Sunday, October 7, 2012

Brunch with the CZ's

Pastor Joshua Pack was a recent graduate of the Cyrus Scofield School of Divinity and he dreamed big,  Not long ago hired by a mid-sized non-denominational congregation in a large southern city, the pastor envisioned an expansion rivaling that of his hero John Hagee. A bigger stage, an ever increasing generous flock, books and TV. The sky was the limit. Heaven could wait but not his aspirations.

Pastor Joshua, as he liked to be called, was not so naive as to think his dreams would come easy. He would have to work on them and one of his plans was to groom the youth of his church to remain good customers...uh...attendees, well past their high school and college days and into their prime earning years where tithing and beyond would be an integral  factor in his climb to fame and God's monetary rewards.

The periodic Saturday brunches with the teens, paid for by their parents of course, seemed to be an excellent way of cultivating loyalty. A face to face dialog with the young men and ladies over a big meal would serve its purpose and fill the pastor's belly at the same time. What could go wrong?

This brunch started off as usual, a quiet prayer of thanks and a few words of wisdom about how Israel is not only our best friend but also our homeland too and that we must do whatever is necessary to make sure the jews maintain their God given land.

"Any questions" Joshua asked as he raised a large slice of pig to his rotund face?

A large athletic type young man was first up. "Sir, you say the old testament is of utmost importance. It prohibits the eating of pork, seemingly for health reasons, while we as Christians are responsible for the slaughter of millions of hogs each year and eat more pork than any other group in the world. As the great Satchel Paige once responded to the question of how he explained his longevity and good health..."I don't eat pork, it stirs up the blood." Plus if Jesus was a jew as you say, he did not eat pork either. Shouldn't he be our example in this?"

Joshua choked a bit on his oversized under chewed bite and dug deep into his mind where he remembered 1 Timothy 4:1-4. "In the latter times some shall command others to abstain from meats which God hath created." The pastor continued, "Since this is the latter times we pay no attention to anyone who says we should not eat anything we want, except for the jews of course who can do as they please since they are the chosen ones."

"Uh, OK" replied the questioner.

A young girl raised her hand for permission to speak and asked "Pastor Joshua, as Christians we see Jesus as our savior and guiding light but in last week's sermon you did not mention his name even once, dwelling only on Moses, David and Soloman. Why is that?"

Without flinching Joshua said, "Current events often dictate what the narrative of sermons should be. Jerusalem is in danger from the infidels and the temple must be rebuilt to fulfill prophecy. We always have to prioritize what is most important."

"Uh, OK" the young girl quietly muttered.

A bright young man spoke up. "Pastor, you are always talking about the 12 tribes and how the bloodlines have continued right up to those jews who inhabit and control Israel today. Yet many respected historians including the Tel Aviv University professor Sholomo Sand say that most of the current so called jewish residents of Israel are an invented people, descendents of converted mongrels, the Khazars. As another of your heroes Bill O'Reilly would opine, What say you?"

Feeling his blood pressure rise, Joshua blurted out "Those are self-hating jews, secular and maybe even atheists whose sense of history is distorted by their imaginings. We must realize that jews are the perpetual victims of lies and persecutions. Now repeat after me the one word that will restore hope in your hearts...
threes times...holocaust, holocaust, holocaust."

"Uh, OK" said the children as they sheepishly chanted the mantra as they were told.

The shy redheaded girl finally got up the courage to speak. "One of your main themes is how we must always obey the 10 Commandments with 'Thou Shalt Not Kill' and 'Thou Shalt Not Steal' emphasized. But the Israelis have for over 60 years killed Palestinian women and children with impunity and continue to steal their land. How do you justify this?"

Joshua's red face got even hotter and he fumbled with his cell phone pretending it was vibrating. "I've got to take this call. It's from a sick parishioner and I may have to go and comfort her. I'll see you kids in church tomorrow."

As he walked away Joshua kept thinking that these brunches should have a theme, perhaps sports or Hollywood movies. Something to keep these young developing minds occupied away from the questions of christian zionism and the doctrines of the chosen ones. Talking about Lady Gaga, Angelina Jolie and the NFL would be more to their liking...and his. "Yeah, that's the ticket" Joshua said out loud as one of those self deceptive brief little smiles lit up his face while thinking "I'll go home now and brush up on pop culture and at the next brunch we'll have chicken."


