Sunday, September 30, 2012


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 According to 'officials,' deaths of US military personal in Afghanistan have now hit a milestone, 2000. Statistics. The kind where if none of them were your family or friends, it is rarely thought about. Most don't care.

Put into the perspective of the wars of the 20th century the death toll is small but even one death in the name of evil is too many. 

The toll in treasure we won't get into but the significance is immeasurable. 

Those with the power who send our 'volunteers' to these foreign lands aren't very concerned about lives. Their concern is money. The first thing we did after invading Afghanistan and kicking out the anti-opium Taliban, our former allies, was to re-establish the crop of debilitation, destabilization and death. Newly built heroin processing plants and CIA drones carrying the bounty have become the norm. Just how much has been made in the opium/heroin trade in the last 11 years? It has to be in the trillions. That money props up the illicit banking cartel and lubricates the palms and pockets of anyone who has influence in keeping the trade going.

2,000 lives and the debt put on the backs of taxpayers are a small price to pay for such a lucrative business say the bankers, politicians and high level traffickers.

Some analysts want us to think that Obama's surge was filled with incompetence and naivety. 
“Nobody bothered to ask, ‘Tell us how many troops you’re sending here and there,’ ” said a senior White House official involved in war policy. “We assumed, perhaps naively, that the Pentagon was sending them to the most critical places.”

The problem escalated later in 2009 when McChrystal asked for 40,000 more troops. Some of the new forces would be sent to Kandahar. Others would secure the regions around Kabul as well as a few Pashtun-dominated pockets in the north and west where insurgent activity had increased. But thousands of the additional troops were slated to go to Helmand — on top of the nearly 11,000 Marines who already were there.
I don't buy that analysis. Helmand is the biggest opium producing province.  The surge troops not only guarded the crops but gave time for the logistics and allies to be set up so the profits flowed into the right hands. Bringing the surge troops home was an indication that the ruling powers at least thought they had the growing and distribution under control. Will most of the rest of the US troops leave by the end of 2014? We're already being set up with the meme that leaving would bring disaster. Unless we still have control of the resources or something unforeseen happens, we won't be leaving. Please correct me if you think I'm off base in this line of thought.

As if 2,000 US dead in Afghanistan and over 4,800 in Iraq is not bad enough, probably over 1 million natives of the two countries have been slaughtered. We tend to forget that.

It's just the tip of a sinking ship. Veterans are dying everyday. Suicides, killed by police, drug overdoses, drinking themselves to death, 'accidents,' maybe DU and radiation poisoning. So similar to the tens of thousands that came home from Vietnam and died early and often.

Just yesterday at about the same time the 2,000th died in Afghanistan, a local 26 year old two tour vet only back home less than a year was stabbed to death by his brother in the parking lot of the Tennessee Titans stadium. His whole life led up to that point and did his service time have anything to do with it? An educated guess says it very well could have.

It's a harsh thing to say but all of the soldiers died in vain, the civilian victims of war too. Profiteers and the deceived masses may say otherwise but many of us see the picture as it is really painted. We want to slash that painting into pieces and burn it, never to be seen again. We fail at the moment, it still hangs on the wall.


  1. Have to also point out that the the "official" stats don't count casualties that occur in a medivac helicopter en route to medical treatment, or after arriving at the destination of treatment.
    I would assume that this number is much higher if it was not manipulated as most official stats are.

    1. Good point. I think that's true.

    2. I heard the same - that if you count the deaths that didn't happen on the battlefield as a result of battle, the us military death toll is closer to 60,000. That surpasses the toll from Vietnam.

    3. Not to mention the civilian casualties from Iraq. Well over a million but we hear "100,000 at most" constantly. Bullshit.

  2. Wow...death for money...never ends...C.I.A criminals in action
    just like Vietnam with caskets of dope!

  3. What {psychopathic} terrorist state with 400 nukes....?

    looky over there ...

    String of Iraq car bomb blasts kill at least 32...
    Muslim protesters torch Buddhist temples in Bangladesh...
    Militant group al Shabab attacks church in Kenya...
    Bomb explodes near Islamic school in Nigeria...
    Grenade attack on fair in Thailand injures 30...
    Car bomb kills 4 in Syria...


    one used to believe were a mortal sin..

    Mercy killings

  4. Brought back memories, not buried too deep, of a childhood friend who lived two doors up the streetand he went off to VietNam in later years, survived but had witnessed the death of his best friend. Upon return he stopped to express his sentiments to his friend's wife and describe "what happened", they struck up a relationship, married, then a bit later (months?) he was found dead just outside the fence of the base where they were living. Every one of those millions of deaths has a story and most have a family torn apart by the experience. Should we honor the troops and pledge allegiance and send our children and grandchildren off to do the "patriotic" thing and die for the bankers? No thanks. We need to be honest with them. Yeah, the bankers, maybe we ought to be honest with them too?

  5. I failed to point out that my friend was murdered by the Wife and she was convicted. Survived all the hazards of Viet Nam and... still lost his life needlessly.

  6. Thank you Kenny for your words.
    Life is beautiful and complicated enough without drugs.
    Human lives for opium drug trade profits?
    A psychopathic disgrace.

  7. Murder by Injection...

    the Global Crime Syndicate "Paradigm" didn't just start yesterday...

