Thursday, May 30, 2013


For the good of the Nation.

Bumblehive is the alleged code name for the NSA's new multi-billion dollar spy center in Utah although the official name appears to be Stellar Wind. . It is the mother of all data collection. Bumblehive most likely is a spin off from this word. Who says the feds don't have a sense of humor? Today is the reported day of some kind of ribbon cutting ceremony. Since there's little info to be found on the ceremony, it must be assumed it's a secret one and not many will get close enough to spy on the spies.

I've been trying to put myself in the shoes of the NSA to figure out what's going on. If I had to hire contractors to do the most sensitive, most secretive jobs in the inner workings of the facility, who would I get? Well, that's a no brainer. Of course it would be some shady companies with ties to Israel with a history of corruption and staffed with mostly unstable individuals. Backdoor men hanging the backdoor that leads straight to Tel Aviv. Why should we expect otherwise?

Here's a laugher. Rand Paul is in Silicon Valley, meeting with Facebook, Google and eBay to talk about privacy, tech and civil liberties — as well as to hold swank fundraisers. Rand says "Ultimately, the people going after privacy are the government, and if people mistake Google for government, then we’re in for a big problem" as he lobbies support for his privacy legislation which likely will never pass and if it does will never be enforced. So I guess we have a big problem because many of us see Google and Facebook as in bed with the NSA and always have been. I'm waiting for facts to the contrary.

The following comes from the Domestic Surveillance Directorate which says it is a parody of but I'm not so sure. It may be as simple as this...Before you destroy your enemy, you must tell him what you are going to do to him.
The National Security Agency is responsible for carrying out three of the country's most important intelligence activities - Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Information Assurance (IA), and Domestic Surveillance (DS). SIGINT involves intercepting, decrypting, and analyzing foreign adversaries' communications. IA involves the protection of America's U.S. government information systems. DS involves the collection and warehousing of all domestically-generated information streams.

The mission of the Domestic Surveillance Directorate is simple: Collect, process, and store U.S. citizen data for the good of the Nation. We cope with the overload of information in our environment and turn that overload to our strategic advantage. We provide the ability for ubiquitous, secure collaboration both within our agency and through its interactions with various partners. We penetrate into the "hard" targets that threaten our nation wherever, whenever, or whomever they may be.

We're building a new data center to process the growing volume of information more quickly. Working closely with our partners, we are finding new ways to detect, report, and respond to all domestic threats. As the information age transforms the nation, we will also transform to keep our nation secure. We are the Domestic Surveillance Directorate. We work through you. For you. For our Nation.

Why We Collect Your Data 

Under the authority of Homeland Security Presidential Directive 6, which defines the integration and use of screening information to protect against terrorism, the NSA is authorized to collect and disseminate information about suspected foreign and domestic terrorists. In the past, this meant gathering information AFTER a target had been identified. This often led to missed intelligence and lost opportunities.

But what if we could collect the information in advance, before the target was known? What if the mere act of collecting information could result in the identification of new targets? What if we could build a national data warehouse containing all available information about every person in the United States? Under the authority of the classified Homeland Security Directive 15 (U.S. Strategy and Policy in the War on Terror), we can.
What Data We Collect 
Every day, people leave a digital trail of electronic breadcrumbs as they go about their daily routine. They go to work using electronic fare cards; drive through intersections with traffic cameras; walk down the street past security cameras; surf the internet; pay for purchases with credit/debit cards; text or call their friends; and on and on.

There is no way to predict in advance which crucial piece of data will be the key to revealing a potential plot. The standard operating procedure for the Domestic Surveillance Directorate is to "collect all available information from all available sources all the time, every time, always".
For security reasons, it is unrealistic to expect a complete list of information we collect for our national citizen database. In the spirit of openness and transparency however, here is a partial list:
  • internet searches
  • websites visited
  • emails sent and received
  • social media activity (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
  • blogging activity including posts read, written, and commented on - View our patent
  • videos watched and/or uploaded online
  • photos viewed and/or uploaded online
  • music downloads
  • mobile phone GPS-location data
  • mobile phone apps downloaded
  • phone call records - View our patent
  • text messages sent and received
  • online purchases and auction transactions
  • bookstore receipts
  • credit card/ debit card transactions
  • bank statements
  • cable television shows watched and recorded
  • commuter toll records
  • parking receipts
  • electronic bus and subway passes / Smartpasses
  • travel itineraries
  • border crossings
  • surveillance cameras
  • medical information including diagnoses and treatments
  • prescription drug purchases
  • guns and ammunition sales
  • educational records
  • arrest records
  • driver license information
 much more

Surveillance Strategy - Our Partners - Utah Data Center - About Us

You know what is the worst thing about this? It's all built on fraud. The fraudulent memes of 9/11, war on terrorism, clash of civilizations, etc. etc. etc.

