Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Nothing Much to Say

Just listening.....


  1. Nice to see someone fighting back. Hope he doesn't suffer any repercussions.


  2. Terrorists meet...


  3. Obama praises Netanyahu on Gaza cease-fire
    President Barack Obama praised Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday for agreeing to an Egypt-crafted cease-fire with Palestinian militants in Gaza. Obama, speaking to Netanyahu by telephone, also underlined America's unwavering support for Israel's security and said he hoped to "intensify" U.S. assistance.


    Actual scene

    O: umm...hello master, yeah ...as I've promised earlier, you'll get to whip my ass for the 666th times whenever you're in town. I will be ready. I got better when it comes to bending backwards, your last butt whippings were amazing!

    Now...can you pretend to cease fire to make youself look good, pleasssse?

  4. 100's of once proud Canadians sitting in Soup Kitchens lapping up their lunch, unaware of what has just taken place, funded with cuts to their benefits n' all...

  5. Have a nice Thanksgiving Kenny, and all the people that come and read your blog as well.

  6. I hope everyone has a very fine and safe day. We do still have many things to be thankful for.

  7. yeah, it is one of the few things "we" can be thankful for... this neighborhood crowd

    is actually getting much larger....

    gargantuan...considering the global dimensions

    Kenny, Les, Timster, Noor,
    ...and many many more...

    put those 99 theses' on the door

    saying we ain't taking this zionist BS anymore...


    The Zionist purgatory called the Pentagon also said it could not find any death certificate, autopsy report or results of DNA identification tests for the 9/11 PATSY bin Laden, or any pre-raid materials discussing how the Zionist Chutzpah "government" planned to dispose of bin Laden's body if he were killed in the due process raid on a cartoon character.


    The Zionist Offensive Defence Department also refused to confirm or deny the existence of helicopter maintenance logs and reports about the performance of military gear used in the raid.... on a cartoon character...get it, Walt ?


    One of the stealth helicopters that carried the bad ass SEALs to Abbottabad crashed during the mission and its wreckage was left behind.
    Some People who lived near bin Laden's imaginary compound took photos of the disabled made in America chopper.


    The monkey backed brigade is appealing the zionist infested Defence Department's decision.

    The zionist contrived CIA, which ran the cartoonish bin Laden raid and has special TALMUDIC legal authority to keep information from ever being made public, has not responded to any reasonable request for records about the zionist scriptwriters fantasy mission to further assault common sense...like the Tel Aviv Bus explosion.... and who shot John.

    of course the Khazars are being played for suckers....but hey, what is a cult compound good for if there are no suckers....?


    give 'em one fer


  8. Joe Courtina? That cursed racist SOB? Very classy!

    Davy the pig
    who always jigs
    and always digs
    other racist pigs
    just like him

    God hates your racist guts!

    1. projecting again stanky ?

      well dig this chutzpah...


      The Zionist Terrorist "government" displayed weakness and hesitancy in implementing its goals and the promise of achieving complete calm for the residents of the stanky stool sculpture deity cult compound in Occupied Palestine, occupied by terrorists from Khazaria working for the talmudic Terrorist "MONEY CHANGERS & dung doodling PHARISEES,” said Yair Lapid, a television personality-turned-politician running in the January ballot....in Talmudia


      Israeliar daily Maariv also stuck the knife in, printing a cartoon showing a glum-looking TERRORIST ASSHOLE Netanyahu carrying an object under his arm marked “backbone for rent”.....

      two more days of Haredi's camping out with the "SECULAR" zionist assholes like STANKY and... well the "JEWISH" state would subdivide into four warring factions with little unarmed "Jews" at the mercy of the merciless well armed "JEWS" who can't quell their bloodlust...or perversions


      A group of 16 soldiers marked their disdain by posing “Bibi (is a) Loser”, with their bodies and posting the photograph on Facebook.....


      The image went viral and the army is investigating.

      Read more: Justifiably Homicide Talmudvision...like ya' know...do Americans have the right to Self Defense....?


      oddly enough for the adherents to the "brainwashing" if one can call swimming in the dungdoodling pilpul twaddle of Talmudic Judaism "brainwashing"...there were never any so-called "Jews" during the time Isaiah wrote...or lived in the land where the Talmudic Terrorist "Khazar" Gog & Magog "Zionist" asshole "Jews" are today...


      God, speaking through Isaiah explains what will happen as a result of their pride and arrogance and failure to heed the harbinger: Bigger and more potent attacks will follow. Because neither the northern kingdom of Israel nor the southern kingdom of Judah truly repents, the first is eventually swept away by Assyrian invaders and the latter is carried off into captivity by the Babylonians for 70 years...


      "Jews" will never be Israel...Israel can never be "Jewish"...


      bombing a concentration camp...killing children....SELF DEFENSE...?


      HOW "JEWISH"....!!

      No one on Earth has to be a "Jewish"....just walk out of the stool sculpture deity cult compound...get it ?


    2. Yep, Davy and Negentropical always have to drop a load on every thread. A link to "whitenationalist" here, a ridiculous and obviously racist atttempt at ebonics there. Presto-the thread is dead and rendered un-forwardable. These disinfo tools are too obvious. White supremacism=jewish supremacism. Ironically enough they both serve the same purpose and same masters of division even while hating each other(and everybody else).

    3. Well Said, 8:51 AM. Davy needs to elope with Negentrothunder to the north pole and possibly shack up in a polar bear cave. You can't find whiter area than that.

  9. God bless Henry Clifford for the educational Palestine adds. The Jew says "it's offensive to Jews, makes us look like the aggressors and land stealers" well DUH asshole. If they don't like what they do then they should stop doing it...I think that's how the rest of us were taught. But of course, that's what sets us apart from them.

  10. I spent Thanksgiving (today) with Palestinians and Syrians in Santa Cruz. The day went swell. Food, dancing & hooka. Good times while their countries are burning. It's not because they are here and not there. They have learned how to live in spite of it all. They will survive the "Samson Option"!