Wednesday, December 19, 2012

You Are What You Buy...and Buy Into

There's an old marketing idea that in order to sell us things we don't need a connection to our identity must be created. If that connection can be made, subliminally or overtly and of course through manufactured peer pressure, almost anything can be sold to the consumerist masses.

It's the same with what we buy into regarding politics and current events. Propaganda depends on us identifying with certain concepts, making them a part of our thought process and even urging others to think like we do. We feel most comfortable when we have a support group that we can identify with and it matters little whether the solidarity is based on lies.  This applies to some but not all.

When it comes to events that have political, societal, and cultural implications, some of us twitch and scream at what we are being told by the engineers of deception. We don't believe a damn thing they say. That's normal for us and we identify with others who see through the lies. We may not agree on all points but that's to be expected.

We are conspiracists for lack of a better term. Not necessarily because we want to be but because we have to be. Somebody has to do it. We take what the government and media say and shout NO. We counter with conspiracies and speculations and take them sometimes to the outer limits. We also pull back from the extremes when facts come to life but real facts are problematic. Inundated with disinformation and diversion from all angles we find facts elusive. For every person who is behind a crime of national importance there are many many more who exist only to provide cover for what they have done.

Daring to actually speak of conspiracies, especially in traumatic events, we find ourselves ostracized and called names. Our mental state is called into question. Our motives seen as nothing more than crazy. Our intentions said to be divisive.

So what's a poor boy or girl to do?

From JFK to Oklahoma City to 9/11 and beyond, at least we've tried to be consistent.  Not always right but certainly not always wrong.

We don't have to follow the Buyers Road or the Sellers Lane. There's this path to truth I've heard about. It's hard to find but it's not impossible.


  1. A very wise man by the name of Jesus Christ (meaning station of the anointed), who was born Yeshua of Bethlehem, stated that 'the truth shall set you free', and I do believe that truth is now rising to the top and brimming over for all to see. The truth is the key that breaks the bonds that holds us in slavery. It is understandable that the masses fear the truth because they have been enslaved for so long that being free is a daunting prospect, but what people need to understand is that the elite are introducing austerity measures that have been put in place to implement Agenda 21 (sustainable development), which is really just an official name for the genocide of 90% of humanity.

    For those who doubt the elite would do such a thing I suggest you view the following site and watch the short films in the comments column.

    Then go to the Georgia Guide stones, which has as its first commandment a policy to keep the world population under 500 million. These are the new commandments for a rulership of satanic worshipping elite that call their selves the New World Order. For those who do not believe in such things, this should not be a problem, because all you are being asked to believe is that these people believe in such things.

  2. I once worked at a place where some employees were on the side of certain changes and others weren't. We had our reasons for being on one side or the other.

    Our opponents were being extremely pushy and trying to force us, the holdouts, to accept something we deemed unnecessary and counterproductive.

    We decided to have some fun with them, so we formed a secret society based loosely on one from a cartoon series (remember Fred and Barney?)

    We took an animal mascot and made some official looking stationery and a seal with the mascot on it, and gave the org. an "official" name.

    A bulletin board was set up for our "group", and one of us would post messages in simple code (the code key would be posted below the message to make it easy to decode).

    The people we were baiting would actually take time to xerox the message and take it home and try to break the code, not realizing that the code key was posted right below the message. The coded message would always say something inane, like "The beaches in California are beautiful this time of year. Next meeting at 2 p.m., be there."

    We'd sit back and get a big kick out of their frantic efforts to decode these messages. It was funny.

    Some conspiracy theories seem to operate the same way - IMO they're designed to be a total waste of time. Right now, I am dead set against Reptilians (never met one, though I've known bosses and others who could qualify). And the VicSims.

    1. Very insightful. Stewart Ogilby and others are currently doing the same "Vicsims" disinfo thing with 9/11. With all the evidence of inside zio/American job, they are pushing this "Vicsims" bullshit. It is possible tha SOME deaths were faked on 9/11(like Burlingame for instance) but I doubt very many were. Its about discrediting the truth movement and diverting attention from the mountains of evidence that prove inside job.

  3. "Not always right but certainly not always wrong."

    I believe we've a hell of a lot better record than the local weatherman - and the weatherman has the best record of anyone in the news business.

