Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Price of Pain Revisited


We have our federal government overtly and covertly taking us into illegal wars. We have black ops and false flags and pasties. We have the feds in bed with enemy Israel colluding to murder and steal. We have government arms trafficking and drug running. We have corrupt and powerful bankers calling the shots. We have elements of our government who are criminals and traitors.

We also have the feds sending a midwife and her somewhat disabled husband to prison for growing medical marijuana in the medically challenged state of Tennessee.

We had a local report three and a half years ago, "The Price of Pain," that is the back story. The saga of
Marilyn Green Campbell and her husband Gerry continues.

How many times do the feds get involved in a grow room bust? Just because of a hyper-inflated street value of one million dollars?  The local authorities were probably more than glad to pass it off to the feds and save themselves some time and costs but there must have been more to it.

A midwife is not exactly perceived as a close ally of the medical pharmaceutical complex. Someone must have had the bright idea that a hippie pothead midwife adds to the received narrative.
Once we posted bail we went home to recover. The day after we got home we received a call from a knowledgeable source who told us we could be prosecuted by the Federal government because of guns found on our property. They warned us that the Marshals could come break in and arrest us in the middle of the night. We were told we might not see each other again. Now to understand our panic you need to understand that while in the county jail we were unable to see, speak, write, or call each other even though we were only 40 feet away. I am 62 and Gerry is in his 50′s.

Latest addition to the story...from the Nashville Scene...
A sexagenarian midwife says she's the latest Tennessean busted for growing medical marijuana  
Growing Pains
Marilyn Greene-Campbell likes to say that on Aug. 24, 2009, she and her husband Gerry were forced to "come out of the basement."

She used it as a laugh line recently at the East Side Arts Co-op, addressing a "marijuana education day" put on by cannabis rights group Tennessee NORML celebrating 4/20. The Campbells had been invited to recount an ordeal that started three-and-a-half years ago, when sheriff's deputies and state drug agents pulled close to 300 marijuana plants from the crawlspace of their Cannon County home.

Getting busted, Marilyn told the crowd of aging hippies, dreadlocked kids and local libertarians, has allowed the couple to become vocal advocates for medical marijuana — something that wasn't possible when they were secretly cultivating what they believe to be a life-saving plant.

Unfortunately for Marilyn and Gerry, it also means they will face 24 months in federal prison.

Marilyn, in her early 60s with a hearty laugh, has been a practicing midwife for more than 35 years, while Gerry, in his 50s, is a soft-spoken, lanky songwriter who used to sell antiques on eBay — nobody's big-time drug dealers. But in what many would say is an example of the incoherent state of U.S. drug enforcement policy, they've pleaded guilty to a total of six federal drug charges including "conspiracy to manufacture, distribute and possess with intent to distribute" marijuana — a substance two states voted last November to legalize.

According to events laid out in court papers from the U.S. Attorney's Office, the Campbells' troubles began on Aug. 17, 2009, when "a Confidential Informant purchased two ounces of marijuana from Marilyn Greene, with money given to the CI by the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department." This CI, Marilyn says, is a friend she used to play poker with occasionally. She says she simply never sold to anyone else.

A few days later on Aug. 24, according to court documents, "police approached Greene outside a bar in Nashville" and "a subsequent search of her vehicle led to her arrest by MNPD officers for possession of approximately one quarter pound of hydroponic marijuana with intent to sell."

Soon after, Gerry Campbell was roused from an Ambien-induced sleep to find TBI agents and sheriff's deputies on his doorstep, there to perform a "knock and talk."

Gerry, who was left with mild brain damage following a 1999 car wreck, gave agents, at least according to documents presented by prosecutors, "written consent to search" — something he says he has no memory of.

Inside, law enforcement found a laundry list of illicit items including "marijuana laid out to dry on four trays in a closet, a freezer containing three large, white trash bags ... with large amounts of marijuana in them," and "a glass pipe used for smoking marijuana." Eventually, under a trapdoor in the kitchen, agents found "a basement area which contained a sophisticated hydroponic marijuana operation" and "approximately 273 plants in various stages of growth."

The marijuana, Greene-Campbell says, was for Gerry, whose accident left him with debilitating muscle pain. Thanks to a case of Hepatitis C, it couldn't be managed with traditional liver-taxing meds. Growing their own pot just seemed like a natural remedy for a couple of self-described old hippies.

Gerry "got the idea from going to Disney World," Greene-Campbell said, chuckling. "If you go to EPCOT Center, they got plants growing in liquid ... [Prosecutors] called it a very sophisticated operation ... but the materials came from Lowes."

Worse, though, officers seized five guns, including a 9mm Makarov pistol and a semiautomatic SKS rifle. The prosecution argued these are "the kinds of weapons drug dealers possess to protect their operations."

After 23 days in county lockup, the couple began preparing for what they thought would be a local trial in a community where they were known and liked. But a year after the initial bust, they were told without further explanation that the case had been moved to federal court in Nashville. That meant that they were now looking at a draconian mandatory minimum sentence of 5-40 years. Soon after, the feds seized the home the couple built themselves, by hand, from timber they cleared on their property.

