Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Still Turning

Just as I suspected...the sun came up and gravity still holds us down.

Not much has changed. The plunder will continue. You know the story. In fact, some would say it's a mandate to do so.

California's Prop 37 was machine rigged or the result of a dumbed down population or both. But a couple of states got a positive vote count to implement a version of marijuana legalization and what could be the reanimation of a domestic hemp industry.

It's not perfect. It may be a start
Amendment 64, the marijuana legalization initiative that Colorado voters approved yesterday, must be signed into law within 30 days by Gov. John Hickenlooper, who has indicated he will do so. At that point people 21 or older will no longer be arrested or prosecuted under state law for possessing up to an ounce, growing up to six plants, or transferring up to an ounce "without remuneration" to other people who are at least 21. more
So what will the Justice Department do? Legal sales are going to cut into the feds territory and corporations and bankers profits. If this becomes an opportunity for the feds, they will need to control the process right on up to the Supreme Court, set a strong precedent, tear out another part of the Constitution, toss it away and declare victory over that pesky part called states rights. Emboldened, what might be next?

Obama could come right out and say they won't interfere. That could be to further pacify the left ..."hey, look there, he's doing something sane" there won't be much of a protest over all the killing and stealing to come. Throw us a little pursuit of happiness while taking away other rights?

This marijuana issue may not be much in the big scheme of things but for right now there's a possibility for some fireworks. 'Bongs bursting in air' so to speak. A skirmish in the war against us. One that could lead to bigger battles that we could also win.



  2. prop 37 is close to my heart, I don't appreciate being bullied by the likes of Monsanto. Big money won. We will fight on.

    1. It was to mine too Genie. This issue is not going away.

    2. Mine too. the general public remains unaware of how pervasive gmo is...virtually everything with sugar, every chocolate bar etc. if we had a government gmo would be on the label.
      In the 1970's butter was bad, margerine was good. 40 yrs later, it's the opposite. 40 yrs of selling yellow fat. Farmers cant and don't produce margarine, so they couldn't compete with the food factories producing margarine and big media lies about butter.

    3. Did prop 37 really fail? We all understand how this crap really works now.

    4. Another article on prop 37

    5. I cant imagine the vote on Prop 37 WASNT rigged. WAY too much money at stake for huge corporations to just allow the will of the people to stand. And I cant imagine that enough people would vote for LESS information about what they eat. Makes no sense.

  3. More to come - indeed.

    1913 the Rothschild banking dynasty politically takes over the United States of America by loaning all public money at interest.

    1917 the Rothschild banking dynasty procures a puppet letter from English Lord Balfour to create the gangster apartheid 'country' of israel.

    1917 the Rothschild banking dynasty finances the zionist Bolshevik genocide of over 50 million Russian orthodox Christians.

    2013 the world collapses under the debt to the international Rothschild banking dynasty's private fractional fiat usury system.

    2013 the Rothschild banking dynasty finances the third world war genocide of billions of Gentiles to create the new world order of rulers and slaves.

    1. Yea, but the emporor Rothschild has no clothes. All it takes is one litle boy or girl in the world to tell the truth - and this slavery out of thin air will end!

    2. Yes or that little boy or girl would be raped, sodomised and ritually killed by the satanic powers that be.

      Mammon and Satan - a match made in hell on earth.

    3. IsraHell on Earth

      Just ask the Palestinians.

  4. Romney=Obama=RothschildNovember 8, 2012 at 3:49 AM

    = ENDLESS WARS, Drones, Kill List, Patriot Act, NDAA, CISPA, FISA, Wiretaps, Private Prisons, Bush Tax Cuts, Loves Oil & Coal & Climate Change, Loves Crony Capitalism, Bribery, Deregulation, Forced USA to Buy Insurance, War on Protestors, War on Marijuana, Loves Lobbyists, GMO, Guantanamo, Trillions in Corp Subsidies & BAILOUTS, Israel & AIPAC owns Obama, NO Transparency & Habeas Corpus & Posse Comitatus, Loves Indefinite Detention & Torture, Ignores Unemployment & Poverty

    1. That just about sums it up. Everything applies to almost all politicians.

  5. Not all is bad news coming out of the 2012 elections:

    Michael Jackson's rabbi loses in GOP bid for House seat

    1. Also Israel firster Allen West is out. He didn't last long.

    2. Everyone who voted for Obamney should have to wear a star of David somewhere visibly obvious on their clothing - better to identify them for the FEMA ghettos.

