Saturday, June 29, 2013

Grace and Me: A Forbidden Tale of War

Vietnam War veteran Larry Shook...

Hat tip to Larry for leaving a comment at Richard Edmondson's blog regarding this video. His is a powerful anti-war message, condemning those who deserve condemnation and offering a ray of hope for mankind if only we care enough to do something about the madness and evil that is our immoral war machine.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Obama's Feed the Future for Monsanto Initiative

As part of the reported $100 million dollar trip to Africa for Obama, family and entourage, a stop is made in the pledging more money to boost food 'security' in West Africa.
"Since most people in Senegal work in agriculture, our food security initiative will keep helping farmers harness new seeds and technologies, increase yields and boost incomes," Obama said.
Without mentioning the names of the corporate partners, Obama's new seeds and technologies are obviously going to be from Monsanto and their ilk. It is their incomes that are anticipated to be boosted.

Feed the Future is another one of those Orwellian named organizations that serve the globalist corporations under the guise of helping the poor and hungry.

One of the initiative's governmental partners is USAID.
The organizations only get funding according the their acquiescence to the government’s terms and conditions. Therefore, the ‘beneficent’ relationship is inextricably linked to the criteria of Western imperialism.

“Is there a tie-in to foreign intelligence in all this? Public records show that USAID has long been a front for CIA intelligence gathering, as well as a conduit for CIA funding to foreign governments and agencies.
Over the past 51 years, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has grown into a powerful multi-billion dollar political-cum-military weapon in the hands of the American establishment. USAID’s charter is explicit: To serve the foreign policy interests of the United States.
President Kennedy’s stated objective behind the creation of the USAID was to separate military aid from development aid. According to Eva Golinger, the author of ‘The Chavez code’, over the years USAID “merely became an additional fund for the CIA to dip into for covert interventions.” William Blum, a former employee of the US Department of State, maintains that there exists “a close working relationship with the CIA, and that Agency officers often operated abroad under USAID cover (Killing hope: US military and CIA interventions since WWII).” More recently, a former editor of the Japan Times asserted that the “CIA, through USAID, is running a disinformation campaign on Japan’s earthquake crippled nuclear facilities.”
USAID Spying in Latin America
Bolivia announces expulsion of CIA (USAID)
Graham Fuller, Uncle Ruslan, the CIA and the Boston Bombings - See more at:
Graham Fuller, Uncle Ruslan, the CIA and the Boston Bombings
Graham Fuller, Uncle Ruslan, the CIA and the Boston Bombings - See more at:
The exposures of USAID are numerous and one not to be left out is that of Obama's CIA "Mommy Dearest." Barry continues the family tradition.

Obama’s CIA “Mommy Dearest”
Intertwined in all this is the initiative of depopulation and Bill Gates is the face that defines it.
Gates’ latest plan is to try to end world hunger by growing more genetically modified (GM) crops.
He’s already invested $27 million into Monsanto Company—leading some countries to reject his charity due to the high risks, such as:
  • New disease vectors
  • Mutated pesticide-resistant insects
  • Resistant “superweeds
  • Contamination of surrounding non-GM crops

 Remember that Iraq was also Monsantoized...
To the rest of the world, Abu Ghraib is associated with inhuman torture, incarceration without trial and arrogant US unilateralism. To the farmers of Iraq, Abu Ghraib was better known for the national seed gene bank, started in the early 70s. In fact, Iraq’s most well-known wheat variety is known as ‘Abu Ghraib’. The country precious heritage is now all but lost.

Facing the same unsolicited adversary, Syria is under a similar threat. The Centre for Agricultural Research in Dry Areas (ICARDA) is situated there and still holds remaining samples of Iraq’s threatened seeds. It is worrying because the planned destruction of Iraq’s agriculture is not widely known. Modern Iraq is part of the ‘fertile crescent’ of Mesopotamia where man first domesticated wheat between 8,000 and 13,000 years ago, and home to several thousand varieties of local wheat. As soon as the US took over Iraq, it became clear its interests were not limited to oil. In 2004, Paul Bremer, the then military head of the Provisional Authority imposed as many as a hundred laws which made short work of Iraq’s sovereignty.
The most crippling for the people and the economy of Iraq was Order 81 which deals, among other things, with plant varieties and patents. The goal was brutally clear-cut and sweeping — to wipe out Iraq’s traditional, sustainable agriculture and replace it with oil-chemical-genetically-modified-seed-based industrial agriculture.
Essentially the same thing was done in Afghanistan.....easy entry to US agribusiness and pushes neoliberal policies, something that has always been a primary function of US development assistance, but is also an intrinsic part of the US military campaign in these countries and the surrounding regions. 

