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"Globalism" ~ Jeff Prager


Jeff Prager has an e-magazine called "Globalism" but if you don't monitor his facebook page it's a little hard to find.

Excerpts and links below. 


From issue one. 
 This eMagazine series is about Globalism. Not the Globalism the majority of the pundits discuss. Certainly not the Globalism everyone else discusses because there’d be no point to that. No, this is Globalism under a new spotlight and a spotlight that should have been shined directly on it long ago.
Most people aren’t aware of the many, very specific ways which Globalism affects them on a regular, daily basis and they can’t easily detect what are virtually invisible and yet intimate and profound effects. We’ll explore these very subtle and nuanced affects that Globalism has on the majority of human civilization in ways not previously considered because, well, because no one else has. And because they’re exceedingly simple.

Unbeknownst to most, Globalism has been with us for many 1000s of years in one form or another. Only in these recent 20th and 21st centuries have we seen blatant frauds, financial crimes, mass murders disguised as war, genocides, rendi-tion, torture, courts for ‘them’, courts for ‘you and me’, in-your-face regime change, notable and measurable crimes against all of humanity and the complete abrogation of civil liberties; and this has become the norm. Drones too. We’ll discuss drones at length later. We have to, of course.

The organizations mandated to police and then investigate, indict, prosecute, convict and control the rampant and inher-ent crime within the financial, social, religious, familial and industrial sociopolitics, et al., don’t exist any more today than the paper tigers they’ve existed for for decades. And that’s if they ever really existed at all. Their now long distant illusion of some esoteric existence wasn’t of any value in the first place. The elites gave decades of pittances while recouping vast and invaluable resources; human and natural both – to include the wealth generated by humanities work product – the sweat and blood of the Proletariat kept in check by the Praetorian Guard.

Globalism surrounds us. It’s suffocating us, you, me, our children and grandchildren and the offspring in our very real dreams. Globalism was once called ‘Class Warfare’ but that seems to have changed over time in a sophisticated play on words; semantics really. yet it’s Class Warfare no matter how you slice the cake. Welcome to the Matrix Marge, Homer, Wilma ... welcome to Globalism, genocide, endless warfare, state sponsored terrorism and compulsive liars.

Once upon a time, decades ago, some even say eons, the globalists laid claim to the planet. Dividing up the spoils; currencies, armies, commodities, minerals, petroleum, human resources and even, today, water and food, they set about evolving a constantly changing grand strategy for global domination. The Globalists, drenched in everything wealth, have the civilian population spellbound. They’ve convinced them over multiple decades, maybe even those eons I mentioned above, that this wealth they’ve accumulated is reputably, honestly, ethically and morally obtained when in fact it’s the ill-gotten gains of centuries of looting, plundering, slavery, debauchery, lies, frauds and genocidal murder disguised as war.

 Stop buying their stuff.

You don’t need coke, pepsi, fanta, Mountain Dew or food with high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners or colorings and you certainly don’t need hydrogenated oils.
You need fresh fruit; sweet seedless grapes, juicy nectarines, plums, fresh apples, oranges, pears and banana’s.

You don’t need Pepperidge Farm, Hunts, Hershey’s or Kellogs, all foods likely containing GMO ingredients. You don’t need brands.

You need clean, healthy, fresh vegetables; buttered broccoli, real but-ter, cauliflower, tomato’s, carrots, asparagus and squash.

Stop buying their stuff. Vote with your money. Defund the corporations. Take back the whole world. It was supposed to be yours all along anyway, ‘dont-cha’ know that? ... for centuries now. ..

Excerpts from issue two. 
Anarchism is generally defined as a political philosophy which holds the state to be undesirable, unnecessary, or harmful. The use of force is a shadow we all live under; if our mortgage is late, if our utility bill is late, if we can’t pay a fine, repair our home, afford car insurance, license fees, property taxes or any number of hidden fees, assessments and yes, taxes, we generally forfeit something we own of value; rights, property or money.
Proponents of anarchism, known as “anarchists,” advocate stateless societies based on non-hierarchical voluntary associations. The word voluntary is critical. We advocate for voluntary groups, equal in participation, where value is found in integrity. Groups, organizations and like-minded individuals have foot the financial bill for most everything we’ve ever accomplished as a society that also produced positive results. Only the government is bloated and wasteful, with our money. Trillions of it at that

