Sunday, May 5, 2013

Desperation, Madness, Escalatation

rough draft of the plan?
Assad's army has started a process of decisive victories, and this is causing extreme angst amongst the usual, and some unusual, suspects.

The Likudnik Jews, both in Israel and the United States, are horrified that their machinations in destroying Syria might result in a recovered country with a kick-ass army, a stronger alliance with its friends in Iran and Lebanon and Russia and the arising new powerhouse countries around the word, and a distinct animus against the Jewish state and its slaves who have caused so much misery.  Thus, the Jew-owned Congress-traitors stirring up shit about American involvement, the lies about Syrian army use of chemical weapons (lies directly fed from Israel), and the repeated illegal Israeli attacks on Syrian territory.  Against this, and so far predominant, is the larger American plan to avoid new big Wars For The Jews, on the simple basis that another one would utterly destroy the United States (and any American involvement beyond arming 'al Qaeda' - as horrible as that has turned out -  including 'no fly zones' - the longstanding trick to inevitably set Americans down the path to yet another gentile on gentile war -  will inevitably end with American boots on the ground and another clusterfuck like Iraq or Afghanistan).  The Jewish Billionaires who own Barry have clearly accepted this, as long as all other support for the Jews, including covert wars, sanction wars, drone wars, and parasitical Jewish draining of American wealth, is allowed to continue. more

Israel should be expected to commit to increasingly desperate acts to provoke Syria and Iran - as its leadership represent directly corporate-financier interests abroad, not the Israeli people, or their best interests (including peace and even survival). For the people of Israel, they must realize that their leadership indeed does not represent them or their best interests and is able, willing, and even eager to spend their lives and fortunes in the service of foreign, corporate-financier interests and global hegemony.  more

The Israeli goal for its latest false flag operation is to draw the US into Syrian conflict on behalf of Israel by provoking Syria or Hizbullah to retaliate. If it happens, Israeli stooges in US Congress and Senate will force Obama administration to declare war on Syria in defense of Israel as part of US-Israel defense pact. That would amount to US army doing Israel’s dirty work in Syria.  more

In a couple of weeks there will be the release of World War Z, a movie about how right and proper Israel is to treat the whole of the Middle East like zombies and how eventually all the world must adopt their “us verses them” mindset in order to save humanity.

Is Israel lighting up the next world war? World War Zionism? Or is this just the latest brinksmanship game of thrones being played by the neocon/New Dems think-tanks?  more

Israel is desperate to initiate a regional confrontation with all of their enemies that will allow them to pursue their territorial expansionist ambitions which will result in the long term in realizing their dreams of a Greater Israel. There are a number of doors through which Israel can pass through in order to kick off their long sought after war. The civil war in Syria is just another door.  more

Israel has been given the green light in order for the West to advance its lagging timetable in the region, and in exchange Israel will be given more land for its state, starting with a significant portion of the Golan Heights.

What’s worse now, is that by the Israeli criminal action in full view, these latest attacks are a signal to all outside powers to help themselves to the destruction of Syria, and further strengthen the west’s Islamic Jihadist agenda to split Syria into to sections – a plan which will all be ensure a permanent state of conflict and Western military presence in the region for years to come.

Job well done Mr Hague, and your “Friends of Syria”. more

So how do we stop this madness? Can we? Is there another false flag coming to our soil to distract us from the Israeli escalation of murder and mayhem?

Do the creators of chaos have us exactly where they want us? Left with feelings of helplessness and hopelessness and repeating their wanted mantra of 'there's nothing we can do' as we watch and wait?

We may be sick and tired of where we are headed but our solutions are vague. Our time is running out. What are we going to do besides talk?


  1. Ad in the 5.5.13 Sunday edition of the KC Star:

    Stolen syrian passport name on passport Mohamed Al-Bahara then a phone number.

    Shades of 9/11 and all those Muslim passports that survived a giant explosion, fireball and the subsequent blast, then the dropping of the Twins at free-fall speed.

    Paper that survived all that when hardened steel evaporated like it had been nuked.

  2. Israelis blow up a chicken house.

  3. I am screaming at the deepest level to stop the madness.
    What else does one do but go silently crazy at our inability to stop the killing.
    How do we step into our human collective and activate our powers of being and of love?

