIONALIST!!!!!!!!!!! That is all.

  11. While I personally dont watch the crapfest known as the Emmy's I couldn't help but notice that "war on terror" drama "Homeland"(how about that name?) cleaned up at last nights awards show. A big fucking pat on the back. Not for the "human drama" and the acting of course(though the actors were rewarded for their roles in the psy op as well), but for the "message". Be afraid. Of brown skinned foreign people. Be very afraid.

    1. I saw the winners on the news this morning and it seemed like a typical tribal incest fest. I never saw 'Homeland' but get what you're saying about it and why it won.

      My wife caught this show 'Revenge' and it became the only network one we ever watched. It didn't receive any nominations but it had the works; false flag terrorism and a patsy blamed for it, jailhouse murders, corporate corruption, jury tampering, blackmail, a CIA/Mossad type blowing up an airplane to silence witnesses, computer hacking and hidden surveillance, arson, shootings and beatings, youth prescription drug addition. Sort of like our current reality. I'm surprised it's coming back for another season.

    2. The latest reboot of Nikita is a similar show Kenny. It has false flags and government black ops galore. The title character beat a drug habit and got out of the grips of the government organization that used her to kill. One of the only shows I watch on tv. Theres apparently a show coming on ABC this week about a nuclear sub asked to fire on Pakistan, but the crew disobeys the orders and goes rogue. Might have to check it out to see its propaganda purposes.



    2. Here's another video -- posted on youtube still:

      See commentary at