I have doubts about Linda Howe but this is a pretty good overview.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

9/11 Thug Bernard Kerik Released From Prison

Mobster Kerik thought he was above the law but was too stupid to hide his relatively petty money corruptions and tax evasions.

After serving more than three years of a four year sentence, he was released early from a federal pen and will be allowed to serve the rest of his time in sort of a house arrest with perks.

Bernie wasn't dumb enough to spill his guts on what he knew of 9/11 to try and save himself, that would have been his death sentence, and is now going to continue on with his life just as all the other high level perps and cover-up accessories to the September 11th crime have.

In case anyone has forgotten, let's review a little about Bernie.
Kerik was Giuliani's sidekick on 9/11 and in the days and weeks following. Always at his side then and a business partner cashing in on their notoriety later. If he didn't have foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks he certainly was a big part of cover-up.
Kerik has said both he and Giuliani were big fans of "The Godfather" and he wondered if the Mayor "noticed how much becoming part of his team resembled becoming part of a Mafia family. I was being made. I was now part of the Giuliani family, getting the endorsement of the other family members, the other capos." So Kerik wrote in his autobiography.
Kerik went on a four day trip to Israel on Aug. 26, 2001 to discuss anti-terror tactics and met with Israeli billionaire Eitan Wertheimer. Kerik himself is no stranger to the Middle East and traveled to Israel before becoming commissioner. Before joining the NYPD, he coordinated security for the Saudi royal family.
While in Israel on Aug. 29, 2001 Kerik called on Israel to show the world "you can't be intimidated by terrorism."
New York Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik said Sunday (Sept. 16, 2001) a passport belonging to one of the hijackers was discovered a few days ago several blocks from the crash site by a passerby. {more}

Mr. Kerik was an exploiter of 9/11 in his own right: he had commandeered an apartment assigned to ground zero police and rescue workers to carry out his extramarital tryst with the publisher Judith Regan. {more}

Kerik's troubling ties --Links to company in mobster probe --When he headed the city's jails, Bernard Kerik became deeply entangled with a New Jersey construction company long under fire for its alleged mob ties, a Daily News investigation found. Kerik's troubling connection to the company, Interstate Industrial, began in the fall of 1998, when the company held major city contracts, including one to cover the massive Fresh Kills landfill. Kerik recommended his close friend, Lawrence Ray, for a job helping Interstate cope with mob-leery regulators here and in Atlantic City.
Kerik was the Chairman of The Kerik Group LLC, a consulting firm specializing in Crisis Management and Risk Mitigation, Counter-Terrorism and Law Enforcement and Jail/Prison Management strategies. {more}

Kerik made $6.7 million by selling stock given him by Taser International. {more}

George Bush nominated Kerik to head the Dept. of Homeland security as payback for his successful 9/11 cover up role but due to his many crimes had to withdraw. {MSM said it was due to his illegal immigrant nanny}

Here is some more on 'Crybaby' Kerik.

History Commons has a profile on the criminal.

Ha Ha...On 60 minutes days after 9/11, Kerik says his 'most wanted' was finding the black boxes...among other lies and bullshit.

Kerik Says There Were No Bombs In WTC

Bernie Kerik Saying No Choice For Civil Liberty Loss

Kerik was allegedly involved with FEMA in WTC demolition “war games” called Operation Code Angel.
"Several ... intelligence sources who spoke to longtime federal whistleblower Stewart Webb, alleged that the controlled demolition of the Twin Towers and WTC 7 was called 'Operation Code Angel,' also known as Tripod II - a U.S. Department of Justice 'war games' exercise involving the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) ...

Running with the big boys in the cover-up...Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Kerik, Attorney General John Ashcroft, Governor George Pataki, and FBI Director Robert Mueller at the World Trade Center just 10 days after 9/11

On Sept. 11, 2001, Bush ponders if Kerik is up to the task of being a vital component in the conspiracy.

OK, Kerik is relatively minor in the big scheme of the post 9/11 world but he is a traitor, an accomplice to murder and he is free. Something tells me he has plenty of money and will do quite well as long as he keeps his mouth shut. 

