Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Stay Calm and Eat Pork

free speech advocate

The Middle Tennessee psyops of pitting Muslims vs. Rednecks hits another low.

The American Muslim Advisory Council hosts a meeting in Manchester (home to Bonnaroo next week in case you were wondering) "to get to know us as neighbors - to get to know us as human beings, not some caricature."

So far so good one might think but a U.S. attorney gets in the way and decides to attend and 'educate' the locals "on what federal laws are in effect and what the consequences are."

This sets off people from Politico to say Feds suggest anti-Muslim speech can be punished. Fox News, among many others, jumps in and the next thing you know there's a riot protest going on. A few hundred folks show up shouting "We can say what we want about Mooslims and the feds ain't going to tell us we can't or threaten us. It's the first amendment."

They will even be selling t-shirts saying "Stay Calm and Eat Pork" to prove they have freedom of speech. Yes, it's even the right of idiots to say whatever they please and try to make a buck in the process.

I've written about this before in We're always being set up and in the Murfreesboro mosque series of posts and I'm sticking by my story of middle Tennessee being the centerpiece of the South in the divide and conquer, us vs. them psychological operation of more wars and chaos with Muslims as the perpetual enemy.

Well...I have my first amendment rights too and I'm once again calling this a sideline zionist propaganda plot a long time in the making and a lot of people around here don't get it. It is a set up and everyone involved in the theater, Muslims, Christians and others, are being used.

Maybe the feds would really like to crack down on the anti-Muslim speech? A step in the direction of sanctioning talk about criminal jews and criticism of Israel? Maybe that's been part of the plan all along?

Who benefits? Not me. I can't even afford one of those 'free speech' t-shirts...or go to Bonnaroo.


  1. Wait until those Patriot missile batteries get deployed in Jordan, along with those F-16's. The Patriots will be used not to shoot down incoming missiles, but Syrian planes and helicopters.

    But first, we'll need a Big BOOM somewhere here in the USA to be blamed on 'dem damn Moozies' so sick fucks like 'Insane McCain' can get his rocks off watching Israel's existential enemies get vaporized.

    Tell these clowns to bring a BBQ'd hog to the closest synagogue and tell the rabbi you want to donate the pork and see what happens.

    Or maybe they could have a hog raffle and announce on the MSM that the proceeds are going to the Jewish community?

    At least they're not bitching about the 'War of Northern Aggression.'

  2. yiddish theatre...

    hopefully the pork eating braindeadgoy show their ruby red rear ends...


    like baboons.


    sometimes Kenny you kinda hafta just let the idiots go over the edge of the cliff so they can find out why being STOOOPID is like...


    well STOOOOPID....besides sometimes you also have the right to enjoy your own life for a few minutes...that is why I FEEL like the Almighty gave us the ability to appreciate Music...




  3. Updates on the 'show' last night.

    Former Saturday Night Live star Victoria Jackson who has moved to Murfreesboro just so she can help stir the pot was there.

    “The Constitution and Sharia cannot coexist,” she said. “Islam is evil.”


    WKRN was there.

    'Near the end of the presentation, an American-born, Muslim woman talked about the 2007 arson of a mosque in Columbia, Tennessee, to show the impact of hate crimes. A large number of attendees cheered.'


    The whole thing was sort of like a SNL skit.

    U.S. Attorney Bill Killian was greeted with shouts of "traitor," "serpent," and calls to "resign" or "go home."


    1. Where's state border security when you need it. Agent provocateur Pamela Gellar slips in.


  4. Hmmm...I need to get that "Stay Calm and Eat Pork" t shirt quickly and prance around near the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust! **Grin**

    Isn't it Fun when the table is turned?

    They treated us like terrorists': 100 Jewish students kicked off AirTran flight in New York after refusing to turn off their phones

    Some have claimed that the airline overreacted to the senior students' actions with one saying that they were targeted for being Jewish. One student later told CNN: 'They treated us like we were terrorists; I’ve never seen anything like it. I’m not someone to make these kinds of statements. However another passenger Brad Rinschler, who was sitting in business class, told CNN he did not see any anti-Semitic behavior.
    Mr Rinschler, who takes the commuter flight three times a month, added: 'There was not one ethnic slur from anyone on the flight crew or anyone who was inconvenienced for two hours.'
    He said the students were given several chances to comply with the airline regulations - and even ignored a warning from the pilot over the intercom.


