Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Our Criminally Infested Government - All In

We're being taken for a media ride where nothing is as it seems.

A couple of basic premises...

Virtually everything the government and media are telling us is a lie or a diversion.

Everyone at or near the top has blackmail hanging over their heads. Many times it's who strikes first at the other.

Why the purging?  Who benefits?

One thing seems certain. While we are distracted with salacious affairs, many things are going on in the background. Like another Israel move against Gaza which has the potential to escalate.

We'll leave this as an open thread for those inclined to opinions on what is actually going on.


  1. If Obama is signing as many executive orders as is possible for his handlers, international banksters and corporate pirates. So, the cliff where the dollar will fall off is quickly approaching. Expect UN checkpoints and US and foreign troops policing your area. Travel and other restrictions will creep on you slowly.

    Readers will know the end is close as blogs like this one will disappear along with their authors. One worldwide sit down strike and then prosecution of pirates, official or not, needs to be initiated. We either will die as slaves or as free men. Right now we are owned offshore, is that okay with you?

    1. giving them the shirt off your back....extremists

      "There’s definitely a hint in the preceding report by the New York Times that Jill Kelley invites erotic responses from male FBI agents, one of whom was an asset of a powerful Israeliar terrorist lobbyist, Republican Rep. Eric Cantor. On his own initiative this “shirtless” agent reported the case to Cantor. The New York Times does not say if this FBI agent breeched security by doing so."


      But of course, people see what they see, and they act (or refrain from acting) accordingly. But here is what I don’t understand: the sense of triumph and exultation and glee on the part of so many ‘dissidents’ at the victory of this “lesser evil.”

      Where did the reluctance, the nose-holding, the sad head-shaking go?

      Should they not be mourning the fact that evil has triumphed in America, even if, by their lights, it is a “lesser” evil?


      “I believe that if you take a look at the Constitution, that’s what it says,” he told POLITICO. “I think we’ve gotten a tremendously long way from it.”

      So he wrote a letter to the state Legislature asking to be paid his public salary in gold and stating: “It is very likely the bottom will fall out from under the federal resreve NOTE = "JEWISH" lie...called a U.S. dollar. Only so many dollars can be printed before they have no value.”

      What Gramps Paul should have said is that the Bailouts of the Synagogue of Satan bankers & thieves should be taken back and each and every one should be held accountable.

      He should also say that the Synagogue of Satan "Jewish" owned media should be shut down and laws enacted to keep the monopolies from ever occurring again. He should say that the Synagogue of Satan Jewish controlled kosher Brothel called Congress should eliminate the monies and control from TALMUDIA AKA.."Israel" and the Jewish PACs, which cause all of “wars” at TALMUDIA's AKA "Israel’s" behest.


      He should explain that the money taken back from the ledgerdemain ECONOMIC TERRORIST bankers/thieves and money saved from shutting down all foreign bases SHOULD go back to the people, which would immediately stimulate the economy. He should say that we need to STOP all “Free Trade” associations (which is just another guise of BOLSHEVICK/ZIONIST/globalism). He should call out Zionist/Bolshevik/Jewish TERRORISTS for 911, instead of calling those of us that do the problem.


      Read more: about the "Jewish" narrative = LIES ...going in the ovens of Truth



    2. OBAMA IS A CIA /ROCKEFFELER CREATION!YOU ARE RIGHT!One worldwide sit down strike and then prosecution of pirates, official or not, needs to be initiated. We either will die as slaves or as free men. Right now we are owned offshore, is that okay with you

  2. The most prominent appointment of terrorist mass murderers who claim to be "JEWISH" is that of former Givati Brigade commander, Colonel Ilan Malka, who will receive the rank of brigadier general and appointed the Zionazi Terrorist Central Command's chief of staff – effectively the deputy of the Central Command's commander.


    Related stories:


    obviously Khazar/Ashkenazim so-called PROSELYTE "Jews" are not Hebrews Not Semitic...and Not from the Tribe of Judah...so....


    [only "Jews" can be TERRORISTS in Palestine]...

    but the JEWISH NARRATIVE ain't giving up yet...

    The appointment is seen as a vote of confidence in the Jewish zionazi terrorist Malka who had been TALMUDICALLY cleared of any wrongdoing in the investigation into the massmurder of 21 members of the al-Samouni family during a JEWISH TERRORIST "IDF"... strike on Gaza's Zeitoun neighborhood during the zionazi pre-inaugural Operation Cast Lead.....