In an world of justice, there would be a gallows inscribed with Kerik's name as well as several more who were behind the false flag hoax and cover-up of 9/11.

But this is Amerika and justice is as of yet not one of our strong points.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Lab Rats

Yesterday's rallies against Monsanto brought attention to the corporate plague of GMOs and agricultural poisons and maybe, just maybe, they caused a few folks who were unaware of the issue to ask questions.

This is an easy one. You educate yourself and you don't spend your own money to support the experimentation against your own best health interests.

Yeah, I may have to support other just as nefarious corporations, but I don't have to buy GMOs.

I may have to reluctantly indulge in the lab rat antenna, cable and satellite offerings but I don't have to buy GMOs

My internet provider may allow whoever to spy on me as a condition of their service but I don't have to buy GMOs.

My government, upon orders from above, may subject us to never ending false flags, psyops, wars and lies and expect their little lab rats to go right along with the program and anticipate that we will be thankful for what they allow.

No...sorry, we don't have to be satisfied with this engineered version of reality.

And we never have to buy GMO 'food'...

I Scare Myself...

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Something to Hide?

The staffs of the state's top prosecutor and the governor's office have been working in secret with General Assembly leaders on legislation to withhold records related to the police investigation into the Dec. 14 Newtown elementary school massacre — including victims' photos, tapes of 911 calls, and possibly more.

A friend of Boston bombing patsy Tamerlan Tsarnaev assassinated by the FBI in Orlando?  Did he know something that contradicted the official story? The dead tell no tales.

IRS lackey Lois "I have not done anything wrong" Lerner invoked the Fifth Amendment and refused to testify before the House on their targeting of certain groups. The one question I would like to ask her is why has the IRS not targeted AIPAC as an agent of a foreign power or their subsidiary the American Israel Education Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, that pays for all expenses paid trips to Israel for members of Congress to be 'educated.' I'm sure she would not answer that one either.

Meet the Weiners...nothing to hide here.

The ADL does not take kindly to Detroit leaders honoring Louis Farrakhan. They would like to keep hidden words such as this:
Jesus was the last hope for the Israelites, but they rejected him. They’re now in control of the media and airwavws, gaining exccess to the “sacred territory”, which is the minds of people. “They have mastered the civilization now, but they’he mastered it in evil. Satan has devoured much of humanity,” said Farrakhan.

Court rules bin Laden death photos can stay secret.

Talk about something being hidden...The 16th amendment was never ratified. That makes the Federal Reserve's enforcement arm, the IRS, illegal. Tell them that when they come after you with guns drawn to hide you away Challenge not paying income taxes in court and most judges will say "that line of reasoning is not allowed."

Make sure you keep hidden from everyone with a cell phone implanted on the side of their head that "You Amerikans are getting fried."  Just Haarping on.

Shhhh...don't tell anyone that Israel has no defined borders. People might get the wrong idea. They can grant
oil rights in Syria to Murdoch and Rothschild if they want to. That's business.

Just because it's getting hard to get your physical gold from the banks doesn't mean they have anything to hide. Just take paper instead. Nothing wrong with that. Is it? 

And please, everyone quit whining on about all the spying on Americans and loss of rights. After all, if you don't have anything to hide, what's the fuss. If you still insist on running your mouth, well, there's a diagnosis and a cure.

The vultures circle close...

Monday, May 20, 2013

Imperialism in America

"Never in the history of the world have the means for imparting information been conducted on such an extensive and magnificent scale as at the present time;  yet never have the masses been more ignorant of their real condition, or more mystified as to the real cause of their afflictions.  Distracted by misfortune, blinded by prejudice, disheartened and bewildered, they are an easy prey to the demagogue whose profession it is to mislead and entrap them in political snares. 

But blinded by party prejudice, or unacquainted with the methods of political tricksters, they are easily deceived and led to act or vote in direct opposition to their own interests and judgment.  The intelligence of the people is the only safeguard of liberty, and if through these pages one ray of light or hope shall be given to the distressed millions of my country.

There is no feature of history more sad, no phase of human nature more dismal, than that innate desire in man's heart to rule over his fellow men.  This ambition has been the curse of the world.  Its slain are legions.  But the battle field is not its only place of carnage.  Its holocaust of death has entered every avenue of man's hope and aspiration.  It has blighted youth in its morning, smitten manhood in its prime and cursed the hoary head of age.  It has driven light from the home, love from the heart, and truth from its citadel.  It has touched the lips of innocence and its withering breath has turned to ashes the fruits of joy and peace.

