Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Free Market Firearms

I kept seeing on the 'news' about the big crowds at gun shows and gun shops and did some searches on just how much the firearms targeted in the Frankenfeinstein gun control bill were going for. I was shocked. I don't know whether people are actually paying the asking prices but if they are it's almost a rich man's commodity.

Especially notable were the prices for the Chinese Norinco AK-47 and SKS variants which are going for 6 to 10  times the retail price of of what they sold for in around 1990. Those with the foresight to buy up a few of those can now have a return on investment unheard of outside the criminal banking system. Even at the inflated prices they are still less expensive than their domestic counterparts.

In 1994 the Clinton administration banned the import of Chinese munitions, not only the semi-auto rifles but others like the Norinco 1911A1 .45, arguably the best handgun of its type for the money ever made. All these firearms were not throwaways. Most were very well made.

I'm all in favor of buying American when possible but the import ban was not to get guns off the street or to protect the children. It was arms industry protectionism, pure and simple. The domestic manufacturers were happy, The NRA went along with the compromise and got their kickbacks of which some were passed along to politicians and the cycle spun on.

What other industries were protected during the Clinton years? There may have been some but I don't recall them. What we got was NAFTA, offshoring, increased Chinese trade in a multitude of other products and the Walmart reign of terror.

Can you imagine what the cost of semi-autos and a number of other guns will be in a black market if Obama gets his way? The Mexican cartels may start exporting back what they bought through Fast and Furious and numerous other US government sanctioned trafficking schemes and make a killing. The cartels' sources will never dry up as long as they have the cash.  The CIA and others will make sure of that.

While the talk is disarming average law abiding Americans, the US has no problem arming the rest of the world with its killing machines, small arms and big bombs. In this case we can definitely say "We're Number One." How about the boom in arms sales to Asian countries? Heck, we have given billions of dollars worth to Israel for free. Well, not free. We taxpayers foot the bill.

The numbers on arms sales the mainstream gives us doesn't tell the whole story.There's always the 'Lord of War' sales, the black market arms funneled from  a variety of suppliers going to all sides in a conflict. All with blessings from above.

What's certain is that the munitions must be used up or you can't sell more.

The bankers and 'friends' will see that it happens.

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