Monday, November 26, 2012

Good, Bad, Ugly and Always the Indifferent

The good news is that Ehud Barak apparently is quitting Israeli politics just after getting in one last military offensive against Gaza. The media even made a joke saying he was the most moderating influence on hawkish Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Funny huh?

The bad news is that Barak is a criminal who gets to retire without any accountability for his many crimes. He is also considered by many to be a mastermind of 9/11.

Remember this?
Within minutes of the airplane crashes on 9-11, Ehud Barak (the founder and master of the Israeli military's covert operation force, the Sayeret Matkal) was in the London studio of the BBC World ready to provide a plausible (and political) explanation to the world.  Barak, the real mastermind of 9-11, was the first person to call for a "War on Terror" - and U.S. intervention in Afghanistan and the Middle East.  This is how false-flag terrorism works.  The perpetrator is the first one to assign blame by pointing his finger at his enemy in order to shape public opinion, which is the real purpose of such atrocities.

Most Americans are indifferent or supportive of the terrorist 'democracy' of Israel and will roll their eyes at the mention of Israeli false flag history. Barak may leave but there's going to be someone similar to take his place.

As Timothy Geithner prepares to leave, who will take his place as an agent of the Federal Reserve, Wall Street and the International Banking Cartel?

It looks like it may be Jack Lew who is now Obama's Chief of Staff. Unlike his predecessor, Rahm Israel Emanuel, Lew has kept a low profile and that could tend to work in his favor. A little background on Lew is here and here. What's this? Wall Street isn't backing him for Treasury. Not enough tribal loyalty among thieves? Don't count on that. Lew would show who's boss and that would not be in the favor of the common folks.

Look for Jack's next big public appearance to be the lighting of the White House menorah. 

On a local note, there was a discovery of a suspected dog fighting operation where 65 dogs, mostly Pit Bulls, were found in not the best condition in what is being called Operation Broken Chain. Animal rescue activists are now taking care of them but finding a good home for all of them will certainly not be easy.

As dog lovers we find this kind of situation not acceptable in a civilized world. The outpouring of sympathy, outrage and anger is understandable and justified. But in the big scheme of things this is minor. Millions of animals are inhumanely slaughtered each year, kept in big ag captivity and treated as a lower life commodity, squeezing out all the profits that the abuse will allow. Few say anything about that. It's 'our food' they say even as scientists are proclaiming their support for the idea that animals are conscious and aware to the degree that humans are. We really knew that anyway, didn't we? We've seen it in our dogs, cats and other animals as well.

In my area dog abuse is not taken lightly and a look at the number of comments for these types of stories show they often exceed that of almost anything else. Folks will call for the blood of the abusers.

Unfortunately the outrage stops short when it comes to the abuse of humans. For profit illegal wars where millions die, drone attacks on women and children, the detention and killing of Americans without charge or any kind of due process and recently the Gaza bombings are too often met with silence and ugly indifference.

Personally I think our dogs should be well taken care of and abusers punished. I also think the abusers of the human rights of our country and the world should be stopped and severely punished. But that's just me.


  1. It's not just you, Kenny... me, too.

    1. It's always good to get a confirmation that we are not alone.

  2. speaking of pit bulls...

    'Still possible to bring Nazi criminals to justice'....?

    "We don't know exactly who fired the shots, but to be criminally guilty that plays no role," Brendel said. "If both were there with the goal to kill him, it doesn't matter who pulled the trigger."

    The two then reported that the prisoner had been shot while trying to escape, Brendel said.

    The case has now been turned over to a court in Hagen to determine whether there is enough evidence for a trial, and Bruins has been taken into custody, Brendel said.,7340,L-4312068,00.html

    "This is wonderful," said Efraim Zuroff, the chief Nazi hunter with the Simon Wiesenthal Center, in a telephone interview from the stool sculpture deity cult compound. "It again reinforces the insane notion that it is still possible to bring Nazi war criminals to justice." Talmudia...?

    In total, the conversation lasted for more than four minutes.

    Stool Sculpture deity cult leaders of B'nai Brith Canada are demanding an on-air apology from Fabi. CBC reported that the organization sent a formal letter to the radio station complaining about the comments. Truth hating Talmudic Terrorists B'nai Brith also sent complaints to the CRTC and the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council.

    Steven Slimovitch, a lawyer for B'nai Brith Canada, said his inbox was flooded with emails from Jewish Canadians following the broadcast.

    "She basically says that Hitler should have finished what he started," Slimovitch said. "There's no place for comments like that on a radio station.

    These are unacceptable comments and they beg a formal apology on the air.”