But alas, the hosts of oppression were not destroyed, they were beaten back, but not dismayed, for their purpose was firm.  It was their inheritance from the ages.  They retired from the conflict but only to gather new strength, and as the torch of liberty seemed about to illumine the world, another onslaught is made upon the forces of freedom.  America is the battle ground and our liberties the long sought prize.

The transition through which civilization is now passing threatens the life of the grandest Republic the world has ever known.  The minions of darkness are arrayed against it.  On the one hand is the money power enthroned in Wall and Lombard streets, on the other is struggling humanity enshrined at the hearth-stone of the common people !  Which will you serve?"

The above could have been written today but is from 1893 by Mrs. Sarah E. Van De Vort Emery in her
Imperialism in America, its rise and progress.

Throughout history there have always been voices who shouted out the warnings. Some of them well known while many faded from memory only to be occasionally revived by today's extensive online archives.

The point here is that we are fortunate, at least for the time being, to be exposed to the warnings as the masses of those in the past never had the opportunity. The question is still the same...What will we do do with the information?

In a more well known excerpt from Mrs. Emery's book, allegedly taken from the United States Bankers' Magazine in 1892, it is the bankers themselves who issue the warning. Reminiscent of the protocols, the blueprint for control has never been completely hidden.
In further confirmation of our position, the Chicago Daily Press recently published a dispatch from Wall Street, dated March 21, 1892, in which the capitalists, after setting forth the conditions of the country, instruct their henchmen in the course to be pursued in the following language:
"We must proceed with caution and guard well every move made, for the lower orders of the people are already showing signs of restless commotion.  Prudence will therefore dictate a policy of apparent yielding to the popular will --until all of our plans are so far consummated that we can declare our designs without fear of any organized resistance. 

Capital must protect itself in every possible manner, through combination and legislation.  The courts must be called to our aid, debts must be collected, bonds and mortgages foreclosed as rapidly as possible.  When, through process of law, the common people have lost their homes, they will be more tractable and easily governed --through the influence of the strong arm of government-- applied by a central power of imperial wealth under the control of leading financiers.  A people without homes will not quarrel with their rulers.

History repeats itself in regular circles;  this truth is well known among our principal men now engaged in forming an imperialism of capital to govern the world.  While they are doing this, the people must be kept in a condition of political antagonism. 

By thus dividing the voters we can get them to expend their energies in fighting each other over questions of no importance to us, except as tethers to lead the common herd." 

Same as it ever was.......

Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Last American Dream


The Lottery...

A subset of the engineered hive mind as Preston James would say.

$600 million plus. Powerball. Money is power. Money is the stuff of dreams.

The odds of winning is less likely than getting blown up by a pressure cooker bomb in Boston or getting wiped out by a tornado in Texas. 

Sooner rather than later we'll have the $1 billion jackpot. A milestone. A talking point for the hive masses that diverts our attention from solutions to the deeper problems.

Someone brought up the subject the other day and said..."Why don't people just walk away and refuse to feed it?" Before I could answer he said..."People just won't stick together."

Dreams get in the way.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Guest Post from Salina Khan

Don't Shop Til They Stop

Media stereotypes all Muslims as violent

by Salina Khan

It might seem paradoxical that Muslims insist Islam is a peaceful religion yet the media daily report terrorist attacks, killings and internecine fighting in Muslim lands. To understand this, we need to realize that whenever an oppressed group tries to organize itself towards self-determination, freedom and justice, those who hold power and privilege in society feel threatened and often resort to evil methods to keep those groups subjugated.

For example, when African-Americans mobilized to demand equal access to political and economic rights and power in the 1960s, their movement was sabotaged through the FBI's COINTELPRO program which was designed to destroy Black leadership and create disunity and discord among African-American activists. All of a sudden, cheap drugs, gangs and gun violence became rampant in African- American neighborhoods, essentially damaging the social fabric of their communities and killing the movement. Even today, African-American leaders who try to promote unity against oppression get mysteriously killed. On May 9, Malcolm Shabazz, the 29-year-old grandson of Malcolm X, was killed in Mexico. Just a few months ago he complained about ongoing harrassment and humiliation in a press conference after he was detained by the FBI and prevented from attending an international conference on Hollywoodism in Iran.