    The Zionazi Terrorist Military PRETEND Prosecution had decided to close the case after "the investigation completely disproved any claim about deliberate harm to civilians, as well as haste and recklessness about possible harm to civilians, or criminal negligence."

    ...kinda like the what Kosher Brothel called CONgress did for the Davidians and the OKC & 9/11 & USS Liberty




  3. While it seems half the country is trying to get signatures on a petition to the White House to secede from the union, Timster has one that cuts to the heart of some basic criminality.

    "Peacefully withdraw all support, military, monetary and political, from the apartheid terrorist state of Israel. This state is racist in nature and leads the world in its human rights abuses toward the indigenous people of Palestine. Considering the constant establishment of new settlements on stolen land built by Israeli citizens, and the open-air concentration camp conditions in which the Israeli military keeps these Palestinian men, women and children, without regard to the protests of the majority of the world's countries, we, the people of the United States can no longer conscience the use of our tax dollars to support such inhumane action in our names."


    1. Done, and posted it to twitter. I only have like 50 followers though, I'm new to twitter. And I had my account suspended for a couple of days only a few days after I signed up for it....

    2. Many thanks! If we get enough people willing to put their identity where there mouth is, like you guys...the WH HAS to answer it! Keep up the pressure...

    3. Long way to go Tim. I've passed this around to some of the larger sites so we'll see if they publish it.

      It could cause a backlash. Like this one.(grin)

      Deport Everyone That Signed A Petition To Withdraw Their State From The United States Of America.


    4. WRH posted it.


    5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fWtJU6fYZk&feature=em-uploademail

      Can you believe this prick? Not a word about the real treasonous criminals and traitors that have sold out to Israel, of course.

    6. Cenk is an embarrassment to even so called progressives. He doesn't even do his homework. He calls Zach Wamp one of Tennessee's congressmen and quotes from him but Wamp has been out of office for almost 2 years. No wonder Al Gore's channel is going down when this is the 'best' they can get.

      This secession issue even led off the local news tonight. It's a sideshow that's distracting from real solutions to healing our country. Just as planned I would think.

  4. via xymphora...

    "The biggest issue is the only issue in American politics, how Obama retained his Jewish Billionaire funding. He managed to convince the Jews that America could simply no longer fight the expected Wars For The Jews with boots on the ground and full-fledged wars. What it can do is fight the Wars For The Jews using new, smarter means - sanctions, proxy armies, and drones. The sane-ish Jewish Billionaires - i.e., not Sheldon - accepted this as the best possible violence the gentiles could provide under all the circumstances.

    So the private CIA purporting to secure the CIA field office in Benghazi did a deal with the proxy fighters in Libya, Sunni Islamist militants who hate America and are generally called 'al-Qaeda', that there would be a spectacular attack on the compound which would increase business for the private CIA and liberate a few imprisoned 'al-Qaeda' fighters held by the Americans. The real CIA either didn't know about it or agreed to look the other way (as many in the CIA look to retire to lucrative jobs with the private CIA). The scandals of allowing this to happen and using 'al-Qaeda' to fight Wars For The Jews were so important that Obama officials lied and blamed everything on the movie. There still is no evidence that there actually was an affair - though Petraeus gave a star-struck biographer w-a-y too much access - but Petraeus got caught in an enormous amount of American-Zionist crossfire."

    1. American news reporting is an embarrassment. Especially the local channels.
      It's more like a police crime blotter that's being read and if they can't find enough gore locally, they'll travel 120 miles to get some blood.

      What a waste of resources.

      But its doing a good job of dumbing people down.

  5. The criminals are in key posts. But evil eventually destroys itself. Revolution is not a good idea. Best just not to vote.

    - Aangirfan.

    1. Right, both main party candidates are just Rothschild puppets.


  6. Adrian Salbuchi-Coming World Gov. 9-19-12


  7. Jill Kelley's real name is Jill Khawwam - she's Lebanese, hmmm. Dear, what kind of a name is that?

    "I'm no conspiracy theorist, but I'm convinced Jill Kelley is a spook. The sudden shift of reports from "she works for the State Department" to "wait no, she's an 'unpaid social planner.'" The seemingly overreaching step of triggering an FBI probe when she started getting emails about Petraeus. The swift hiring of a team of Washington power lawyers and crisis management experts." WTF?

    "Jill Kelley, Woman Who Sparked Petraeus Scandal, Ran Questionable Charity" Okay I can see where this is going.

