Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"On the Cover of the Rolling Stone"

"Gonna buy 5 copies for my mother"

Leave it to the jewish gatekeeper media to give us yet again a 'diversion of the day.' We just never know what they're going to come up with next. As our attention span fades away from the last distraction we always get a new one.

The Patsy The Bomber, The Monster...Jahar's World

Oh the outrage, oh the dishonor to the actors victims. Ban the sell, burn it!

Oh the money to be made through controversy and of course there's the propping up of the official myths. 

The RS article did at least manage to get out a very important message that Jahar tweeted which is the essence of the story.....
"Most of you are conditioned by the media."


  1. -
    that should be

    M Hastings'

    picture and story

    behind his death

  2. Does DT still suffer from 'CPS?'
    Chronic Patsy Syndrome?

  3. Memphis in the late 60's and early 70's was a Music town...among other "developments"....

    I went to school in Midtown,
    off Union Ave, ext{ended}...ECS...
    we didn't go to school for a week or so on account of the RIOTS...and the National Guard was camped out at the Liberty Bowl...3pm curfew.


    Soon enough things will become so hectic in America and around the world that this trifling story will seem like complete nonsense. Let the Muslims have their fun in America.

    Soon the country will be in total upheaval. Police State already exists. Snowden proved that. Martial law nationwide will be declared when the economy and the dollar tanks.

    One silly Arab student in Berkley won't matter in the least. . . .

    I remember hearing the Dr. Hook & Medicine show song... on the Radio...and


    it was a pretty spring of 1973...

  4. Derrick Black of stormfront renounces his previous ties with WN and stormfront. He also apologizes to Jews in a self written article he sent to the SPLC.

    1. Maybe he finally figured out that daddy Don was only in it for the money and that stromfront is a data mining controlled opposition? Maybe he was blackmailed or paid off? Who knows? It's not important.

      Anything the SPLC is involved in or promotes is suspect.

    2. Well said Kenny. We have seen this kind of 'development' many times before. So called hardliners who's image has been built up over the course of years suddenly revealed as something else or better still suddenly renouncing all their previous political opinions. This is a standard tactic of the real puppet masters to the SPLC and other allied organizations. Do not be fooled. The intention is to deliver a psychological blow to the opponent as well as to reduce the opposition. This and their other 'methods' are increasingly having less and less of a controlling effect. Thus I expect They will have to take the gloves off more often now in future. Expect more overt tyranny not less. Carol.

  5. I couldn't get through the whole Rolling Stone article ... it was an exercise in doublethink. Yes, you can be perfectly normal with loving relationships and still be capable of blowing up random people for some ill-defined reason and then go back to your dorm and party with your friends like nothing happened. Sure ... What they're doing is conditioning the populace to distrust everybody, except the authorities, that is, because we all know they would never lie to us ...

  6. Stormfront is a mossad psy-opJuly 18, 2013 at 4:29 PM

    Derek Black ditched stormfront and WN because he is courting a Jewish American Princess that he met in school.

  7. Have you ever noticed that when a bomb goes off everyone is looking for the bomber, but when a guy shoots someone, everyone is looking for the gun.

  8. Quoting Lee Luttrell
    "Have you ever noticed that when a bomb goes off everyone is looking for the bomber, but when a guy shoots someone, everyone is looking for the gun."

    Heavens forbid there be public forensic examination of bomb sights.

  9. What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? RS now is just controlled left wing opposition and a grand promoter of the "music industry" better known as the circus. RS printed lots of paper going over Oswald and the JFK murder why not the same due diligence in this case? The great Arctic ice melt also on the cover should be a tip off.

    1. I read RS from the time of its inception up to the early 80's and at the time thought it had some useful alternative info. They probably were doing some gatekeeping early on but we didn't realize a lot of those things in our youth.

      Fred, aren't you in Detroit? If I'm mistaken, I apologize. If you are and ever want to write up your thoughts and feelings on what's going on there, the whys and what's to be from an insiders perspective, I would be glad to post it here. Let me know. The bankruptcy announcement today got me thinking about all the times I went there over about a 20 year period, many good people met but also coming to realize that there was a culture of corruption in the shadows.