    Do any 'conspiracy theorists' pay any attention to the news media? Or is the media merely used as a source of disinformation to be debunked? Newspapers scratch their heads, wondering why they are broke. "Must be that damn internet thing!" No wonder the media had to buy each other out until there's only 5 or 6 corporations left. They need to be gigantic to stay in business.

    There are so many heroes in the truth/conspiracy-reality/world. You, Kenny and many others who now have a platform with which to speak and share their knowledge. I write on occasion for another similar website. I think it is of utmost importance that ALL of us speak out/write in as many forums as possible. It really makes a difference to a man or woman (esp. youngsters) who are beginning to question the BS to see a number of voices speaking out against the Zionist Propoganda Machine.

    Sorry to ramble - your post struck a cord. All the best I urge everyone to write - even if it is just comments on a newsite - write and make your opinion known. We have no idea how much longer we'll have this terrific tool for truth that is the Internet.

  4. Forensic anthropology is the application of the science of physical anthropology and human osteology in a court room setting, most often in criminal cases where the victim's remains are in the advanced stages of decomposition.

    A forensic anthropologist can assist in the identification of deceased individuals whose remains are decomposed, burned, mutilated or otherwise unrecognizable. The adjective "forensic" refers to the application of this subfield of science to a court of law....

    albeit in a Talmudic court the murderer{s} might receive a bonus and promotion or be placed in a cloaked identitiy program to commit more murders to further the Talmudic agenda aimed at hijacking braindeadgoy Nations ....

    how do gog and magog {KHAZAR} - Japhetic - NONSEMITIC - NONHEBREW - NONISRAELITE - ASHKENAZI proselytes to Talmudic Judaism so-called "Jews" become - Israel -

    {of Genesis 49 & Deuteronomy 32}

    ... by simply mass murdering and terrorising the indiginous inhabitants of Palestine and calling themselves - Israel - ?

    Who Buys that load of MANURE ?

    Turkey Lurkey & Henny Penny...?

    In the sermon, S'hili heaped abuse on [So-called ] Jews and urged G-d [Almighty] to wipe them from the face of the earth.

    "O Allah, you know what those accursed Jews have done, the corruption they spread across Earth... Strike them so that there is not one of them left. Allah, make the men and women sterile,"

    does anyone else hear the rocks and trees screaming about these insolent um Talmudic terrorists

    True information is available to those who seek


    Just ask Zen

    Righteous Anger Clears the Head and Heart

    This may seem obvious to some, but I don’t think it’s nearly clear enough to most. The only reaction that counts at a time like this is....

    ....righteous anger and indignation!

  5. Kenny,

    Are you opening a restaurant soon - "Kenny's Side dishes" may be? Oh.. wishful thinking! :) Anyway, you've a chef to consider:

    The owner of a Thai Noodle House in Austin has been on the receiving end of significant backlash since posting a Facebook status update expressing a lack of concern for the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting.

    "I don't care if a bunch of white kids got killed," the Thailand-born Eddie Nimibutr wrote in the update he posted on Friday, shortly after the incident took place. "Fuck Post-Racial bullshit. When kids from minority groups get shot, nobody cares. When Israel launched missiles at the school on Gaza, everybody was too busy jerking off. Why should i care about people who dont give a damn about me?"
    "I have stated throughout the years in my beliefs with millions in cut to mental health programs, school programs, after school programs," Nimibutr wrote.

    He continued:

    Years after years, thousands of kids in juvenile detention centers. Hundreds of them hungry tonight and have no places to sleep. Thousands are mentally and sexually abused by someone they know. Catholic churches and the Boys' Scout are hiding pedophiles everywhere. I mentioned Gaza and Israel. Aurora, Virginia Tech, and 4 other shootings since Columbine. I don't even remember. Where is the sympathy for them? It's just a headline news.
    Ultimately, it seems the negative response took its toll on Nimibutr. A call placed to Thai Noodle House by restaurant writer R.L Reeves resulted in a bizarre exchange with an employee who claimed Eddie was the restaurant's chef, not its owner, and was no longer working at the establishment.
    On his Facebook page, Nimibutr appears to confirm a leave of absence at least: "I think It's time for me to get out of this city for awhile for a nice hike down south."


  6. "Catholic churches and the Boys' Scout are hiding pedophiles everywhere."

    Yeah, and so's Thailand. Why doesn't he work on that?