There are many types, philosophies and traditions of anarchism, not all of which are mutually exclusive. Anarchist schools of thought can differ fundamentally, supporting anything from extreme individualism to complete collectivism and a wide variety of principles, agendas and strategies in between. Anarchism is often considered a radical left-wing ideology, incorrectly though, and much of anarchist economics and anarchist legal philosophy reflect anti-statist interpretations of the more readily accepted and rather unique parts of collectivism, syndicalism, socialism, liberty, freedom, participatory economics, capitalism, communism, free market economics, non-fiat monetary policy and an endless array of philosophical theory. Anarchism embraces conservative Republican values as much as it embraces liberal Democratic values. Each and every issue is weighed separately by various forms of mutual consensus.

Anarchism as a mass social movement has regularly endured fluctuations in popularity but this is because Anarchism is poorly understood and anarchist truths are misinterpreted, exaggerated, de-nuanced and flatly fabricated by the mainstream media who, of course, don’t have the desire to discuss true Anarchist Philosophy. Most anarchists oppose all forms of aggression and remain passive and non-violent under all circumstances. While supporting self-defense, Anarchists are loathe to use it and self-defense is confined to imminent fear of harm leading to death.

Anarchism is for everyone because it doesn’t mean lack of governing bodies but it does mean total liberty and freedom, participatory governing and a hands-off state policy with a complete elimination of corruption. Anarchism is misunderstood and should be carefully examined over weeks, months, even years, because Anarchism is for everyone.

From issue three.

Globalism is GMO.
Roundup residues are contained in GM products. If you eat GM products and since they’re in everything from Katsup to frozen foods, pizza and Fast Foods, Coke and Pepsi and everything corporate or unless you eat 100% organic, you are eating GM foods with residual roundup or glyphosate, the active pesticide ingredient.
You simply are.
In September of 2012, after GM foods had been on the market for many years in the USA, unlabeled, yet also banned in a dozen countries and touted as safe by the companies that manufactured and profited globally to the tune of billions from them, we finally have real studies by an independent group that studied the long-term effects of GM foods and RoundUp, using “safe”levels as described by the US government.

Right. They collected and organized and examined and collated and analyzed and re-collated and crunched the numbers on quite a few other GM studies as well as performing original research on their own.

The first animal feeding trial studying the lifetime effects of exposure to Roundup tolerant GM maize, and Round-up, the world’s best-selling weedkiller, shows that levels currently considered safe can cause tumors and multiple organ damage and lead to premature death in laboratory rats, according to research published online by the scientific journal Food and Chemical Toxicology.
Researchers found that rats fed on a diet containing NK603 Roundup tolerant GM maize (corn), or given water containing Roundup at levels permitted in drinking water and GM crops in the US, died earlier than rats fed on a standard diet. They suffered mammary tumors and severe liver and kidney damage.

Issue four.

From issue five. 
1. Nano thermite is an incendiary. Explosives are classified as having velocities exceeding3000mps. The incendiary nanothermite allegedly found by Dr. Stephen Jones is incapable of turning any component of the steel structured Twin Towers or the cement to micronsized particles or what is commonly referred to in scientific circles as ‘very fine particles’,as we all saw on 911 and as Dr. Thomas Cahill outlines.
2. Nanothermite is incapable of maintaining underground, oxygen starved fires at the temperatures required to ‘boil soil and glass’ as Dr. Thomas Cahill stated.

3. The chain of possession of the dust samples allegedly found at Ground Zero and controlled by Dr. Jones is highly suspect, unverifiable and unscientific. The chain of possession of the dust samples procured by the USGS on September 16th and 17th, 2001 at Ground Zero, NYC, is known and secure. The chain of possession followed standard scientific procedure as outlined in USGS Report #01-0429.[6] Nano thermite and energetic compound residue was not found in the USGS dust samples.

4. The perpetrators of 911 spent far more time developing strategies to deal with public opinion after the event than they did on the event itself. Public opinion after the fact needed to be carefully managed and that management process was a critical component of the event.

5. Dr. Stephen Jones spent a significant portion of his career at the Department Of En-ergy which is the government agency that is responsible for all nuclear research in the United States. He worked specifically with Muon Catalyzed Fusion, Cold Fusion, Deuterium, Lithium Deuteride and other elements of the cold fusion process. Dr. Jones is a knowledgeable and respected physicist.

