Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston Black Flag

We would be remiss if we didn't call the Boston Marathon 'terrorist' attack a false flag from the git go.

It was predictable. Tis the season for blood sacrifices.

Foreign or domestic? Probably domestic works for the ongoing agenda. After all it is Patriot's Day.
.......inspired by the fact that this week does contain a number of unhappy anniversaries: the Oklahoma City Bombing (April 19, 1995), the Waco assault (April 19, 1993), the Columbine School Shooting (April 20, 1999), and the Virginia Tech massacre (April 16, 2007), for starters. Two of those tragedies—the Virginia Tech massacre and the Waco assault—were on Monday, the Patriot's Day of those years.

The Boston Marathon's Final Mile Was Dedicated to Newtown Victims
Family members of those killed in the massace at Sandy Hook Elementary School last year were seated near the site of the first of the two coordinated explosions at the Boston Marathon. None of the relatives are reported to have been injured, but their presence was notable because each mile in this year’s race was dedicated to an individual killed on December 14, 2012. The final leg of the marathon also held a tribute to those killed in Newtown, Connecticut. Before the race Boston Athletic Association President Joanne Flamino said it was of “special significance” that the marathon is 26.2 miles long and 26 people died in the mass shooting.
Bomb Sniffing Dogs, Spotters on Roofs Before Explosions
BBC and CNN already suggesting Boston bombing a right-wing home grown attack!!!
Military Drills Running at Boston Marathon
At Deval Patrick's 9:00 press conference on today's bombings, the first question, the very first question, contained the words: "Is this another false flag attack staged to take our civil liberties?"
Officials: There will be a controlled explosion opposite the library within one minute as part of bomb squad activities.
Nice little touch for the psyops...JFK Library Explosion

As the media milks this event for all it's worth, there may be some important happenings going on the background. Things that our attention needs to be diverted away from. It's something to watch for. Also, just as with Sandy Hook there will be much premeditated disinfo spread to keep the conspiracists spinning around in circles.

The comparisons between the Boston bombings and what poor little Israel has to face every day are already beginning. Well, of course Israel as victim must become part of the narrative. 

It would be great to have an open thread for everyone to throw in their opinion on what is going on. These black ops are never-ending. Cui bono.....


  1. I'm guessing it's "Boston Homegrowed Terrior-ist Tea Party" headlines shortly. Probably a stash of "assault rifles" etc. to be found in the rubble any second.


    An Israeli soldier lights a candle at the grave of a relative during a ceremony marking Memorial Day on the Mount of Olives overlooking Jerusalem's Old City, Monday, April 15, 2013. Israelis paused to honor and remember friends and relatives Monday as sirens wailed across the country and solemn Memorial Day ceremonies were held for fallen soldiers and victims of terrorism. (AP Photo/Sebastian Scheiner)

    1. No coincidence on the timing. It was a convergence of opportunities.



  4. I'll put in my two cents for the homegrown variety of terrorists getting the blame for this.

    I watched some of the MSM coverage and it was an all out effort to maximize the fear, terror and trauma. Besides the usual looping of the video of the explosion and immediate terrifying aftermath being shown ever few minutes, interviews with traumatized witnesses etc., the talking heads made frequent reference to 911.

    A few quick points of note:

    - cell phone service was either cut off or spotty in the areas around the explosions
    - talking heads were at pains to point out this could be the actions of domestic right wing groups or anarchists - one guy even threw in environmental terrorists
    - they kept pointing out how this was not just an American event, that the rest of the world needed to be terrified by this as well (and you will note the prominent international flags that were flying immediately in front of the spot where the explosions took place which was of course, pointed out for viewers)
    - the event was being dubbed the Boston "twin bombings" in some of the coverage

    1. Good additional points. I wonder if the international flags are always at the end of the race or staged for this one.

    2. It looks like they may be traditionally placed at the end of the race. Here is a pic from the 2012 race.
      My understanding from the coverage was that they are placed in front of a VIP spectator area set up just before the finish line. I could be wrong about that tho. It seems to me it would be a prime spot for maximum impact. Although, one might question why the bombers waited for almost two hours after the front runners and following press corps, dignitaries etc. had already cleared out of the area. You would think they would want the explosion timed to get the maximum press exposure. ;)

  5. Mystery man on roof near Boston Marathon bombing sparks Twitter debate

    Hmmm, one of the dancing israhelli agent, probably?