    "like those hardboiled boys down at the double A who say they ain't just drinkin' for today" RWH. {Hey That's Allright}

    serpentine, Shel, Serpentine...

    supply & ....Demand

  8. Last night, "60 Minutes" was beating the war drums, interviewing some Grand Poobah general type who's in Afghanistan.

    The journalist feigned anger when talking about 'al CIA Duh' and the fighters allegedly coming over from Pakistan, but no video or sat intelligence of these trangressiosn... guess the NSA is too busy watching Americans.

    After being under the iron boot heel of the American Army of Occupation for 11 years and watching friends, family and relatives getting blown away or blasted to smithereens by those cowardly drones, the Afghan people are fighting back, they want us OUT, but the Pentagon and the 'Bobbsey Twins,' RMONEY and OBOMBA will do their Masters bidding and keep killing their way to peace.

    1. I was curious about what they said and think this is the one you were talking about.

  9. There's this story from my neck of the woods being passed all around the internet the last couple of days and it is being portrayed as current.

    "Man Dies in Police Raid on Wrong House"

    Actually it is from Oct. 2000, 12 years old. All of the old local news reports are gone but I found this one.

    It seems it was picked by someone from an ABC news post that is undated as to year. I don't know why they do that.

    They story was extensively covered in the local media and why I even remembered it.

    It's easy for us to grab on to something and pass it on without doing due diligence. I'm guilty of it myself. On Sept. 15 I posted an alleged photo of Ambassador Stevens standing over the dead Ghaddafi and it got re-posted at several places.

    Thanks to aangirfan I found out it was not Stevens but Daily Mail reporter Andrew Malone.

    Anyway, I'm a threat to screw up at times so I appreciate folks pointing out my mistakes and would hope others feel the same when we kindly point out theirs. I think we have to stick together in at least trying to get correct what we can.

  10. Hey Kenny!
    apologies for the off topic
    I did some digging on the Ambassador's funeral
    It was low key, but, if your interested in the little I did find check the latest post.
    It's in there.
    There is a link Felix left, a link to a video and a news article

    As for the due diligence, on the limited resources people like you and I have Kenny???
    We do as good as we can and a hell of a lot better then the msm
    YOu corrected it? I have to amend my post. And I am off to do that.
    Unlike the msm, we won't/don't try to hide it.

    In Canada there has been recent news about a highly paid "journalist" who has been plagiarizing prolifically.

    Oh and she's the victim!

    " But I’m also sorry we live in an age where attacks on people’s character and reputation seem to have become the norm."

    boohoo. she was caught.

    Her explanation

    "It’s true that Mr. Gardner wrote a column in 2008 about Prof. Paarlberg and his book. I now realize I read that column before I wrote my own on the subject more than a year later."

    I now realize I read that column? Come on, she get's paid for this, she has editors
    You, I and other bloggers, we do the best we can on nothing but free time and search engines

    1. I had not got around to correcting it and your comment was a reminder. It is now. Thanks.

      At least when we mess up we have the excuse that we don't get paid for this (grin)unlike that Wente character.

  11. Suppressed (in Western media anyhow) reality in Afghanistan:

    Afghanistan: U.S. out, China surges in

    By Barry Lando | September 27, 2012

    There’s got to be some symbolism—if not irony–in the fact that just as the last of the 33,000 troops surged by Obama two years ago supposedly to pacify Afghanistan pulled out, the highest ranking Chinese official to visit Afghanistan in almost half a century pulled in—arriving in Kabul for a secret round of meetings with top Afghan officials.

    Question: How will China deal with the country that proved such an expensive and bloody disaster for both the U.S., its NATO allies–and the U.S.S.R before them?

    In a brief visit, unreported until he had left Kabul, Zhou Younkang, China’s chief of domestic security, met with Afghani leaders, including President Hamid Karzai. They talked about drugs, international crime, terrorism, and developing Afghanistan’s huge natural resources—just as visiting Americans have done for years.

    The result, a cluster of agreements, among them an announcement that 300 Afghan police officers will be sent to China for training over the next four years. ...

  12. Opium production under the tallyban approximately 200-300 tons/year within one year of the us invasion 2000 tons, last time I checked it is in the 8000+ tons/ year. I have been keeping tabs on this little scenario for quite some time now. And it used to be that all the opium was shipped out to make heroin, but now it is made in country. So being afghan has not one chemical production factory and it takes a relatively large amount of chemicals to actually produce the heroin and the usa controls all the borders (supposedly) how do they just drive in huge trucks full of the required chemicals and substances to process the heroin?

  13. Hey kenny and all, I don't know how much of this is BS... but check it out, very interesting.

    1. After seeing this all the way through, I actually think it's probably mostly, if not all, BS. I sorta bought into it at the beginning.

    2. Well John, you of all people would know what true "BS" is considering what you peddle in. John Friend exposed and explained:

    3. 15 seconds into the video and with the wording "report circling the Kremlin" it was immediately obvious it was a Sorcha Faal hoax. I stopped right there.

    4. I'm so shocked that John Friend would post obvious disinfo. Shocked I tell ya.

    5. Yeah, this was BS. My mistake. I don't know who or what Sorcha Faal is, but yeah, it's garbage.

      This on the other hand is actually worth watching:

      Hillary Clinton is a psychopath.