6. Dr. Stephen Jones refuses to discuss the is-sues raised in this essay and maintains adamantly that 911 had no nuclear component whatsoever.

7. Dr. Christopher Busby states that the dust samples from 911 indicate a cold fusion process using deuterium which is precisely the science and elements Dr. Jones studied at the Department of Energy.

8. I just as adamantly disagree with Dr. Stephen Jones. That 911 was a nuclear event is certain and anyone attempting to maintain that it was not is part of the cover-up being foisted upon the American people.

9. Exposure to nuclear radiation is the most odious and repulsive event a human being can experience. That secret is being kept by those in the media spotlight in the 911 movement, to include Dr. Stephen Jones.

Why Use Nuclear Weapons

Nuclear weapons, 4th generation or even more advanced weapons, are ideal because they are extremely small with very predict-able profiles. After decades of underground nuclear testing this science has been refined to an extraordinary level of competence.

With nano-technology the various control systems necessary to a nuclear device are infinitesimally smaller than those we’re familiar with from the 1960s. Advanced nuclear grenades, nuclear weapons the size of apples or grapefruits as Dr. Busby states, are the most secretive technological advancement in real world weapons systems.

Nuclear devices as described herein were the only possible way to destroy the buildings without having enormous chunks of building debris fly all over NYC and smash down on dozens of surrounding buildings.
These enormous structures had to be turned to dust. Destruction was kept to a minimum although overall it was still quite devastating.

It could have been monumentally worse had standard explosives been used.






GLOBALISM Issue #6 Coming Soon
• Globalism And Gun Control
• LIDAR - Cratering Mainstream Theory
• QE3 Through 32
• The Rothschilds And The Nuclear World
• And More ...

Note: PDF Files are fairly large. To download, uncheck the box on the linked page and just hit 'Click here.'


  1. DON*T VOTE - it only encourages them!

    1. Anyone voting Dem or Rep in 2012 is a fool hardy sheep.

    2. Indeed. Vote third party or do not vote at all.

  2. obviously more braindeadgoy need to sacrifice their great grandchildren to the "Jewish" narrative....why just look at all the BLESSINGS....of Globalism

    Somewhere in the middle of the country, the color scheme changed to the white of imprisoned former Prime Minister Yuliya Tymoshenko's Batkivshchyna (Fatherland) Party, and the yellow of the anti-Semitic Ukrainian nationalist Svoboda or Freedom Party, whose stronghold is Lviv. The most nationalist and anti-Russian part of the country is the west, that came under Soviet control only upon the outbreak of the Second World War contrived by the "MONEYCHANGERS"....

    The nasty surprise must be the strong showing by Svoboda in Kyiv itself, where it scored a second best 24% of the vote as opposed to 10% nationally. The leader of the party, Oleh Tyahnybok, has called for restoring the country to the Ukrainians and liberating it from the "Muscovite-Jewish Mafia".....

    eventually a PURE language will be developed to factor out the "Jewish" contrived nonsense [LIES} that benefit only the GLOBALISTS and their .....AGENDA

    let the righteous be righteous still

  3. Right on Kenny! Tony Cartalucci has prepared a handy list.

    Coke and Nestle are leading the fight against prop37 gmo labeling, shops should be filled with pallets of their unsold shit!

    boycotts work, jews did it in ww2 to things started, the globalist do with sanctions etc

    i als0 try and avoid kosher cor, k mk K, parve, U in a circle etc, read the labels to see magnitude of that scam. i picked up twinings tea in a store 'by appointment to her majesty the queen' and kosher! i put it back down. there are many teas

    1. Looking for the kosher symbols is something I forget to do at times. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. I really miss the farmer's market I used to be able to walk to when I lived in San Francisco. There are so many places in the US where good food is simply unavailable unless you have your own garden. When I first tried a farmer's market peach I was *amazed* at how good it tasted, and of course my next thought was, "why have I been eating stuff that tastes like plastic all these years?" Real food is *so* much better than the processed junk they sell at Wal-Mart.

    1. Hey Jody, Yes, getting hold of really good food has become an often difficult task. As an organic gardener for nearly 40 years, I'm finding it hard to get good crops in my area, at least over the last 3 years.

