Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Something to Hide?

The staffs of the state's top prosecutor and the governor's office have been working in secret with General Assembly leaders on legislation to withhold records related to the police investigation into the Dec. 14 Newtown elementary school massacre — including victims' photos, tapes of 911 calls, and possibly more.

A friend of Boston bombing patsy Tamerlan Tsarnaev assassinated by the FBI in Orlando?  Did he know something that contradicted the official story? The dead tell no tales.

IRS lackey Lois "I have not done anything wrong" Lerner invoked the Fifth Amendment and refused to testify before the House on their targeting of certain groups. The one question I would like to ask her is why has the IRS not targeted AIPAC as an agent of a foreign power or their subsidiary the American Israel Education Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, that pays for all expenses paid trips to Israel for members of Congress to be 'educated.' I'm sure she would not answer that one either.

Meet the Weiners...nothing to hide here.

The ADL does not take kindly to Detroit leaders honoring Louis Farrakhan. They would like to keep hidden words such as this:
Jesus was the last hope for the Israelites, but they rejected him. They’re now in control of the media and airwavws, gaining exccess to the “sacred territory”, which is the minds of people. “They have mastered the civilization now, but they’he mastered it in evil. Satan has devoured much of humanity,” said Farrakhan.

Court rules bin Laden death photos can stay secret.

Talk about something being hidden...The 16th amendment was never ratified. That makes the Federal Reserve's enforcement arm, the IRS, illegal. Tell them that when they come after you with guns drawn to hide you away Challenge not paying income taxes in court and most judges will say "that line of reasoning is not allowed."

Make sure you keep hidden from everyone with a cell phone implanted on the side of their head that "You Amerikans are getting fried."  Just Haarping on.

Shhhh...don't tell anyone that Israel has no defined borders. People might get the wrong idea. They can grant
oil rights in Syria to Murdoch and Rothschild if they want to. That's business.

Just because it's getting hard to get your physical gold from the banks doesn't mean they have anything to hide. Just take paper instead. Nothing wrong with that. Is it? 

And please, everyone quit whining on about all the spying on Americans and loss of rights. After all, if you don't have anything to hide, what's the fuss. If you still insist on running your mouth, well, there's a diagnosis and a cure.

The vultures circle close...


  1. They call it terror.

    False flag with MK-ULTRA killers? Gladio revisited? Blowback by the crazed?

    1. Staged? Not again?

      The guys hands are covered in red but I don't see any on his clothes. Notice the people in the background. The camera man doesn't appear to be worried.

    2. More thoughts on the 'beheading.'

    3. This is from an aangirfan commenter, when you know progress is being made!

      "Asa former insider i have to say i have no doubt this is bullshit, i went to the supermarket for some veg just now, the girl on the till is barely literate and she said everyone coming through also thought it all fake, as for lord carlyle we should be shipped back to israel witha few more jew troublemakers."


  2. In Moore OK police actually doing what they are supposed to do -- helping and serving the people. Digging into tornado ruins, rescuing children trapped in the destructed schools. Don't know what else they are doing--or the soldiers there, also. They usually are searching for guns to confiscate after a "natural?" disaster. The surviving residents are probably too much in shock to think about rights being violated. I would assume that is part of the government's strategy after any disastrous event.

    1. "part of the strategy," I would assume you are correct. The big gun safes might survive as well as many left all over in homes. A treasure hunt.

      Geoengineered? It's something to consider. Tornadoes are always a great distraction.

    2. I noticed on the Paul site that a woman had found a 52 foot truck to deliver supplies to tornado victims in Oklahoma. That is great as it is a terrible tragedy and they need help. But is it just me, isn't that what trillions of dollars were spent on FEMA to do? Do they just hoard bullets or what?


    3. Same town hit by an *F5* tornado hit by another one 14 years later ... hmmmm.

      "A recent tornado probability study, published by Weather Decision Technologies, predicted the odds of an E-F4 or stronger tornado hitting a house at one in 10,000.

      That same study put the odds of that same house getting hit twice at one in 100 trillion." --

      Yet that happened, apparently, to at least one little old lady. When odds get that slim I start asking questions.

    4. If private Americans do not band together to help one another in these times of real disaster--not fake ones--there will be no help. Certainly not from agencies of government totally controlled by wealthy, deranged, greedy Jews. I would bet that Jewish entities do get "first and best and the only aid" from their Jewish Congressmen who see to it that funds get channeled to them. There are committed, private organizations and charitable persons who are ready and able to go assist as much as possible in the stricken areas. So often the stricken areas stay desperate long after being forgotten by the news and the government. Like previous tornado/hurricane sites and the Gulf Coast. There is never a time when there are no needy Americans due to disastrous events. For most of us, if it is out of sight, it is out of mind. I would like to pass along just one small charitable site (Christian) that is already on the move to help in Oklahoma. There must be a whole lot more like the lady with the 52 foot truck.

      Pass the Salt
      Box 744
      Hebron, Ohio 43025

  3. Did they write, "Death to America, Death to Israel" on the car with the victim's blood?

    That really gives it some punch.

    1. Greg, maybe you should help the shadow govt organize these spectacles. I hear there's big money and a good benefits package in it.

  4. well orchestrated & choreographed...same directors & producers.

    er um ....same as it ever was, but then that assumes people give a SH* ?

    one day it dawned on me that these BRAINDEADGOY celebrate their so-called FREEDOM on FOUR JEWLIE....what are the odds ?

    Kissinger, who celebrates his 90th birthday on May 27, has more in common with Metternich than he would like to admit, after having made his stain on history with a number of "diplomatic strokes".... He balanced the fragile equilibrium of horror among the nuclear powers during the treasury draining YIDDISH THEATRE production called the Cold War. . . .
    cue...the Good Shepherd...

    And, to his credit, Kissinger's secret negotiations with the North Vietnamese communists secured the relatively orderly withdrawal of American troops from Vietnam.

    Kissinger secured Mao's China as a strategic partner and practiced Bismarckian realpolitik in Latin America. In the Kissinger system, unrest was more dangerous than injustice, and a functioning balance of power was more important than human rights.

    His policies, however, often collided with America's self-image. The country likes to think it can save the world, if not actually reinvent it. . . .Huh ?,7340,L-4383234,00.html

    But it also wants to be loved, a wish Kissinger neither could nor wanted to fulfill



  5. I'm still looking forward to the Weiner-Holder ticket

    1. How could a ticket with that name lose?


    1. I did not think Prospective political candidates were allowed to respond like this. (caution Mormon roots)

      "You once said that, " Congress works for international corporations and Wall Street banks." What are you basing this on?

      Congress has a 9% approval rating. Obviously, THEY DON'T WORK FOR YOU!. Would you still employ someone if you only approved of 9% of their work? I don't think it is any mystery that government lobbyists from corporations and financiers have purchased influence from the politicians. Do you disagree? If so, what do you base your disagreement on?

      Why do you believe the government is spraying us with chemicals?

      I imagine you're referring to chemtrails here. I don't know who is spraying what on whom. What I do know is that weather modification has been done since the Vietnam War by our military and that is public knowledge. I also know that planes are often leaving behind them cloud trails that never evaporate unlike contrails. So, I want to know what the hell is in the air leaving scars across the sky. DON'T YOU? There are also chemicals in our food, water, medicine, and technology that I'm concerned about. Our whole environment is a mess, so please don't just focus on chemtrails like I'm wearing a tin foil hat. I see the whole environmental picture. Let me ask you this. Why can't I drink raw milk? "


  7. It is a repeat but can't be seen too many times, Boutillier explains how copper deficiency and vaccine work together.

    Short version on my blog as the original is very long.

  8. Re: free speech

    Justin Raimondo is now suing the FBI, article here:

    This has brought attention to my blog again, as that is where they found out about being included in the Dancing Israelis FBI docs. I had to correct them by commenting on their article - I did not warn Raimondo about this. Someone else read my blog and did.

    What doesn't ring true is Raimondo is claiming his site lost 75K due to this issue.

    He used that issue as a springboard to ask for donations -

    By the tone of the comments section, people were lining up to send him money.

    at the time I had a tip jar on my blog and one of his fans sent me 10 bucks (all I've ever gotten from that tip jar, btw).

    1. Hey andie,

      Scribd won't let me download the docs without being a 'premium reader.' Did you happen to upload the pdf's anywhere else so they can be downloaded...for free?


    2. I didn't - I do have the original CD here (somewhere - I'm not sure where). Scribd MAY let me download it for free or they may not. I'll see. Sorry about that. I don't get a dime out of that either.

    3. At one time Scribd let us download most anything if we just signed up but I guess they didn't make any money that way. Charging for other peoples docs is one way to do it.

      If you ever get the chance, please put them up somewhere or email them to me and I'll put them on a public Dropbox account. I just like to save these kinds of historical documents and have them available for others to save.

      I've been leery of the antiwar site for a long time now and don't go there often. The lawsuit should help with the donations.

  9. Thanks to Patrick at The Boat Train

    for getting the latest from Dave McGowan, a series on the Boston bombing. I'm saving it for reading later.


  11. Tactical Nuking Of Syria Possibly For Sinking Israeli Sub

    Syria News states that On May 2, 2013, a Syrian Navy boat destroyed an Israeli submarine hovering off the Syrian coast at about 150 meters depth. There were Syrian helicopters hovering in the area as well as a German intelligence boat.

    Three days later Syrian was attacked with a bunker buster type missile some believe was nuclear tipped.


  12. Greg Hallett the spymaster!

    There is more than one guy behind the curtain!

    it appears that Nathan Mayer Rothschild payed for those gambling debts in exchange for breeding rights, and that Nathan Mayer Rothschild is the biological father of Queen Victoria.

    The person who became King Edward VII, when he was the Prince of Wales, he married Princess Alexandra of Denmark. And they had a child, Prince Eddy, who was involved in the Jack the Ripper murders

    Now, the person who became King Edward VIII married Wallis Simpson, who was three times divorced, absolutely sabotaged, and she was considered bisexual. She was considered a drug dealer, she was considered completely unsuitable, she was having affairs with every second second hand car salesman in London, and she was Androgen Insensitivity Symptom Grade 4

    So that meant that Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon wasn’t, she was Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon’s maid, and she had a child by artificial insemination – it was one of the first cases of artificial insemination – with Winston Churchill as the sperm donor. And that was the only trace of royal blood. Winston Churchill was also the sperm donor for Princess Margaret

    Now if you look at Queen Elizabeth now walking around, she moves exactly the same as Winston Churchill and looks very very similar. But Winston Churchill’s deeds don’t stop there. And we probably talk about Winston Churchill and his affair with his daughter-in-law Pamela Digby Churchill, which resulted in a son. He was born in 1946 and was transferred to America by RAF Supply Pilot Max Aitken II and that child grew up to become Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton is english, he is the biological son of Winston Churchill, he is the half-brother of Queen Elizabeth II and he is the grandson of King Edward VII, and King Edward VII

    Well, Prince Philips is not good. He is not a good character. He is virtually going down in history as ‘The Black Prince’. His family were kicked out of Greece and he was brought over from Greece in an orange box when he was just a baby a few months old, and when he met Princess Elizabeth, she was 14, he was 18

    So the paedophilia story that I’ve heard from intelligence in 1954, 1st til the 4th of February at Moose Lodge in Lake Rohaturiti, is that Prince Philip used to wear a rabbit suit and the children were given scopolamine, which is an inhibition inhibitor and a memory loss agent

    Consort Albert was a homosexual. And he was illegitimate, his mother was Princess Louise and his father was a stable boy called Alex Hanstein who later became Baron von Hanstein and the Count of Polzig

    So Winston Churchill actually became involved in heroin trafficking, as was Prince Philip, who was married to the daughter he sired. So you get the British Prime Minister involved in heroin trafficking.

    What are the Rothschilds worth and how much do they own. Since William the Conqueror in 1066 all of the property of England, Britain and the United Kingdom belongs to the Crown, and when we think we own our property outright, when we have no debts due on. (nobody owns property, you have a license to use it, as long as taxes are paid)

    the monarchy of Holland was involved as well, in that there was a massive storm in 1993, and the dikes burst, and I think 80% of Holland was under water? (some of those tulips are poppies)

    Scotland, Ireland and Wales and in Europe, they acknowledge Queen Elizabeth II as ‘The Maid’, they refer to her as the maid, because she is the daughter of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon’s maid and she is the artifical insemination daughter of Winston Churchill