    6. Gee John, you think maybe you've made some other recent mistakes in your hard right turn into white supremacist land? By the way, have you gotten around to reading Mein Kampf yet? You love you some Hitler but havent read that book yet. Again, this is an obvious red flag.

    7. Well John? Still waiting to read Hitlers most famous work in spite of the fact that you're convinced he was a swell guy and super big time hero? Quite an interesting conclusion to come to when you havent even read his most famous work. Or, you know, a highly suspicious conclusion.

  14. Hey Kenny - you could make a post out of this, if you like. It did start as a reply to the above poster but then grew... -EV


    Thanks for constantly picking on John Friend. Because of your irrational vitriol, I often read his posts and check out the sources he provides. Recently, for example, he posted a review of a book on the no-planes argument. Here is that review, if you are interested (well, I know that YOU are not interested, but others could read it):

    I then bought and read the second edition of “Planes without Passengers” by Dean T. Hartwell. The first 7 points represent what I consider to be the best of his evidence in favor of the no-planes (and therefore no hijackers) argument:

    1) In November of 2003, investigator Gerard Holmgren, now deceased, announced that the Bureau of Transportation Statistics did not list flights 11 and 77 as flying on September 11, 2001. Oopsie! The BTS maintained that stance until retroactively changing it in 2004.

    2) Even more damning: The two planes that were officially listed as flying that day – flights 175 & 93 – were detected by their message signals (according to pilots for 9/11 truth,) AFTER they had supposedly crashed. The message system is called “ACARS, for Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System.” ACARS records put flight #175 hundreds of miles west of the WTC (in Pennsylvania) at the time of the alleged crash, 9:03am. The last ACARS communication for flight 175 was received at 9:23am over Pittsurgh, PA. Similarly, ACARS records put flight 93 over Champaign, Illinois, at 10:10am. Flight #93 was alleged to have crashed in Pennsylvania between 10:03-10:10am.

    3) There was no evidence proffered of any of the putative planes at any of the crash sites, despite the myriad of individually numbered (for easy id after a crash) plane parts.

    4) Similarly, no evidence was provided of any of the remains of any of the putative plane passengers at any of the crash sites. All we have is the gov’t word – no independent verification. And there was a decided lack of proper “chain of custody” for the evidence brought forth.

    5) Phone calls to relatives either not possible (no cell phone coverage at putative altitude, no airphones on at least one of the planes) or nonsensical (‘Mom? This is Mark Bingham…’ etc.). Witness reports of receipt of passenger calls contradicted by available phone records (e.g., Ted Olson’s report of wife Barbara’s calls).

    6) No passenger manifests or airport security video were produced to confirm that even one of the alleged hijackers was on any of the relevant flights that morning. All we have to support the idea of hijackers are the phony phone calls.

    7) Not one pilot of any of the “hijacked” planes took the few seconds to punch in a “hijacked” alarm signal code as they decidedly would done had they been hijacked. In one case, the cockpit had not even been breached (according to the official story), so the pilots certainly had time to punch in the code.

    1. Here are three more points to add to the mix:

      8) Video fakery (that ‘nose-out’ frame is especially damning). Here's a link to some short videos posted on JF's site:

      9) Simple physics – what would happen to real (non-virtual) airplanes hitting a steel building? They would be crushed on the outside of the building. End of story.

      10) More basic physics – the planes could not have flown at the putative speed (500mph) at that altitude. Not physically possible!

      What happened to the passengers? Not sure, but Hartwell has some good guesses. Anyway, as Sherlock Holmes “said” : “…when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth”. It's not up to him or me or anyone else to pin down every detail - it's enough to demolish the official story.

      I look forward to hearing GOOD debate on this issue. I will not address any comments indicating that (1) I am paid by someone to lie; (2) I am insane; (3) I am a racist; (4) I am a sexually deranged, bored housewife. All of the above may be true, but in no way affect the quality of my arguments. So let’s stick to the facts.


    2. I am aware that John Friend pushes the "no planes in NYC" argument that let Rabbi Zakheim off the hook. What exactly is your point? John Friend is an obvious controlled op or useful idiot who is being played by controlled ops. I'm sorry if stating that when he shows up to troll bothers you. Actually no I'm not, not at all. Get over it.

    3. ah yes, Negentropic posted this recently - very good - so I'm reposting it:


      Colonel George Nelson (U.S. Airforce Retired), an air-crash investigation expert has observed that NOT ONE uniquely identifiable part has ever been produced by the government FROM ANY OF THE 4 ALLEGED CRASH SITES (3 million numbered parts from each plane, that makes 12 million friggin missing parts ! )

      No-Plane parts matched = no planes of any kind, period - end of discussion - And, no, they were not all picked up and stored in a secret government 'stash,' they were never recovered & matched as is standard procedure for all plane-crashed.

      This is how easy it is to prove No-Planes on 9-11 (even without the missing 12 million parts & the rest of the literal mountains of TV fakery evidence):

      Boeing Max Speed At Sea-Level: 360 MPH

      Speed we were told they flew by FEMA, British RAF & the FAA : 550 MPH

      these so-called 'experts' calculated this speed from the video footage using the width of the towers as a comparison of how far the planes moved respectively between two stills which are taken at every 0.04 sec (PAL) or at every 0.033 seconds (NTSC cams) even though any pilot knows that a 767 can do at most 400 mph at 700 feet altitude before it vibrates itself into pieces.

      That's why the max speed at this altitude level is restricted to around 350 mph by software.