    Here is the pic link:

    1. Apparently the man on the roof photo in your link is an expanded view of the one I put at the top of the post.

  6. One additional point for anyone who may be looking into this (and I don't know how to check if this information is factual), I read that a CNN memorial Face Book site had been set up at 11:19 am EST. The bombing took place just before 3PM EST.

  7. thanks for sharing..

  8. Hi Kenny,

    Another interesting thing heard during the press conf. with Dr. Peter J. Fagenholz. A journalist asked Peter around 9:10 mark, "Earlier a colleague of yours had mention that you were all trained by first Israeli disaster did that help today?"

    Peter said"Nope.

    Opps, didn't see that link earlier....stupid me.

    Oh, here is the link to the video:

    That journalist need to interview Peter's co-worker instead. Don't we all know what happened when the "good Israeli" medical team showed up in Haiti after the earthquake, few years back?

    1. Hey, we're thinking alike. I was writing up the comment below about the doc while yours was coming in. :)

  9. Another one-step, two-step, totalitarian tip-toe (Icke) in the long line of incremental advances towards the ultimate police state. How many more people will cry for protection now, willing to give up their rights? Connect the dots.

    The flags were there in 2006:

  10. If you go to about 9:10 in the video at the link below a reporter asks Dr. Peter J. Fagenholz of Massachusetts General Hospital about his colleagues saying that all the doctors at MGH had been trained by Israeli Disaster First Responders. The Dr. replied that he had not been trained by them.

    Here's where the Israeli training was reported.

    About five years ago, administrators said, they realized they needed to upgrade disaster-response training. “We ­obviously have a limited experience with explosions in an ­urban area,” said Dr. Alasdair Conn, Mass. General’s chief of emergency services.

    “The Israelis, unfortunately, have this several times a year, and we asked their disaster-response teams to come and help us upgrade our disaster response,” Conn said. “And I’m very pleased that we went through that orientation and additional training.”

  11. April 15 is also Rothschild Shakedown Day where we get to show our love for those rascals by paying extortion money to the IRS.

  12. The "New Normal" In America. Just like Syria and Iraq.

    DOZENS of attacks across Iraq.

  13. How come these jokers don't ever hit at a large bank? There's a number of them close to Copley Square in Boston, including the fount of evil bank, the Boston branch of the Federal Reserve.

    Is it the same reason why 'aL CIA Duh' never attacks Israel?

    JEWoogle map of Boston banks.,Boston,+MA&cid=0,0,13626658570344052808&ei=hSRtUcrXCoGBiwLIwYDICA&ved=0CPIBEPwSMAM

  14. A man in military fatigues is spotted running into shot from the left on some of the very early video footage that shows the victims on the ground just after the detonation. We are also told the FBI was on hand immediately to 'co-ordinate' the response. The date is outside the 13 day period that They follow which precedes the Beltane.

    Keep exposing the truth for as long as you can.

    Carol A. Valentine

  15. "Those three hours of delay are very telling. There were much fewer fans standing around at the finish line 3 hours after the race was over so by detonating these explosives at that time, countless lives were saved. The VIPs were not involved, nor the press. It would be a hard sell to suggest that radicalized homegrown terrorists didn’t want the biggest body-count and to have VIPs included in it.

    This article is an effort for me to catch up on yesterday’s events and to filter through some of the hype. The photo of the guy on the roof, the claims that a drill at the start of the race, these things don’t prove anything by themselves. More telling is what appears to be a concerted effort by the bombers to reduce the casualty count rather than maximize it as if this effort were more of a symbolic effort."


      Shit, shit, shit! Looking at the lack of power in the blast on video and the paint-red color of the blood on the ground where the "bomb" went off, well I, I think this could well be actors and faked blood/death.

      A false false-flag.

    2. Agreed. Also Scott the preponderance of lower limb injuries and the apparent use of very small diameter ball bearings suggest devices designed to maximize the psychological trauma / shock and awe but yet minimize the number of instant fatalities. Though that may seem hard to believe I wonder if this is the case. The devices must have been placed low to the ground. Could someone capable of making such a device have been able to make it more deadly? If that is so then why were these explosives not even more devastating if we are to believe that they were placed by 'terrorists' intent on causing as much damage as possible? Or is it not far more plausible that the primary purpose behind this event is psychological so as to effect political change and the further restriction of our liberties?

