Thursday, October 4, 2012

Passed the Collection Plate and All I Got Was This

art by Joshua Suda

A collection of comments from articles and essays.....

Yesterday, a US appellate court upheld the language enabling indefinite detention of American citizens without due process.

As a person of both faith and logic, I have, and have had, reasoned, peaceful disagreements with many past administrations, as well as the current administration.

But the way in which the language of the NDAA is so loosely constructed, any rational, fact-supported statement I might make, which in no way advocates any violence, can now be construed as "giving aid and comfort to the enemy" (du jour).

Logic can now be punished in this country with indefinite detention, and without due process.

The devious Erdogan Administration has the audacity to describe Syrian self-defense against the  Turkish proxy forces within Syria as "aggression."  Maybe it is time for some other megalomaniacal would be world dictator to come along and pound the shit out of all of these cocky little minion states like Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar?  But that would only be supporting another illegal, immoral insurgency within those countries,  just as those countries have done to the Syrian people, penalizing the innocent along with the guilty.  There is no justification under any circumstances for what we have done in Syria and before that, in Libya, and a dozen other places.  We DID NOT answer a call to support an ongoing revolution, we organized and started that "Syrian revolution" that has been expanded into the Syrian Civil War.  It is all based upon lies, over layers of even more lies.  Everything about the anti-Syrian aggression is a fabrication, just as is the entire "terror war."  Every dead American or foreign soldier, every dead civilian or "terrorist" has died for a lie.  We are the aggressor in all cases, since the original big aggression in 2001.

A while ago Israel killed at least 9 Turks and it didn't apologize fully, yet Turkey did nothing in return.

The New World Order or NWO which is OWN backwards and also ominously NOW in anagram is being sold in the soft core guise of mondialisation... or globalism... as a good idea : the very thing to end war... which indeed sounds pretty good until one looks a bit closer and sees that in the 20th century more people were killed by their own governments than by war...   

They {zionists} have truly lost the ability for critical thinking, or even reason and logic. They are now driven by the dreams and nightmares of their own making, unique to them, like wild crack addicts on a rampage with loaded guns–liable to do anything and still reman unaware of the consequences owing to their drug-addled brains. As in the usual case of said addicts they will have to be neutralized and controlled by outsiders with an interest in general health and social stability. They are reeling at the precipice blissfully unaware.

Those whom the gods would destroy they first drive mad.

The Philippines is a model for all countries in the world. This measure {cyber crime law} is clearly in the interest of all law-abiding people in the world. It is for the good of the people and for their safety and protection. The law will protect everyone from terrorists and should be celebrated! If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear from the government! Remember, if you see something, say something. Report suspicious activity to the authorities and keep a watchful eye especially on your friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors. Someone close to you right now is engaged in highly suspicious activities and your duty is to be aware and report it, even if it is your family member. And remember, the authorities are your only true and real friends.

9/11 is a global educational and psychological problem. Are psychologists and psychiatrists who cannot understand 300 year old Newtonian Physics actually sane? Are they incapable of figuring out when their thinking is out of touch with reality?

Are psychologists who cannot do grade school physics saying that “conspiracy theorists” who can do physics are neurotic or insane? Physics is not going to change in the next 1000 years so the 9/11 Affair will be more significant than the Galileo Affair for centuries to come.

This is another Monsanto puff piece.  Monsanto is the only one who will lose when prop 37 passes.  The fake food industry is poisoning the people for the sake of profit and I'm tired of being a guinea pig.  YES ON 37!  I HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW WHAT I'M EATING and I shouldn't need a medical degree to decipher the ingredients on a box.

STFU and enjoy your collapse from the weight of the truth you greedy bastards.