      NO ONE could have flown the planes at around 550 mph into the towers, not even the best trained pilots because it's physically impossible at that altitude for both 757 and 767s. (and to say that real pilots could not have flown these planes but remote controlled planes controllers could have, is laughably retarded and absurd).

      Therefore, the videos they used to calculate these speeds must be obvious fakes

      Interview with Simon Shack of September Clues - Brian S Staveley, Justin Cooke - 04 / 08 / 2012

      Introductory Tour Guide to the September Clues research by Simon Shack -(updated on July 18 2011)

      Fairly Comprehensive Audio on All Aspects of the Likely 'How' of the 9-11 Psy-Op - 03 / 18 / 2012 - Brian S Staveley, Justin Cooke

      And by the way

      Shack already gave all his private info on Clues forums last year. Shack is not his birth name, that is Hytten, but Shack is the name he was predominantly known by even before making September Clues:

      ~Negentropic MK V

    4. Swapped planes=no matching plane parts. The "no planes" cartoon arguments are meant to both discredit 9/11 truth overall and protect Dov Zakheim and SPC and their "remote flight technology". Who is he directly tied to? Israel. So its meant to protect Israel. Very simple stuff, please use some common sense. The people in NYC saw something. Are you going to argue holograms in addition to "tv fakery"? Or does swapped planes flown by SPC make a ton more sense?

      So no, I'm not surprised that you would leap to the defense of John Friend considering what YOU push EV.

    5. Okay, Dov Zackheim has done other suspicious things that tie into 9/11 - don't worry just because he didn't have his little remote-control out that morning.

      Two major examples come immediately to mind: 1) Zackheim was the comptroller of the Pentagon on Sept 10, 2001, when Rummy announced 2.3 trillion missing from the defense budget. (2) Zackheim was a member of PNAC. So don't worry - he's done some dirty deeds and will hopefully one day be held responsible. (You can't just pin crimes on someone just because you don't like him, afterall, ... right?)

      Now, back to Negentropic's point - the design of the plane prevented anyone (pilots) or anything (remotes) flying those planes at the speed reported (550 mph). Max speed would have been 360mph.

      The holograms - strawman argument. If you can demonstrate actual witnesses - not disinformants, let me know.

    6. Straw man is what you just laid out. You(or Negen) point out how the Boeings couldn't stand the speeds they were said to have flown. Swapped/modified planes fully explains that. But no, it was "no planes!!!". Are you kidding me? Laughably retarded? Do you have any idea how precise that technology is? You are a moron EV, and you're being played. Dov Zakheim thanks you.

      And when you have to fall back on-"everyone in the most densely populated city on the planet were disinformants" you might as well just admit you're full of shit. Again, not surprised you would defend a piece of scum like John Friend.

    7. Yes, but if it is swapped planes, where is the evidence for that? Shouldn't parts with alternative numbers have been produced? (Notice I'm trying to keep this argument civilized and stick to arguing about the facts.)

    8. No, why would they risk being called out for that? Better to just lie and say everything was destroyed beyond recognition like the black boxes(the ones not used to create the "hijacker" legend) supposedly were.

      The evidence for swapped planes goes all the way back to Operation Northwoods. And then there is the fact that both planes that hit the towers(or the planes they claim did) flew over Stewart air force base at nearly the same time(strongly implying that they landed and were swapped out)-

    9. Okay, so your source is USA today and ABC news. They say - so it must be true - that the two flights 11 and 175 really did crash into the towers because they crossed paths earlier, which implies that they landed and were swapped out for military drones. I'm sorry that doesn't satisfy me. You also haven't explained why flight 11 wasn't officially listed as flying that day. Also, why would military drones be able to penetrate the steel towers? Why would the obvious video clip fakery be suddenly genuine if the planes had been drones? How would the physics be any different? Maybe there's something I missed - so you're going to have to spell it out for me, if that's the case. I really don't have all day to paw through your website. Plus I'm a little dim. So help me out - I'm trying to give you the benefit of the doubt.

    10. AND you forgot to address the pilots for 9/11 truth evidence of flight 175 (and 93) being placed pretty far west of their respective "crash" sites using the ACARS data. Are you saying that the pilots for 9/11 truth are lying? You prefer to believe the 9/11 commission report (plus USA today, etc.)?

    11. Are you deliberately dense EV? Where did those clips come from that you and Shack obsess over? NBC NEWS,CNN,CBS NEWS. So by your stupid ass logic...... No, you are VERY dim. You and Shack and "Ace Baker" are the genuises that "cracked the case"! The "obvious" tv fakery fooled the rest of the world! Or not. It fooled certain gullible morons in the 9/11 truth movement and currently has them chasing ghosts while Zakheim and the boys laugh like hyenas.

      And crossed paths over a military base. Not simply "crossed paths". Dim indeed.

      You're asking me to explain everything as if your ridiculous little "tv fakery" theory does that. Sorry, it doesn't even come close.

      By the way, do you think its at all possible that charlatans like Shack are fooling you with manipulated video?(meaning THEY manipulated it after the fact) No, thats not possible right? You know the chain of custody right? These are all legitimately the original tapes right? They werent fucked with after the fact right? No, thats not at all possible. Lets go with holograms and cartoon planes. Right. Dov thanks you.

