Thursday, June 20, 2013

Death Ray for the Enemies of Israel!

Just when you might think things could not get any more ridiculous.....they do.

So a Ku Klux Klansman and Tesla wannabe and his pal conspire to create a radiation death ray machine to kill the enemies of Israel, that would be Muslims, and anyone else they deem is unfit to live, maybe even Obama. "Radiation poisoning is a beautiful thing," says the K man. 

 But first the KKK guy feels the need to offer his services to local synagogue members who betray their zionist ally and go to the FBI. The guy then reaches out to what he must think are his fellow odd dressers and oh my god, they betray him too.

Here's a few of the headlines...
Timeline of death ray case
U.S. charges two New Yorkers with building 'death ray' aimed at killing 'enemies of Israel'
KKK member, accomplice created lethal X-ray system

US pair 'made X-ray weapon to sicken Israel enemies'
Truck-mounted radiation death ray: coming soon to your local KKK?
Ahhhh heck...
Radiation scientists say the portable X-ray weapon two upstate New York men are accused of trying to build to secretly sicken Muslims and enemies of Israel isn't feasible.

"There is no instant death ray. ... It's not feasible. It's the stuff of comic books,"  said Dr. Frederic Mis, radiation safety officer at the University of Rochester Medical Center, after reading the criminal complaint describing their alleged plan. "That's going to be the interesting thing for the court to face because their designs would not have worked."

Oh well, it's back to the drawing board or just steal these old plans.....

Just who is writing the scripts these days?. It's getting embarrassing to live in a county where the security propaganda has gotten this pathetic.

I know this death ray story is all just for a few insider laughs but come on guys, surely you can do better than this.....or maybe not.


  1. Death-ray gun?

    4. Control the media at every level so propaganda is perceived as news i.e. 9/11.

  2. Don't you just hate NWO jewish zionists in every single way possible?

    'But until then, I will tell the world whoever wants to read it that the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, bankster/oligarch/power elites and their lackeys like Obama, Hollande, Harper, Cameron, Netanyahu, Abe and the rest of the mother fluffers, because they are messing with creation and wanting to be like the Most High, are doomed. Period. End of Story. These psychos will NOT enslave humanity, except for those who wish to be enslaved, will not destroy our food along with the bees who pollinate it, will not own our water supplies (sorry, Nestle! it ain't gonna work, okay? Dumbasses!), will not own the world's resources, and will not be able to completely carry out their BS "new world order." Sorry, Alex Jones...your fearmongering won't work - keep it up Jonestown and you'll be out of a job soon and will have to find a real one...maybe they'll hire you in Israel.'

  3. John Lennon famously commented re some music big-shot called Eastman....."he's a Wasp Jew, man, and that's the worst kind of Jew."

  4. Why didn't they just buy one of these death rays from the TSA?

    1. I'm sure Chertoff would have sold them one since it's all about the money.

    2. LOL ... for some reason, Greg, your comment made me think of an old "Get Smart" movie called the Nude Bomb

    3. Jody, you may have just exposed the next big plot! The NSA will be all over us now.

  5. I wouldn't laugh too hard. They have had military helicopters for a very long time that can x-ray a home down to 150 feet with microwave x-ray. The attorney cowboy Gerry Spence got hundreds of calls from people about this. They were doing this in central Florida about 8 years ago. Some woman on the local news actually said one predominantly black neighborhood here they were getting reports that civilians were shooting guns at black helicopters overhead. Never heard another word about it after that brief blip. These have been out for a long time and are very dangerous. One nurse at a lab told me very many people are reporting problems after having these copters over head. Take if for what it is worth.

    "One can only guess how much radiation is transmitted into the bodies of individuals U.S. Government and police repeatedly scan without public oversight. The Obama government recently ordered 500 backscatter X-ray vans which Government and Police will use without warrants, to scan Citizens’ vehicles; to covertly scan persons of interests on the street, inside their home—exposing Americans and their families to radiation or microwave transmissions. Corrupt government personnel and police can too easily use deep penetrating scanners to overexpose targeted Americans, causing cancer and other health problems, in affect slow assassination. It is problematic federal personnel and an increasing number militarized local police will install U.S. Mid East warfare X-ray and other scanner technology on helicopters to penetrate Americans’ homes."

