Saturday, March 23, 2013


The Tennessee legislature is often viewed as a bunch of clowns by the rest of the country. Rightfully so in many cases.

The legislature needs to stick with upholding 2nd amendment rights and other such things that they may know a little something about instead of fear-mongering Homeland Security memes.

Rep. Rick Womick makes these claims without a shred of verification:
"An electromagnetic pulse bomb is similar to a nuclear bomb that goes off."

"It wipes out everything electronically. We had one go off just down outside of Shelbyville. It'll be two years ago this summer."

"Nobody knows about it."

"That EMP bomb—made off the Internet, suitcase-sized—wiped out a 5-mile radius of everything that was electronic. 
" has been tested in Tennessee."

The Nashville Scene, neck deep in the left-right divide and conquer territory and who makes it their main business to make fun of Republicans, did an 'investigation' of Womick's remarks. The remarks were part of a legislative session where they were discussing whisking away the law makers to a secret safe location in case of a 9/11 style 'terrorist' attack in Tennessee.

The Scene's sarcasm aside, Womick needs to put up some proof or shut up. We think he will shut up.

A suitcase size EMP bomb made from plans on the internet. Maybe Womick is working for the predictive programing arm of the CIA and friends? He claims to have a high level federal security clearance which probably means he is being fed bullshit for breakfast and is expected to share it.





    and did 911, WACO & OKC

    dig this chutzpah...

    cause they really are TERRORISTS who make money by starting wars and have managed to mass murder over 300 million people in just the last century since the so-called US CONGRESS deemed the 16th Amendment & The Federal Reserve were necessary for the security of a free state

    of braindeadgoy

    1. Once again I feel compelled to mention your Bro Nat who you like so much to link.

      He may speak much truth but by design he is a limited hangout. A jewish former entertainer and salesman who still works in the trades.

      By his dress, speech patterns and mannerisms he comes across as a nut, a clown, which is his purpose.

      He turns off people who may be ready for 'the message' but will reject it and associate anyone else saying the same thing with the fringe crazies like himself. Again this is by design.

      Who does he really work for? Send him a donation, which he continually whines for, and ask him.

      Just leave your links to this fake somewhere else. I don't want them here.

    2. Was just sharing thoughts of 'Bro' Nathaniel with another blogger and the 3 of us (you included, Kenny) are in total agreement when it comes to the Bro Nathaniel Circus Show.

      Dress up like a clown, dance about in the middle of the boulevard with a giant cross in one hand and a Bible in the other. Be as freaky as possible (he in fact reminds me of the old CIA-Acid Freaks I've read of in the 60's... like a modern day Vito Paulekis).

      His site sure gets linked around the internet an awful lot... Must be his warm speaking voice that turns people on...

    3. Kapner was a member of a 60's Psych band. That's where the former entertainer comes in.

  2. "...jewish former entertainer and salesman..."

    This might be appropriate to the subject at hand: that's a good description of Zecharia Sitchen. An EMP suitcase-sized weapon FROM ANCIENT SUMERIA would be right up his alley. Alas, Zack's dead.

    You're right: the Tennessee legislature IS viewed as a bunch of clowns. It just ain't funny because there's 49 other clown acts in competition.

    1. Yeah, I agree. Zack fits in that category too. There are many names we could add to the list.

  3. I looked up news for Shelbyville, TN for 2011 and could find nothing on this.

    BTW, Stichen was mentioned in William Lyne's book Pentagon Aliens as some sort of psyop or CIA asset.

    I was just reading an article from Village Voice (1979) on racism in the 70's NYC punk scene
    and came across this line:

    "A lot of people around CBGB's are already mad at me about this article...these kids are not gonna believe this stuff exists until it happens to them. Hell, a lot of them are Jewish..."

    Yeah, like Joey Ramone (nee Hyman). Figures.

    1. I searched extensively the other day for something out of Shelbyville but never found a thing. I left the only comment at the Scene questioning Womick when the full video was posted and they did follow up on it. The Scene happens to be part of the Village Voice empire and has been for years.

      There was an unusual event in Hartsville in 2001, power surges, radio station equipment fried along with dead fried birds on a sunny day. The talk was that it was an EMP or DEW pulse. I personally know a guy who worked at the station then and still does. He confirmed everything that happened but not being a conspiracy person he always refused to speculate about it and actually never wanted to talk about it at all.

  4. As we all should know by now, appearances are deceiving according to SM. So, I wouldn't put too much emphasis on the good brother's outfit. Who knows, maybe he is just working for the discerning ones. His whining about money though is a total turn-off.

    As for your Tennessean law makers (or are they breakers?) being whisked away to a safe place, please take ours from BC, Can, too and keep them all in one place for further disposal. Then they can all be hit by one pulse, problem solved.

    1. I don't want to spend a lot of time shooting the messenger. It's that I've always had a gut feel about Kapner. That's just me.

    2. Like a joo is a joo is a joo, and how they have been deceiving their fellow brethren by converting to whatever? I'm with you. MachtNichts

  5. Neocon whack jobs like Kenneth Timmerman have been braying for years that Iran was going to end an ICBM with a small nuke and explode it over Kansas, sending much of the MidWest back to the Stone Ages.

    They never explain where Iran was supposed to get the ICBM from, since they don't have ICBM's capable of that kind of flight.

    Maybe EMP should stand for 'Engage Mind Periodically' for these clowns?

    1. There's a neocon christian zionist talk radio host out of Nashville who for years has been talking of the Islamic threat of an EMP. It is one of the talking points they are expected to discuss if they want to stay in business.


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    Stop all aid to israel. Boycott, divest and sanction.

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