Monday, July 22, 2013

Fairy Tales Are Dangerous

In a real world in which you and I must live
fairy tales are dangerous
dangerous because they are untrue
anything which is untrue is dangerous
and it is all the more dangerous when the fairy tale is accepted as reality
simply because it has an official seal of approval
or because 'honorable' men announce you must believe it
or because powerful elements of the press tell you the fairy tale is true
                                                                      Jim Garrison

Garrison's words from 1967 are just as true today as they were then. They were a warning that went unheeded by most and getting by with the JFK assassination coup, the same criminal cabal, emboldened in their success, went on to continuously deceive the world with ever more deadly fairy tales.

Did Garrison get everything right in his investigation of the JFK assassination? Probably not. Were some things like the possible Israel/Mossad connection left out, not because of him covering up some aspects but perhaps because he just didn't have the information? Most likely. Was he at least on the right track? Definitely.

The below video is amazing in the fact that after NBC had done a hit piece on Garrison, he petitioned the FCC who agreed that the program was biased and granted Garrison a 30-minute rebuttal. That would never happen today.

While watching Garrison's response I couldn't help but mentally substitute elements of  9/11 for JFK in his narrative. The two events are similar in so many ways. Both were a massive psyop, false flag coverups with devastating aftermaths including millions of deaths for the profit of a few.

History is littered with dangerous fairy tales and collectively we still are yet to learn how to keep them from repeating.

The video was found at 50 Years Since JFK Assassination Retrospective.


  1. Along with a knowledge of history, there must be solutions to prevent the worst of our history from repeating.

    Timster talks about some ideas here...

  2. Poisoned by these fairy talesJuly 23, 2013 at 1:56 AM

    "The End Of The Innocence"

    Remember when the days were long
    And rolled beneath a deep blue sky
    Didn't have a care in the world
    With mommy and daddy standin' by
    But "happily ever after" fails
    And we've been poisoned by these fairy tales
    The lawyers dwell on small details
    Since daddy had to fly

    But I know a place where we can go
    That's still untouched by men
    We'll sit and watch the clouds roll by
    And the tall grass wave in the wind
    You can lay your head back on the ground
    And let your hair fall all around me
    Offer up your best defense
    But this is the end
    This is the end of the innocence

    O' beautiful, for spacious skies
    But now those skies are threatening
    They're beating plowshares into swords
    For this tired old man that we elected king
    Armchair warriors often fail
    And we've been poisoned by these fairy tales
    The lawyers clean up all details
    Since daddy had to lie

    But I know a place where we can go
    And wash away this sin
    We'll sit and watch the clouds roll by
    And the tall grass wave in the wind
    Just lay your head back on the ground
    And let your hair spill all around me
    Offer up your best defense
    But this is the end
    This is the end of the innocence

    Who knows how long this will last
    Now we've come so far, so fast
    But, somewhere back there in the dust
    That same small town in each of us
    I need to remember this
    So baby give me just one kiss
    And let me take a long last look
    Before we say goodbye

    Just lay your head back on the ground
    And let your hair fall all around me
    Offer up your best defense
    But this is the end
    This is the end of the innocence

    by Don Henley

    [Yes, yes and yes Kenny. JFK was killed by the same tribe that did 9/11.
    You, Les, Greg, Tim, Nor, Larken and a handful of others trumpet the truth while the the civilized world slips slowly into the deep dark sea just like the Titanic. But hey, we can still hear the music playing and rearrange the the deck chairs to pass the time. - Anaughty Mouser]


      May God bless Don Henley.

      Peace and love to all.


  3. Ed Snowdon, NSA and fairy tales.

    'We're poisoned by these fairy tales
    So let your hair fall back all around you
    And let me take just one last look
    Because this is the end of the innocence.'

  4. Tim Howdarei nailed the Snowden ruse weeks ago.

    Fairy tales. Everyone grab a deckchair and enjoy the music of the final denouement.

    Wad else ya gonna do?

  5. Great find on your embedded video. I was watching "Dark Legacy" last night. I then posted an excerpt of that documentary on my blog. I then came to your blog this morning and see that you posted on this subject at the very time I was watching Dark Legacy. The spy goons in the shadows have really ramped it up since they killed JFK. It seems even more doubters are starting to connect the dots. I hope there is more action then just a few people nodding "yes".

    Great post as well Kenny.