    Today, the Militia is alleging government harassment. Several newspaper articles are reporting this claim. "Government Wants Me Dead" reported the Associated Press, 5-14-95. Court records show that Indiana national militia leader and attorney Linda Thompson "told a deputy at the Marion County Prosecutor's Office that the government was trying to kill her with radio frequency weapons." This is a plausible in light of the Discovery channel TV program, Sci Trek, Shoot Not to Kill, Nonlethal Weapons which aired on Dec. 29, 1997. Electromagnetic weapons were used to cause abdominal pain to stop a protester and acoustic sound waves disoriented a group of demonstrators. Many police departments around the country have nonlethal weapons. According to the July 7, 1997 U.S. News and World Report article on electromagnetic weapons, "And for a good 40 years the U.S. military has quietly been pursuing weapons of this sort. Much of this work is still secret..."

    The Soviets have explored electromagnetic technology for military uses since at least the 1950s. From The Zapping of America by Paul Brodeur, 1977, ISBN 0 393 06427 1. On page 301, there was a quote from Dr. Milton Zaret, who worked on the 1965 CIA Project Pandora, a program to determine the purpose of the microwaves bombarding the Soviet Embassy by the Russians which started in 1962.


    1. No doubt there are wondrous weapons that need to be used or lose. If we only knew the half of it?

  6. This is off-topic, but since the latest truth casualty, Hastings is already being raked over the coals, maybe we should not be so quick to discount people, especially when they give their lives to get out the news.

    Remember, Israel alone has the JIDF, Megaphone, Israeli FM paying shills to poison blogs, plus millions of very dedicated Yids yearning for the Motherland.
    Here at Gulag USSA, we have even more, starting out with ADL hacks, but I'm getting off-off topic:

    Now, while we are awaiting the official “accident report,” I should note that in my March 2012 review of The Operators last year, I noted a particularly sinister exchange between Hastings and staffers of Gen. McChrystal.

    From The Operators, Hastings writes that as they drank and sang, several McChrystal staff members make subtle threats, saying:

    “You’re not going to f*ck us, are you?” asks one staff member.

    Hastings responds: “I’m going to write a story; some of the stuff you’ll like, some of the stuff you probably won’t like.”

    Another staffer then says: “We’ll hunt you down and kill you if we don’t like what you write.”

    But our government would never murder a reporter, would they?

    At least 150 journalists and 54 media support workers were killed in Iraq from the U.S.-led invasion in March 2003 to the declared end of the war in December 2011, according to CPJ research.

    In Syria, and to a lesser extent Afghanistan, combat-related crossfire has accounted for a large proportion of deaths. But in Iraq, at least 92 journalists, or nearly two out of every three killed, did not die in airstrikes, checkpoint shootings, suicide bombings, sniper fire, or the detonation of improvised explosive devices. They were instead murdered in targeted assassinations in direct reprisal for their reporting. Many were targeted because of their affiliations with U.S. or Western news organizations, or their connections to news outlets seen as having sectarian connections.

    If Hastings was 'controlled opposition,' then we are truly fucked as it seems everyone who tries to get out the truth is some dis-info agent, controlled opposition, or some kind of propaganda agent and if matters are that polluted, we might as well close down our blogs, STFU and report to the nearest FEMA re-education facility.

    1. Of course Hastings put out some important information but working for outfits like Rolling Stone and Buzzfeed, there's only so far he was allowed to go. That's the gatekeeper part. A Gary Webb he was not but Webb's 'suicide' is probably still in the back of the minds of main stream journalists who know not to take it too far. The Webb example is just one of many.