      I dont blindly trust any of the 9/11 groups(A.E.,Pilots for Truth,Tv fakery crowd etc.) like you do. There are well meaning and intelligent people in all(or most) of these groups and they provide some valuable information. To blindly accept all of their conclusions is gullible at best. Ms. Naive EV would know a thing or 2 about that though.

    12. gosh you sound upset, little buddy. Good not to blindly trust anyone - esp. USA today, ABC news, the 9/11 commission. It's their video - shown on tv sets all over the world. If you are saying that the clip I showed was not the media version, please point me to the "real" media version that you seem to know about.

    13. Say EV, do you buy into Judy Woods theories too? How about Reynolds hologram theory? What about the mini nuke theory? Or maybe the thermite red herring? You bought into most if not all of those theories at one time or another right? Yet you still dont see the point of most of these theories? Interesting.

    14. Do you KNOW that is was the media version? How do you know? Is it YOUR tape? Facts matter and chain of custody matters. Do you personally have first hand videotape of the news coverage from that day that YOU recorded? Or did you get it from Shack and Baker?

    15. I don't really want to get into this but maybe we should focus on where there is agreement. Maybe...

      No 'official story' planes.

      There were/are edited and altered videos including some officially released by NIST.

      There was no real NTSB or any investigation at all. All evidence was hidden or destroyed.

      Beyond that without an honest investigation with subpoena power we can speculate forever. Speculation and infighting which was designed into the mix from the beginning.

      I agree with anon that we should not blindly trust any of the groups and it goes without saying the MSM.

      I also agree with EV that we should keep it civil and not fall into what I call the 'Ryan Dawson syndrome.' By that I mean no matter how much good information one puts forth, as he often does, if someone does not agree with all aspects they are stupid, an idiot, a moron. I'm tired of that kind of thing.

      Honest people don't always agree. My personal opinion is that regarding what is relevant, the official story is 100% false. That's been my starting point for over 11 years now. All the rest is interesting conversation filled with a lot of truth and a lot of disinformation and diversion and we will continue to try and sort it all out.

    16. I'm open to there being manipulations of some videos to hide the swaps/modifications. But to say "no planes" in NYC? I'm sorry, this isnt the Pentagon where literally all of the witnesses of a big plane were military or MSM employees. This is common sense. I'm suspicious of anyone who pushes the "no planes" angle so hard. Its one thing to buy into it but its another to make it the centerpiece of ones activism. I believe there is a reason that Friend and others do this. And again, its dual purpose-discredit 9/11 truth and protect SPC/Dov/Israel. Its working.

    17. 25 Second 9-11 Truth Test for All Your Friends & Relatives !

      The great thing about this is that it will only take around 25 seconds to a couple of minutes of their 'oh-so-precious' time away from watching the crap on their TV, so they will almost always do what you say even to just get rid of you.

      Have them watch this 25 second clip:

      let them watch it a few times if they want and then ask them what the video is asking which is

      "If this happened tomorrow, would you believe it ? "

      and see what they say.

      It should be good for lots of laughs because if they have the brains to recognize this 25 second clip for the complete media fakery and forgery that it so obviously is (by the video maker - complete with fake F18 plane getting swallowed by building, fake headlines and CNN logo - CNN: Breaking News - F18 hijacked by Hamas terrorists - Iran is supporting terrorism on U.S. soil, a non-event, & audio transposed from the 9-11 newscasts in the background) then you can just tell them:

      Well, this is what you saw on 9-11 as well, so why do you believe that ?

      After which you can show them one of the ridiculously fake 9-11 clips such as this one:

      and ask them why in the world would they not believe the one they just saw & believe the others from 9-11 ?

      Then try not to laugh at the look on their faces as they try every lame excuse in the book to deny their own eyes and logic

      ~return of the seventh son of the seventh son of Negentropic MK V

    18. The problem with Judy Wood's theory is basically that ALL images from 9-11, absolutely EVERYTHING, all photos & all videos are completely suspect & most are already, absolutely proven fakes.

      It's not that Shack is banning her 'evidence,' it's that he's had enough of it already. They already debunked many of the photographs & videos that are the main source of her 'evidence' beyond hurricane Erin, seismic footprints, the dust being nano-scopic, etc.

      That other stuff without the images & videos Wood relies on doesn't prove much. And yes, I do have her book, bought it the first week it came out, back when I still thought that most of the images could be trusted & thought, just like Deanna Spingola, that JW made a solid case based on those images.

      Not anymore. Some aspects of her non-photographic evidence might turn out to be valid but not the gist of the DEW theory, especially not with Hutchison's fraudulent bozo ass attached. She even thinks the videos & photos of the so-called jumpers are real which have been debunked any number of times as fake:


    19. Fetzer is also not very well-liked at Clues Forums because he sits on the fence forever & especially since he pulled the hologram theory out of his ass again citing Richard D. Hall's film & some witness named Steve Forbes he interrogated who 'saw a plane' & could not be lying or have been hallucinating in the face of such 'expert' Fetzerian interrogations. lol!

      Andrew Johnson recently mentioned this same Richard D. Hall film on Spingola's show as if it was some kind of new breakthrough.

      In fact, not only is it not a breakthrough, but it's not even much of a challenge to the Clues research since it took Shack just one friggin post to debunk it with ridicule straight out the door:

      It seems that Andrew Johnson & Jim Fetzer have not even bothered to read this:

      Introductory Tour Guide to the September Clues research - Simon Shack

      so that confusion will not reign in their heads in case confusion & making everything believable & nothing knowable was not what they were after in the first place.