    2. Not to mention expensive. It sadly is much cheaper overall to eat "fake" food than it is healthy and organic foods.

  5. maybe worth reading. maybe not.
    is prager a jew
    and on facebook
    not censored yet

    1. I didn't know if Prager is a jew so I did a search. He says he was born one, an Ashkenazi, but is an atheist. By his writings he passes the holocaust litmus test and has the anti-zionism and 9/11 false flag talk down pat.

      One the flip side he has his detractors. The Anonymous Physicist is one.

      Disinfo/distractor? Some will say his association with VT is suspect and it does bring up legitimate questions.

      I don't know Joe. You tell me.

    2. I wonder if Jeff is related to that cretin Dennis?

    3. Oh, and to "write" for VT all one really has to do is submit your work. "association" might be too strong a word. I dont know his connections though, just saying that not everyone "associated" with VT is disinfo. Ken O'Keefe,Stephen Lendman,Sabrosky. All good people imho. Of course they do post the works of Fetzer and Anthony Lawson but thats another story...

    4. I agree that not everyone at VT is on the 'payroll.' I actually enjoy reading there and trying to pick out the nuggets from the disinfo.

    5. if a jew beware. take 'em word by word. put em through wringer.
      can appear good for long time like chomsky but then try to ooze slime by.

  6. Kenny I have a question for you, do you think it is worth going to see David Irving give a lecture here in Detroit?
    I am a little curious but I am not sure I am $30 worth of curious .

    1. That's a tough question Fred. I suppose it depends on your money situation and how far you have to travel and how interested you are in his works. It would be a unique experience.

      I didn't find the venue he is going to be at through your links. Does he keep that a secret and notify you through email to keep the jewish protesters down? It seems like I've read that before.

      Irving does allow free PDF downloads of many of his books. That's a plus for him.

      You're in Detroit eh? I went there many times in the 80's and 90's. It's a shame to see the stories of what has and is happening there.

      If you do go, please write a review and post it here.

    2. I wouldn't waste your time or money Fred. I went when he was in San Diego, and I have no regrets by any means, but I wouldn't recommend it. No doubt it's a unique experience, but it ain't worth it, especially when Irving is cowardly saying that "roughly 6 million Jews" did die.

      See the comments:

    3. It may be self preservation. Irving is compromised and wants to continue his gigs. He does tours in Germany and probably still does lectures in other countries where there is no free speech on the holocaust. He could just say for legal reasons he can't talk about the 6 mil number but he may have been warned about even that.

    4. Thanks John
      I was kind of sitting on the fence as to go or not go. I did read your article but since I read it there is a lot more comments been posted to it and I had kind of forgotten i had read it as well.
      I went to see G Gordon Liddy speak in Ann Arbor 20 years ago ($5) and decided after the talk i wanted to ask him some questions on JFK I waited around and asked the nice lady if i could talk to him she said sure after the press was done just wait here. So I asked him about being in the FBI and the murder and if he could give me any insights and all he emphatically told me was that he had left the FBI a short time prior to the murder and basically he didn't know anything more than I did about the whole affair. He gave me the status quo answers which I should have realized was coming but I had to try.
      I still have 3 weeks before he speaks here I probably wont have anything to report on for you Kenny but I WILL pay close attention and see if there is any major outbreak during his engagement after all Metro Detroit is home to one of the many holoc0$t shrines scattered about the USA
      And last I have to always remind myself as I type this to this blog (which should give me a clue) this is nothing but a circus we are living in now. Irving definatly knows the score and like liddy can only say certain things with out suffering consequences. I will (as kenny pointed out) give him that, but I think I will skip his little side show and maybe try and read some of the volumes of his work instead.

    5. Irivng is an excellent writer. A 'coward'? I think the opposite is true. Mr. Friend, Irving is a quest in the USA and is a prime target for bullying by the authorities. Would you travel to Germany and give public talks about your opinions on the Holocaust? Let the German media know in advance of your arrival, they could brush up on your blog. That would be brave.

    6. John Friend=useful idiot white supremacist. David Irving=controlled opposition. Both of these fools do more harm than good which is the whole point.