      Hastings accident is suspicious. I'd say Mercedes is wringing their hands over how one of their cars could go up in that kind of intense fire. Controlled opposition or not, a reinforcing message to others is always part of the game. If it was a hit, the cover up in la la land will take care of it.

    2. in old glory land assume the govt is guilty till proven beyond a shadow of doubt to be innocent.

    3. Bacon:
      "it seems everyone who tries to get out the truth is some dis-info agent, controlled opposition, or some kind of propaganda agent"

      What if frauds get better and better publicized?
      Ed Snowden, NSA, and fairy tales a child could see through
      By Jon Rappoport
      June 25, 2013
      ISSUE # 3 June 23-30, 2013
      The Anti-New York Times
      We suspected something didn't smell right about the "spontaneous" phenomenom we call "Snowden-Mania". There was the intense international media blitz, and the professionally-made banners that popped out of nowhere, and the fact that the "fugitive whisteblower" was able to get away so easily. But the motive behind this strange story was not clear to us, until we read today's New York Times front page story (headline above).

  7. No more masks for protesters in Canada, ten years in jail. No more V for vendetta masks in Saudi Arabia either. New laws.


  8. Down in Rio Dilma Rousseff running into a few problems. It seems that Dilma's daddy a Jew named Rusev (changed names) was a big time communist revolutionary in Bulgaria, the type that kill people for the good of social order. He fled Bulgaria with Dilma and never experienced the glory days of Stalin's terror in Bulgaria. Dilma was quoted recently as saying the best way to prevent another holocaust is to remember it. She has abandoned her marxist roots now in Brazil and cut government jobs now giving bids out to contract workers. Marxist terror becomes a free trader all the way.

    Yeah what could possibly be going wrong in Brazil? The media has done a very good job of obscuring her real background.


  9. is saying there is predictive programming in a lipstick commercial for a False Flag attack on London POSSIBLY for tomorrow 22nd June at 3.33pm !?!

    I have seen the video it is definitely worth looking into. Be safe everyone.

  10. This woman may have taken threats to her and her family to heart.

    "NH Lawmaker Resigns After Saying Government Behind Boston Bombings"

    1. Apparently she is not backing completely down from her previous Boston statements, per this.

  11. Thanks to SRV for bringing this lady to our attention.

    1. Richard EdmondsonJune 24, 2013 at 5:22 PM

      Quite an amazing woman. Thanks for posting, Kenny. Politicians like her (i.e. who stand up and tell the truth) have been completely eradicated in the US. Good to see there are still a few in Ireland.

    2. Wow, I just checked and there's over a million views on the video. On the 21st it was around 3,000. The truth sometimes does have a pretty fair audience after all.

  12. Off topic but worth looking at the predictive programming on this:

    Freeze frame it at the beginning - 22-06 - Tape Counter 3:33

    False Flag Big Ben London ??

  13. Many Jews are schizophrenic. For example, the Jew Kaminski is goading us on to become Nazis and holocaust the Jews. How truly schizophrenic.

    Kaminski is pushing Nazism because Nazism is Islamic Jihad on steroids. Nazism and Islamic Jihad share the same ontological foundation and the same eschatology. Both ultimately serve Zionism. Donmeh Jews love Islamic Jihad. Kaminski couldn't care less about the well-being of White Christians -- or even his fellow Jews. He only wants massive war -- better to usher in the Zionist New World Order. He doesn't even care that his fellow Jews get sacrificed to bring about the NWO. So how much does he care for those of us who are not Jewish, when he doesn't even care for his own kind -- not even in the least bit. Truly a deep sickness of the soul.

    Kaminski is one of the Jews who hassled Eustace Mullins for being an honest historian. Now that Mullins has passed away, Kaminski takes Mullins' work, distorts Mullins' message -- twists and distorts Mullins' work as a means to goad us on to support an agenda Mullins himself was AGAINST.