The picture is clear. U.S. 'humanitarian' food aid is yet another psyops for economic control with military overtones and for poisoning the populations and their lands. This latest initiative might as well be called "The Monsanto Solution for Useless Eaters." At least that would be honest.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wond'ring Aloud

"It's OK now, our agenda is moving forward"

Social engineering, aided by the compromised blackmailed Supreme Court, gets a big boost.
The U.S. Supreme Court today paved the way for same-sex couples to marry soon in California, effectively leaving intact a lower-court ruling that struck down the state's voter-approved ban on gay marriage.
In a ruling that assures further legal battles, the high court found that backers of Proposition 8 did not have the legal right to defend the voter-approved gay marriage ban in place of the governor and attorney general, who have refused to appeal a federal judge's 2010 ruling finding the law unconstitutional. 
The Supreme Court ruling, which found it had no legal authority to decide the merits of a challenge to Proposition 8, sends the case back to that original decision -- and the only question now is how quickly same-sex couples can marry and whether that ruling will have immediate statewide effect.
What people do in privacy is their own business. I have nothing against gay folks, even their marrying. Most of us don't because we've all known a number of them throughout our life. They are often family and friends. The question is whether this 'rights' issue is an organic, the time has come social phenomenon or promoted by those whose sole purpose is control? In our times the concept of freedom is often used for reasons beyond the superficial ones that are repeated endlessly.

The Supremes ruling certainly pushes to the back seat the spying 'issue' which is another thing we are expected to accept. It's accept everything time. Open immigration, corporate crimes, banking corruption, repressive globalism, austerity, GMO foods, neverending war, zionism, on and on. These all fit together and add up and when you push the equal button the readout says "accept your slavery."

Les Visible interviewed by John Friend 6/26/13

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Death Ray for the Enemies of Israel!

Just when you might think things could not get any more ridiculous.....they do.

So a Ku Klux Klansman and Tesla wannabe and his pal conspire to create a radiation death ray machine to kill the enemies of Israel, that would be Muslims, and anyone else they deem is unfit to live, maybe even Obama. "Radiation poisoning is a beautiful thing," says the K man. 

 But first the KKK guy feels the need to offer his services to local synagogue members who betray their zionist ally and go to the FBI. The guy then reaches out to what he must think are his fellow odd dressers and oh my god, they betray him too.

Here's a few of the headlines...
Timeline of death ray case
U.S. charges two New Yorkers with building 'death ray' aimed at killing 'enemies of Israel'
KKK member, accomplice created lethal X-ray system

US pair 'made X-ray weapon to sicken Israel enemies'
Truck-mounted radiation death ray: coming soon to your local KKK?
Ahhhh heck...
Radiation scientists say the portable X-ray weapon two upstate New York men are accused of trying to build to secretly sicken Muslims and enemies of Israel isn't feasible.

"There is no instant death ray. ... It's not feasible. It's the stuff of comic books,"  said Dr. Frederic Mis, radiation safety officer at the University of Rochester Medical Center, after reading the criminal complaint describing their alleged plan. "That's going to be the interesting thing for the court to face because their designs would not have worked."

Oh well, it's back to the drawing board or just steal these old plans.....

Just who is writing the scripts these days?. It's getting embarrassing to live in a county where the security propaganda has gotten this pathetic.

I know this death ray story is all just for a few insider laughs but come on guys, surely you can do better than this.....or maybe not.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Enough already!

It was 19 guys with box cutters and airplane tickets!”

Dick Cheney has been called... "a malignant boil on the ass of humanity." The undead occasionally rises from his crypt to mock the world, laughing in our face as he tries to prop up his monstrous deeds and creations.
Now, as everybody has been associated with the program said if we had this before 9/11, when there were two terrorists in San Diego, two hijackers able to use that program, that capability against the target, we might have been able to prevent 9/11.” “If we had been able to read their mail and intercept those communications and pick up from the calls overseas the numbers here that they were using in the United States, we would then probably have been able to thwart that attack.”

War criminal, terrorist, pervert, psychopath, high level puppet...we can call Cheney names all day long, and have the facts to back it up, but what does that get us? Another day older and deeper in debt?

As long as Cheney lives free he gives other murdering traitors hope that they too may get by with their crimes. Starting with the complicit media, there are more than a few who are willing to take the Cheney legacy to the next level and to some kind of conclusion.

On the bright side, every hour of every day more people are coming to the conclusion that nothing coming out of the mouths of the PIP's (psychopaths in power - PIP™) is true. How this slow awakening will turn out remains to be seen.

At the G8 in Northern Ireland - Cookin' something up

"Putin and the PIPS"

Friday, June 14, 2013

Arm the Mercenary Criminals, Balkanize Syria, Please the Money Men, Keep Americans 'Safe' Through Intensive Physical Searches At Public Events, Normalize Insanity

The tribal gathering see the Police State up close. All in the name of preventing another Boston.

Even the local Fox News crew could be terrorists.