    3. This is simple and huge. An ABC 37 second Boston marathon bomb video.

      Watch as the official walks past the blood-metal pile at the bottom right of the screen.

      This was a fake false flag. Like Sandy Hook.

  16. Concerning the bombings at the Boston marathon. If you view the Family Guy episode ( Turban Cowboy) which was aired on March 17, 2013 on Fox, You will see a Boston marathon with people being killed, a library, terrorists and you will hear two explosions, bombs detonated via cell phone and see one explosion of a bridge from a bomb detonated via cell phone. Look into it. I have kept it recorded since the day it aired because it seemed strange /suspicious.

    Boston runners were warned: Squamish man

    Runners getting set to take part in the Boston Marathon were warned beforehand that they were going to die, said a Squamish resident who took part in the race.

    Three people were killed and more than 140 were injured when two bombs exploded near the finish line of the famed 42.2-kilometre running event on Monday (April 15).

    Mike Heiliger, 59, said a woman holding several bags was telling runners who were picking up their pre-race packages in downtown Boston on Saturday (April 13) that they were going to die if they participated in the event.


  17. I'd have to agree with Jim Stone's blog that says the explosive used looked like a form of gunpowder and we all know who uses gunpowder.

    1. Heard an 'expert' on NPR this morning talking about how it looked to be a gunpowder explosion. Restrictions on buying it coming soon? Reloaders had better stock up.

  18. 1st:April 15 was Tax Return Day

    2nd:Boston Marathon is a SPORTING EVENT and since Sandy Hook Bob Costas and other sporting personalities started calling for more gun control.

    So Part of this is to get the Jock Culture(You Know"Soccer Moms""Football Daddies")

    To buy into Gun Control to take away the Guns.

    Because the Zionists and Freemasons know that the Jock Culture has powerful influence and holds sway

  19. Europe and Turkey suffered all this type of terrorism as part of the CIA's Operation Gladio.

    - Aangirfan

  20. P.S Ohhhh let's not forget 2013 is the 100th year anniversity of the Federal Reserve Bank and System.

    Because the FED was established in 1913.

    Soo the Rothschilds,you know the Crown,The City of London want celebrate thru their terrorism arm the Israeli Mossad by finishing off their total control dream of the USA.


    What happened at the Boston Marathon

  21. From 2007

    (BTW - the Family Guy blurb above is not mine - it's from someone's Facebook entry)

  22. Posse Comitatus. Scrub that. Security is more important than the antiquated idea of not using the military for domestic control.

    1. Oh they'll catch them alright, they probably have the patsy(s) already under lock and key and doped up to the eyeballs.

    2. Could be. When are they going to go off script and the perp gets away? There could be a perceived psychological advantage to mixing it up.

      Can't they come up with something new? This gets old. The followup, just like after 9/11.

      "Envelope Sent To Senator's Office Tests Positive For Ricin Poison"

    3. Atlanta Olympic bombing was the last one I recall where the 'perp' managed to escape detection.

  23. Alex Jones is all over this - apparently he had one of his reporters at the ready at the news conference with the Governor of Massachusetts:

    The first question that Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick received during tonight’s second press conference on the Boston Marathon bombings came from someone who may be a follower of conservative radio host Alex Jones. The questioner, who some on the scene are identifying as InfoWars’ Dan Bidondi asked Patrick directly if the bombings were a “false flag staged attack” meant to “take our civil liberties.”

    He is apparently also behind the Family Guy Conspiracy Theory:

    And The Washington Examiner, under a story titled: The latest stupid Boston Marathon conspiracy theory - says

    "Granted, the episode is a rather gruesome coincidence."

    The clips of FG have been taken off line, hastily.

    AJ is getting lots of negative press for calling this a false flag

    How did AJ manage to get a reporter in there so quickly? This is getting bizarre.

    1. By having some of the same talking points...we get AJ'd...marginalized by some sort of manufactured association.

    2. Man, how many of us have been saying for years that AJ is a tool of the conspirators? Always there, always half wrong, always crazy sounding, always being held up as representing all skeptics. Any skeptics sticking up for him should be considered suspect.