    Last week, the office of a political-science professor and outspoken defender of the stool sculpture deity cult compound in Montreal was vandalized with "anti-Semitic" slogans.

    The words “Heil Talmudia”, written in French, were found scrawled on the professor’s office door at the Université du Québec à Montréal.

    ...on hearing all the "JEW" spew...the Ephraimites in the isles...reacted...involuntarily

    Britain is in the grip of a vomiting outbreak which has already seen many thousands fall victim to the debilitating reaction to the "Jew" spew virus.

    Cases of the bug have surged to a five-year high and the health service has reported outbreaks at dozens of hospitals.

    Front-line health workers are being struck down by the "JEW" spew virus, leaving overstretched departments badly under-staffed...who would have imagined...?

    More Gag & Magag ...?

    Whatever happens in Gaza — and the news changes by the minute as this editorial is being written — all sides have to accept some very hard truths.....REALLY ?

    If not, the bloodshed will resume, the anger and frustration will spread and the region, will squander the hope and potential of the fragile faux-cease-fire....AKA RE-LOAD !!

    We begin with what is, for a Khazar Ashkenazim "Gog & Magog" Jewish publication, a fundamental belief: Talmudia - the stool sculpture deity cult compound for zionazi psychophants and delusional cult members should have the right to be accepted as a "free TERRORIST nation"... and to defend itself from attacks on its' illegitmate bad self based on LIES.

    This shouldn’t just be a Jewish value; it should be a value embraced by everyone...who embrace lying MASSMURDERERS and of course HATE Jesus, you know and Truth and Justice.

    Read more:

    Jeff Jamar

  3. so how many "Jewish" billionaires live in Mexico...?

    Joe Francis, creator of the "Girls Gone Wild" adult video franchise who owes millions to an St.Louis woman, is now appearing in Circuit Court for a "debtor's hearing."

    In 2008, Tamara Favazza of St. Charles County filed suit claiming that an independent contractor for the video company lifted her tank top at Rum Jungle on Laclede's Landing in 2004. She was subsequently awarded $5.8 million.,0,747513.story

    What spectators heard earlier today was:

    • Francis invoking his Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination about 50 times.

    down river...

    Women testify about violent beatings in Memphis trial for admitted pimp ...

    Yarbrough’s attorney, Eugene Laurenzi, told jurors that the women had cellphones and could have left at any time. “It was a lifestyle, that they chose,” said Laurenzi, Yarbrough’s sixth attorney.

    Yarbrough fired his five previous lawyers, calling them unethical or inept, and wanted to represent himself.....ironic, eh..?

    But {ZOG} U.S. Dist. Judge S. Thomas Anderson ruled that Yarbrough must be represented by a ZOG attorney after Yarbrough interrupted the judge, belittled prosecutors and the ADL/FBI and claimed he didn’t understand the charges against him.....

    Quoting Les {Visible}

    "These things have all been made possible by the abject stupidity, greed and capacity for mindless frenzy on the part of the Mr. Potatohead contingent, proliferating through western culture, which by this time should be on a glass slide, or in a Petri Dish and... what do you know? Here we are.

    be sure and check out Erins' Dance studio

    pay attention to things that happen fast

    and first of all don't be last

    Byron Sage

  4. My mother remembered when "scientists thought that babies did not feel pain - theyre always the last to employ common sense.

    1. I had never heard that so I looked and found this.

      40 years ago I thought our attitudes toward animals, and not just our pets, would be changed dramatically by now. They have for a few but not like I envisioned. Many of my predictions as a youth were off.

    2. Well, of course, women's experience with babies didn't matter for shit (after all, you wouldn't take advice from someone who's too feeble minded to vote, would you?)

      Mothers can usually tell why a baby is crying. All they had to do is ask the mother.

  5. the most terrified sound i have ever heard came from a chicken just before its head went.
    she understood what was about to happen and was not happy.

    1. I chopped off many a chicken's head as a kid and I never did like it. Up close and personal does make you think.

  6. The Powers That Be - for realNovember 27, 2012 at 5:40 PM

    1. The eight members of the original G8 are those countries with the largest central banks owned by Rothschild and the other handfull of international banking dynasties.

      We are only considered as property, as working slaves. Any slave who becomes a problem will be punished. As long as you contribute you will be tolerated. You are not allowed to rise above the slave system. You have to serve someone - them.

    2. Tarpley lists 16 central banks, all owned by the same handful of dynasties such as Rothschild, who hold the MAJORITY shares in ALL fortune 500 companies.

      Think about that fact for a moment.

      A small group of private individuals run the whole world.

