Sunday, June 16, 2013

Enough already!

It was 19 guys with box cutters and airplane tickets!”

Dick Cheney has been called... "a malignant boil on the ass of humanity." The undead occasionally rises from his crypt to mock the world, laughing in our face as he tries to prop up his monstrous deeds and creations.
Now, as everybody has been associated with the program said if we had this before 9/11, when there were two terrorists in San Diego, two hijackers able to use that program, that capability against the target, we might have been able to prevent 9/11.” “If we had been able to read their mail and intercept those communications and pick up from the calls overseas the numbers here that they were using in the United States, we would then probably have been able to thwart that attack.”

War criminal, terrorist, pervert, psychopath, high level puppet...we can call Cheney names all day long, and have the facts to back it up, but what does that get us? Another day older and deeper in debt?

As long as Cheney lives free he gives other murdering traitors hope that they too may get by with their crimes. Starting with the complicit media, there are more than a few who are willing to take the Cheney legacy to the next level and to some kind of conclusion.

On the bright side, every hour of every day more people are coming to the conclusion that nothing coming out of the mouths of the PIP's (psychopaths in power - PIP™) is true. How this slow awakening will turn out remains to be seen.

At the G8 in Northern Ireland - Cookin' something up

"Putin and the PIPS"


  1. Enough already!

    Here, here Kenny!

    These lying liars working directly and indirectly for the NWO fake-jewish zionist in chief Rothschild have gone too far.

    Who but an imbicile believes arabs had anything to do with 9/11?

  2. If the NSA wanted to listen in on the 9/11 hijackers, they would of had to have someone who could translate Yiddish.

  3. your right about that gut feeling...and the


    "THEY" manufacture the opposition, it is their MO, so off they go into the ovens of truth,7340,L-3083,00.html


    share the truth with a friend,

    again & again

    until they get it...

    open the gate



  4. every hour of every day more people are coming to the conclusion that nothing coming out of the mouths of the PIP's (psychopaths in power - PIP™) is true.

    And yet they are allowed to continue tearing this world apart, with obvious abandon and no fear that their criminality will ever be held accountable and punished.

    Sorry to say, Brother, but its too late. They will continue to do what they do because no matter how many wake up, no one will do anything of substance.

    PS: thanks for the shout out to Doug in a previous post

  5. I think the Republicans just found a 2016 presidential nominee (assuming this world survives that long). Cheney vs. Clinton. What a choice!

  6. Novelist Vince Flynn died this week:

    "Like many struggling artists before him, he bartended at night and wrote during the day. Five years and more than sixty rejection letters later he took the unusual step of self-publishing his first novel. The book went to number one in the Twin Cities, and within a week had a new agent and two-book deal with Pocket Books, a Simon & Schuster imprint.

    Term Limits hit the New York Times bestseller list in paperback and started a trend for all of Flynn's novels. Since then, his books have become perennial bestsellers in both paperback and hardcover, and he has become known for his research and prescient warnings about the rise of Islamic Radical Fundamentalism and terrorism. Read by current and former presidents, foreign heads of state, and intelligence professionals around the world, Flynn's novels are taken so seriously one high-ranking CIA official told his people, "I want you to read Flynn's books and start thinking about how we can more effectively wage this war on terror."

    So the secret to his success was the anti Mooslim angle. My feelings on his death are to say the least, mixed.

  7. 2016 will be HRM Hillary vs. 'Wailing Wall Paul"

    And guess who loses?

  8. New to your site. (how did I miss this one?) Great stuff man! ...Im just living another day observing the completely clueless public, which includes some very smart people, who care nothing for the truth, their nation, or the fact that they are totally ok with what's happening. I'm doing my part to piss them off as much as possible though by telling them the truth! Lol. anyway, just to let you know you new a new fan.