  24. To know who did it, we can't escape what a judge in Rome used to ask people in disputes coming before him...Cui Bono, he used to say - who benefited..? and the closer we get to that, the clearer the picture becomes to us who really did this.
    The media is currently is swimming in a pool of speculations but with a focus on a Mulsim, some media oulets talks about a Saudi terrorist, or foreign Muslim to sell to viewers.
    Look again to who benefited..does this Saudi or his country really benefited from this? the Coming days will tell...

  25. Obama signed this on the eve of the bombing

    President Obama has just signed a rollback of key transparency provisions of the STOCK Act.

    Late Thursday night, as we reported last week, the Senate gutted the disclosure requirements by approving S.716, an act amending the requirements of the 2011 law. The House followed suit the next day, and the president signed the bill minutes ago.

    The bill doesn't just eliminate a controversial requirement that personal financial disclosures of tens of thousands of high level federal employees be made publicly accessible online. It also reverses two critical components of the original STOCK act: mandatory electronic filing of PFDs by the president, his cabinet and members of Congress, and the creation of a publicly accessible database.

    The elements of the STOCK Act that were removed include:

    Creation of searchable, sortable disclosure of the information contained in reports even for Congress, the president, vice president, the president’s cabinet and congressional candidates.

    Required electronic filing for Congress, the president, vice president, the president’s cabinet and congressional candidates, as well as high-level executive and congressional branch employees. Even images of the staffers' filings will not be available for viewing on the web.

    Without the provisions, the STOCK act is made toothless. Insider trading by members of Congress and federal employees is still prohibited, but the ability of watchdog groups to verify that Congress is following its own rules is severely limited because these records could still be filed on paper -- an unacceptably outdated practice that limits the public's access.

    This is not true disclosure.

  26. What comes to mind with "bombing" and who would be suspect is of course the "O-bomber" in Chief, the drone killer in the W.H. Also, with so much questioning being done of the existence of alleged victims of recent psycho "shootings," a bombing could produce alleged verifiable victims en masse and in view on TV. Therefore the constant re-play, like on 9/11. As far as promoting international fear propaganda, that is a reality of global Mossad/CIA terrorism activities. So just who, or what, is the MSM/US government planning to place the blame on in order to bomb in return?

  27. I intentionally refused to tune into this 'terror story' yesterday and, truth be told, I'd read nothing at all about it until I visited your site, Kenny. Trust you and your readers to have me up to speed - and without the traumatic programming! Thank you All -

    I had to laugh when I read above of the military drill that was scheduled yesterday. These 'military drills' concurrent with 'terror attacks' is an idea that is now severely outdated. I urge our leaders to spend more $$$ inventing new terror scenarios to spice things up for their next hypnotic show.

  28. A pressure-cooker was used?

    Better put out an APB for Emeril and Wolfgang Puck. Say, those names don't sound Amerikan.

    Best to grab some cash out of the bank today, before those 'terrorists' hack into the banking system and make it crash.

  29. "“The Big Sleep” is the title of a 1939 mystery novel by Raymond Chandler and a euphemism for death. Full of characters who hide their ulterior motives and kill anyone to advance their warped goals, it is a condition that engulfs us today.

    The only way the world can escape this imposed amnesia, already so well advanced throughout the world, is to immediately evict and execute (alt. imprison) all those elected officials who continue to participate in this colossally big lie, who willingly assist in this gigantic terror hoax as a way to get temporarily rich in the deepening twilight of humanity’s slide toward oblivion and extinction."

  30. False flag all aroundApril 17, 2013 at 4:57 AM

    The reason they have to run drills in parallel with all these false flags is because these false flag teams leak the truth like a boat with holes. By having a drill planned at the same time the mayor, police chief, FBI, CIA etc can deny any warnings of the false flag as being part of the drill.

    False flags: OKC, 9/11, 7/7, Madrid train, shoe bomber, Mumbai, crotch bomber, Aurora, Sandy Hook, Boston etc...

  31. dub,inmick says he isn't allowed to post on Google sites any more (something about getting a blur box) and asked me to drop this off:

    Bullet holes riddle key California power substation causing heavy damage — 10,000 gallon oil spill — Statewide Emergency Alert to conserve energy — 911 calls not working nearby

    1. Re: Buelahman's post:

      top story - who would have been able to selectively block land lines from accessing 911?


    read the comments, too.