  1. Oxymorons

    James 1:8

    A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

    Ashkenazim - EXODUS - to the "Jewish" homeland...

    meanwhile back at the Ranch...


    is not a "Jewish" artifact...

    all the hogjowled skillit lickin' hedgerow preachers can parrot "Jewish" myths but all of them together cannot change the Truth...



  2. Try the Salvation Army's church. They walk the talk: shelter for the homeless, soup for the hungry, and 100% christian zionist free!

    "Christian zionist" is an oxymoron right up there with "anti-semitism". Any kind of zionist or supporter of zionism is not a christian - Christ-like.

    I am pro-semitic. What I am against is zionism, israel and Khazarian proselites. I am definitely pro-Palestinian therefore I am a pro-semite. The white Khazarian proselites are not hebrew nor are they semites. Genocide the Palestinians off their land AND steal their identity.

    Thieves and murderers.

    Who isn't anti-that?

  3. This is the price of the familiar.

    If it is familiar to you, it makes sense. It doesn't really make sense. It only looks like it makes sense because of the power of appearances. Given this, it is easy for us to be led by stages, into degrees of suffering, want, difficulty, bondage and all of the familiar things we can see around us.

    "We" have made the contemptible familiar.

    The one thing we have to look out for and I cannot say it enough, is the power of appearances to deceive.

    I cannot hammer this home with enough intensity.

    It is the key to our understanding and unless we make this a visceral awareness, we will be the victims of the power of appearances in our thinking and emotional state.....

    so whats in your wallet...

  4. great article kenny!

    off topic, re gmo.
    thoughts on the bee die off. in olden days bees make honey, bees eat honey in winter. smart bee keepers took half the honey leaving food for bees. today man takes all the honey, leave sugar in its place for the bees to eat. what if the sugar is from gmo beets and bees die?

    1. It's a legitimate concern and needs to be looked into. Although I dabbled in bee keeping for a few years with a neighbor, I don't know any right now to ask what type sugar they use.

    2. Very stupid question, Anon. Stay on topic or get the hell out of here.
      I here the incog blog is looking for idiot commenters like yourself.

      Use your name or some handle so I can know when to skip your incoherent scribles.

  5. kabalah koolaid kook {s}:

    worried silly about sharia invaders ?

    We believe that the Jewish people have a right to live in their ancient land of Israel, and that the modern State of Israel is the fulfillment of this historic right.
    We maintain that there is no excuse for acts of terrorism against Israel and that Israel has the same right as every other nation to defend her citizens from such violent attacks.
    We pledge to stand with our brothers and sisters in Israel and to speak out on their behalf whenever and wherever necessary until the attacks stop and they are finally living in peace and security with their neighbors.

    Prophecy Update

    Throwing Israel Under the Bus....on purpose

    It seems even to a casual observer, that the Middle East nations are on the verge of a tsunami of division, civil strife and Anti-American protests. From the massive protests in Egypt to the deadly attack on the U.S. Embassy, the fire of hatred toward the West is being stoked by the embers of Islamic fanatics. The flames of anti-Western sentiment are spreading like an uncontrollable wild fire, leaping across borders into over 100 nations, where protests, flag burning and burning effigies of our President are daily rituals.

    In the center of this “Arab Spring” turned “winter,” is a small nation the size of New Jersey, called "Israel".....which is really Talmudia...aka...ISRAHELL !!

    ...a stool sculpture deity cult compound....for "Jews" ...who don't have to be... know "Jewish" at all, all they need is Truth !!!

    one wonders about the boundaries of delusional psychopaths...

    will they find the bottom of the bottomless pit ?

    here's a gathering of hogjowled skillit lickin' hedgerow "Preachers" to honor the identity theives posing as .....ALL 12 TRIBES....!!!

    ....blessings ? ?

    really....America is being blessed for blessing the Khazar "PROSELYTES" who Hate Jesus ?

    MINUS 16 TRILLION....a "Blessing"...?

    as Olivia Newton John said.... a Barbara Streisand "Christmas" album...

  6. Off-topic, but kind of funny.

    Listen for when he almost literally says he's going to release the hounds.