      Brian S Staveley On The Kevin Smith Show- 9/11 special

      The Real Truth Behind The Greatest Illusion Of All Time: 9/11

      This is a great audio from a few months ago. It's unbelievable how much 9-11 info this guy Staveley's been able to pick up & articulate so well in just one year of research. Before that he was trying to be a sportscaster. After Shack liked him well-enough to do an audio with him back in April,

      Interview with Simon Shack of September Clues - Brian S Staveley, Justin Cooke - 04 / 08 / 2012

      Phil 'the shill' Jayhan IP banned him for life from "Let's Troll Forums" ! Later, even a few of Clues Forum people started going after him so he hasn't been back there either for a couple of months.

      There was also a Fetzer appearance with Staveley from last week archived here:

      If you ask me the Fetzer appearance was very disappointing to say the least. Holograms ? Willie Rodriguez ? Phew! Let me wipe the sweat off my brow from such massive philosophical intellectualisms ! lol!

      I'm done with going to Fetzer for 9-11 info after this.

      The cutting edge is clearly over at Clues Forums, they're the ones on the right track.

      "Let's Troll" is probably there to sabotage the Clues research with association to other nonsense just like Shack warns in the audio. Besides, "Let's' Troll" still doesn't have a single thread exposing the holohoax, the biggest fraud of the 20th century, while Clues Forums has a whole bunch. That alone is the black flag of shillery supreme with extra cheese.

      ~negentropic mk xiii

  15. No little girl, not upset at all. I agree, we should not blindly trust the MSM. Good thing I didn't say anything close to that. I'm not surprised that you missed yet another point though. You've shown quite a propensity for that.

  16. Well, I still don't see how swapping planes accounts for all the discrepancies. Are you saying that you know the model of military drone and what speed it can fly at that altitude? And that the data from pilots for 9/11 truth is fake? What would be their motive? Are they all working for DZ? Why can't you show me the "real" clip if you are so positive that the one I listed is not?

    I have not looked into Judy Woods - but the photos of burnt out cars do seem strange. I realize that the "thermite-only" crowd may be suspicious. I myself don't want to rule anything out at this point. I'm trying to look at the data and reason about the evidence or lack thereof. Obviously, I've hit some sort of sore spot here.

    It's good to keep in mind what Kenny has said - just because one aspect of someone's thinking is screwy, doesn't mean that everything they say is wrong. That's very immature thinking and show's a very primitive defensive structure ('splitting' seen in psychotics, borderlines, etc.).

    If you are in fact interested in pursuing the truth, then please contribute constructively to this conversation. I want to hear from you.

    1. What would be their motive to fake info? Same motive as faking videos after the fact. To get idiots to go on wild goose chases. As if fake data isnt being put out there all the time on various fronts. I dont know that its fake though. That said it would be a hell of a lot easier to get the members of PFT on the same disinfo peddling page than it would ALL OF THE FUCKING PEOPLE WHO SAW A PLANE IN THE MOST DENSELY POPULATED CITY ON THE PLANET. Ahem. Sorry. But "swapped planes" still makes more sense than "no planes". COMMON SENSE indeed. And no, thats not a "tactic", its just obvious. What does come off as a "tactic" is your condescending tone below. I don't need a lesson in "critical thinking skills" from somebody who champions an obvious shill like John Friend.

      I agree though, just because you buy into the tv fakery fraud doesn't mean you're wrong about everything. I often agree with your comments here. You're doing the 9/11 perps and Dov Zakheim a favor on this issue though.

    2. EV, great job breaking down this "no planes" theory. It's really a stupid name for this information if you ask me... it always gets people alienated or turned off before they even look into the main points of the argument. Feel free to post your comments explaining this on my post so that way Dean can read it, too. Glad you bought his book.

      kenny makes good points above about all this - no official planes, most definitely altered or faked videos, no real investigation, etc. There is enough info out there to prove that no large Boeing 757 or 767 crashed anywhere on 9/11, there were no hijackings, there were no real Islamic "terrorists" and the entire official conspiracy theory is a fraud. The phone calls were faked, many of the "victims" are frauds, and there were media operatives involved that were reading from scripts to sell the idea of Islamic "terrorists", "hijackings", planes hitting the towers, etc. Ehud Barak, Jerome Heurer and other neocons and Jews were on TeeVee on 9/11 saying bin Laden did it and we had to launch the "War on Terror" to combat Islamic terrorism. 9/11 was a made for TeeVee False Flag/PSYOP. It's that simple.

    3. It's so funny reading anonymous' comments here. He/She says the same thing, over and over and over. "John Friend is controlled op. John Friend is a white supremacist. He works for ProThink. Dov Zakheim is let off the hook by claiming there were no planes on 9/11." I would like him or anyone else to show me something I've said or written demonstrating I'm a "white supremacist" first off. Second, no one is letting Dov Zakheim off the hook for 9/11. He is clearly one of the top 9/11 War Criminals. I have said this repeatedly. But, that doesn't mean his flight termination technology was involved on 9/11.