    YouTube Search Term :

    "Eustace Mullins On John Kaminski"

    From : Joe

    1. Look, who's talking about schizophrenia, Joe. Looked in the mirror lately?

      I just have to use Kenny's phrase from above to keep me from exploding in your face.

      'Just when you think things could not get anymore ridiculous ... they do.' Guess who is the ridiculous one. Nazism equals Islamic jihad, eh? I sure hope, for your sanity, you don't believe what you're saying and just want to stir up some trouble.

      I apologize for my outburst, Kenny, too many negative ions in the air today.

    2. So we meet again MachtNichts :

      Search Terms [ good for YouTube search also]:

      "Hitler's Muslim Legions"

      " Hitler + The Muslim Brotherhood"

      " Hitler's Jewish Soldiers"

      "Hitler's Jewish Army"

      "Menachem Begin Nazi Collaborator"

      "From Fuhrer To Florida" :

      Kaminski works out of Florida too. Go tell him to holocaust the Jews himself. I don't trust anyone who goads us on to holocaust his own people. He wants us to holocaust the Jews, but not him ,of course. He's our "leader" [and a self-appointed one, too boot]. We're expected to laud him to the heavens because he tells us quarter truths -- sometimes half-truths -- as if he's some kind of "hero". Mein jew-nazi-jew Fuhrer-Vater-Fuhrer jew-nazi-jew Kaminski "messiah". I don't think so. Hey !! Let's Holocaust Kaminski!! [ and that other jew clown, "Bro Kapner" ].

      I prefer the Jewish :

      " Rabbi Antelman"

      [ Excellent search term, by the way, to learn more about Sabbatean/Donmeh Jews and how they operate]

      From : Joe

    3. I'm trying to put this Donmeh/ Sabbatean Jew thingee to rest. They are Crypto Jews pretending to follow Islam since about 1666 or so. Still have their circumcisions and selected jew holidays. They have been following Sabbatai Zevi or Shabbethai Zebi (1626-1676) who claimed to be the Messiah and supposedly revealed the true spiritual Torah which was superior to the practical earthly Torah.

      Anyways, as of 1970 there exist an estimated 15,000 Donmeh, how do you think they operate?

  14. How "terror" is created :

    The following are very interesting and informative -- especially the threads of commentary. Very lively debates. Various viewpoints expressed. Many posters leave links to back-up their opinions :

    The ontological foundation of Nazism is Dasein [ Existentialism]. Existentialism is Sufism. The Nazi philosophers learned their "Aryan religion" in the Donmeh Jew Freemasonry Halls of Turkey :

    " Sebottendorf + Turkish Freemasonry"

    " Israel Shahak + The Weight Of Three Thousand Years"

    Jewish leadership uses ant-Semitism to keep the Jews in-line. Nazi Germany was the epitome of the phenomenon. I don't want any part of it. I'm not Jewish. Let the Jews kill one another if that's what they want. I can't be bothered.

    " Jews And Schizophrenia"

    From : Joe


    1. @ MachtNichts

      You know a lot about Nazis, being one yourself, perhaps you can answer a question I have :

      I don't understand why the Palestinian Grand Mufti of Jerusalem would ally himself with Hitler, as Hitler and the Nazis were rounding up the Jews in Europe in order to send them to Palestine. The Grand Mufti had to know that. The Transfer Agreement of 1933 and the Haavara Agreement. The Mufti had to know about that.

      If the Grand Mufti of Palestine was against Jews immigrating to Palestine, why would he ally himself with Hitler, as it was Hitler himself who was shipping the Jews to Palestine?

      Sounds like yet more schizophrenia to me.

      If you have any insights into this bizarre phenomenon, please let me know.

      From : Joe

    2. http://www.tellthechildrenthetruth/gallery/

  15. Kampf = Jihad :

    Kampf means "Struggle" in German. Jihad means "Struggle" in Islam. It's the same "Struggle".