    7. Get off John's back dude & check out his latest Truth Milita radio shows with Rich & Keith & Deanna Spingola :

      Truth Militia Radio - John Friend Interview with Deanna Spingola 10 / 30 / 2012

      Truth Militia Radio with Rich & Keith - Guest: John Friend - 10 / 28 / 2012

      The boy is a rock star of the troof movement in the making and you guys should emulate him instead of throwing shit at him all day. Envious little bastards !! LOL

      Irving do tours in Germany ?

      ha ha ha ha

      Are you kidding dude ?

      His ass would be in jail so fast he wouldn't know what hit him !

      He has another guy he hired researching the German archives for him.

      He already went to prison for 18 months for sneaking into Austria.

      He's not even allowed to visit his own daughter who's an Australian citizen in Australia and Australia isn't even on the list of holohoax denial countries. They have other ways of keeping people out & shutting people up there. They bankrupted Frederick Toben with legal fees & threw Brendan O'Connell in prison for hassling a couple of jew boy Mossad agents or sayanims on the street. Sort of like when they threw Eric Hunt of "Last Days of the Big Lie" in prison for two years for pulling on Eli Wiesel's sleeve.

      It's a mystery to me as it is to many why Irving would decide to sell out so late in his career and he, of all people, should know, that no one will take any bullshit about this most lied-about of all Psy-Ops, a literal 70 year old black-propaganda avalanche, without going over it with a fine tooth comb.

      On a more humorous note:

      For all you pessimists I recommend

      National Lampoon - Deteriorata (National Lampoon Radio Dinner (1972))

      And for all you die-hard 1960s multi-culturalist hippie / leftist types:

      National Lampoon - Pull the Tregors (National Lampoon Radio Dinner) (1972)

      Laughter is good for the soul.

      May temperance reign in your lives & remember:

      Temperance is not the same as compromise


      "A boy is a man when he learns to walk around a mud puddle insteaad of through it"


    8. friend is a 100% 911 truther
      he's offbase on adolf shitler
      -ww2 was orchestrated and scripted
      irving does tours in poland
      truth militia bashes muslims
      signola is a german apologist

    9. Yes, Irving does tours in Poland, not Germany. I misspoke on that one.

    10. Friend(and others) has been tasked with letting Dov Zakheim/SPC off the hook for 9/11(screaming about holograms and cartoon planes instead of swapped/modified planes). He is a 90% truther at best and a 100% controlled opposition tool.

    11. Wow, its totally shocking that racist caveman Negentropic would stick up for white supremacist controlled op John Friend. Sooooooo shocking. Honest, I'm shocked!

  7. Romney Financed by Drug Lords, Mossad?

    In 1984, when Willard “Mitt” Romney launched Bain Capital—split off from Bain & Company—more than a third of the $37M “start-up” money came from wealthy foreigners...Romney’s first investor was London financier, Sir Jack Lyons...Another early investor was Robert Maxwell—Mossad agent...Harry Strachan, a Bain Capital partner knew Central American businessmen...Romney raised $9M from these rich Latin Americans, including the powerful Salvadoran families accused of torturing and killing tens of thousands of civilians...Other early investors were of the ilk of Jack Hanley, former head of Monsanto Co. ...Partners in Romney’s dirty business also included convicted swindler Mike Milken...

    Romney holds his hands out for government Wall Street welfare and bailouts every chance he gets: $2.7B for pork from U.S. taxpayers; $10M from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation; untold billions in tax loopholes and exporting jobs to cheap slave labor camps ad nauseam.

    Read the rest:

  8. Chomsky was always suspect going all the way back to his JFK lies.

  9. Knights of the Golden Dawn....

    The museum and its programs teach visiting "schoolchildren" about Greece’s "Jewish community", its so-called heritage and, in particular, about the grand illusion called Holocaust !! , in which unbelievably more than 800 percent of Greek Jews were unfortunately spared the spiritually purifying DNA test like Shadrack Meshack & Obedigo.....

    ***** 300 million BRAINDEAGOY [NONJEWS] massmurdered with malice aforethought in the last century *****

    The museum also has set up a traveling exhibitionism of extremely repulsive "Jewishness"...., works extensively with Greek school symbols to aid in teaching about all the craftily manufactured LIES called the Holocaust and, together with the Israeliars & Terrorists TALMUDIA Embassy in Athens, sent 24 Greek teachers to the International School for Holocaust Studies at the ZOGUS TAXPAYER [BRAINDEADGOY}

    Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial and museum in Jerusalem.....and free mental circumcisions called frontal lobotomies...