    1. Just keep trying su and I know that you are. One person, one child at a time and faith that we can make a difference. Thanks

  4. What about this: according to the original definition of 'democracy', monies collected through income taxes, VAT, and other, must be spent in a manner which is beneficial to the population, according to the will of the people.

    The US [and to a certain extent European countries] have taken on monumental loads of debt money, to the tune of multiple trillions of dollars, and thrown it at illegal serial wars, surveillance state agencies [DHS, NSA, TIA, TSA, etc], internment camps, and bank bailouts – the extravagant war and police state spending doesn't appear that it will let up any time soon.

    There is such a thing as odious debt, a concept which has been used to wipe out debt incurred by dictators, for which populations could not be held responsible, on the basis that they were deprived of democratic representation.

    Much of Haiti's debt was wiped off the slate after the departure of Papa and Bébé Doc, as was Iraq's debt, by the Bush administration, after the invasion of Iraq. The new Nato-Libyan government did the same, in effect seizing $billions in Russian and Chinese investments.

    So, there are some very recent precedents for the invocation of 'odious debt'.

    What if Americans got together and appointed an excellent lawyer and economist to calculate how much of total US debt has been incurred without proper popular representation. With that sum established, divide that fortune by the number of US taxpayers, who would then deduct their contribution to undemocratic expenditures from their taxes.

    This is a basic sketch of an idea, and it may sound like a pipe-dream, but the only way we're going to stop Western governments from pillaging our common wealth for their wars, and other, is by depriving them of financial means.

    Even a wide-spread circulation of the idea might be enough to awaken Americans and could also send an important message to the government.

    1. Yes, odious debt is most definitely a valid concept and would certainly apply to the illegal theft of tax money from most American citizens. We have talked about it here several times.

      Your point of the idea needing wide-spread circulation is important. Ask a hundred people what odious debt means and how it applies to them and be met by mostly blank stares and ignorance. Why...because it is not taught in schools and the MSM does not dare mention it. The same thing applies to usury. We have our work cut out to educate folks on both of these ideas and the only way is basically through the internet and in personal interactions. It is a steep uphill climb but worth the effort even if it is extremely frustrating because of the majority refusing or incapable of seeing it as a solution. Thanks for bringing it up.

  5. VT posts some really disgusting disinformation. Does this site really deserve recognition as a reliable source? Any worthwhile comments to this article?

    1. No, of course not. In too many cases they are 'for entertainment purposes only.'

    2. AnonymousMay 6, 2013 at 4:02 PM

      Funny you should mention that article, I just received an email from Jimmah Dean telling me to stop so many live links over there, it was "disrupting" the flow of information and kind of like spamming. I was actually thinking of mentioning that here but you saved me the trouble.

      What they are really saying is it doesn't look so good when so many people are out in front of our investigative skills on the current events. Barrett and Fetzer can be pretty good at times. Many of the others are just what Kenny implies, entertainment, but then the comments there many times cause me to chuckle. They have to step in many times to protect Shrimp and Benjamin Fulford, he always gets the "when are the ninjas going to step in and save us." LOL

      I guess you saw Turkey is now taking organs from dead Syrians sent there for treatment, over 15,000 organs so far.


    3. The 'editor' of VD, Gordon Duff, admitted that at least 40% of what he published was lies, so buyer beware.

  6. What great timing. How else better for Diane Sawyer to follow up the story on Israel's attack on Syria and is the US going to get involved than with a...drum roll...holocaust tale...

    A 93-year-old man, Hans Lipschis, who is No. 4 on the current list of "most wanted Nazi war criminals" is arrested in Germany "on allegations he served as an Auschwitz death camp guard."

    "Lipschis has acknowledged being assigned to an SS guard unit at Auschwitz but maintains he only served as a cook and was not involved in any war crimes.

    Under the new line of thinking, even without proof of participation in a specific crime, a person who served at a death camp can be charged with accessory to murder because the camp's sole function was to kill people."

    I think Diane called it 'accessory to murder jews.'

    Oh and the FBI saves us again arresting a domestic terrorist, a militia-linked Minnesota man who founded "the Black Snake Militia, an organization with anti-government tendencies."

    Law enforcement was tipped off thanks to "concerned residents in the area."