    The struggle/jihad includes the eradication of Christianity and Western culture & heritage [ what we're seeing today in Europe]-- in addition to the eradication of any Jews opposed to the New World Order. It also includes the eradication of Shia Muslims [ the more peaceful sect in Islam]. What we're seeing today in Syria, the killing of Shia Muslims and Christians.

    There's no room in the NWO for Christianity -- especially old-fashioned pre-Vat II Catholicism -- Torah Judaism, and Shia Islam. Only Nazis, Communists, Zionists, Jihadists : redundancies.

    Search Terms :

    "Nazis And Islam"

    "Nazis And Islamicists"

    "Nazism And Sufism"

    "Kampf + Jihad"

    "Kampf = Jihad"

    From : Joe

  16. Monumental break through, I have discovered I can comment using fire fox I down loaded!



    1. Well...that's good. I've used firefox for about as long as they have existed, even beta tested early on, but never thought that would have solved the problem.

  17. You know I think the world of Macht Nichts but Joe has some points.He left that on my blog but it is hard to argue the the Donmeh Jews in Arabia are raising hell.


  18. It is interesting that both Joe and Kaminski call each other Jews trying to stir up trouble.

    It is hard to believe that when British officer David Shakespeare was appointing the rulers of Arabia as divine, he left out anyone who was not a Donmeh of the DNA Y, haplong E1b1b1 grouping. Yes they are khazars and a separate species which anthropologists refer to as the Neanderthal as opposed to Cro-Magnon and others.

    Neanderthals lived in Europe 600,000 years ago but were almost replaced with Cro-Magnon or modern humans who got the jump on them so to speak with some small fragment of neanderthal genes left in modern man with a small fragment of DNA. The largest area of neanderthal genes today is now in Khazaria and the mideast. It branches out to Japan and the Spanish Basque area. It is of the Y-DNA, haplogroup E1b1b1 series. This group shows a high degree of rhesus-negative characteristics and cannot be cloned.

  19. The "great father" of Dasein -- Heidegger -- was mentored into "the faith" by the Sabbatean Jew -- Edmund Husserl -- a Jew pretending to be a Lutheran. Husserl taught Heidegger Sufism/Nazism/Islam, at least Sunni-Jihad Islam. Not that Heidegger is in any way innocent. Heidegger was just as much of a sc*mbag as was Husserl. Heidegger wasn't a Jew. Just a jackass. Even the Nazis got tired of Heidegger, and pushed him aside . LOL

    On Husserl :

    Listen to the "great father" of Dasein -- the great Nazi 'philosopher". What you're going to hear is Sufism ; That's what Existentialism is : Sufism -- including and especially Nazism [Dasein] and Islamic Jihad. They share the same exact ontology and they share the same eschatology [ and so does Zionism, by the way, same ontology and eschatology] :

    How inspiring!! LOL

    From : Joe

  20. More on Heidegger, Dasein, Sufism, Donmeh Jews, Zionism, the NWO :

    More about The Muslim Brotherhood & how it started and who started it:

    Sabbatean/Donmeh Jews [ i.e. John Kaminski] :

    About 10 months ago, Kissinger said, "Israel Only Has 10 Years Left"

    He said it off-the-cuff, still he said it.Looks like the London/NY banking Sanhedrin are going to sacrifice Israel for the NWO, like the US is now being sacrificed to the NWO. If anyone should know, it's Kissinger. He's the mouth-piece for the banking Sanhedrin. A true snake.

    Kaminski -- the Jew Kaminski -- doesn't care that his fellow Jews get sacrificed to the NWO, so how much can he care for us Non-Jews when he couldn't care less for his own kind? The Jews who support die-hard warmongering Zionism are bringing down destruction upon themselves. That's not my main concern, however, as I'm not a Jew. I can't tell them what to think -- nor would I want to. We're all given free will and volition. Likewise, the online Jews promoting Nazism are bringing destruction down on themselves. How stupid.How schizophrenic does it get.