When contacted by the Scene, neither the U.S. attorney nor the DEA agent handling the case would comment, beyond the attorney's statement that the bust seized "a large amount of marijuana." But Marilyn and Gerry have never denied the basic facts. What they deny are the characterizations made by law enforcement and prosecutors that they are criminals.

"I think it's crazy that marijuana is a Schedule I drug, right up there with heroin and meth," Greene-Campbell told the Scene. "I would never do heroin or meth. ... A country that has alcohol legal and half the country is on some kind of doctor-prescribed stuff, that doesn't allow people to grow a plant that's beneficial — I mean, to me that's crazy."

As for the guns, they say that it's just part of living in a rural area near wildlife. "The guns were just there because we're Tennesseans," Marilyn joked. "Everybody in Tennessee has guns."

Strangely enough, it was that last line of reasoning that convinced the federal judge to shorten their sentences, offering them a statutory "safety valve" meant to protect first-time, nonviolent offenders.

So while 4/20 celebrators booed the fact that Marilyn and Gerry have to spend any time behind bars at all, the two are trying to stay positive. If there's one thing they're sorry for, they say, it's putting their friends and family through nearly four years of constant worry. Their focus now is planning to rebuild their life together after they get out. They have to turn themselves in by May 12.

"I've got four months' worth supply of food put away in our storage unit," Greene-Campbell told the Scene. "I bought tents so that if we have to camp, we can. ... I'd like to go west to where there's more open-minded people. I wanna just go somewhere where I can just hang out and mellow out."

So what if the couple sold some to cover expenses. I also heard they gave much of it away to those it may have helped. Besides the Campbells, no one was harmed in this victimless 'crime'  unless you count the marriage of the feds and the Mexican cartels and the big banks who may have lost a little bit of money laundering.

The strategy of tension has many aspects. It is not always about bombings, shootings and false flags. Sometimes it's as simple as setting examples and putting fear in the minds of those who have do it yourself tendencies by using repressive laws and unjustified prison sentences.  Thought crimes could well be the next offensive salvo fired against us.

The war against the people is not a pretty sight. The casualty count keeps adding up and what is being projected is the meme of  "Am I next?"


  1. Mark my words. At some point it will be legal in TN.

    It is so damned stupid to put people like this in jail and take their stuff (including their home).

    And most cops know that.

    1. "At some point it will be legal in TN."

      I've been saying that for over 40 years. At some point in time we may be finally correct.

      When we were in the excavation business, the Campbells asked for an estimate on some clean up and road work to help make their place more marketable and when sold use the money for lawyers and such. They didn't have the money to get that done and the last I heard they did lose their home.

  2. "The War On The Community Using Drugs" achieves a number of things for the PTB.
    1 It achieves a high incarceration rate

    2 this keeps the potential problem of a large portion the black community becoming organised politically by keeping them poor and under siege so individual survival becomes paramount

    3 It provides huge profits for the owners of the privatised penal system

    4 It provides huge profits for the owners of the banking system which loans money to the govt to finance all this repression

    5 This money is not spent to improve the lives of the nation. It wastes resources just like war and depletes the wealth of the nation even as money is being spent. All good for the owners of the system who want to keep us all poor and struggling for survival

    6 It provides huge profits for the owners of the drug supply business (and the banks again who launder the proceeds) who bribe and corrupt the legal and political systems which the PTB rely on to maintain their dominant position over us.

    And perhaps this is where the Campbells come in; they were not selling it, by and large. What would happen if people in large numbers grew not only some for themselves but some to give away. This would take the marijuana industry out of the hands of the drug cartels and away from the supply of heroin etc

    The Campbells are being made an example of.

    Did I mention the pharmaceutical industry? The list of enemies the Campbells are making in our totally corrupt world goes on and on.

    1. The way I see it, growing marijuana should be like growing tomatoes. So plentiful and cheap that there's no black market to be found.

      Your points are spot on.

  3. Kenny, I couldn't help think of your comment about thought crimes when I read this:

    Testing the brain of Tamerlan Tsarnaev
    Could the biology of violent behavior have played a role in the bombings?
    By Michael Craig Miller |      APRIL 27, 2013

    Dr. Michael Craig Miller is former editor-in-chief of the Harvard Mental Health Letter and a psychiatrist at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

    1. That's the same thing that at one time was said was going to done to Adam Lanza's brain. Study it so we can test all and drug and incarcerate those with similar bad brain predispositions. (grin)

    2. I think it would be more useful to study Dr Michael Craig Miller's mind. The apparently intelligent and well educated gentleman believes everything that the most violent government in history has said about Tamerlan Tsarnaev and believes him guilty without independent evidence. Yet Dr Miller is totally missing the elephant in the room, the lying government itself against which there is a mountain of evidence and history of its own violence including bombing innocent people and killing its own citizens.

