Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Dancing Israelis Docs

andie was so kind to allow me access to the pdf files she received via a FOIA request.....

The official 2001 FBI docs on Urban Moving Systems and the 9-11-2001 Dancing Israelis incident 

The files were on Scribd but it seems like they won't allow us to download them without having a paid account so I have uploaded them to an open public account.

Here they are:
Police Report
Dancing Israelis FBI Document Section 1

Dancing Israelis FBI Document Section 2

Dancing Israelis FBI Document Section 3

Dancing Israelis FBI Document Section 4

Dancing Israelis FBI Document Section 5

Dancing Israelis FBI Document Section 6  

The files are fairly heavily redacted but still are important historical documents that you may want to save and pass around.

9/11: Israel did it (with help)

The Mossad Role in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy


  1. Tune for the 4th...

  2. malware alert for bigfatantizionistlife.blogspot.


  3. Using the scanning tools I have, the site and my computer came up with nothing found. If you got an alert screen when clicking on the site, it's something I haven't seen. ??

  4. Yes ~ my PC froze on visiting this page ! Wonder why ?


  5. I've seen the malware warning while trying to access my blog - it's been going on for a while, at least ever since I started posting stuff on Dominik Suter. There is no malware on Blogspot. I've clicked through and nothing happened. It's simply a way of keeping people from looking at the blog. You can hazard a guess as to who's behind it.

    My blog has been hacked into, pictures changed, nasty / weird comments left. My computer once got attacked with 4 trojans and an ID hacker (according to my computer tech) all in the same week. It totally shut down my computer (I got what geeks call "the blue screen of death" and couldn't use it at all). That same week they also messed with a car reservation I'd made, messed with my bank debit card and bank account, and deleted all my emails.

    That all happened after I posted this article
    so there must be something there they don't want people to see. God knows.

    I've been sort of left alone after I got the FBI documents out, strangely enough, except for reports of malware warnings.

    Just occupational hazards in this business.

  6. My blog got a mention in Justin Raimondo's lawsuit (page 5) - Andie

  7. Thanks for posting the FBI Report. Going thru it, those FBI guys a bit flatfooted. They're trying to work out the precise time the Israelis were taking photos so as to determine whether they had prior knowledge (as they could not locate the alleged video recorder). The Israelis say that they heard the radio report at the Urban Moving Systems premises which was 5 minutes away from the place they took the snaps. The FBI go to great lengths to try to determine time by cross-referencing a chopper in the photo, but the best they come up with is around 9 am. Why didn't they rigorously test how long it would reasonably take for the Israelis to (a) hear the report (b) decide it would be a nice idea to take happy snaps (c) agree on a location (d) get in the vehicle and drive there (c) park and climb on to the van. They'd hafta be pushing it..