      As for the "swapped planes" argument... this is what Anthony Lawson and others advance when debating Jim Fetzer on the "no planes" theory. And it's absolutely absurd. What we were shown on television on 9/11 is aerodynamically and physically impossible. An airplane - even a "swapped" or "modified" airplane - cannot effortlessly pass through steel and concrete. An airplane will not simply disappear into a large steel and concrete building. Newton's laws of physics were not suspended on 9/11. So, what we are seeing in the videos is absurd and FAKE. That's it, end of story. A plane cannot perform the feats shown on the videos depicting what happened in NYC on 9/11.

      Regarding the witnesses in NYC, which anonymous angrily and irrationally refers to as ALL OF THE FUCKING PEOPLE WHO SAW A PLANE IN THE MOST DENSELY POPULATED CITY ON THE PLANET, ahem... who exactly are you talking about dude? What people saw a plane? Post a vid. Post an article. This has been debunked by September Clues, Andrew Johnson, and others. The idea that a plane hit the WTC was introduced by the operatives in the media on 9/11. The people claiming to have seen a plane hit the towers were plants man. That's it. It was scripted. Do you get it?

      Take a look at this analysis of "First Responder" accounts of what they saw on 9/11:

      Many of the eye-witnesses in NYC claim to have seen a missile, some a small plane, some NOTHING AT ALL, JUST EXPLOSIONS, some (scripted witnesses) claim to have seen a commercial airliner. Ed Hendrie's book 9/11 - Enemies Foreign and Domestic addresses this issue at length, and demonstrates that numerous eye witnesses actually said they didn't see anything hit the towers, they just saw or heard explosions.

    4. Yeah man, they were ALL plants man. You're a joke John. Its only natural you would run defense for Zakheim and advance the cartoon theory. Moron.

      And isnt it funny how you go on and on about mini nukes,Judy Wood and other advance technologies but apparently you think the military cant make a plane that cuts through steel? Give me a break. This line of bull may work on your retarded white supremacist commenters at your site but its still ridiculous.

    5. John, did your recent change in tone in favor of "white nationalism" and Hitler pole waxing have anything to do with Prothink attaining your "services"? How much does Prothink pay you? Would you allow criticism of Prothink or Delaney at your site? Or would you simply delete the comments like you do so many others? Disinfo and controlled opposition is a real issue. That you would not allow conversations about it at your site speaks volumes about you and your motives.

    6. Where did you go John? I know you read the above questions. Just answer them. Try and answer honestly for once in your life.

  17. Oh and, "it's common sense" - this is a tactic to invoke conformity by referencing social norms. Well it was once common sense to believe that the sun revolved around the earth, right? Do you always believe what you're told or what everyone else says is the case? Don't you want to aim higher than that? It can be scary, critical thinking is difficult, but maybe you can try right here on this blog, and we'll all support you.

    1. Critical thinking? Like latching onto whatever nutcases like Ace Baker say? Riiiiiiiiggghhtt.......

    2. Watch the video above that Friend posted. Are you going to go lecture him about his "critical thinking skills"? Or do you share his agenda and therefor don't feel the need to "correct" him? If you have to ask what his agenda is you really aren't paying attention.

    3. Yeah yeah yeah, I owned up to that. Calm down. I am honest enough to admit my mistakes.

    4. Good for you John. You admitted one of your "mistakes". Now what about the rest? Fooled by an obvious fraud above why should we believe you aren't being fooled by the "tv fakery" psy op meant to muddy the waters? You are. Or you are pretending to.

    5. Wherever Mr. Friend goes, MILF EV follows. interesting.

    6. Whatever you say, lady gabble gabble goebbels.


      Uh oh, Barrett fingers Zakheim and not for cartoon planes or holograms, but for SPC controlled planes. No planers attack!

  18. ...but what about the EMET GROUP
    & who gets the moolah from the smack ?

    ...the currency printers & The media owners cousins or the hawaiians ?

    certainly it's not the concentration camp residents in Gaza.

    is that plane enuf...?

    just look at the mug shots

  19. I understood nothing you said. EMET group?

    1. background...reported by Joel C. Rosenberg in 18 August 2001


      A group of American business and political leaders are building a pro-Israel media "war room" in Washington, D.C. The group will be called "Emet"—which in Hebrew means "truth." Emet will try to address biased media coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and also make the case that the conflict, while serious and important, pales in comparison to the larger geo-strategic threat posed to the United States and the West by Iran and Iraq, both of whom are trying to build and/or acquire weapons of mass destruction. Funding Emet is Leonard Abramson; he sold U.S. Healthcare to Aetna in the mid-1990s for $8.9 billion. Abramson has recruited a powerful board of directors, including Bernie Marcus, founder of Home Depot; Les Wexner, founder of The Limited; Edgar Bronfman Sr., who once owned Seagram's; and Lou Ranieri, a major Wall Street player who now co-owns one of Israel's largest banks. Also joining the board are Jeane Kirkpatrick, former U.S. Ambassador to the UN, and Jack Kemp.


      ....a loose affiliation of millionaires & Billionaires [TRILLIONAIRES]...


      not understanding the who and why doesn't mean they're not doing it...

  20. No planes theory→= hasbarat.
    NTS & aangirfan = controlled opposition.

    1. Agreed. Except I would guess that NTS is just mistaken and not an actual op.

    2. Frank Rizzo and Anonymous, maybe you guys should start a blog since you guys know everything, eh?

    3. Maybe I already have one. Maybe you should shut down your blog since its a hasbara disinfo rats nest that benefits the jewish supremacists indirectly?