    Always remember 'if you see something, say something.' Hey, the guy had plumbing pipes. You can make a bomb with those.

  7. The psychotics in charge of Israel and the MSM and the central banks just nuked Damascus, but the MSM is too busy reporting on Justine Beaver and Miley Cyrus to fool around with actual news.

  8. Putin gave an interview on German TV in which I thought he ripped the interviewer.

    He was asked about sending weapons to Assad and state it is legal under international law to send weapons to a legitimate government and that Russia was not sending weapons to resistance fighters.

    He also pointed out that nobody is arresting NGOs as you seem to feel, they are being registered as they engage in political activity. Russia has two NGOs, one in the US and one in France whereas there are some 464 operating in Russia.

    The interviewer questioned why russians put their money in Cyprus banks while urging Germany to invest in Russia. Putin called it absurd and state that Cyprus banks were EU inventions, but on the whole indicated it was good for Russia as now people will realize where their money can be safe! He also pointed out the many island banks of the EU. The point was the "risky" western banks.


  9. The red headed stranger has been found, says he has not talked to Tamerlan in 3 years. Demonic possession dropped and now focus on mom. Seems the initial story was to point out how those new converts to islam can demonically possess.

    3 blasts near Tehran now.


  10. Really big news--Hawking to boycott Israeli conference. BUT the Israeli nuking in Syria gets NO MENTION at sites where it should be THE TOP TOPIC. Has Jim Stone's reporting been consistently censored because he has not conformed to the gate-keepers' standards of actually hiding critical information?

  11. You have got to see this, there is enough here to keep one reading for months! Wanna see Der Fuhrer's grave?

    A guy left it in comments on the VT site, said if my rant on the Rothschilds was partially true even made him feel like dope!

    You may know about it, the online publishing site, it is loaded with info


  12. "There will be no peace or justice on this Earth so long as there is an Israel and there is not a Palestine. Palestine is the name of all that area now called Israel. There is no Israel. There is only an abomination upon the face of the land, a foul plague of carnivorous dung beetles, who have stolen everything they possibly could and whose intention is to kill and enslave everyone on Earth that is not them. They are the ancient and enduring enemy of humanity and all that is natural and humane. They are the darkest of evil's incarnate." - Les Visible

    This put into words my exact sentiments these past 2-3 years. There will be no peace on earth until the proselyte Khazarians occupying Talmudia are wiped from the pages of history and the land is returned to its rightful owners - the Palestinians.

    The is no "Israel" therefore I always use a small 'i' as in "israel" - to emphasize that this Rothschild-Balfour tragedy is a full-on lie.

  13. At this time, it appears that Michael Rivero at WRH has not yet posted any information about the Israeli nuking in Syria. He avoids Jim Stone like the plague! Is it because the nukes used by Israel are ones supplied by the US Military that Rivero is silent? Is he a mind-controlled gate-keeper for the US Military? Is that why WRH doesn't get off-lined and attacked as Jim Stone does? American nuclear bombs signed with O-bomber's signature dropped on Syria by Israel?

  14. "Do the creators of chaos have us exactly where they want us? Left with feelings of helplessness and hopelessness and repeating their wanted mantra of 'there's nothing we can do' as we watch and wait?

    We may be sick and tired of where we are headed but our solutions are vague. Our time is running out. What are we going to do besides talk?"

    I wish I had something better to tell you but all I can think of is, it doesn't matter if you win or lose, it is all about how you play the game! It defines who you are, and on whose behalf you are working for and who you are against. The movers and shakers feel empowered because they do not believe in a creator, they believe they can act with impunity and never be called to answer for it. We know better.

    I ran into this pic and truly found it inspiring.


    Ed. note: here's the pic Mick mentioned. I uploaded it to my account.

  15. I've been out of pocket here lately. We have actually had some paying jobs and have more this week so I figure I'll be lax on posting for awhile.

    I certainly appreciate all the comments. Thanks...

  16. I like the map you put up. This weekend, Turkey was hit with two deadly car bombs, and is blaming Syria for it. But Syria would not benefit by bombing Turkey. There are several anti government groups operating in Turkey, and three in particular festering...1 Chechens being forcibly expelled, 2. Some PKK Kurds disgruntled by peace agreement, and 3, the generals.