    Black tie activists crash HMRC boss' retirement do

  7. The Book of Daniel is one of the main sources of “End Time Prophecies”, and the alleged fulfillment of Bible prophecies is often used by apologists to give credence to Hebrew mythology. Anyone who wishes to understand the Book of Daniel should read the following article:

    Revealing Daniel


    The little book of Daniel has long been a popular text among futurists, who see in it a revelation of the end of time. Outside of the New Testament book of Revelation, no document has been subjected to more study, interpretation and speculation by those anxious to divine the course of the future. Its rich and sometimes obscure imagery and symbolism has proved a fruitful source for other apocalypts, and echoes of Daniel can be found in the so-called "little apocalypse" of Mark 13, and, of course, in the book of Revelation. Outside of the Bible, numerous references to Daniel can be found, in works as diverse as those of Josephus, the histories of the Maccabees and countless non-canonical Christian apocalypses.

    But where did the book of Daniel actually come from? What can we say about its author and his purpose? Does Daniel really reveal the future, or, like all the other books in the apocalyptic genre, does he record the past?
    Although the book itself claims to be the record of Daniel in Babylon, internal and external evidence reveals that it was written in Jerusalem about the year 164 BCE. Technically, the book belongs to the class of texts known as pseudepigraphia, since it is attributed to a legendary figure, while in reality it was written at a much later time by an unknown author. Other books in this genre include the book of 1 Enoch, the Assumption of Moses, and the Apocalypse of John, although the latter was written much closer to the time of its namesake.

    Read the rest:

  8. Here is some information on the book of Revelation that isn't taught in Sunday School:

    Angry Jews and the "Churches of Asia"
    The Apocalypse of John

    The Revelation of Saint John scarcely merits the title. Far from being a revelation, it is the most abstruse book in the whole Bible; and it was not written by any apostle called John. Indeed most of the material is secondhand, being borrowed liberally from the Old Testament books of Isaiah, Ezra, Ezekiel and, in particular, Daniel (which also has fantastic images of the End Time and refers to ‘one like a son of man’). Revelation essentially is Jewish scripture.
    Although the apocalypse does not quote directly, within its four hundred or so verses are about five hundred and fifty references to the Old Testament (B. F. Westcott and F. J. A. Hort, Greek New Testament, 184 ff.) Its core – several apocalyptic endings badly stitched together – was later given a Christian preface: a series of seven angry letters, chastising seven errant churches in western Asia Minor. Having berated the churches, Revelation then unleashes a relentless apocalyptic nightmare, badly written, repetitive and self-contradictory. In chapter after chapter, it details bizarre horrors, the supposed fate that imminently will befall the enemies of the Lord. It is the latter which gives the book its enduring popularity – a vision of the gore-fest at the End of Time.

    Revelation is the outpouring of a Jew seriously embittered by Roman imperialism. This fevered Jewish mind invokes retribution for his enemies from that old, vicious god of Hebrew scripture, who rips into humanity with poetic abandon...

    Read the rest:

    1. Appreciate the depth of the links. I'm up early and out of pocket most of this week and will try and catch up later.

    2. Good morning, Kenny.

      Since the antagonism among the three Abrahamic religions may lead to a nuclear holocaust unless checked, people should know about the myths behind the horrorshow.

    by Thomas Paine


    As to the people called Christians, they have no evidence that their religion is true. There is no more proof that the Bible is the word of God, than that the Koran of Mahomet is the word of God. It is education makes all the difference. Man, before he begins to think for himself, is as much the child of habit in Creeds as he is in ploughing and sowing. Yet creeds, like opinions, prove nothing.

    Where is the evidence that the person called Jesus Christ is the begotten Son of God? The case admits not of evidence either to our senses or our mental faculties: neither has God given to man any talent by which such a thing is comprehensible. It cannot therefore be an object for faith to act upon, for faith is nothing more than an assent the mind gives to something it sees cause to believe is fact. But priests, preachers, and fanatics, put imagination in the place of faith, and it is the nature of the imagination to believe without evidence.

    If Joseph the carpenter dreamed, (as the book of Matthew (i) says he did,) that his betrothed wife, Mary, was with child by the Holy Ghost, and that an angel told him so, I am not obliged to put faith in his dreams; nor do I put any, for I put no faith in my own dreams, and I should be weak and foolish indeed to put faith in the dreams of others.

    The Christian religion is derogatory to the Creator in all its articles. It puts the Creator in an inferior point of view, and places the Christian Devil above him. It is he, according to the absurd story in Genesis, that outwits the Creator in the garden of Eden, and steals from him his favourite creature, Man, and at last obliges him to beget a son, and put that son to death, to get Man back again; and this the priests of the Christian religion call redemption.

