Sunday, March 3, 2013

Blind Spot

2013 AIPAC Speakers

"Locate the blind spot in the culture--the place where the culture isn't looking, because it dare not--because if it were to look there, its previous values would dissolve."    Terence McKenna        

If one only watches the controlled media, there's a good chance that it will not be known that there's a treason fest going on.  AIPAC's annual gathering to worship all things Zion is here and they have their own theme song this time around...'Can't Touch This.'  It's not exactly MC Hammer but it is a hammer.  One that is held over the heads of most politicians and ready to drop to put them on their knees if they waiver in their support to the criminal state of Israel.  Live via satellite, Netanyahu will lead the faithful in an old favorite tune with some slightly altered lyrics to fit the situation...'Money for Nothing and Our Wars for Free.' 

As the neolib-neocon-MIC austerity for all but a few programs are now coming into play, the Lobby must see to it that 'God's real estate' must not suffer along with most of America and if the bribes don't work then the blackmail will. 

We don't need social security, medicare and social programs for the poor and unemployed...we've got the war machine and we've got Israel and that's all that matters in the AIPAC world.

This supergroup "Fix the Debt" is right in there with Israel.  Holding hands with their 'best friend' is a necessary evil when the goal is destruction of not only the Middle East, Africa and beyond but also of our own country...all for sake of their profits and power.  Take a look at Fix the Debt's leadership and corporate/banker manipulators. Along with Israel, these are our real enemies. 

We can no longer afford to have our blind spots. Point them out to everyone you meet. We may find that folks are not really as blind as we are led to believe. 


  1. AIPAC To Hill: Don't Touch Israel Aid

    At a time when sequestration is about to take a big bite out of the Pentagon budget, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) will be sending thousands of its citizen lobbyists to Capitol Hill next week to make sure Israel is exempted from any spending cuts.

    This could prove a very risky strategy at a time when millions of Americans will be feeling the bite of the sequestration debacle, from the defense budget to the school lunch program.

    But not aid to Israel, which will be untouched if AIPAC gets its way.

    And we all know AIPAC always gets its way, right? In a just world, every single individual associated with AIPAC would be arrested for treason and espionage. Which is to say virtually the entire federal government and mass media executives.

  2. "Well, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee doesn’t want to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, they’re completely content with the status quo. They want Israel to retain control of the West Bank, they want Israeli settlements in the West Bank to expand, so they’re completely happy with that. In fact, these are the people that do a lot to drive the focus on Iran, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and the Israeli government, which are like two twin brothers. This focus now actually helps them change the channel from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. They don’t want anybody to think about or talk about… three million Palestinians who don’t get to vote for the government that rules their lives, while their neighbors can stir in the Israeli Knesset."

    American teacher denied re-entry to Israel

  3. I tried to read this, but there were so many tears in my eyes from finding out that there were thousands and thouands more slave labor camps during WWII that killed over 200 million Jews! Or maybe it was 20 million, do numbers really matter when you're telling a whopper?

    All those mass graves of the Russian people murderd by Bolshevik Jews don't count.

  4. "long after US citizens finally realize the the so-called War on Terror, brought about by 9/11 (inside job), was a sham that had targeted them all along, their rights, their freedoms, their guns, and begin to rebel; and the nation begins to break apart...the oil depotier infrastructure their taxes created, their military died for, the reduction of all Muslim states in the region to the stone-age, will be left to its planned benefactors: Israel and its creator, the City of London."


    Before the problem can be solved, it must be identified. The problem is 0.02% of the world, ex-Khazarians, create and lend out the world's money at interest which can by definition never be repaid. The ensuing poverty and corruption of all world leaders is paving the road to hell on earth for the 99.98% of the rest of the world.

    'Mr. Rothschild, step away from the economy and put your hands in the air where we can see them or you will be shot dead.'