    Oh, she called local police where she is the party hostest with the mostest and informed them she is Honorary Council General, i.e. a foreigner, and her property is inviolable (can not be violated). WTFx2!

    1. If the reports are correct that Jill Kelley and her husband owe a lot of money and their house is in foreclosure, it would make sense that she was paid to play in this game. Maybe a whole lot. Someone wanted Petraeus out quickly after the election.

      I wonder how much money gets put into a secret account of the head of the CIA for helping to maintain all the drug trafficking they do?

    2. Hi Kenny,

      I am totally in the dark about this Jill & Allen/Paula & Petraeus affair thingie. Gen. Petraeus is known as "Gen. Betray us" for obvious reasons and Gen. Allen is is known as "warrior monk" - yeah, let's ask those Afghan peasants and find out what other nick name they have for the "warrior monk"!

      One thing is obvious though, it doesn't take Mission Impossible type of assignments to bring someone down, a fembot is enough. Hmmm, first we have to find out what binny nuttyjuuhoo likes..cough, cough!

  8. H.G. Wells: "Things to Come"

  9. just remember....


    ....no one has to live in a stool sculpture deity cult compound [TALMUD]


    - 90% of so-called "Jews" are Khazar/Ashkenazim = GOG & MAGOG proselytes
    to Talmudic Judaism

    if some "Jew" worshipping morons really care about the "souls" of so-called Jews why would they not want to tell them the truth about leaving the CULT COMPOUND ?

    Thought Crimes & Judaism...

    Supporting the dung doodling cult compound called "State of Israel" is one of the central stool sculptures of the different effluent steams' common denominator.

    In the case of Rabbi Rick Jacobs, president of the Union for Reform Judaism, and his movement – the commitment to the cult compound can be seen as "unconditional love", as the State does not give back love or recognize the Reform rabbis and dung doodling communities in Talmudia.

    I was invited to address the General Assembly of the stool sculpture dung doodling "Jewish" Federations of North America, taking place in Baltimore, about the commitment to equality for minorities in the Jewish nation state.... an ongoing CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY...

    not to mention the G*D of Israel ...


    My hosts asked me to focus on equal rights for the Arab minority, but after preparing the address, I realized that the majority of those attending the event belong to the Reform and Conservative communities, which do not enjoy equality in TALMUDIA either.


    The stool sculpture deity cult compound is the Jewish nation state and a...

    [CRUCIFY HIM/PAID MOB] so-called "democratic" country,,, {respects neil}

    .....hence every single Jewish dung doodling community should be allowed to express itself and uphold its culture and customs.....but for how long ?


    The more dung doodling communities and treated sewerage streams feel they can express themselves and be creative here, and the more they feel at home here – the better. . .



    As for my thought crime, and to make sure that I don't fall again, and to prevent me from committing such crimes ever again in the future, I will lock my "illegal thoughts" down, I will encircle them inside strictly defined boundaries and promise to shoot any thought caught attempting to escape..http://hardylaw.net/waco.html

    Thus, I hereby affirm that any mention of words such as Jewish, Talmud, Judaic, Jews, Holocaust, Jewish Suffering, Jewish values, Jewish soul are Holy Words which emanate from good Kelipat Nogah and can only be uttered in utmost adoration and supreme devotion.




    when the crack whores in CONgress & the Media repeated the "Jewish" lie that the


    "Could have come out"....remember that not only were they being hunted down inside the building by COMBAT APPLICATIONS GROUP troops "pulling triggers"....but
    that there were also snipers ringed around the cult compound "pulling triggers", too.

  10. Constant lies and purgings....sounds familiar. Upscale window dressing but psychotic, Bolshie JEWRY in the back room bleeding the nation to death.

  11. Here's another WH petition. This one comes from Visible.

    "United States Government recognition that Israel authored the 9/11 Terror attacks"

    Since 2001 The United States of America has been held hostage by the fabricated and monstrous official lie that Muslims carried out the 9/11attacks. Bin Laden was blamed for this and he admitted he had nothing to do with it. This resulted in them having to kill him several times. Because Zionist Jews nearly completely control the media the truth about 9/11 has been suppressed and resulted in the creation of a police state. It has also led to vicious wars created by Central Bankers for their personal profit and where millions have been killed, maimed and made homeless. An invasive system called Homeland Security has been formed and is also controlled by the factions that carried out 9/11 in the first place. Israeli security was in charge at every 9/11 related airport.