    Christian authors exclaim against the practice of offering up human sacrifices, which, they say, is done in some countries; and those authors make those exclamations without ever reflecting that their own doctrine of salvation is founded on a Human Sacrifice. They are saved, they say, by the blood of Christ. The Christian religion begins with a dream and ends with a murder.

    Read the rest:

  10. There were no so-called "Jews" until the Proselyte Khazars convert in 740AD, The Talmud is printed in 500AD...

    Islam appears @ 640AD...

    anti-christian literature has the imprimatur of talmudic designs and manifests an anti-objective analysis approach to the historical fogbanks manufactured by the moneychangers, the "lying pen of the scribes" and "Pharisees" whose hatred of the truth is FACT not fiction...

    saying that the "Jews" or "Jewish" exist before the ashkenazim Khazars [Turko-mongolian] convert to talmudic judaism in 740AD minimizes the reality of the history of "Western Civilization" which is not a narrative of the Mongoloid or Negroid "Races"...

    apologists for massmurderers who print currency and "OWN" the media will always produce "Literature" which is based on outright lies and blatant false assumptions....

    even the rocks bear witness to the actual facts which do not support the narrative of the lying murderers calling themselves "jews"...

    why do so-called "jews" have to hate Jesus to be a "Jewish" ? ?

    where did the so-called Talmud originate and what specifically is its purpose ? ?

  11. Spirit in the Sky - Norman Greenbaum

    1. "Spirit in the Sky"

      (A song made popular by Norman Greenbaum.)

      When I die and they lay me to rest
      Gonna go to the place that's the best
      When I lay me down to die
      Goin' up to the spirit in the sky
      Goin' up to the spirit in the sky
      That's where I'm gonna go when I die
      When I die and they lay me to rest
      Gonna go to the place that's the best

      Prepare yourself you know it's a must
      Gotta have a friend in Jesus
      So you know that when you die
      He's gonna recommend you
      To the spirit in the sky
      Gonna recommend you
      To the spirit in the sky
      That's where you're gonna go when you die
      When you die and they lay you to rest
      You're gonna go to the place that's the best

      Never been a sinner I never sinned
      I got a friend in Jesus
      So you know that when I die
      He's gonna set me up with
      The spirit in the sky
      Oh set me up with the spirit in the sky
      That's where I'm gonna go when I die
      When I die and they lay me to rest
      I'm gonna go to the place that's the best
      Go to the place that's the best

  12. I read the Bible for years, and I used to believe in it, but the more I read the more contradictions, inconsistencies, absurdities and atrocities I found in it. I started reading Bible criticism and it became clear that the Bible is not what it purports to be.

    We have been propagandized all of our lives that the Bible is the word of God, and it is difficult for many of us to break free from the Hebrew mindlock. Here are some resources to aid in that liberation:

    Jesus Never Existed
    Exposing the tragic fabrication of a saviour of the world

    You might want to start with this page:

    The Way of the Rabbi
    Racism, intolerance and the Jews

    Abraham (Abram, Ibráhím) – This amazingly 'righteous' phantom has a lot to answer for. Father of 'many nations' his supposed behaviour set a terrifying example – not only attempted murder of his favourite son but abandoning to the desert the offspring of his various concubines. Sadly, Judaism, Christianity and Islam all pay homage to this con' man and warlord. Never actually existed, of course, but that hardly matters to religious zealots.


    A Long Day's Journey Into Light
    (Religious Biography Of J. Farrell Till)

    I can't remember the first time I heard that the Bible is a perfectly harmonious book from cover to cover. I was reared in Southeast Missouri in a family with deep roots in the Church of Christ, a sect that is probably as rigid as any in its belief that the Bible is the inspired "word of God." When I went to church I heard both preachers and Bible teachers proclaim the inerrancy of the scriptures. A favorite spiel of Church-of-Christ preachers is the one about forty men, writing over a period of 1600 years, in different languages and countries, producing a collection of 66 different books so unified and harmonious in theme that only the verbal inspiration of an infinite God could account for it. It isn't true, of course, but in my case, it worked. I bought the idea and spent almost twelve years of my life preaching it.