In the same way, Muslims who had been subject to Western-imposed colonialism and neo-colonialism for centuries saw independence for the first time in Iran in 1979 when the 2,500-year-old monarchy (propped up by our government in the twentieth century) was removed by popular demand under the leadership of Imam Khomeini. Both Western powers and their puppet monarchs in the Middle East in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Jordan, felt threatened that this movement for self-determination would spread--ending imperialist control of natural resources and cheap labor in Muslim lands--and went into action to foil Islamic movements for self-determination. In addition to imposing wars on Muslim lands (such as supporting Saddam Hussain in his 10-year invasion of Iran in 1980, two Iraq wars and Afghanistan), ragtag mercenary groups now known as Al-Qaeda (or as some say Al-CIA-da) were created to spread terror, chaos and destabilization in Muslim lands. Western countries provided the weapons and training while the Saudi pitched in money and the Wahabi clerics (who are not even considered within the fold of Islam for preaching extremism, hate and violence) provided a distorted understanding of Islam to entice the uneducated and poor.

If we study contemporary politics in the Muslim world we find that it was Western governments who supported the "mujahideen" (led by Osama bin Laden) in Afghanistan in the 1980s and again American and European intelligence agencies (along with illegitimate Arab monarchies) who funded and trained extremist groups to fight in Libya and now in Syria. In the same way, in America we find that whenever there is a "homegrown terrorist" threat, it's almost always a case of entrapment. Even one of the brothers suspected of being behind the Boston bombing we now know had FBI handlers.

Just as the African American males have been stereotyped to be criminal and violent although it is they who are the victims of false charges, discrimination, and extrajudicial killings in Western countries, the media and officials now present Muslim men as terrorists though they are the ones being targeted through wars, drones and torture for daring to or potentially attempting to demand freedom and justice.

Islam and Muslims are being used as scapegoats for the wrongs and injustices our corporate-controlled governments are committing to fatten the profits of the elite at the expense of the global masses. While there are some Muslims, especially corrupt political leaders and scholars-for-dollars, who are part of the oppression, there is much more than meets the eye. As Jesus asked, "Why do you see the speck in your brother's eye but fail to notice the beam in your own eye?

Salina Khan is a journalist with a masters in newspaper management from Northwestern University. She has worked as a business reporter at USA Today in Washington, the BBC London and Dow Jones Madrid and now writes occasionally for the Murfreesboro Post. Salina gained her Islamic education attending the Islamic Foundation in Chicago. Her experiences include teaching at weekend schools, volunteering in public schools and teaching her own three children at home. Her interests include reading, writing and community work.

Muslims were not behind 9/11 ~ Salina Khan

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Desperation, Madness, Escalatation

rough draft of the plan?
Assad's army has started a process of decisive victories, and this is causing extreme angst amongst the usual, and some unusual, suspects.

The Likudnik Jews, both in Israel and the United States, are horrified that their machinations in destroying Syria might result in a recovered country with a kick-ass army, a stronger alliance with its friends in Iran and Lebanon and Russia and the arising new powerhouse countries around the word, and a distinct animus against the Jewish state and its slaves who have caused so much misery.  Thus, the Jew-owned Congress-traitors stirring up shit about American involvement, the lies about Syrian army use of chemical weapons (lies directly fed from Israel), and the repeated illegal Israeli attacks on Syrian territory.  Against this, and so far predominant, is the larger American plan to avoid new big Wars For The Jews, on the simple basis that another one would utterly destroy the United States (and any American involvement beyond arming 'al Qaeda' - as horrible as that has turned out -  including 'no fly zones' - the longstanding trick to inevitably set Americans down the path to yet another gentile on gentile war -  will inevitably end with American boots on the ground and another clusterfuck like Iraq or Afghanistan).  The Jewish Billionaires who own Barry have clearly accepted this, as long as all other support for the Jews, including covert wars, sanction wars, drone wars, and parasitical Jewish draining of American wealth, is allowed to continue. more

Israel should be expected to commit to increasingly desperate acts to provoke Syria and Iran - as its leadership represent directly corporate-financier interests abroad, not the Israeli people, or their best interests (including peace and even survival). For the people of Israel, they must realize that their leadership indeed does not represent them or their best interests and is able, willing, and even eager to spend their lives and fortunes in the service of foreign, corporate-financier interests and global hegemony.  more

The Israeli goal for its latest false flag operation is to draw the US into Syrian conflict on behalf of Israel by provoking Syria or Hizbullah to retaliate. If it happens, Israeli stooges in US Congress and Senate will force Obama administration to declare war on Syria in defense of Israel as part of US-Israel defense pact. That would amount to US army doing Israel’s dirty work in Syria.  more

In a couple of weeks there will be the release of World War Z, a movie about how right and proper Israel is to treat the whole of the Middle East like zombies and how eventually all the world must adopt their “us verses them” mindset in order to save humanity.