Hillary's eye is on what the corporate planners think is trillions in resources and what the neocon planners see as the geopolitical value of Afghanistan re: the pressure the US can put on Iran, China and Russia. It is part of a predatory foreign policy that will take by force whatever her patrons (not merely the President, but the major corporations- energy, banking, military contractor, etc.) covet, even if it has wreaked, and will continue to wreak devastation in Afghanistan, has killed innocent Afghans and Afghans we have classified as terrorists fighting for a country we invaded under false pretenses, killed and maimed American soldiers, and destroyed the American economy. She is supposed to be the chief diplomat of the nation, but instead like her predecessor has been following a military-first paradigm of foreign policy and has been cavalier about violating international law. It may be wishing too much, but maybe one day she like all the others will be held to account before a Nuremberg-type tribunal for the criminality to which she has contributed. 

You {Israel} chose that neighborhood and those people to live amongst...If you don't like them, then move....They should not be obligated to live according to your rules ...Get it?
They were all there first... 

I suspect if you could chat very candidly with high ranking US Generals, they would tell you exactly that - "Israel is a pain in the ass and a major liability for the USA" - much like a very drunk and stupid girlfriend who goes around causing problems and picking fights with guys at bars, and then says "OH YEAH well my boyfriend will kick your ASS!!!" I'm sure you get the analogy. lol.


Ceaseless quest for an enemy to destroy, continues..........

How about the families of the dead soldiers sue the government for a bullshit war based of weapons of mass deception.

The CIA's got this "flash mob" thing down to a science. NO ONE can hold a candle to CIA sponsored demonstrations.

Note to CNN on patting each other on the back for your awards. Your ratings are in the toilet along with the rest of the main stream media. Very few buy your BS anymore.

"Facebook announces plans for an new narcissist fee."

Just getting the frogs used to the warming water...just before full boil.  

This is great. {Arrests for $430 Million in Health Care Fraud}
All fraud and corruption in government programs should be prosecuted.

Now when will Holder arrest himself and his underlings for gun running?

Obama calmly took Romney’s jabs tonight, comforted by the knowledge that Seal Team 6 took out Big Bird hours earlier.

Confused and agitated
Backs against the wall
Disgraced disfavour
Merciless neglect
Ruthless entanglement
Living hells effects
A nightmare testing patience
Enslaved in bankers chains
Fraudulent jewish zionist cartel
For all those wars you need to pay...

I think the elders of zionism's evil sons are going to get dropped on their pointy heads.

This parliament is part of zionist NATO DEVIL in disguise.

Every War Begins with False Flag, including the two world wars. War in Iraq with False Flag 9/11 attack. World War with a false Flag in Hawai (Pearl Harbour) both the false flag are remembered as biggest tragedy in US and every year there is commemoration and ceremonies for those two false flags. US, NATO and their allies have become professional in causing false flag and start a new war.


  1. 911 was just a psy op- i think 'truthers' should remove the word 'attacks' from the narative, there were no attacks (there were attacks on our wallets, civil liberties and intelligence). 911 was bad orwellian fiction. demolitions are not attacks. the goal of the NWO has not changed- one world government, one world currecy, but the main goal is to keep the central bank scam going as long as possible- a rothschild hand in every pocket

    re gmo, watch what you eat. nix corn, soy etc. one thing to watch is 'sugar'
    in most processed food it means 'sugar from gmo beets',
    unless it says 'cane sugar' assume it's gmo.

  2. Some vintage stuff here...

  3. Those whom the gods would destroy they first drive mad..

    This just about sums up our current situation.

  4. Maybe they'll get dropped on their pointy little heads.

    Take a moment and step back from the zionist matrix we 'live' in. Suppose you are the leaders of China or Russia. You know the the elders of zionism are making a move for world hegemony through its evil sons. Their sons who steal and kill their way into an organised crime relationship with all places vunerable. So you're China/Russia watching this thinly veiled take over of the world with an obvious plan of gradually introducing a fiat one world currency fractionally (extemely fractionally) backed by gold that the elders of zionism issue.