    2. Kenny I subscribed to RS for years just like you and I don't even know why now (I do know). I am the same Fred from Detroit and asked about going to see David Irving speak here last fall. John advised me it was not worth attending so I didn't but I did somewhat watch to see if anything was written and basically it was a non event it was as if it never happened. A few weeks ago Farrakhan spoke at a church here I did not know of it prior or I would have made every effort to go and hear him speak. And surprise after he spoke he got quite a little bit of press all the usual "anti semite" charges. John Conyers (Detroit Congressman) denounced him and the usual blah blah.

      My thoughts and feelings on Detroit........ OMG Kenny where to begin? How can I sum up so much and not come off as a card carrying klansman? The other thing is I can't back anything up that I have been privy to so it amounts to hearsay which the only one i will give a pass to on that regard is Les Visible =]

      I will give you a few thoughts and a little insight from my perspective and history with the city.
      After the 1967 riots the city was still predominately white but a real estate scheme arose known as block busting. Get one black family on a block and the rest of the block will panic and sell and they did. Now ask yourself what group of real estate agents could conceive of such a lucrative scheme and carry it out? Prior to this all the blacks lived on the east side in their own enclave but year by year the population changed mile by mile from white to black until the 70's it tipped to majority black and with it came the election of Coleman Young.

    3. In the 80's I had a friend that published an underground newspaper called the Hard Line he had a huge network of friends that he would get info, gossip, and tips from and would land in his paper. He went to the city county building and researched property owners, the gas/electric companies and found the names on the utility bills for said properties. Then he would go at night and watch people stream in and out of the properties. Crack houses.
      The names on the properties were chief of police Hart. The hard line alleged Young and Hart owned 50 crack houses, The hard line used a pseudo address on the east side one night some one sprayed the front of the building with automatic weapon fire. The people mover (light elevated train) was built at this time total cost exceeded $220 million. I am not quite sure when the monument to Joe Louis was built, a large suspended black arm with a clenched fist, but why is there no boxing glove on the clenched fist?

      Also around this time Tyree Guyton established what he named the Heidelburg project on the east side. He hauled a large amount of junk cars and parts, hoods, fenders, etc. to Heidelburg street where he "artistically repainted and arranged the items". He also would "artistically arrange" large numbers of old shoes on the side walks. Two other "projects" I discovered and viewed off site were 2 abandoned houses one completely covered with toy dolls nailed to the outside of of the aluminum siding stripped exterior, the other a house literally filled with stuff flowing out the front door. Needless to say the city was not very happy with his "work", but one guess as to who the "art expert" was that was promoting this "internationally acclaimed urban artist". Carmen Harlan current news anchor for the local NBC affiliate and resident of East Indian Village was raped in her home while taking a shower. No report of this crime was ever mentioned by any local media.

      Dennis Archer was the next mayor. My next door neighbor, a small blonde dutch ancestry woman, worked somewhere in the city government but I do not know in what capacity she was employed or what location. She alleged to me that several times Archer, a married man, had hit on her. Archer was present and cheering when the city demolished the old down town Hudson's building to date I think there is only some concrete piers poured in place on the site location.

    4. The next mayor was Kwame Kilpatrick when he was running for mayor I thought he would be preferable to Gil Hill a former police chief in the Young regime, man was I ever wrong. The scandal of note is the party at the Manoogian mansion (mayors home) where an "exotic dancer" was caught with the mayor by his wife Carlita. Carlita took a baseball bat to the woman and severely injured her, she was taken to a hospital by Detroit police treated and released, and no records exist of this incident at the hospital. Later on the woman was murdered in a drive by shooting, while sitting in a car. The bullets were identified as coming from a Detroit police issued pistol, but no record as to who it was issued to. The murder is still not solved. Queen Latifah a house guest of the Kilpatricks was caught in an after hours raid on a "gentlemans club", a 12 year old "exotic dancer" was also present during the raid. The rest of the Kilpatrick "legacy" has been pretty well established in the courts and the media.