    1. It's not just the US. These zionist mofos are not planning to allow ANY country in the EU to exit - whether or not they use the euro. Just like Rothschild minions wil not allow ANY state to secede from the US.

      The City of London wants abolition of national borders and implementation of Agenda 21 and a global carbon tax to legally inslave and corral all people of the world under the uber elite for ever.

      Breaching the 2nd amendment is the real beginning of the tyranny to come worldwide.

  5. it is curious that the people who should care the most about knowing the truth are "emotionally" gang raped to feel sorry for the perfidious skanksters who call their "JEWISH" state Israel...

    like silly little dingbats that just luv having their ears tickled, the braindeadgoy repeat "JEWISH" lies as if there were no other possibility given the FACTS...

    maybe the car wreck that killed the two Hasidic "JEWS" wasn't an accident...

    maybe all the "emotional" appeals to "FEEL SORRY" for "JEWS" are carefully crafted and scripted to draw attention away from where rational people would look if their attention wasn't being misdirected by mass murderers and moneychangers....

    who manufacture wars for PROFIT

    was Elijah a "Jew" ?


  6. Head of DHS “quits” unexpectedly

    “I extend my deepest appreciation to DHS Chief of Staff Noah Kroloff for his over four years of service to the Department of Homeland Security and his eight years of service to me while I served in Arizona as Governor and Attorney General. Noah has been a trusted advisor, a good friend, and a superb Chief of Staff to this department. Since January 2009, he has been instrumental in establishing and guiding many of the department’s key initiatives,” wrote Napolitano...

    The Jew-dominated US Department of Homeland Security, past and present:

    Head- Michael Chertoff, Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee - Senator Joe Lieberman, Policy Director of Homeland Security - David Heyman, Bureau of Counter-terrorism - Daniel Benjamin, Secretary of Homeland Security - Janet Napolitano (no, she's not Italian), Deputy Undersecretary - Phil Reitinger, Deputy Under Secretary for Science & Technology - Dr. Daniel M. Gerstein, Chief of Staff - Noah Kroloff, Assistant Secretary of State for Population and Migration - Eric Schwartz, Border Czar - Alan Bersin - all are Jewish Zionists. Isn't that strange? How can that be?

    Senator Joseph Lieberman, Chairman Homeland Security Committee; Jan Lesher, Chief of Staff for Operations; Noah Kroloff, Chief of Staff for Policy; David Heyman, Assistant Secretary, Office of Policy; Alan Bersin, Assistant Secretary, Office of International Affairs.

    Department of Homeland Security

    1. The Cheka—Forerunner Of The Department Of Homeland Security

      "The Red Terror became so wide-spread that it is impossible to give here all the details of the principal means employed by the [Jewish] Cheka(s) to master resistance; one of the most important is that of hostages, taken among all social classes. These are held responsible for any anti-Bolshevist movements
      (revolts, the White Army, strikes, refusal of a village to give its harvest etc.) and are immediately executed.

      Thus, for the assassination of the Jew Ouritzky, member of the Extraordinary Commission of Petrograd, several thousands of them were put to death, and many of these unfortunate men and women suffered before death various tortures inflicted by cold-blooded cruelty in the prisons of the Cheka. I have in front of me photographs taken at Kharkoff, in the presence of the Allied Missions, immediately after the Reds had abandoned the town; they consist of a series of ghastly reproductions such as: Bodies of three workmen taken as hostages from a factory which went on strike. One had his eyes burnt, his lips and nose cut off; the other two had their hands cut off. "

      Read more:

      The Chekist

  7. "Ultimately those who are DEMANDING our UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER now; are Israeli-sympathizers, Mossad agents or just global-criminals working for the real evil-empire that is demanding the end to everything American. There is no longer any room in the world for both Israel and America. And the number of those that agree with this reality is growing by the second…

    Israel created TERRORISM itself, as a global disease. It’s up to us to end them now, or face extinction as a nation."