Is Israel lighting up the next world war? World War Zionism? Or is this just the latest brinksmanship game of thrones being played by the neocon/New Dems think-tanks?  more

Israel is desperate to initiate a regional confrontation with all of their enemies that will allow them to pursue their territorial expansionist ambitions which will result in the long term in realizing their dreams of a Greater Israel. There are a number of doors through which Israel can pass through in order to kick off their long sought after war. The civil war in Syria is just another door.  more

Israel has been given the green light in order for the West to advance its lagging timetable in the region, and in exchange Israel will be given more land for its state, starting with a significant portion of the Golan Heights.

What’s worse now, is that by the Israeli criminal action in full view, these latest attacks are a signal to all outside powers to help themselves to the destruction of Syria, and further strengthen the west’s Islamic Jihadist agenda to split Syria into to sections – a plan which will all be ensure a permanent state of conflict and Western military presence in the region for years to come.

Job well done Mr Hague, and your “Friends of Syria”. more

So how do we stop this madness? Can we? Is there another false flag coming to our soil to distract us from the Israeli escalation of murder and mayhem?

Do the creators of chaos have us exactly where they want us? Left with feelings of helplessness and hopelessness and repeating their wanted mantra of 'there's nothing we can do' as we watch and wait?

We may be sick and tired of where we are headed but our solutions are vague. Our time is running out. What are we going to do besides talk?

Friday, May 3, 2013

'Go Rest High On That Mountain'

I wasn't a big fan of George Jones even though I listened to his songs from a very early age.  'White Lighting' was pretty good though. My wife's 'fondest' memory of George was when she, her mother and aunt bought tickets to a big show sometime in the early 80's and guess what...he didn't show.

I happened to catch some of George's funeral, it was carried live from the Grand Ole Opry on all four major local tv stations, and thought this was about as emotional as someone could get and still perform. 

It appears that the Opry has been getting youtube to take down a lot of the videos from the funeral for 'copyright' violations. It's all about the money.

George eventually learned a lot about the country music mafia that he got entangled with. According to him, cocaine and murder were two of the tools used by the mob to try and control him (tales of corrupt policemen and drug dealers holding him down and shoving cocaine up his nose, the murder of a friend who tried to help him and his manager at the time of his worst drug addition, Shug Baggott, did serve time for possession of 2 1/2 pounds of cocaine). It's a familiar tune that has permeated the entire music industry for a long time.

George was talented, a crazy addict for many years and lucky to have lived to be 81. He was loved by many.

So what has George's tale got to do with anything important. Nothing really. I did find it funny that Laura Bush spoke at the funeral but that her husband George, also an alcoholic and cocaine user, was a no show. It's too bad that today's mainstream country music industry has basically become a cheerleader for all things war and the manufactured myth of patriotism. It's something I don't think I'll ever be able to forgive.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Winking in the Wrong Direction

There's not much hope for public officials like Barry West.

“Making a point,” says the Vietnam vet who is still fighting the wrong war.

Now if Barry had posted how to wink at the other Barry or the Federal Reserve and Wall Street bankers or ... 'gulp' ... a jew, someone from the FBI or Secret Service would have already knocked at his door demanding he explain his humor. Abe Foxman would have branded him a terrorist while begging for more money to fight that kind of bigotry.

Let's not make the mistake in saying that this is just a Southern redneck thing. The deception and manipulation of the minds of the American public knows no specific region. There are more than a few 'rednecks' in the Boston area as we saw lately with their chants of USA, USA as they celebrated yet another government and media created Muslim psyop.

Mr. West even claims he is a victim of his facebook antics. Now where have we heard this kind of excuse before?

Muslim individuals and groups are crying 'unacceptable' but that's not taking it far enough. What we also should be hearing from them is what Salina Khan said in a letter to the editor in a local Gannett newspaper..."The truth is Muslims were not behind 9/11." Judging from those who commented on her statements and and a couple of counterpoint letters it appears that not too many around here are ready to stand behind the truth.

Still, it is the truth and despite the Barry Wests of the world, speaking truth to power remains our most powerful weapon. Pointed in the right direction and without the induced fear of political correctness we still have a chance to overcome the mindless rhetoric of the totally corrupted criminal established order and those that blindly follow.

A few words of wisdom, a steady focus and a wink and a nod. It's something not even a shotgun and the endless repetition of the 'big lies' can destroy.