    What do you do? Do you decide to wait 10 or 20 years for the writing on the wall to become actual? Or do you talk between yourselves to draw your own silent red line that without warning will be acted upon. Has that line been already indicated unambiguously to the evil sons? Is that very real red line, the evil sons going by force into Syria? It is not inconceivable that when the very first USrael/NATO soldier sets his foot on Syrian soil that China and Russia together will respond with extreme force to route out all things USrael/NATO everywhere in the Middle East. Has not the Bear and the Dragon not made their warning very clear? Why would they wait for the evil sons to steal any more resource full land. Russia and China are willing to pay for the oil and minerals contained in Syria and Iran. Why would they sit back and watch a bunch of cowboy thugs steal it?

    I think the elders of zionism's evil sons are going to get dropped on their pointy heads.

    Punks and mobsters, the whole bunch are just thieves and murderers - no more than that.

    How much more theft and murder are the Bear and Dragon going to just sit back and watch. I think (and actually hope) Syria is going to be the very last staw in the unwise elders of zionism's hegemony on this planet.

    Long live planet earth without central bank usury.

    1. bankerz took over russia 100 yrs ago, they've never given it up, putin's opposition is scripted
      china is a communist slave camp, we know who created the communist fraud, the general philosophy of communisms is - gentiles should not own property, the nwo is here, ww3 will be stage managed

  5. Mossad Black Ops and False Flags

    A Brief history of Mossad Black Ops and False Flags, Mossad: a shell organization for Jewish/Israeli terrorism all over the world. False Flags: Committing an atrocious act, and blaming another party or nation for it. The point is to turn public opinion against an entity, and have someone else fight your battles for you.


  6. Why I Dislike Israel
    by Philip Giraldi, October 04, 2012


    And then there are the reasons to dislike Israel and what it represents that go way back. In 1952’s Lavon Affair, the Israelis were prepared to blow up a U.S. Information Center in Alexandria and blame it on the Egyptians. In 1967, the Israelis attacked and nearly sank the USS Liberty, killing 34 crewmen, and then used their power over President Lyndon Johnson to block an investigation into what had occurred. In 1987, Jonathan Pollard was convicted of spying for Israel with investigators determining that he had been the most damaging spy in the history of the United States. In the 1960s, Israelis stole uranium from a lab in Pennsylvania to construct a secret nuclear arsenal. And the spying and theft of U.S. technology continues. Israel is the most active “friendly nation” when it comes to stealing U.S. secrets, and when its spies are caught, they are either sent home or, if they are Americans, receive a slap on the wrist.

    Read the rest:

    1. If only Giraldi would come out and say, at the least, that he thinks Israel was involved in 9/11 in a major way.

    2. He does equivocate on that issue, as in this interview:

    3. "If only Giraldi would come out and say, at the least, that he thinks Israel was involved in 9/11 in a major way." OMG Kenny, if only ___________ would come out and say......... I think it may take us years to compile that list 0_o

    4. Seriously Fred. Chomsky,Finkelstein,Gilad Atzmon(notice a trend?). But there are plenty of non-jews who should know better that fail the 9/11 litmus test as well. There is no excuse.

  7. Sheldon Adelson is making an attempt to export more austerity to Spain under the guise of EuroVegas. Only 35% of the cost will be his money, the rest debt on Spain.

    "Adelson's company is also asking for tax breaks and exemptions from local labor laws — to bring in foreign workers"

    Jobs for the locals eh?

    "Taking into account the very bad situation of Spain, he's doing all kinds of blackmails."

  8. 10 yrs after 911 and fetzer is pushing holograms (sigh), he thinks firemen don't lie . hey jimbo, wake up- many cops and firemen are freemasons, that's how they got the jobs, and of course they dont talk. he also thinks we need a draft (sigh), hey jimbo, when was the last time usa was attacked?

    1. Fetzer has been all over the place for decades, he spent a lot of time throwing out scraps of disinfo years after the JFK assassination as well. Hes a "pro". Like all good disinfo he puts out a lot of good stuff mixed with his bullshit. Holograms falls under "bullshit" for sure.