    Continues: (A link to more articles by J. Farrell Till is at the bottom of the page)

    Prophecies: Imaginary and Unfulfilled
    by J. Farrell Till

  13. Praying to the god of our oppressors and expecting miracles that will never come is not going to help us.

    Exposing the fraudulent history of the Jews strikes at the root of the power of their mythology. Here is some more information on the subject:

    Fables of Ancient Israel Now Being Dissected


    Be ready for a major upsetting of the apple cart. Unknown to almost all laymen, a huge number of scholars have quietly come together agreeing on a historical fact that will overturn the entirety of “court history” when all the facts they have gathered become widely known. They agree that the various tales of “ancient Israel” are largely fictional...

    Read the rest:

  14. Much of the history of the Jews can be traced to Egypt, not Jerusalem, e.g.:

    “The names given to characters in the Biblical Exodus account are generic. They were deliberately chosen to represent historical persons both in the time of the first Moses (Auibre/Hammurabi of the Late Middle Kingdom) and the time of the second Moses (Akhenaten of the Amarna Period).”


    “...the most significant fact of all in establishing the identity of David is that the biblical account of his campaigns matches in precise detail the accounts of the battles fought by Tuthmosis III,, whose details are to be found inscribed in the Annals, a 223-line document at the granite holy of holies the king built after his Year 40 (1439 BCE) at Karnak (modern Luxor) in Upper Egypt, on the east bank of the Nile opposite the Valley of the kings.”

    “Whence the idea of one-God may have come has already been shown, although the earlier Egyptians themselves may have received it from others. The figure of Moses himself, and his Law, both were taken from material already existing. The story of Moses’s discovery in the bulrushes was plainly borrowed from the much earlier legend (with which it is identical) of a king of Babylonia, Sargon the Elder, who lived between one and two thousand years before him; the Commandments much resemble earlier law codes of the Egyptians, Babylonians and Assyrians…”

    Douglas Reed, The Controversy of Zion

  15. Yah or Iah was a well known Moon God throughout the Ancient Middle East, whilst ‘Amen’ or ‘Ymn’ was another general name for the One God who appears in Egypt about the time of the first Shepherd Kings, named Hyksos by the Greeks…

    Many will be familiar with the name YAHWEH, yet have no idea whatsoever that this is simply the plural form of the God, YAH or IAH.

    According to Gerald Massey in his great work, ‘Ancient Egypt – Light of the World’ (1907), those who worshipped Iah/Io, became known as ‘Jews’:

    "There was a religion of the god Іu or Iao in Egypt thirteen thousand years ago. That god was Atum-Ιu, born son of Ptah. He was the earliest father in heaven because he was the divine Ra in his primordial sovereignty. He is the god in two persons who was first figured as the sun upon the double horizon = the father in the west, the son in the east. This god went forth from Kam by several names and various routes. Those who worshipped him as Atum became the Adamites, the Edomites, the red men; those who worshipped him as Iao, Iah, or Іu became the Jews in many lands and these are the Jews of that world-wide dispersion recognized by Isaiah, which did not follow any known historical exodus from Egypt or captivity in Babylon, or migration from Palestine."

    Read the rest:

  16. Solomon, the quintessential Jewish wiseguy, allegedly ruled over a great empire and built a fabulous temple in Jerusalem, but archeologists have not found a trace of evidence to support the Hebrew myth.

    To learn who Solomon really was and where the temple was located, go here:


    Scroll down the page for links to a nine part series of articles about King Solomon.


    Despite his great renown in the Bible, there isn't one shred of historical evidence that a King Solomon ever existed in the land that is now the Israel of the 21st Century.

    His fame is such that like other biblical names, it is a translation or substitution hiding his real identity.

    However when we relocate the search to Egypt, there is so much that cannot be ignored. In fact there can be no doubt at all that King Solomon was the Pharaoh Amenhotep III AND in some biblical verses his son Amenhotep IV who was also known as Akhenaten.

  17. The pagan origins of Judaism:

    The Ancient Israelites

    (Scroll down for the article)

  18. no jews before khazars...

    wait till you see the footprint of the african hoopster in stone...

    recalculating ....] john 8:33 [

    "Jew" = confusion...cicumambulatory nonsense based on FALSE ASSUMPTIONS

    ....where did the talmud ooze from ?

    ... the story of Elijah is one of my favorites...

    when you rocks dey still gone be here...

    bismillah and shana tova

    and like dude the simple solution is put six million "Jews" in an oven and see who is really worked once before...right ?

    just sayin'...