      P.S. The man who revealed directed energy weapons to Jesse Ventura was killed two days later.

    3. Talk about slaves and mind control. The soldiers are brain-washed at bootcamp to become thinkingless thugs - mercenaries for the banking dynasties. Unfortunately, most military people realize they were used to kill post facto - which explains the HUGE suicid among returned veterans.

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  8. kenny, I'm sure you're up there with some of the higher ranked sites in this vid:

    1. I had not looked at Alexa in a long time.

      For whatever it means.

      mine (KS): 898,679

      aangirfan: 567,189

      visible origami: 1,165,758

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      Folks can look up others at

      I don't really like looking at these as popularity contests. It's what people have to say that matters most. Some of my favorite bloggers have fairly low rankings but in the big scheme of things they are trying to make a difference and they do. Out of a few billion sites they are significant.

    2. Must be employer appreciation day. How "sweet" of you.

  9. People go ga-ga over animals, humans, not so much.

    Whenever we'd rescue a person from a burning house, the fire department HDQ's would get a phone call or two and maybe a letter saying what a great job we'd done.

    But rescue an animal, like the dog we scooped off some thin ice and the calls, letters and emails would flood fire HDQ.

    So much for empathy for our fellow man.

  10. In his own personal letter of apology released to the public Monday, Fabi also apologized for his "careless" handling of the incident.

    "For over 35 years, I have run a night-time call-in show and this is not the first time a listener has tried to convey unacceptable messages about the stool sculpture deity cult and their filthy cult members called "jews"; I always reacted quickly to avoid these situations, except the last week," he wrote. "I have disrespected the stinking filthy asshole Jewish population and both my listeners.

    In addition, I have also discredited my faux-show."

    Fabi promised to be more careful when he returns to the airwaves next month, but the vow wasn't enough to satisfy the stool sculpture deity cult leader Rabbi Reuben Poopko.

    "I think most reasonable people would agree that an egregious line has been crossed and a dismissal of the broadcaster is in order," he hissed.....

    Warner Breo's....Roth & Lorrie [Levine]....Filthy...?

    Thanks again to ALL those fine and decent people who have committed to supporting my work.

    Bless you one and all!


    Arthur Topham
    Pub/Ed ------> <------- Solid Gold !!

    The battle over Egypt's Islamic rule and the new constitution recently took an unexpected turn're gonna LUV this CHUTZPAH....

    an opposition figure that Noble Prize laureate Mohamed ElBaradei criticized the Constituent Assembly claiming that one of its members was Holocaust denier.....!!!

    ZOG WASHINGTON — Marine Corps Pvt. Lazzaric T. Caldwell slit his wrists and spurred a legal debate that’s consuming the Zionist infested Pentagon, as well as the nation’s top military appeals court.

    On Tuesday, the court wrestled with the wisdom of prosecuting Caldwell after his January 2010 suicide attempt. Though Caldwell pleaded guilty, he and his attorneys now question his original plea and the broader military law that makes “self-injury” a potential criminal offense.

    The questions resonate amid what Pentagon cult members of the stool sculpture deity cult have called an “epidemic” of military suicides.

    “If suicide is indeed the worst enemy the armed forces have,” Senior Judge Walter T. Cox III said, “then why should we criminalize it when it fails?”

    or more specifically if the khazars are not even Judahites...why should Americans Murder
    innocent civilians just because the "jewish" asshole terrorists hate them and covet their resources...?

    get it ?


  11. All right: this may be the last time I try to impart common sense to "people," but here goes.

    I do NOT advocate animal cruelty. However, whatever form this kind of thing takes, THERE IS NO CRIME! Why, you ask? Well, I'll tell you. In order for a crime to have occurred, there must be a victim. This means corpus delicti, which means that a victim has to have had their legal rights violated. DOGS ARE PROPERTY! This means that they have no legal rights to violate. Whoever Michael Vick hired as attorneys were either completely incompetent, or complicit in this ongoing fraud. Don't take my word for it, by any means. Do some legal research, and you'll find that there is no crime whatsoever in "cases" of this kind. Why do you think that a judge in San Diego recently threw out that bullshit case filed on behalf on PETA by some back-alley attorney, who should have been immediately disbarred, concerning the "rights" of killer whales, who are non-human entities? You cannot possibly assign legal rights to animals, unless you want a legal system out of the Three Stooges, Alice in Wonderland, or a Kafka novel.

    1. Yes, animals are property, but of the Divine.
      And why couldn't we assign legal rights to animals? The results of that you describe, are grabbed out of thin air...
      I guess you love your dominiance over your alleged property too much.