      That's like believing the fox's story that the chickens in the hen house that the fox was guarding rioted (accounting for the feathers everywhere) and ate each other. Case solved!

      I don't think Dr Miller should be allowed to drive a stethoscope until a full medical and psychiatric examination has been performed. Perhaps some exploratory surgery looking for latent brain tumours would be in order.

    3. hear hear...

      I'll second that.

      I'm like forty some odd years into seriously looking forward to living in country where I get to keep what I earn, and am not held financially liable for any STUPID IDIOTS [Jew Worshippers] mistakes...mental or otherwise.

      a plant, the most beneficial plant in history/botany is not "our" ENEMY...

      STUPIDITY is...


  4. The cops busted a retired couple near Kansas City, since they had bought grow lights and some hydroponic stuff.
    Turns out they were only growing tomatos and some lettuce, but that didn't stop the cops from tearing the place apart, looking for the marijuana that wasn't there.

    Turns out this couple had retired from the CIA and they are pissed and suing everyone and their brother over this botched raid.

    If the cops had done some background search, they might of found out the couple were retired CIA types and maybe, just maybe thought, "We better not raid that place."

    But, that's the price one pays for living in a police state.

    1. Oh, the outrage when the system eats their lunch for a change!

  5. There are more pics of this guy acting but I cannot find them now when he was younger.
    They were on the web on somebody's site but I can not remember where. Do you? I saw
    that movie where he was playing the priest but cannot remember much about it.

    “Years before the Marathon, Arredondo appeared in the role of Father Carlos…

    That photo, by wild coincidence, was taken by Charles Krupa, who also happened to take the iconic wheelchair photo of Cowboy Carlos and Bauman. In the latter photo, you’ll notice that Father Fireman Cowboy Carlos, M.D. is remarkably free of blood stains.”


  6. They are going to go easy on new marijuana laws I believe. When enough people have been proven to use it legally, they are going to say these same people are banned from having a gun.


  7. An Israeli hi-tech company with an office in metropolitan Boston was instrumental in helping to identify and lead to the arrest of the Boston Marathon terrorists

    BriefCam company’s technology enabled investigators to summarize an hour of surveillance video footage into only one minute and also zoom in on people and objects whose movements changed during the filming. The system then can track those movements form the beginning of the video.

    “The technology used by U.S. security forces has already been installed around the world in police, HLS, intelligence entities and others, saving time and manpower and also providing a solution for the vast challenge of growing amounts of recorded video produced every hour, every day,” Israel Defense reported Monday.

    The system is based on the concept of allowing the simultaneous display of several events. Once a certain movement or area is indentified, the system then tracks it during the entire film.

    Damn, what would we do without our Israeli handlers, oops, I mean helpers?

  8. How nice for the BriefCam company. It will not be necessary now for police operators to have to go through all of that film, an Israeli company can now just tell them who robbed what and they can go out and gun them down. BriefCam can make a bundle of money in the process.

    As for Marijuana, it appears that many Americans will face losing the battle against glaucoma or going hunting or protecting the old homestead. I am sure most bloggers have run into the type responders who speak about getting some good green, maybe you can help me or what type ganja you use. I look at these types as some kind of operative or seriously naive, one or the other. I am sure in the future that can be used to hold up gun purchases simply by producing the internet chatter, perhaps charging people with a felony with gun forms.


  9. There is at least one supposedly internet savvy, intelligent, political analyst who gets posted at (Kidd) who rejects criminal, conspiracy facts. Anyone who can't see obvious criminality, is one who won't see by choice, but has a lot of influence on what people think is true. Also, now G. Duff is yowling with glee at what he claims is alternative news sites being hoaxed with false info. What kind of genuine truth-seeker would relish such action? Corresponds to:

    james April 28, 2013 at 10:16 AM
    I think it would be more useful to study Dr Michael Craig Miller's mind. The apparently intelligent and well educated gentleman believes everything that the most violent government in history has said about Tamerlan Tsarnaev and believes him guilty without independent evidence. Yet Dr Miller is totally missing the elephant in the room, the lying government itself against which there is a mountain of evidence and history of its own violence including bombing innocent people and killing its own citizens.

    BYW more Nazi non-news about Hitler's fearful, food tester being still alive at 91. Are Obama's food testers fearful of being poisoned, too? Remember just recently that Obama wouldn't eat at a political luncheon, because he said he did not have his food tester with him -- to make sure he didn't get Monsanto-ed, himself?!!

  10. It is pretty much good news when Devvy and Gordy start crying about internet conspiracy people, they are not real journalists yada yada yada. It means it is cutting them out of more articles to set up phony paths and lead people astray while they get paid for it. It means people are making a difference. That is good news. Our real (in their own minds) journos like Devvy have had decades to solve the Kennedy murder and various others and we are still waiting. Pretty soon they will want a journalist license to write opinions on the web. It would be nice if a citizens committee in Boston went down to the morgue and asked to see Tammerlan's body and identify it. Is he dead?

    I thought aangirfan about solved Boston in a few days.

    And more info keeps pouring in all the time.