    2. Yes, more disinformation meant to discredit any real analysis on 911.
      Just like NTS, John Friend and aangirfan. Disinfo agents, all of them, most likely their sites are run out of Tel Aviv.

  9. Ryan Dawson's 3rd rant touches on a crucial fact worth repeating IMO. The zionist matrix system requires that all people and all governments on earth are beholden to them. The system requires all construction to go through them so that the everything is under their control. By making sure anything built or produced on this earth can only occur by the individual or country taking a loan from the zionists, these international money issuers hold control over everything and everybody. A country like Lybia or Venesuela or Iran that has a ressource which can free that country and its people to manufacture and build without borrowing from the zionists is a direct threat to the zioist system hegemony.

    Usury is the icing on the cake where by borrowing form the zionists the person or country is placed in a debt they can never pay back because the money for the interest does not exist. The result is the peroson or country must borrw more money the next year to pay the interest on the principal, and then to pay the interest on the interest ad infinitum. The final result is the zionist bankers who "legally" create money out of thin air and loan it at interest to people and countries end up owning everything including the land the people and the countries originally owned.

    It is organised crime at an international level. Conterfeiting money and lending that fiat out at interest with the land of the borrowers as collateral. The zionists have lobbied (bribed) the politicians over the years to legalise this conterfeiting and usury practice. The final analysis sees the international zionist bankers (mobsters) having the "legal" right to seize all the land all over the world. The people will then become serfs. Workers who rent a place to live from the zionists.

    Oil in Lybia, Venezuela, Iran represent an opportunity for those people and countries to get out from under the zionist system. The mobsters do not want anyone to be free of their usury control so that zionist controlled troops are sent in to those countries to change the regimes to one that will be subserviant to the zionist matrix system of usury and total control.

    I do not like being a slave in a zionist matrix system. I don't believe I am alone in the desire to be free of zionist usury.

  10. Certain people are freaking out over the recently found Einstein letter where he states how ridiculous the notion is that jews are "chosen people" and ridicules all religion as "childish". Its fun to watch.

    1. Khazar "Proselytes" are not Hebrews, and not Semitic.

      The entire "Jewish" narrative is a violation of the 9th Commandment...

      ...making Exodus to Khazaria...a "Wise" move..

      some on the wings of turkey buzzards

      "you've lost that oven feeling"...

      wish you were here

      Russell Tribunal

      Truth & Justice


  11. Kenny, gotta say you have it summed up in the proverbial nutshell. However... remember Hugo Chavez... Remember Venezuela... Remember that the pipsqueak running against him is a Sephardi despite the usual squeals of conversion... all eyes on Venezuela because the snipers are already in place ready to do there what they are doing in and have been in Syria...

    This is a brilliant piece as ever. Kenny you are getting better with age.... pity we have so much to inspire us, though, isn't it?

  12. Whats the story on Chavez cancer? Has he gotten any better or is he close to death as some say? Hes a thorn in the side of the evil fucks so I hope he stays alive another 10 years at least. They probably injected him with cancer like they did Jack Ruby(Rubenstein) when he was ready to spill the beans.

  13. Lasha Darkmoon's latest article is 100% acurate. Germany, Russia and now America have fallen to the genocidal plans of the Khazarian proselites who are not hebrew nor semitic.

    I can only shake my head at the murder and thieving being carried out by and for this synagogue of satan. The zionist protocols have become fact.

    Where and when will this all end?

    It depresses me to look at the world. It makes me really sad. Paradise lost.

    How is the truth going to set us free? We know the truth but we are more enslaved to the zionists for every week that transpires.

    Eduoard Monk had it right in his painting of the scream. Oh the pathos, the murder we are witnessing.

    Can bystanders ever be innocent?

    We know the truth about the zionists. What can we do to stop their evilness?