Hey, it's Flag Day. Wave it. Support the NSA, Pentagon, Monsanto and especially the usurers. It's what we are.

NFL cracks down on bags and you still get to pay $8 for a beer. 
Approved bags include, small clear, vinyl, or PVC bags that do not exceed 12" x 6" x 12," clear one-gallon plastic bags (Ziploc), or a small "clutch bag" the size of a hand.  

Addendum to our favorite war song, the National Anthem, proposed. Sing along.    A harder version may be appropriate for the ball games.

Insane McCain wants more than just machine guns for his thugs in Syria; a no fly zone, anti-aircraft missiles. How about mini-nukes? Maybe that would make him happy?

Russia is not convinced by the evidence which the US provided alleging that the government of Syria’s President Bashar Assad used chemical weapons against rebel forces. No kidding. Most thinking people all over the world are not convinced either. I wonder how Putin is going to take this?

Oh yeah, Bonnaroo is a tribal event in more ways than just folks coming together. Are there social engineering  aspects in play there beyond just making some bucks and voluntary compliance with the fascist state control mechanisms? 80,000 people going back home from the event and vocally opposing the escalation of Syria's breakup and the myriad of other issues of criminality that will effect their generation for the rest of their lives would be a very positive step. For some reason I don't think it's going to happen and hope I'm wrong but the mixing of politics and music just ain't what it used to be. Say hi to Sir Paul. He understands the current policy.

Sometimes our bitching and moaning, talking and opining takes a backseat to bottom line reality. It puts things in perspective. Rest in peace Dr. Doug. 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

PRISM Whistleblower Edward Snowden - Manufactured Hero?

This NSA spy scandal is nothing new. It only confirms what we have known for many years. There's something going on that is much deeper than what the MSM gatekeepers are telling us.

One clue is that the Israeli connections to the NSA spying are not being talked about much in the big time US media. The Israeli media does cover some of it though.
What was the Israeli involvement in collecting U.S. communications intel for NSA?
IDF Unit 8200 Cyberwar Veterans Developed NSA Snooping Technology
Don't gloat fellow Israelis: 50 companies admit cooperating with NSA but it's much worse here

So is PRISM whistleblower Edward Snowden a new American hero right up there with Danial Ellsberg as some are saying? Or is he a Julian Assange type? My first thought was that he is not what he is portrayed to be. The cynic in me says we have to speculate "is he is still on the payroll?" As much as we would like to have heroes, deception is the way of war. If only Glenn Greenwald wasn't one of the biggest gatekeepers around? Where are your 9/11 leaks Glenn? We're still waiting for them.
Manufactured Hero Edward Snowden – The NSA Whistleblower Exposed as Career NSA, CIA, Special Forces Trained Agent

Here's one for a laugh...
Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page deny knowledge of PRISM

Booz Allen Promptly Condemns Snowden's "Grave Ethical Violation"

Rand Paul waltzes into the limelight to try and build his cred for 2016.
Rand Paul On NSA Spying: 'I'm Going To Challenge This At The Supreme Court'

I take Webster Tarpley with a grain of salt. He speculates that all the leaks and scandals of late are a warning to Obama to get with the war program. You never know...
Britain, France prodding Obama into attacking Syria

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Stay Calm and Eat Pork

free speech advocate

The Middle Tennessee psyops of pitting Muslims vs. Rednecks hits another low.

The American Muslim Advisory Council hosts a meeting in Manchester (home to Bonnaroo next week in case you were wondering) "to get to know us as neighbors - to get to know us as human beings, not some caricature."

So far so good one might think but a U.S. attorney gets in the way and decides to attend and 'educate' the locals "on what federal laws are in effect and what the consequences are."

This sets off people from Politico to say Feds suggest anti-Muslim speech can be punished. Fox News, among many others, jumps in and the next thing you know there's a riot protest going on. A few hundred folks show up shouting "We can say what we want about Mooslims and the feds ain't going to tell us we can't or threaten us. It's the first amendment."

They will even be selling t-shirts saying "Stay Calm and Eat Pork" to prove they have freedom of speech. Yes, it's even the right of idiots to say whatever they please and try to make a buck in the process.

I've written about this before in We're always being set up and in the Murfreesboro mosque series of posts and I'm sticking by my story of middle Tennessee being the centerpiece of the South in the divide and conquer, us vs. them psychological operation of more wars and chaos with Muslims as the perpetual enemy.

Well...I have my first amendment rights too and I'm once again calling this a sideline zionist propaganda plot a long time in the making and a lot of people around here don't get it. It is a set up and everyone involved in the theater, Muslims, Christians and others, are being used.

Maybe the feds would really like to crack down on the anti-Muslim speech? A step in the direction of sanctioning talk about criminal jews and criticism of Israel? Maybe that's been part of the plan all along?

Who benefits? Not me. I can't even afford one of those 'free speech' t-shirts...or go to Bonnaroo.