  33. Now the MSM are braying that the pressure cooker was found on the roof of a nearby building?

    Is that the same building that a man walking on a nearby roof was photographed by some Twitter user and posted?

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  35. Hey Kenny. Sorry about that.. :(
    Let me clean up that comment
    take 2!

    Hey Kenny et al

    One thing I find so interesting about this is the lack of whodunnit at this point in time?
    The msm is pointing this out. Found a piece today which I added to my post

    quoting from the article at cnn

    "-Within a day of the Oklahoma City bombing, officials had named their suspect: Timothy McVeigh. Within two days of the 9/11 attacks, investigators had zeroed in on al Qaeda.
    - Two questions continue to hound authorities: Who triggered the attack, and why?"

    Then it goes on about how they really don't know. But clearly it is understood that people generally like the easy answer (it makes them feel content) and the authorities have not come forth with one.

    Here is what I think about the why they haven't yet pointed the finger at anyone.
    Two excerpts that should, hopefully give you an idea of where I am coming from

    "Could the delay just come down to, how authorities want to play this out?

    That is not a new or surprising assertion. Many innocent persons have been sent to jail because it is politically expedient. It likely happens on a near daily basis. How many times can you recollect where local police have simply built a case against some innocent person because it is convenient. Because the public is distraught and the police need to appear to be doing something..... so they can justify there pay cheques and ever increasing budgets at taxpayer expense."

    etc., etc.,

    My point being..Politics seems to drive the resolution of crimes as much, if not more then justice.
    When I first put this post up, I suggested a 'framing' of Russia dependent on the UN security council outcome of the April 18/13 meeting.
    There are other parties that could be assigned the blame, for political reasons. It won't mean that a one of them are involved.

    I think this is the hold up on the finger pointing....

    excerpted from the post at my place
    Apologies again

  36. Civil rights activistApril 17, 2013 at 10:26 AM

    It was Mossad/CIA with help from the FBI. The fake false-flag in Boston.

    The reason no-one is yet named as responsible is because the plan was to leave a papper/internet trail leading to Iran (sic). No announcement has been made because the think-tank shows too many US citizens would not believe the story. The odds are patriots will get the nod for patsy.

    America - you're learning!

    We need to learn faster!

  37. Pressure cooker bomb? Bummer, here comes pressure cooker mandatory registry at Macy's, no more coupons for buying pressure cookers!

    What's next? Suicidal pidgeons with laser beams?

  38. Heard this one beforeApril 17, 2013 at 1:01 PM

    Here we go folks! On the post I saw one dark skinned guy confabing with a light skinned guy! Israeli's?

    Law enforcement officials in Boston tell reporters that they may have identified the suspect thought responsible for Monday’s deadly bombing that has so far claimed three lives.

    Just after 1 p.m. local time on Wednesday, CNN reported that a suspect has apparently been identified, but no other details have been released at this time. It is unknown as to whether or not the suspect has been detained, and his name has not been made public as of this time, but he is reportedly a dark-skinned male, according to police.

    "Information connecting these Israelis to the bombing are classified. We can't give any information about their involvement. It's classified information."

    Sound familiar?


    Why would the United States of America need filthy aparthied israelis to help them solve the Boston bombing?

    Why? I do not understand unless israel did the bombings and needs to cover it up by investigating the false flag themselves.

    This makes no sense. What the fuck are israelis coming to the USA for!

  40. Notice the glass on the sidewalk in front of the shop. A statement by (Wait for it) so called authorities indicated that the bomb went off beside a black trash bin "by the cerbside." They even showed the photos. That's some trash bin that was not even marked!They need this stuff to re-skin their Humvies!??! Impervious to bombs even. Me thinks the bomb came from inside the shop. Note, the windows of the shop next door are still intact! Gimme a break...this is another "Bush" effort !! meaning the CIA, MOSSAD/FOSSAD Fibbers at the FBI.

  41. There are cameras all over the streets in Boston, was there a black out on the cameras like what happened in the tunnel that princess Dianna was assassinated in, dang the cameras were on the blink again conveniently, go figure.. Love Light Peace and Joy To All. Freedom for Humanity!!!

  42. Multiple photos from 4Chan

  43. Thanks to everyone for the comments, links and opinions.

    There's a new related post up so if anyone is inclined to continue the conversion there, please do.