Sunday, December 9, 2012

Deface This!

The Israel shill Pamela Geller once again gives folks a chance to counter her 'free speech' with some of their own. The new ad, coming soon to New York subways, will soon be defaced with maybe something like "9/11 was an Israeli/American false flag" or any number of other responses. Poor Pammy will then whine as usual and play victim ... “It’s very dangerous. It’s really dangerous – the war on free speech, and I think every American should be more concerned about that than the content of my ads.”

Well Pammy, we are concerned about the war on free speech. That would the war perped by the mainstream media for their handlers..... Where questions about the official story of 9/11 are sent to the conspiracy kook bin. Where criticism of the criminal state of Israel are met too often with the cries of anti-semitism. Where calls for the labeling of GMO foods are squashed by corporate interests and vote fraud. Where the 'fiscal cliff' is blamed on Social Security and Medicare but rarely on blank check wars and Federal Reserve and Wall Street corruption. Where drone wars and indefinite detention and assassination of Americans are just business as usual. Where the feds have jurisdiction over a state's wishes to legalize marijuana. Where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer and who are we to question why?

Actually I am not in favor of defacing any public or private property.  It would much better if the lies, myths and antics of those like little Pammy would become their downfall and all we do is laugh at them and ignore them. Which is pretty much what we do already.

Always the questions...What's the best way to explain the Mideast conflict to a child?


The myth starts here...

The first & second books of the Maccabees

 The 2012 National Menorah Lighting Near the White House is brought to you by the Associated Press.


  1. pure poop.

    no one on Earth has to be a "Jew".

    especially not the Khazar proselytes...

    before the word "Jew" entered the lexicon there was much less "confusion" about the history of the Children of Israel...who cannot be "Jews"...
    Talmudvision, like the "Jewish"

    {perversion of}

    "History" channel spews Jew poo 24/ do all other channels...

    JEWISH defined is Truth Hate...

    defiling that which is Holy,,7340,L-4317701,00.html



    that is their "Religion"....

    Jesus said it best @ John 8:44

    one simply cannot casuistrate the truth with a child

    there were never any

    so-called "Jews" in the Old Testament...

    No One on Earth Has to be a "Jewish"....

    GOOD NEWS !!!

    1. Your jewish supremacist masters thank you for posting the obligatory white nationalist link. And uber-shill Yeager too! Nice touch "Friend". Keep tainting sites like this one and the sheckels will keep on coming your way.

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    3. abefoxman@6:37
      You just outed yourself as trolling this site. You are monitoring feeds linked as anonymous.
      Fuck you asshole!

    4. Not actually Abe FoxmanDecember 10, 2012 at 9:48 AM

      Actually dickhead, I visit this site daily because I like it. I dont like seeing supremacist pieces of shit like you try and ruin it with your OBVIOUS trolling(Yeager? And "white nationalist" yet again? Really dickhead? You're fucking obvious). Fuck you troll Davy or Negentropic or whatever your fake name is today.

    5. Whats a sure way to make sure a good story like this doesnt get forwarded to others(particularly the "uninitiated")? Post racist trash in the comments section like "white nationalist" links on every fucking story. Its obvious what your game is NegenDavytroll. You're helping the jewish surpemacists with your own brand of hate disguised as something else. Hope it pays well you fucking cretin.

    6. Identifying The Establishment

      There are those who obey God's Law and those who don't. Those who obey are the Lawful. Those who disobey are outlawed by God. God has specified the outlaw's punishment. The Phineas priests administer the judgment, and God rewards them with a covenant of an everlasting priesthood. However, the Phineas priest must know what the game is if he is to play.

      The atrocity committed against the South was a business affair. It was provoked by the bankers, the operators of the usury system who financed John Brown, and also by the radical abolitionists who wanted to confiscate and free the slaves without compensation, a blatant case of theft of private property. The war was incited by their media. By them the South was damned and its people earmarked for death. The whole time, it was the banker-directed media which smoothed the descent into the Reconstruction holocaust.

      The weak defense the Southern people managed to scrape together for protection was scattered, like a man defending against a thousand stinging killer bees.

      They fought one bee at a time rather than setting fire to the bee hive. They did this because they didn't know that their tormentors came from a single TALMUDIC source.

      mazel tov :

      always thought Mazel Tov meant “congratulations.” I recently heard that it actually means “good luck.” But I thought Jews don’t believe in luck . . . ?

      Answer :(

      Your confusion is understandable. The Talmud — the dung doodling encyclopedia of twisted Jewish "SHIT" seems to contradict itself on the issue. In one place it states, “On your birthday, your mazel is strong.” Elsewhere the Talmud reports, “The Jewish people are not subject to mazel”!

      The word mazel literally means “a drip from above.” Mazel can have different connotations depending on its context, but they are all connected to this basic definition —something trickling down from above....

    7. Yep, still pointless and nonsensical. You add literally nothing.

    8. a pointless and nonsensica lunatic...That's davy for you!