    Future congress members for sure!

    1. Sounds like the rabbis orchestrated their dupe students to play along in a little game. It didn't work that well.

      When you wear the t-shirt to the museum take photos. I want exclusive publishing rights (grin)

    2. We know these people we know they are tribe member schmucks................

  5. Check out this FBI story about a patsy that just got 23 years for a backpack bomb and see how many parallels you can find with the Boston FF.

    Act of Terror Averted: Would-Be Bomber Sentenced in Chicago


    1. The FBI stopped their own patsy, again. J Edgar would have been proud. The ones they groom, pay and dope up is all they've got.

  6. Hows Saint Liberal Kenny doing? There were close to 2,000 people there. Great showing, and the point was made. Got you so excited, "Keep Calm and Eat Pork" was the shirt not "Stay calm". You eat barbeque? Common shirt for a lot of barbeque places. Idiots took it out of context that's the point. I also believe they gave those shirts away. Might want to get your facts straight.

    1. The "stay calm" was what the woman in the WSMV video was saying what the t-shirts she made said and that's how they reported it. No, I don't eat barbeque and not for any religious reasons. I grew up with the real deal, our family killed their own hogs. I know what pork is and what you buy in the stores is a poor excuse for so called food.

      So trying to point out the social engineering of the Israel firsters, the bankers and profiteering warmongers is liberal? I don't suppose you've read the background articles I mentioned. This is not about free speech, diversity or whatever else you want to call it. It is about deception for the benefit of a few who are our real enemies. If you can dispute that, please do.

    2. one light in a dark valley...


      my idea of fun Kenny is going into a Baptist church

      {jew worshiiping cult compound = STUPID IDIOT CULT}

      and inciting a riot...by telling the truth concerning the "jewish" narrative and laying waste to their "Jewish" dung god...


      on Sunday morning in front of God and everybody....con mucho gusto


      naturally in my minds eye I'd like to have some of my Football buddies with me who are about 6'11" and 350lbs....


      but even so would that I could make it to 10 or 12 so-called Baptist churches each Sunday to RUB their noses in the JEW poo that they WORSHIP...501c3....load of crap....ooozing from TALMUDIA


      The Davidians, Vickie Weaver...JFK Jr., Colby, Boorda, Foster...




      harvest some tares


  7. Excellent Piece,Kenny.
    1st I'd admire "The American Muslim advisory Council host a meeting to get to know the people as neighbors.
    They got to know them as immature.
    There's a part in The Eagles song Hotel California that says"You can checkout any time you like,
    but you can never leave!".
    Just recently the kids graduated from High School which is checking out.
    What you just witnessed as in the"Keep Calm and Eat Pork"Anti-muslim protests is Folks have never left High School.

    Heck when I was in High School it was The Hoods vs The Jocks to see which Clique rules the Hallways.

    Geez Folks Grow up and learn to love one another like the Youngbloods sang.
    Get Beyond this High School Bullshit!!!

  8. Check out this 9/11 truth site:


  9. I know a lot of people from Morrison and McMinnville. They are all Muslim hating nutcases.

    1. The whole area is fertile ground for manipulated players in the divide and rule game.

  10. in answer to your question yesterday...


  11. 1448 42 424.... The MessiahJune 7, 2013 at 6:36 PM

    The Muslim is the New German.

    The German was made to wear the HollerCost so that Israel could be created in 1948 as 'prophesied' by JewHiss Cabalists.

    The Muslim is to be warred against by not so smart Whitey Goy for Greater Israel. The jewish messiah is arriving in 2018. So make great haste in this program. Whitey Goy needs to be incited to Anger. So the jew floods Whitey nations with middle easterners sot that Whitey knows who to kill....... for 'israel'.

    The solution to Noachide Law is a broad and mutally respectful apartheid of racial Nations. Not be cause we 'hate' other races, but because the divinity of the 'jews' is not recognisable to any by Kapos and Judasic Kollaborators.

    1. Somebody should drove into that rally with a truck load of GMO corn and a few cases of red bull liver killer. They are acting about as brainless as the protocols describe them. I guess they will like the noahide laws the Saudi Wahhabis have been using for awhile.