    3. Allen West tortured an innocent man when he was in the military. He came home and was one of the most racist islamophobes in DC. Total zionist shill warmonger piece of crap. He'll likely go into media. Fox News or some other shit outlet.

  6. speaking of the outhouse blues award... [dig this chutzpah!]

    bear in mind the "Jewish" bolsheviks mass murdered over 60 million Russians

    MOSCOW – Zionist/BOLSHEVIK Terrorist Shimon Peres, who is visiting Russia, inaugurated the dung doodling Jewish Museum of Tolerance on Thursday in the presence of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

    Jewish Life existential threat to mankind

    Full story :,7340,L-4302834,00.html

    The stanky ceremony began with speeches by Minister Lavrov, Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar and Rabbi Alexander Boroda, who runs the local Chabad "privy" House and was one of the full of shit project's initiators.....

    these "Leaven of the PHARISEE SKANKS" give all kind of new meaning to the word .....

    HIGH POCK KRISSY.....!!!

    anyone else hear rocks and trees screaming.....



    1. produce your own content, instead of pooping snippets from faux racist websites.

    2. Give Davy boy credit, he managed not to link to "white nationalist" website this time. Progress....

  7. The man behind the curtain is enslaving youNovember 9, 2012 at 4:31 AM

    "(E)very nation in the western world has a branch or tentacle formed out of the Mother plant known as B’nai Brith International which is a Jews-only Masonic order first established back in the mid 1840s in the USA and that Mother was the creation of the Rothschild dynasty that now controls global finance, the global media, global “International” organizations like the UN, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and dozens upon dozens of other affiliated organizations whose main purpose is to maintain the House of Rothschild and the control of the world’s money supply.

    Without that ill-gained ability to manifest money out of thin air and then lend it to the governments of the world at exorbitant interest rates (Usury), the whole fabric of the Zionist curtain would quickly disintegrate before the eyes of the world and like the Wizard of Oz the public would suddenly realize just who was behind all of the financial troubles, endless wars and incessant woes and miseries facing the world today."

  8. Some folks would have us believe that Putin is fighting against the Jew World Order. The following articles show who he is really working for:

    Peres opens Jewish Center in Moscow: ‘Museum tells us about Communism and Zionism’

    Putin Vows: Holocaust Will Not Be Repeated

    Russia will never forget the Holocaust – Putin

    Putin vows ‘Russia will never forget Holocaust’

    Russia opens world’s largest Jewish museum

    Russians in Russia: The State within the State
    By Igor Artemov


    No one in the Russian National political movement—or just anyone for whom his Russian identity is not simply a matter of fact but a defining aspect of his life, beliefs, and actions—should harbor any illusions regarding the corrupt, grotesquely hypocritical, bureaucratic and police-state nature of the modern state authority and ideology existing in the Russian Federation. All this is true and doubtlessly affects our lives. And yet the single most important thing to understand is that this system is explicitly and purposefully anti-Russian...

    Although we cannot exclude that Putin and his close circle dream about their ‘empire’, there won’t be any place in their ‘empire’ for the Russian spirit and Russian ideology, just as there was no place for Russianness in the late Soviet Union. Remember that the process of destroying the Russian nation and Russian worldview, unprecedented in its scale and consequences, was launched precisely in the Soviet Union and the current authorities of Russian Federation carry on this process more or less consistently...
    Their goal is to create in place of Russia and Russian civilization a new supranational pseudo-empire within the framework of the New World Order. Under the guidance of a Jewish elite, the Russian majority will be gradually replaced by Asian migrants. Of course, they cannot acknowledge this openly as it will cause mass protests and they will be quickly swept away. So for the people’s consumption they have an official ideology of building a society of prosperity, social justice and interethnic peace. Yet they cannot hide the truth, especially from those who have access to objective information. As a result, the silence of the ruling circles is bought by enormous material benefits on one hand, and by intimidation on the other...

    Read the rest:

    1. The zionist Bolsheviks genocided >50 million Russian orthodox Christians from 1917-1952.
      Now the Russian federation and Putin open a "jewish" (Khazairian proselyte) museum.
      I don't understand this unless Putin is pro-zionist (therefore anti-Russian) or the Stool Sculture Deity Cult has just as much grip on Russia as it has on America.