  2. Thank G*D you weren't born a "Jew"....

    *what does he do? He quickly racks his brain for the Hebrew word for “brother” in the one Hebrew text that he has some knowledge of — namely,

    the Bible;,7340,L-4317211,00.html

    then he remembers the story of the two brothers, Cain and Abel, and recalls Cain’s notoriously memorable answer to God when asked where the murdered Abel is,

    “Ha-shomer aḥ i anokhi?”

    “Am I my brother’s keeper?”;

    and not realizing that aḥ i is an inflected form of aḥ , he inserts it, rather than akh, into his Yiddish warning.....

    Read more: Justifiably Homicide Talmudvision

    *100% of so-called "Jews" are not Israelites....

    no one on Earth....HAS to be a "Jewish"...

  3. Well done my good friend! Well said and dripping with veracity. I definitely want fries with this (grin). You've been an honest, eloquent, perspicacious and courageous warrior out here in the wilderness for a long time. I sincerely hope your readers and everyone else, understands and appreciates this.

    1. Thanks Vis, that means a lot. Here's wishing you the best in your upcoming travels. Have fun and try and to keep us informed and enlightened the best you can. I'm sure it will be a very interesting trip.

  4. Jesus said: "Throw them into the fiery furnace. In that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth." It's the one place Zionists can count on.

    1. zionists is a word that includes the Japhetic Khazar "Proselytes" - Gog & Magog so-called "Jews"....

      like the self appointed 4 star general "Initiated" hall monitor that is always getting the gender neutral lace panties in a bunch because of a
      "white nationalist" link...

      that apparently is never even read by the self appointed 4 star general hall monitor that is afraid of forwarding a link to Kenny's neighborhood to someone who might get hyperventilated when seeing anything that doesn't "JIVE" with the JEW POO in their TRANCED STATE that they inhabit....

      "THEY" always want special consideration for their twisted "SHIT"....

      The damaging video of psychopathic asshole TALMUDIA terrorists fleeing from rock-throwing truth tellers may have a happy ending as the psychopathic "IDF" reviews limitations on "soldiers" [GOG & MAGOG], several of whom also charged that officers' fear of media photos, certainly not fear of the rock-throwers, forced them to retreat......really ?

      Despite this never-ending comfort, life abroad accentuates the sense that you don't belong to the society in which you live; it intensifies the longing for the good and bad of the people of GOG & MAGOG psychopathic assholes in Talmudia.

      Living abroad reminds you that only an Israeli asshole can understand what it means to be an Israeli asshole....

      Only in TALMUDIA will you understand what true friendship is.

      And even if you did not serve in a combat unit, you know that Israelis have a stronger sense of responsibility for their compatriots.... <------ get it ?

      speaking of self appointed 4 star generals wanting to FORWARD....


      Hillary Clinton: Iran ‘Exports Terrorism’ to that can of WA

      moving Forward....-----> <------

      Nathan Guttman has more decency and honor in his little fingernail that you do TROLL...

      in your whole obese self inflated self centered self appointed self centered .....fantasy multicultural miamatic cesspit that you inhabit...

      why is it you never contribute one FACT,
      JUST ONE STORY....
      anything at all but your bunched up painties from seeing a LINK you didn't even read...

      as granny used to say....pitiful, pitiful, pitiful

      Uncle Jed

    2. Why is it that all you do is copy and paste and drop links(that NOBODY wants to read by the way) and sprinkle in ridiculous,nonsensical comments? Because you're a fucking TROLL.

    3. Ooh! But dont forget to post some dumbass obscure music video that has nothing to do with anything! Always a nice touch TROLL.

  5. There are ill mannered people who comment here with absolutely no respect for someone's blog. That's a shame.

    1. Yes, the purpose is to turn people off to the blog and make it un-forwardable. Every thread gets these pathetically immature comments for a reason. Its a good blog. They would rather it doesn't get read widely. Peppering the comments sections with trash makes that more likely and they know it.

    2. Well, I do get around to finally deleting them, along with the responses in the threaded comments due to the way blogger works. I could set the comments for moderation but that sort of ruins it for those who have something worthwhile to say, especially when I'm away from the screen for long periods.

      Many thanks to all the real folks who drop by here.

  6. Here's something I thought was funny. I subscribe to Megavote which gives all the house and senate votes on 'issues.'

    Recent House Votes

    Amending Language in Federal Law – Suspension - Vote Passed (398-1, 32 Not Voting)

    In its final action of the week, the House cleared a Senate bill that would remove the pejorative “lunatic” from the United States Code. The lone House dissenter was Texas Republican Louie Gohmert, who insisted that lunatic should be retained, pointing to his fellow Members of Congress as living, breathing examples of the term. The bill awaits the president’s signature.

  7. menorah plugged in recently. near to a christmas tree. not sure why. maybe 4 jews, one a rabbi, in area.

    he marches around wearing a camouflaged yarmaluki.

    could be he doesnt want to be spotted by a wild deer or turkey.

    both sorts well known to dislike jews.

  8. These menorahs are popping up like Christmas trees in town centres, what is this all about are the tribe afraid of being overlooked in the Season of Goodwill? ;-)