  8. In America, the term ’Holocaust’ should allude to one and only one very solemn thing: the extermination approx. eighty million Native Americans by the White Man. Trying to compare the 271,604 "jews" that died in WW2 is unacceptable, quite apart from being nothing to do with America. No document can ever be produced, indicating a European intent to collectively exterminate "jews" – not in WW2 or any other time – whereas such an intent clearly did exist against Native Americans by Rothschild representatives. Holocaust reparations should go one and only one way, and that way is not to israel: namely, to the shattered and disinherited Native American tribes. They could in return teach America a way of peace, and wholeness, such that America could adhere to its own glorious Constitution, stop bombing other nations and become immune to the satanic infestation now preying upon it and sucking its life-blood.

    The central Power seems invulnerable, but it can be challenged not by arms but by people prepared to tell the truth. Abolish the Fed. That would mean taking away from the Vampire Elite their magic power of creating money out of nothing which they use to destroy every gentile in the world - Christian, Muslim, Hindu and Budhist.

  9. Here's a good article by Dr. Alan Sabrosky:

    Israel and America: The Special Relationship that Isn’t



    1. This too.

      Obama Administration Says President Can Use Lethal Force Against Americans on US Soil

  11. Kissinger's back in the hospital

    1. Sounds like it's not serious enough to celebrate about...yet.

  12. proselyte stateless *jews*March 5, 2013 at 3:42 PM

    The most evil place in the whole world is London, England because there is the satanic ashkenazi khazarian zionist main HQ ratsnest in the City of London. From there they control, extort and murder the whole gentile world.

    "England is the major culprit in all this mayhem. The British are the worst people on Earth. They plundered India, China and Africa, then started both World Wars. Since Cromwell engineered the return of the Jews, the English have plundered Europe with constant invasions and revolutions. And it’s all because the Jews have nested in London, the true heart of world terror.

    American lawyers pledge their loyalty to the British bar. American income taxes go to a private corporation owned by the Queen. Both England and America unquestionably support Israel because they are all owned and operated by Jews. These poison tentacles extend throughout the world, even to India and China.

    This is what we should be examining, not long ago historical predicaments. The medicine we take, the food we eat, and the information we receive are all controlled by Jews, and they’re all poison, meant to make us sick, cost us money, and eventually kill us." - Kaminski

  13. The SAME Unaccountable Government Agency Which Spies on All Americans Also Decides Who Gets Assassinated by Drones


    Over the past two years, the Obama administration has been secretly developing a new blueprint for pursuing terrorists, a next-generation targeting list called the “disposition matrix.”

    The matrix contains the names of terrorism suspects arrayed against an accounting of the resources being marshaled to track them down, including sealed indictments and clandestine operations. U.S. officials said the database is designed to go beyond existing kill lists, mapping plans for the “disposition” of suspects beyond the reach of American drones.
    Strikes against al-Qaeda, however, are carried out under secret lethal programs involving the CIA and JSOC [both of which have been called the President's "private army"]. The matrix was developed by the NCTC [the National Counterterrorism Center], under former director Michael Leiter, to augment those organizations’ separate but overlapping kill lists, officials said.

    Read the rest:

    From sea to shining sea
    By Joseph Aaron, editor of The Chicago Jewish News
    The Chicago Jewish News Online, 03/28/2008


    ...I found it so amazing at how unnoted it was when just recently Kenneth Wainstein, Jew, was named White House homeland security advisor, and Michael Leiter, Jew, was named director of the National Counterterrorism Center.


    In the above Jewish article the whole issue of disproportionate Jewish power in the US is - again - proven, from a leading Jewish source. Part of being a Jew is the idea that you belong to a master race, "the chosen people", with almost mythological powers and extensive networks. Part of this Jewish identity is to constantly boast about the Jews in higher places, to increase the feeling of self fulfillment of the lesser Jews, in the Jew-Jew hierarchy. Thus an article such as Mr. Aaron´s.

    Read the rest: