Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Last American Dream


The Lottery...

A subset of the engineered hive mind as Preston James would say.

$600 million plus. Powerball. Money is power. Money is the stuff of dreams.

The odds of winning is less likely than getting blown up by a pressure cooker bomb in Boston or getting wiped out by a tornado in Texas. 

Sooner rather than later we'll have the $1 billion jackpot. A milestone. A talking point for the hive masses that diverts our attention from solutions to the deeper problems.

Someone brought up the subject the other day and said..."Why don't people just walk away and refuse to feed it?" Before I could answer he said..."People just won't stick together."

Dreams get in the way.


  1. "Don't Go" seems appropriate.

  2. Siggh, Music, I Find I Enjoy It In A Much Fuller Way, Since Quitting The Lottery Habit. The Last $420 Loss 10 Years Ago Was Indeed Akin To A Gut Punch. Never Again. Better To Be Squirming Broke, Papers But No Tobacco, And Be Lost In The Stratospheric Highs That Come With A Pretty SingSong.
    'Breakup' Seems Appropriate.

  3. The painting is nice...Too bad our artistic drives are sucked into the money and power game, through art schools and then on into the market.
    Art has power beyond the money and that's one reason it is horded by the owners, why they corner the artists into signing it all away.

  4. I think this calls for some Mongolian Nazi Music (thanks to The Boat Train):

  5. Pretty funny I liked the Preston James article also, if you notice I have added a few quips in the comments. James, Barrett and Fetzer seem pretty much on the level over there to me.

    There are some pretty good commenters on the Jonas Alexis threads also. Actually on that site the commenters are sometimes more entertaining than the article itself.


  6. I'm going to wait until it reaches 666 million before I buy any tickets!

    1. Ah heck, it didn't quite reach the magic number. Maybe next time.

  7. the challenge here Kenny is finding the most appropriate word for a ... "comment"...

    curiously the elements on display represent the rebirth of Life as we were supposed to know it...excitement...adventure...tingling sensations....awe ]]] - {timing} - [[[,7340,L-4381271,00.html

    seeing and approving of others and their vibration/resonance....on this spinning orb