Thursday, February 14, 2013

Round and Round

As long as their are doubters,
the official tale of Sandy Hook must go round and round...sometimes literally.

NASCAR's Michael Waltrip gets into the swing of things for this upcoming season by driving the Newtown car, complete with a 'text to donate $10'  to make someone a little money.

Hardly a moment goes by without yet another gun story to ponder on. This time the bionic runner gets his cash flow Nike ad pulled after being accused of shooting his girlfriend.

I can't imagine how this little oddity will be topped...but it probably will.

Not as dramatic as Oscar Pistorius 's stunt but here's a reminder to not to take your BB gun on the roof if you don't want to draw attention to yourself as a potential terrorist sniper.

Luckily the NRA's Wayne LaPierre is in Nashville to ease the tensions. He's speaking at the National Wild Turkey Federation convention. I wanted to go and have some fun until I found out the federation wasn't about hard liquor and hard drinking but was about promoting killing some birds.

It almost makes you want to take a sea cruise and just relax.

Now the CDC wouldn't lie to us, would they? This must be true then when they say that drugs known as synthetic marijuana have been implicated in acute kidney damage. This fake stuff is even loaded with some kind of Chinese made compounds.

This would seem to be good advertising for legalizing marijuana to help save the kids but it may be that the feds are sending a message to them to buy from the cartels and forget the unsanctioned poor excuse for a smoke. The big banks need to launder some more money.

Some things are getting back to normal.
Los Angeles residents are reportedly on edge today following reports that hundreds of armed and extremely dangerous Los Angeles Police Department officers are resuming regular patrolling duties after the conclusion of Tuesday’s manhunt for rogue ex-cop Christopher Dorner. “I mean, just knowing they’re out there is terrifying—how can I feel safe when these maniacs are on the loose in my neighborhood?”

At least we can breathe a little easier and feel safe knowing that drone jockeys will finally get the recognition they deserve. It's about time the war machine gave them an incentive to excel. It's a tough job bombing women and children in Afghanistan from a trailer in Nevada. That joystick doesn't work all by itself. Give 'em a medal and a bottle of Wild Turkey.

Which jock will get to kill the first American here in the homeland? The nominee to head the CIA ain't saying.
"I have asked Mr. Brennan if he believed that the President has the power to authorize lethal force, such as a drone strike, against a U.S. citizen on U.S. soil, and my question remains unanswered. ~ Rand Paul
That's not the only question left unanswered Rand. How about the CIA's dope running enterprise and what they know about 9/11? Never mind...he wouldn't answer those either.


  1. I assume that drone jockeys are "combat" positions, so perhaps this is where they're thinking of filling slots for female "combat" soldiers. Makes sense?

    1. You may be on to something there andie. Equality is a grand thing but I have a hard time understanding why some women think killing is their calling.

    2. Frankly, I don't know why anyone thinks of killing as a calling. As for myself, I can be hell to deal with when attacked.

    3. I forgot to mention...the main attraction vis a vis combat positions may be the monetary incentives offered. When I was in the reserves, the guys going into infantry and other front line detail were given packages up to 20K just for choosing those areas. So that may be the carrot that pulls the women in - and as you know, these are not good economic times.

      Regarding feminism - I was reading at the old bastard's site the following:

      "I think that organized Jewry has accomplished the most successful and daring large-scale ( worldwide ) emasculation program imaginable to the human mind. When you accept the "untouchable" status of a particular minority whatever the hell that may be, you basically open the gates for all other groups to explore victimhood and establish a decadent morality for civilization.

      Then all the naturally resented groups ( women, gays, pedos etc) start to get confident and raise their voices against the visible "oppressors" ( straight white males )."


      "I think that they've put women and homosexuals in charge like Capos in a concentration camp. Women and homosexuals have weaknesses which make them easily controllable. Like Oscar Wilde said, all women are always seeking their Master. "

      Now me and Mother Mary and anyone else with a set of ovaries is "naturally resented" AND classed in with pedos. Seeking a "Master"? Huh? And he quotes a homosexual?

      For all the blame that asshole puts on the feminist movement for driving a wedge between genders, he's certainly doing his level best to drive it much, much further. What a wack job.