    4. Ever since Kenny started sucking up to EV - Johnny boy's MILF, this site has become just as questionable. Just can't trust no one these days.

    5. I'm not going to get on Kenny for sticking up for EV. Shes been here awhile and unlike Friend I doubt she is a shill. Well, a knowing shill anyway. I question the fact that Kenny links to scum like Friend,"AmericanGoy" and that lunatic who wants to run for President but its his website, he can link to anyone he wants, even obvious hasbara like them.

    6. What do EV, JF, AG and Presidential nutjob Miller have in common? They are all racists oops supremacists oops again ... "nationalists". {G}

  21. Thank you Kenny for letting me post this.

    The following is copied from les Visible's site after a comment by another local poet named Neil.

    "Fine words Neil.
    We have a lot to learn from the North American Indians. Before we genocided 80 million of them, they lived in harmony for thousands of years with each other (the Iroquois tribe excepted) and with nature. If they can forgive us for our murderous sins against them, we owe their and our children to continue or quest to reinstate truth and justice in society in order to achieve real, lasting peace in the world.

    The civilised men and women, whatever their skin colour, brought the indians diease, corruption, murder and firewaters. We brought them our disharmonous way of living which has bankrupted europe and rest of the "civilized" world. We must first face our own social egocentricities by learning from Jesus/Mohammad/Buda/Krishna about the honest ways to live in harmony with each other and with Gaia. We need to learn the truth that compound interest destroys every society into which it is introduced because money becomes the object of work instead of facillitating it. Life is not work or money or material things, it is love. The redman knew this. We have ignored this fact. What we see all around us is the result of making money god. How much money would you be willing to pay for true love - any form of genuine love?

    I rest my case.

    Thank you Neil for inspiring these words. More truth and a total end to the usury banking system. A return to a total focus on the family and to living in harmony with each other and with this paradise planet of water.

    Peace and love (through truth and justice)

    Thank you also Visible for this forum to speak the truth."

  22. Here are Neil's comments so you don't have to click your way to read them:

    Im not a khazar,,,you can only really judge me from my actions,which are not the actions of a khazarian fake Jew,,,,
    But when I was in Israel years ago,I got to see what was going on over there,,,,
    I have my own opinion on the subject,,

    One thing for sure I will not write off every Jew as evil,,,
    I will not write of every khazarian as evil,,,
    What I will do though is try and find out why.....


    Tuesday, October 02, 2012 9:32:00 AM
    Anonymous said...
    Trouble is in this world,their is to much competition,,everybody running around competing with each other,trying to take parts of each other,,,
    All they are really doing is destabilising that part that they are trying to take of the other person in themselves,,the energy that was once freely theirs misplaced in delusion and corrupted focus,,,

    Truth has to be true,,,
    It is not to be used as an excuse to hate people
    Everyone alive in this world today in my opinion is the organic light..even though they don't show it

    The people causing all of this trouble are sick and lost hiding behind a mask,,,
    Demented material junkies unable to question themselves,scared of what they will find out,,,,
    I hate what these fake anti life Jews have done and have been doing as much as everybody else,,,
    But I will not write them off,,,,because I know what is underneath ......

    I am sorry that is not good enough for you,,,,

    Respect Neil

    Tuesday, October 02, 2012 9:59:00 AM
    Anonymous said...
    When I first woke up,,I woke up half way through reading the old testament just after I had read the Koran,,,,,although as a child I had read some cs Lewis and various other semi spiritual children story's,,,,,I was from a roman catholic background,that I questioned constantly,,,,,,
    When I awoke,I had found myself in disagreement with some of the things said in the old testament and had a another interpretation of what I had been reading,,,,what struck me most were the tribes,,,I had interpreted that meaning all people across the world,,,
    What I had woken in myself is the Christ,,,without reading the new testament,,,,,With the teachings of the Koran ,,that were actually written after Christianity had been perverted by its Roman slave ideology,,,,,I could see it was to reseat the original Christ into the original position,,,,,,
    After reading these books I read many others from all over the world,,,
    Each book I read only seemed to bring me back to the position of the original Christ or whatever particular word you prefer,,,,,,

    Thought I should say this,,,,as people don't seem to recognise where I am coming from,,,,,,,

    Respects people ,,,,neil

    Tuesday, October 02, 2012 1:09:00 PM
    Anonymous said...
    Anyway people looks like Netanyahus finished,,,
    I know as a movement we seem to get the rough end of the stick,,beat down sneered at and called crazy,,,,
    But when something like this happens,we should really congratulate ourselves on a good job,,,so everyone out there who did their little bit,took up the challenge fearlessly,,,, WELL DONE all of you

    But we now have the criminal banking cartel to deal with and the bought off criminal governments,,,,itching for war,,with anyone,,,,,,,

    The native American in some of his prophecys said,,
    Pahana will return in the end times,,pahana is the great white brother,,,,,
    That is you lot,,,,,,
    We may have wonky knees,bits hanging off the wrong places broken bits and other minor things wrong with us,,, but together we are the great white brother and sister
    We are Pahana,,,,

    so come on Pahana,,up you get,,,work to be done

    I know that is a bit much and everything,,,but it's true

    Respects neil

    Tuesday, October 02, 2012 4:53:00 PM