    It would be really encouraging if all the Non-Jews who support die-hard, warmongering Zionism open their eyes. One can be opposed to Zionism without turning Nazi. Nazism ultimately serves Zionism and the NWO [ just as Islamic Jihad does], so Nazism is NOT the answer to our problems. I'm not opposed at all to the Jews having their own State of Israel, but the die-hard, warmongering Zionism is disgusting. That USrael is supporting Sunni Islamic Jihad is disgusting. The 501c3 Zionist Christians, the Mormons, and the Shriners in America need to wake up. And fast.

    The massive support of intense warmongering Zionism is destroying this country -- the USA. That's my main concern. And I couldn't care less what some Sabbatean/Donmeh so-called "truth teller" -- John Kaminski -- has to say. He's on the side of the NWO gang, as he feigns to be about our best interests. He doesn't even care if his fellow Jews get sacrificed for the NWO. How he goads us on.

    Yet, he never gets around to telling his readers the NWO includes the eradication of Christianity, Western culture and heritage ; And he never gets around to telling his readers how the Nazis hated Christianity with a passion and killed down devout Catholics and sincere Protestants in very large numbers in Nazi occupied areas of Europe,and which most certainly will happen again once the NWO picks up more steam. Kaminski leaves all of that out of his "narrative" concerning Nazi Germany.

    He tells his readers about the Jewish role in the Communist Soviet Union [ he's truthful about that], but he never gets around to telling his readers the true nature of Nazi Germany. He presents Nazi Germany as the cure to all of our problems. And he presents Nazi Germany as a paradise for Whites. That's hardly the case. At any rate, the Third Reich was top-to-bottom with intense, die-hard Zionist Jews [ they even served in the SS ]and was crawling with intense, die-hard Islamic Jihadists. One would never know any of this if one only read Kaminski -- the so-called "great truth teller".

    I have no use for the Zionist/mainstream "narrative" of Nazi Germany, and I have no use for the "White Nationalist narrative" of Nazi Germany. Both narratives are extremely abridged. Both sides are lying to us.

    From : Joe

  21. Excuse the typo. I made a typo when I linked to the Heidegger video. I hope this link works. If not, YouTube has the video. Many other videos at YouTube on the "great father" of Nazi existentialism -- Heidegger. I don't know why so many people make such a big fuss about Heidegger. He doesn't sound very smart to me :

    @ MachtNichts :

    Thank you for the link to the website. Still, the website doesn't answer my question, not really. The Grand Mufti was opposed to Jewish immigration to Palestine, yet he sided with Hitler, the very one who was rounding-up the Jews in Europe and shipping them off to Palestine. The Jews that weren't thrown into the IG Farben* slave camps were shipped off to Palestine. The Transfer Agreement and Haavara Agreement. The Mufti fully well knew all of this. If the Grand Mufti was opposed to Jewish immigration to Palestine, why would the Grand Mufti support Hitler? As Hitler was the cause of the mass influx of Jews from Europe to Palestine in the very first place.

    Can any of you online Nazis out there answer this question? Preferably in a logical and cogent manner, without disambiguity and didactic Hegelian Dialectic incitement nonsense. Seems to me the Donmeh/Sabbatean Jews put their fellow Jews in no-win situations also. And seems to me Kaminski is one of the Jews who loves the Donmeh Jew agenda. I have no use for him. And -- it doesn't necessarily follow if one doesn't care for Kaminski one is a Jew, and/or a Jew "troll" : Doesn't necessarily follow at all;

    Videre Licet.

    *About IG Farben vis-a-vis Hitler and the Third Reich :

    On Mussolini and Italian Fascism :

    "Jews The Chosen People Fascist Italy Rejected"

    "Margherita Sarfatti The Jewish Mother Of Italian Fascism"

    "Mussolini + Margherita Sarfatti"

    From : Joe

  22. @ MachtNichts

    As we see clearly, there's a connection between Nazism, Islamic Jihad, and die-hard, warmongering Zionism. Donmeh/Sabbatean big-shot Jews are involved in all three - and at top levels. They're pulling the strings. And not just the Donmeh Jews in Saudia Arabia. But Donmeh Jews all over, in Qatar, in the US, in the UK, in Europe, and in Turkey. Plus a lot of other kinds of Jews, as well as lot of Non-Jews, are involved in bringing about the Zionist New World Order.

