Saturday, July 20, 2013

Helen Thomas: One of the few mainstream journalists that mattered

Helen Thomas ~ August 4, 1920 – July 20, 2013

"The First Lady of the Press."

White House reporters who question the legitimacy of Israel no longer allowed.


  1. If she could, Helen just might agree with this...

    "Live in peace or go back to Khazaria"

  2. Helen could put a noogie on the "Jew"

    find the "JEW"

    snake talking "Jew" . . .

    Casualties of the Iraq War

    Al Quida

  3. She comes from a generation of good and honest journalist like Dorothy Kilgallen and panelist on "What's My Line".

    Helen Thomas was videotaped without her consent and knowledge by an unknown Israeli and was largely framed. The videotape was used against her and not in a court of law. The same tactics were used against Mel Gibson when a private phone call was recorded and later used to defame him.

    Good,honest reporting, and journalism, has died with the passing of Helen Thomas. May she rest in Peace.

    1. Yep, she is the last of her kind. The good news is that there are a large number of folks asking even harder questions than Helen did. Bless her heart.

  4. I have a long list of people whose death would cause me to uncontrollably jump forth and dance with glee but Helens death is a truly saddening event if anyone deserves it she should lie in state under the capital rotunda. And she was from Detroit too!

  5. I regret she was treated so badly for speaking the truth, but after that, she may have discovered who her real friends and supporters were. One of a few true patriots, she will be missed.