  7. This noodle house guy is an asshole - his restaurant has been treating customers poorly for a while now - the neg reviews prior to December are somewhat revealing

    So he's been a shitty racist for a while. Even though I agree with the gist of his sentiments, he's the wrong person to be representing. Part of what he's complaining about is insularity, but this is a worldwide issue, not just in the US.

    Thailand has its own problems with govt corruption, sex abuse of children, and hypocritical religious clergy. It's also got a stratified social system based on skin color (just watch a few shows on Thai television). There's a saying about living in glass houses.

    "I don't care if a bunch of white kids got killed"

    Yeah, and I don't care if his place gets shut down. Whatever.

  8. Whoa...wish you were this much vocal when racist pigs post nasty stuff about blacks, sadly I don't remember you doing that.

    I sense that you're mad because he made the mistake of describing those kids as "white kids". Guess what...he isn't the only one, I will go to that part later.

    Speaking of Yelp, I've came across few to share:

    Lauren W.
    Austin, TX
    "This is my favorite Thai food restaurant in the area. I eat here once a week with my best friend and the service is warm and welcoming. All of the comments suggesting health code issues or crazy people are just ridiculous lies because of the Facebook comment. Agreed, the things he said were abrasive, but he had some solid points. We have a huge problem with racism against minorities in America to the point where people debate the validity of an African American child being shot just for holding a packet of skittles.

    Everyone needs to grow up and stop penalizing this hard earned family business for a frustrated rant. The shooting was horrible and I hope the families are able to find love and support, but so should victims in other parts of the world even if they aren't white."

    Marisa G.
    Austin, TX
    "My favorite Thai place in Austin. It's unfortunate that all of these negative "reviewers" ate at thai noodle house and decided to place negative reviews on the same day. It's very unfair to the fantastic employees that work hard at good customer service there.

    The Pad Thai is simply fantastic. The service is great. They are always very friendly and serve you food quickly. Thai Noodle House has a great atmosphere, relatively quiet hidden a bit from campus in back of a couple other restaurants. The outdoor seating is fantastic on nice days and nights. This is definitely one of the few places where you can sit outside in Austin and find it enjoyable.

    Also, the spicy beef broth is also fantastic. Very tasty.

    Fake reviewers should be ashamed of themselves."

    Finally, best one is saved for the last..."they (rich people) only shed a tear when 20 white kids from rich families die" (5:40)

    Among his rich people list, Larry Siilverstein is included for obvious reasons.

    I never had the time to worry about stupid race/color issue. After all, race is nothing but culturally created category with no biological basis. You can disagree as much as you like, it doesn't bother me.

  9. ".wish you were this much vocal when racist pigs post nasty stuff about blacks, sadly I don't remember you doing that."

    I don't remember it coming up. Can you give a link?

    I stated that one should read the reviews BEFORE December - I am well aware of the spate of fake reviews IN December. There are enough reviews before that month that give some clues about this guy's and his associates (I assume his mother is the nasty older woman who is rude to people).

    I stated that I agree with the gist of his statement, however IMO, he's still a POS.

    I could write volumes on racist Asians, I did spend a lot of time over there - the race issue, and the insularity issue, as I stated already, is worldwide.

  10. Well, personally I imagine Americans (those eeeevil white people, mainly) to be so racist because nobody ever consulted us about flooding the country with millions of foreigners. I am an evil whitey and have nothing really against any one race but I don't think they need to be here. They undercut us for jobs, get on welfare and stay on it at our expense, get loans and benefits that American citizens cannot get...and we're not supposed to be resentful at being replaced by hostile invaders that can't even be grateful, that openly call US racist names and plot our demise? If they think we're so racist then they can go right home and not have to worry about it. Obviously they hate us and it's a horrible cruel life living among us and our oppressive racism (that welfare and free housing, etc is SOOO racist) so WHY ARE THEY HERE? They aren't expected to change their anti-white, anti-American views but we are supposed to fall all over ourselves to kiss their behinds?

    I say send them ALL home. No multicultural society in history has ever worked, and you may notice that it's only the formerly white nations being forced to become diverse. Nobody is shoving this onto Asian, African, or Latin American nations. Gee, I wonder why, and who could be behind it?

    1. I think we should focus our attention to removing the power from those that have the agendas. Whatever you perceive to be the immigration problem, it is a symptom, not the root cause.