      The City Council. Clyde Cleveland pistol whipped and pushed his wife(girlfriend?) down a staircase, no longer on the council. Barbra Rose Collins left the council and was elected to Congress. She used campaign funds checkbook to purchase appliances from the ABC warehouse in Flint MI to be delivered to her cottage in Shay Lake MI. My sister was in DC for breast cancer awareness and went to visit her representative I wont relate her assessment of Barbra Rose's intellect and abilities. The House ethics committee initiated an investigation into Barbra Rose's activities but it was dropped when Barbra Rose failed to be reelected. She was replaced by Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick (Kwame mommy). Monica Conyers (wife of John) sold out cheap receiving a $2000 bribe on a multimillion dollar sludge hauling contract she is finishing a 3 year prison sentence. Kay Bailey Hutchinson was being investigated for fraud and possible embezzlement, died prior to the conclusion of the investigation and heralded as a "great civic leader". Martha Reeves was doing a concert and referred to her council position as "my other job" voted out next election. The infamous "shrek incident" during council proceedings, I cant remember the names of the people involved but one woman repeatedly called a man "shrek" and was basically using this to voice her displeasure with him (it is on youtube if i can find it). Current council president Charles Pugh (open homosexual) was recently accused of sexual improprieties with a young male. He disappeared and was spotted by a Detroit resident in Seattle (what a coincidence), he has since been replaced as council president and his actual whereabouts are still unknown

      This was all off the top of my head and if I thought a little harder and did some actual research I could maybe give you something worth reading.

    5. All very interesting Fred. I appreciate you taking the time to share some of what you've seen and know. Hearsay usually has much truth in these situations, doesn't it? I may be off base but my own conspiracy oriented mind saw the downfall of Detroit as a let it happen on purpose scenario on many levels. The globalist agenda demanded it and pretty much got it. The crack epidemic played a significant part and as we all know was facilitated by high level rogue elements in our governments, from federal to local.

  10. I was looking at Michael Aquino's Temple of Set facebook page just to see what our devil fiend was up to. He had a link to an article on media

    It's about a Douglas Rushkoff article on media.,94094/

    Rushkoff is the one who wrote Nothing Sacred: The Truth About Judaism - he appears in one of the Dancing Israeli's videos at the end, talking about why Judaism is a threat to the social order

    In the article he makes some interesting observations, like Game of Thrones is basically a participatory soap opera with no story ending...(big waste of time IMO - I get more kicks out of looking into things in real life, which is going on all around us).

    And then I found this, which is probably why Aquino referenced this link:

    "So I’m doing this graphic novel with Dean Haspiel, and it’s basically, “What if Aleister Crowley had been enlisted in the occult war against Adolf Hitler?” Which he was. And then I kind of go, “How might that have played out?” Then it leads to the American advertising industry. So the idea is that Crowley kind of won, but this is what we got. We got another form of fascism, or another sigil." - Andie


    1. Interesting links and video Andie. Thanks for the contribution.


    This is an incredibly accurate article.

    Juri Lina lays out the red terror cheka 66 million slaughter by the zionists of white christian Russians 1917-1952.

    I agree, it is coming to America soon.

    “National security is a euphemism for Jewish rule.“

  12. "A guy - or gal - foolishly falls for Jewish propaganda and joins up. He/she is sent to kill and be killed and somehow survives. The Jews consider him/her to be a sucker for volunteering and when he/she comes home and gets out, the veteran is classified as a potential terrorist and a threat to national security. National security is a euphemism for Jewish Rule.

    No Jew, or Gentile for that matter, objected to this slander of veterans. For a Gentile to object to someone named Feinstein could be a career destroyer. But you would think that some Jew, somewhere, would, for the sake of appearances, say that she was way out of line. It never happened. From this we must conclude that Jews everywhere want veterans disarmed and were quite comfortable with Feinstein’s treacherous slander of them. The military serves an important function for the Jews: it controls what they consider to be “the fascistic element of society.” Men. Gentile men are the fascistic element of Jewish-controlled society. The best thing to do with Gentile men is get them in the military where they can be kept under tight supervision. If necessary, as it has been frequently since 1917, they can be sent to fight and kill and be killed by people the Jews want killed, which today is the Moslems. In the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s, it was Asians. Before that it was Germans and Japanese. It’s always somebody. Pretty soon it will be us." - J.B.Campbell

  13. Kenny,

    The title of this post is very relevent to the zeitgeist of the times.

    One of the last bastions of free media was broad-sided by the zionist security complex (see above). Rolling Stone magazine was given a mortal warning to stop telling the truth with the murder of reporter Hastings.

    There are no free print media outlets left in America. Only zionist propaganda and lies remain in the printed form.


    Rixon Stewart on the same meme.