      For anyone who wishes to explore what the NT actually states about the role of women, I invite them to this blog

  2. Great collection of news stories that make you shake your head.
    The drone warrior medal should have an image of a fat slovenly dude munching on a bag of Doritos holding his joystick of death on one side and something nice and Satanic on the other side.

    Rand Paul still has not answered for his disgusting sellout to the big agri business giants like Monsanto and ConAgra. His vote in the Senate to deny states the right to inform their residents about what food is GMO, was a disgusting sellout. His trip to Israel and the grovelling he did there was also just a wee bit hypocritical? Or should I say, HYPOCRITICAL!!

    1. Yes you should. Rand is all over the map and so far only marginally for the people and that's not good enough.

  3. As someone who has backed Ron Paul since 1978,it appears Rand Paul only has his last
    name in common with his dad,it's such a lost moment in history.
    The young people will soon never know what a hero in the battle of & for this country
    the name "Paul" meant.

    1. I'll give him the slightest benefit of a doubt because he's not dumb. He knows that to stray outside whatever boundaries are set he risks not only his life but those of his family. He may have already gotten an overt message, his father may have gotten them too. I don't know but I don't dismiss it.

  4. Are the 'joysticks' being used by bone operators circumcised?

  5. Hey kenny, I just read this over at The Jewish Daily Forward and thought you may be interested:

    Jewish Lawmaker Steve Cohen Tweeted at Model Love Child During State of Union

    Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) said the gorgeous Texas model he exchanged flirty-sounding Tweets with during the State of the Union address is his long-lost love child.

    The Jewish lawmaker, a lifelong bachelor, said he found out that sexy bikini model Victoria Brink was his daughter about three years ago.

    Pretty creepy if you ask me...

    1. Yeah, this has been all over the local news the last couple of days.

      Before this 'love child' talk, about the only thing he was known for around here is that he has been consistent, even from his days in the state Senate, on legalizing medical marijuana and now reforming marijuana laws on the national level. Other than that, he needs to go back to Memphis.

  6. As always Kenny, another exceptional post.

    One of the best videos that I have seen to help people connect the dots between Obama and the Central banks is a video I embedded on my blog today called "All Wars are Bankers' Wars", just scroll down. The false flag of a chemical attack on Syria as an excuse for a ground war allegedly has Obama's fingerprints all over it. If Obama would give the okay for that, he would order professionals to shoot children in Newtown Connecticut to end the 2nd Amendment for gun confiscation for his Central Bank masters.

    1. I watched a vid. on u-tube last week,it was an interview with the Newtown
      He said" I just finished looking @ all the children & all were shot w/a high
      cal.long gun,he was asked if he was sure & he was positive.
      Same vid. shows police opening "killer's" car trunk & removing his long gun from trunk,so "killer" must have gone out to car & put same away in case & trunk & went back w/only his pistol.
      Same vid shows cops running through woods & catching another man w/long gun
      & placing him in "front" seat of a cop car.(f/seat odd)
      I really hope the "herd" wakes up or 2nd amendment is toast.

  7. seems you note the irony more than others,

    "Israel's realities mandate that we include our security interests in every discussion – it is vital because we are different than other nations.,7340,L-4345824,00.html

    "We are a democracy and we protect individual rights as much as any other country," Netanyahu stressed, "But we face greater challenges and we have to enable our defense establishment to perform its duties, so we can live in peace."

    knee slapper, eh ?

    Colorado Springs police are investigating a shooting that happened Sunday morning at the Sin City Disciples clubhouse.

    Police were on an unrelated call around 3:49 a.m. in the vicinity of Vermijo Avenue and Chestnut Street when they heard shots fired, police averred.

    While searching the area, police found a man who had been shot and seriously injured, according to a statement from the department.

    That man was taken to the hospital. His condition has not been released.

    Police expect Vermijo Avenue will be shut down for several hours until the crime scene is fully processed, police further averred.

    probably due to the coriolis thingy, and entropy, maybe the GMO's . . .

    somethings up...A business reported it caught a man trying to steal $260 worth of Magic the Gathering cards....