Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Blue Rain

Fortune Teller by Todd Alexander

When one of our own passes away...

Neil Rogers, a frequent commenter on our blogs and poet extraordinaire has taken the road home. 

These words come to mind...

         Peace, love, positive and respect

A couple by Neil
a poem for human beings

meadows contain beauty
wolves howl to the stars
dreams are hidden pastures
lies stumble where truth starts
governments ridicule
psychopaths are afraid
a disconnected mind
of itself is just a shade
elitists line their pockets
corporations dance with doom
song birds sing the rivers
the feilds come into bloom
unity in motions
ebb and flow of tide
charge a living heart
refresh and energize

To all you awake people out there

Something had touched them,
had been poured through them
Like an elixir of precious gems
A cup of profound awakening
No amount of words could do justice
They could only suckle on the teet of ever expanding
And let their thoughts wander into the divine Everything
To learn as children do
To live as children
open and in love forever ready to play
To live to the fullest of every moment
To give with every inch of their heart
In full abundance of all that ever could be
Through all that ever was
They had become love,
Not an easy task these days
But somehow that is what they had become
Respondent only to the harmonic calling
That resonates and fills them full of themself
And that was beautiful in every sense,,,,


  1. this is really sad news. i feel very blessed to have received one of Neil's poems. he was always so gracious, a gentleman.

    and he was a witness in the best sense. witnessing for all of us, what we are doing and what we are not doing. every blessing to Neil as he moves on from this place.

  2. Anonymous, how is your comment relevant to the passing of our dear friend Neil? Gimme a break.

    Can this comment please be deleted from this wonderful post honoring a wonderful soul?

    I totally agree with what you wrote A. Peasant. Thank you.

    We love you Neil, always.


    1. You're right Erin.

      There have been several folks who I become acquainted with on our blogs who are no longer with us. It's always sad and a reminder of how fragile we really are.

    2. Erin, your post for Neil was just amazing.

    3. Thank you A. Peasant. You are welcome to leave a comment there too to add your voice in his memory.

  3. I got the feeling that before OBOMBA, Wall Street and the FED are thru, Neil is going to have lots of company.