    1. Thanks for the heads up on "Dark Legacy." I'm posting what I think is the full version if anyone is interested.

  6. "There is one and only one way to save the nation (and even now it is probably too late). We need to do what Iceland did. We need to jail the crooked bankers, toss out the government that helped those bankers loot the populace, write off all debt created through fraud (which includes debts on the public currency created by that Ponzi-scheme central bank), and ultimately get rid of that predatory private bank which is the common enemy of all mankind." - Michael Rivero

  7. Great article and great comments.

    Regarding: "While watching Garrison's response I couldn't help but mentally substitute elements of 9/11 for JFK in his narrative. The two events are similar in so many ways. Both were a massive psyop, false flag coverups with devastating aftermaths including millions of deaths for the profit of a few."

    Kenny you might be interested in looking at the following and the longer comment left by 'Ismynameimportant' after this article:

  8. JFK, USS LIBERTY, WACO, OKC, FOSTER, BOORDA, TWA 800, EGYPT 990, 9/11 . . .


    all hinge on the "Jewish" narrative that holds that ASHKENAZIM [KHAZAR] Gog & Magog

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    “I promise in the name of the Israeli government that we will continue to build, and you will see it soon,” he declared, in an apparent nod to reports that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu promised Bennett he would allow construction tenders.

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    1. Abraham (a.k.a. Abram, Ibráhím, Brahma) didn't have a Talmud because he was a mythical character in a Hebrew supremacist fairy tale which has resulted in very real death and destruction on a horrendously vast scale:

      "Abraham (Abram, Ibráhím) – This amazingly 'righteous' phantom has a lot to answer for. Father of 'many nations' his supposed behaviour set a terrifying example – not only attempted murder of his favourite son but abandoning to the desert the offspring of his various concubines. Sadly, Judaism, Christianity and Islam all pay homage to this con' man and warlord. Never actually existed, of course, but that hardly matters to religious zealots."

      Yeshua (a.k.a. Yehoshuah, Joshua, Iesous, Jesus) wasn't born to hate–he wasn't born at all:

      Comic Bible Sketches

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    2. How wrongly perceived . . . NO WONDER THE WORLD IS IN THE STATE IT'S IN.
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      (Deuteronomy 31:16–17).

      Moses then warned the elders of Israel: "I know that after my death you will become utterly corrupt, and turn aside from the way which I have commanded you; and evil will befall you in the latter days"
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      In fact, the Bible makes numerous references to an end-time apostasy and the troubles of the Israelite's
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  9. looking at the pic of the president's car. the dividing window between the passengers and the driver/front seat would seem to make it impossible for the driver to be the assassin as some claim.

  10. Hullo Kenny,

    I haven't been here for a while and I'd forgotten how well you write. And would I be right in thinking that you've taken to keeping an eye on the comments? The loonies seem to be absent. Very good.

    best etc. etc.

    1. Yeah, you would be right but not only the loons but also the paid trolls forced me to use moderation. It happens.

  11. Kennedy was investigating the zionist lobby.

    The Senate Foreign Relations Committee Investigates the Israel Lobby There was an excellent article at Voltaire Network and I tried to find it since evidently I didn't save it with the Senate info.

    You, and some of the other bloggers here and in the margin have been a wealth of info for me and I wish to thank you all for your hard work.

    You have opened my eyes much wider than before and I imagine you don't get thanked often enouogh for that, so there you go. :)


    1. Thanks so much for your kind words. "in the margin" is a different way of putting it. I think many of us have been there all of our lives.

  12. The theme tune to that video ought to be Burn baby burn, with all that burning of important documents such as the paperwork of the interrogation of Lee Harvey Oswald. It reminds me of how when something the establishment wants covering up never has important CCTV cameras working.

  13. Thanks Kenny for a needed heads up.

    FIFTY YEARS, whoa. Hope has been gone too long. Time to come back.

    1. Kenny,
      I watched the Jim Garrison 'Fairy Tales' video for the first time just this past week. I guess much if this information has been kept from us over the years as well as us being asleep to the truth.

      I'm new to your site but with a sense of urgency, I hope you don't mind if I take the liberty to share what I believe will be a threshold period into a tribulatory time and that is the month of September 2013. This view is from my experience and knowledge of the globalist elite powers that are under the influence of occult, satanic forces.

      I don't have any specifics on particular events, just and overall caution, awareness, and preparedness for the month of September 2013.

      September 2013 Occult Numerological Alignment