    I have another question for you, if don't mind, as you're a Nazi yourself, you may know :

    As there's a connection between Nazism, Islamic Jihad, and Zionism, I'm wondering how Mormonism and the Shriners fit into the picture? The Mormons "baptized" Hitler into the Mormon "fold". The Shriners wear the Islamic Red Fez hats. The Red symbolizes the blood of slaughtered Christians : They worship Islam/Sufism in their Shriner Freemasonry Halls. In fact,all Freemasonry is Islam/Sufism at the higher degrees.

    I notice online there's, Oh, about 666 million Nazi websites where one is free to say whatever negative thing one wants about the Jews. I notice also -- it's happened to me a lot -- one gets banned at these Nazi websites if one mentions the Mormons and/or the Shriners [or, "Dietrich Bronder + Bevor Hitler Kam PDF", for that matter].

    I notice it's VERBOTEN to even mention Mormons and Shriners at the Nazi websites -- let alone critique these two groups in any way, even if one is objective and truthful -- Can't have that : That's VERBOTEN.

    I'm wondering if you can shed any light on this phenomenon. And also, if you know how the Mormons and the Shriners fit into the Zionist New World Order, as the Mormons "baptized" Hitler into their Mormon "fold", and the Shriners are Islamicists ; And both groups seem to be very much on-board with the New World Order. Maybe the ruling-class Jews don't want any criticism of their two major groups of shabbos goys? Just wondering. Perhaps you know, MachtNichts, as you're a Nazi yourself -- and Nazism serves the Zionist New World Order. Just asking. Just curious.

    From : Joe


  23. I don't think all the Nazi webmasters online are doing America any favors. It's one thing to point out the Jewish role in the mess we're in, it's another thing to advocate outright Nazism. It just makes the Jews scared, then they call the Jewish lawmakers in Washington putting pressure on Washington to keep the Zionist agenda going. It doesn't help those of us who are Christian and are against the Zionist agenda, because we're stuck between die-hard Zionists, and all the Nazis online -- some of them rather intense. Our voices are smothered by the didactic incitement of it all.

    Also very important : There are many in the US military -- including in the Pentagon -- who are Against the Zionist agenda. Again, all the Nazism online scares the Jews. The Jews then put pressure on Washington. Washington puts pressure on the Pentagon to keep the Zionist war agenda going on and on, and the Anti-Zionist patriotic Americans in the military have a even tougher time trying to stop -- or at least slow down -- the warmongering Zionist agenda.

    We should be offering our support to the patriotic Americans in the military right now -- the ones opposed to the Zionist agenda. It would be encouraging if the online Webmasters -- of all political/philosophical stripes -- would write more articles about the Americans in the US military opposed to the Zionist agenda. This would help our fellow Americans in the military who are in positions to make a change for the better. Give them encouragement and support.All the Nazism online makes it that more difficult for them to stop the Zionist agenda. The online Nazis aren't doing America any favors.

    From : Joe


    From : Joe

  25. The "readspeeder" website is meant for the mighty MachtNichts. So perhaps he'll learn to read faster, and perhaps -- maybe, just maybe -- someday he'll answer my simple, and logical, questions. It's been awhile now since he bolted out of here. I thought Nazis are supposed to be tough guys. They don't make Nazis like they used to.

    Come on MachtNichts : Now it's time to "tell the adults the truth".

    Eustace Mullins on Nationalist Socialists :

    Nazis, Islamic Jihad, Zionism :

    From : Joe

  26. Looks like MachtNichts is gone for good. Maybe the Wahhabis called him back to Jihad duty in Syria. MN is an expert at Nazi/IslamicJihad/Zionist strategy after all.

    From : Joe