    Read more:

    sometimes a picture is worth a thousand we having moving pictures with sound.....
    astronomical calculations of mathematical equations...

    solve for J

    or why factoring polynomials is the thingy for liberating the proselytes trapped in the stool sculpture deity cult compound...called TALMUDIA


    Here is a short and very informative summary of all that is.

    He convincingly argues that 9/11 was the beginning of the retake of America by the eight families who are usually referred to as TPTB.

    The article is a succinct and incredibly accurate synopsis of exactly what is happening around the world.

    We are indeed slaves until we decide not to be.

    Zionism is the tool of TPTB to perpetually enslave us ad infinitum and ad nauseum.

    1. Dean Henderson in his article When The Rothschilds Dial 911 references the letter that Albert Pike allegedly wrote to Guiseppe Mazzini in 1871. Please read the following, including the material linked therein, and decide for yourself whether or not that letter was real or a hoax:

      Albert Pike to Mazzini, August 15, 1871: Three World Wars?
      - by Terry Melanson, Oct. 5th, 2010

      Or, how Michael Haupt said, that William Guy Carr said, that Cardinal Caro y Rodriguez of Santiago, Chile said, that The Cause of World Unrest said, that the confessed hoaxer Gabriel Jogand-Pagès aka Dr. Bataille aka Leo Taxil said about Albert Pike and Giuseppe Mazzini in Le diable au XIXe siècle, v. II, 1894, p. 605 (but actually pp. 594-606). Got it?


    2. As for Lucifer, where did the idea of this evil-doer, so popular with Bible-pounding preachers, Theosophists, and B horror flick audiences come from? Here:

      “The ancient Persians said Satan was an angel or genius who had made war upon the Dives and the Peris, that is, the fairest of the East.

      Thus, according to the ordinary rules of probability, those who are guided by reason alone might be permitted to think that, from this theology, the Jews and Christians at length took the idea that the evil angels had been driven out of heaven, and that their prince had tempted Eve, in the form of a serpent.

      It has been pretended that Isaiah, in his fourteenth chapter, had this allegory in view when he said: “Quomodo occidisti de cœlo, Lucifer, qui mane oriebaris?” “How hast thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning?”

      It was this same Latin verse, translated from Isaiah, which procured for the devil the name of Lucifer. It was forgotten that Lucifer signifies “that which sheds light.” The words of Isaiah, too, have received a little attention; he is speaking of the dethroned king of Babylon; and by a common figure of speech, he says to him: “How hast thou fallen from heaven, thou brilliant star?”

      It does not at all appear that Isaiah sought, by this stroke of rhetoric, to establish the doctrine of the angels precipitated into hell. It was scarcely before the time of the primitive Christian church that the fathers and the rabbis exerted themselves to encourage this doctrine, in order to save the incredibility of the story of a serpent which seduced the mother of men, and which, condemned for this bad action to crawl on its belly, has ever since been an enemy to man, who is always striving to crush it, while it is always endeavoring to bite him. There seemed to be somewhat more of sublimity in celestial substances precipitated into the abyss, and issuing from it to persecute mankind.

      The story of the fall of the angels is not to be found in the books of Moses. The first testimony respecting it is that of Isaiah, who, apostrophizing the king of Babylon, exclaims, “Where is now the exacter of tributes? The pines and the cedars rejoice in his fall. How hast thou fallen from heaven, O Hellel, star of the morning?” It has been already observed that the word Hellel has been rendered by the Latin word Lucifer; that afterwards, in an allegorical sense, the name of Lucifer was given to the prince of the angels, who made war in heaven; and that, at last, this word, signifying Phosphorus and Aurora, has become the name of the devil.”

      Read the rest:

  11. MY essays were picked up by VT. I quickly disassociated myself with Duff, et al., and wrote a lengthy essay about what assholes they are. I'm anti-everything. I'm an Anarchist. I'm an Atheist. I'm opposed to every governing body on earth and I'm opposed to Zionism, Democrats, Republicans and dog leashes. Peace, and thanks for posting the links ~Jeff Prager,