  19. Mt Sinai Discovered
    by Ralph Ellis

    The search for the biblical Mt Sinai has been an enduring facet of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and its location has been reported as being in locations as remote as the Sinai peninsular and the deserts of Saudi Arabia. But why should this mountain be so important to the three Judaic religions, and how did its location become to be forgotten?

    The answer to the first question is relatively easy to answer, Mt Sinai was the location where Moses spoke to god, indeed it was rumoured that the Israelite god actually lived inside this mountain. The second question, however, is more difficult. Here is the most sacred mountain of the Israelites, the home of their all-powerful god, and someone simply forgot where it was! The scenario is simply not credible. But if such an important location was not forgotten, then it must have been deliberately mislaid or covered up - but such reasoning by definition presupposes that there was something to hide.

    So what, in this case, were the Israelite leadership trying to hide from us?...
    The truth that lies below the surface of the Torah, Bible and Koran, is that the Israelite people were a very influential faction in Lower Egypt during the thirteenth to seventeenth dynasties of Egypt. They were a substantially Egyptianised people and one of their main functions was the control and supervision of the religious ceremonies upon the Giza plateau. The Israelites achieved this powerful position through the slaughter of the original supervisors of the Giza plateau - a military campaign that is still preserved in the biblical account of the defeat of the Troglodytes (Horim) by the patriarch Esau (the brother of Jacob). The Bible is strangely silent on why the Israelites would want to slaughter a tribe of lowly Troglodytes, but the fact that these cave dwellers were actually a very influential tribe who controlled access to the sacred chambers of the Giza pyramids makes the whole scenario much more comprehensible. With the defeat of the Troglodytes, the Israelites had become the Guardians of the Giza Plateau and the associated sacred chambers of the pyramids. The sacred Israelite 'mountain' that held their all-powerful deity was called Sinai - the Great Pyramid.

    Read the rest:

  20. history of hip hop...

    see also...shooter

    glover, wahlberg, beatty

    and here's to happy endings....

    you know when the PLAN comes together

  21. Rothschild's European Union wins the Nobel Peace prize.

    "Do your kind ever get tired of the same delusional bs? You are not ashamed to use the word "peace"? Don't talk about peace please, when you know nothing but war. Yes dear, there WILL be peace when the western supported terrorists are wiped out. You and those terrorists are the ones who are killing those children and women, and now you want to go directly and kill even more children and women, like you usually do? F*** OFF! All throughout the history of human kind have you been wreaking havoc, killing, slaughtering, pillaging, razing and making chaos on the inhabitants of this poor planet, all under the guise of "peace" and "doing what's right". I say to you again sir, f**** off and shove your "peace prize" where the sun doesn't shine."

    It's irony supreme. Norway awards the Nobel Peace prize. Norway has refused to join the EU twice for fear of Rothschild seizing its oil reserves in the name of greater Europe. Norway was the object of a Mossad false flag on Utöya which killed 77 innocent Norwegian young people who were excercising their right of free speech to lobby for economic sanctions by the Norwegian government against apatheid israel.

    This award is an unsaid wake up call to all nations that the European Union is a war pawn, just as the UN is an Agenda 21 NWO pawn, for the Rothschild zionists.

    Wake up and smell the burning bodies all around the world! Your children are next. Rothschild doesn't give a f**k.

  22. One does not not need to be a zionist not to believe in the Khazar theory. The Khazars could have been swallowed up by German, Bohemian, Greek, and Medieval Armenian-Jews (who probably are remnants of converts during Greco Roman times who made up approximately 10% of the Roman Empire) and left minor elements of Turkic culture Sand harps on the Streimel, altaic carvings found in one synagogue, and overemphasizes the a half dozen Khazarian words and names that have been preserved in the Yiddish language)but they clearly were not the majority. The Ashkenazim of 19th century Eastern Europe bore little trace of Turkic culture. King Bulan was supposedly the patriarch of Ashkenazim, yet there are no Ashkenazim named Bulan. Why is that?

    Sand was a professor of Cinematography and Marxism, who had no interest in Khazar history, before he decided to plunder the works of more knowlegeable historians, linguists, archeologists who had been working for over 30 years and received little recognition outside their field, and wrote a provocative, non academic book so he could become an overnight international celebrity. Even Paul Wexler, from whom Sand extracted the theory of the formation of the Yiddish language emphasized Sorbians, rather than Khazars as the primary ancestors of Ashkenazi jews, but Sand makes no mention of Sorbs. Probably because they were not controversial enough to appeal to his intended base.