Saturday, August 31, 2013

War Criminals Announce Their Decision to Strike Syria Whenever They Choose

Barry says an attack on Syria is a go. But first let's have a debate in Congress so they can vote as Israel tells them to. Money and threats of blackmail are now being offered.

Right makes might. It's the American way. So what if it's all lies? When psychopaths rule and do the bidding of their masters...there is no will of the people.

Speech starts @ 2 Minute mark.

Highlights -
- 'overwhelming evidence'
- Blamed Assad off the bat
- Citing dead children to appeal to emotion
- These attacks 'Harms our National Security'
- Possibility of 'Assad giving weapons to terrorists'
- United states IS going to take strikes
- 'No boots on the ground'
- 'Limited duration and scope'
- The US needs to 'hold Assad Accountable'
- We are prepared to strike 'whenever we choose'
- Not time sensative, but prepared,
- President calls our form of gov't a 'constitutional DEMOCRACY'
- He WILL seek authorization for use of force from congress
- Spoke with the 4 congressional leaders to schedule that 'hearing'
- Comfortable with going forward WITHOUT UN, citing them being 'paralyzed'
- Obama is mad about UK not supporting
- He then cites that he has the 'authority' to start a war without authorization

- A few closing quotes

'We must acknowledge the costs of doing nothing'
'What message would we send if we do nothing while children are being gassed!?'
'I know well we are weary of war... that's why we are only going to pressure Assad regime... After WWII, We built an international order to establish peace, so I ask you congress to take a vote FOR authorization of force to keep the peace'.

Full transcript

WASHINGTON, DC – House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA), Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) today issued the following joint statement.
The American people say NO!
“Under the Constitution, the responsibility to declare war lies with Congress.  We are glad the president is seeking authorization for any military action in Syria in response to serious, substantive questions being raised.  In consultation with the president, we expect the House to consider a measure the week of September 9th.  This provides the president time to make his case to Congress and the American people.”

Israel and client states want nobody to rule Syria
The Israeli-neocon 9/11 coup d’état allowed the pro-destabilization, Zionist faction of the US elite to seize the reins of power. Since then we’ve seen the implementation of the Destabilization Doctrine.

Many are naively asking “will it be the al-Qaeda affiliated opposition or President Assad’s government who will rule Syria?” From the perspective of the Zionist West the answer is neither. Israelocentric policy makers don’t want there to be a “Syria” to be ruled at the end of this chapter of history. It is the balkanization of the Middle East into microstates which is the long term goal, as expressed by Oded Yinon and his acolytes.

Certain Neocons have effectively argued for the Rothschildesque backing of both sides in Syria to perpetuate the carnage to the benefit of Israel. Neocon guru Daniel Pipes in a recently televised interview contended that in Syria the West should “keep them fighting each other,” adding “we are best off strategically when they are focused on each other.” This supports the contention that the Zionists want nobody to rule Syria. They want nobody to rule Iraq. They want nobody to rule Iran. They want sectarian civil war and carnage so Arabs, Persians and Muslims are fighting each other rather than the Zionist cuckoo in the nest.   more

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Can We Stop This?

The crisis in Syria could possibly become totally out of control if the US takes direct interventionist measures. We can only imagine the chaos that could arise. What will Russia do?

The Sunday talking head warmongers have been doing their best to please their masters by interviewing every crazed  psychopath they can get to come on their lie machine. My own senator, the inhuman Bob Corker, is calling for action now.

Assad is allowing UN inspectors to go to the site of the false flag chemical attack but an unnamed US official says 'it's too late baby now it's too late,' Syria's credibility is shot and there was little doubt the government was to blame. Obama and Cameron have been plotting. They want Iran too and are a danger to the world.

So is there anything we the people can do? We have not stopped the push to war at all for the last hundred years. At the best it has only been slowed down a bit. The 'seven countries in five years,' the Oded Yinon plan and 'A Clean Break' are behind schedule. The PNAC manifesto is still a work in progress.

The anti-war left is dead. There will be little protesting in the streets but for what it may be worth there needs to be although a few 'domestic terrorist' events may be necessary to to put an end to any peacenik endeavors

The neocons, bankers and Israeli vampires are baring their blood stained fangs.

Israel wants the fall of Hezbollah so that Lebanon will be any easy take and guess what, they have Al Qaeda on their side. AIPAC is pushing some buttons with more 'oh my god' rhetoric that "Dozens of Holocaust survivors came very close to being struck by one of the four Katyeusha rockets fired at Israel from southern Lebanon on Thursday." How come these little bottle rockets always miss? I'll give you one guess. The Sinai is another prize the Israelis want and a big distraction would come in handy.

Are the christian zionist end-timers having an orgasm right about now?  That's a sick thought but we are dealing with sickness here. Praise the Lord and pass the nuclear weapons.

It is all lies all the time and there are no pretty words to spin what is happening.

Rocker may sum it up...
I just want to be on record before the fact as a human being of planet earth and citizen of the criminal AmeriKan regime that I preemptively condemn the actions that are being telegraphed, and damn to hell for all eternity Obama and his coterie of War Cabinet criminals.

What is amazing to me is the insane psychopaths making policy think that they will be able to carry out a three-month bombing campaign with absolutely no consequences with Russia, China, and Iran.

Of course, WWIII is exactly what they have been working on and this will simply be the last act that will make it official in the official narrative of history. Only one problem. The "good guys" are going to lose this one.

We do want to stop the carnage in the middle east but we also need to admit to ourselves that we have selfish interests in this. If you want inflation/deflation, the destruction of both the middle class and the poor and the downfall of the US, by all means shout from the rooftops to attack Syria now. If you like the thought of World War III, tell your politicians now to get on with the program. But if you cherish your life, those of your family and friends as well as millions of others all over the world, something needs to be done. Is it too late? Maybe cooler heads will prevail and perhaps this Syria thing is a lot of fear-mongering but for all practical purposes it may be out of our hands. Judging by our past failures, it is.

Out of all the species of life on earth, I’m inclined to believe that the most lowly, conniving, and tragically miserable is the human. If you did but take the entire lot of us, put us within the confines of a giant olive press, and applied pressure, I doubt you would squeeze out more than a few drops of truth. Truth is sought or known by only a few, while it cannot be denied there are those who shun truth, still others who are its bitterest most unrelenting enemies. But pante rei, as the Greeks say, all flows.
                                                                                                             Richard  Edmondson

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Poison Ivy

It seems as if I've been fighting poison ivy all my life.

You can pull it, dig it, burn it, herbicide it but it always comes back.

The victories in the battles are only temporary. Vigilance is a necessity. Turn your attention elsewhere for too long and it overtakes.

The analogies of poison ivy to our society and culture are many and varied. Mind poison invades and creeps into every crevice it is allowed to take hold. Words against it are only a partial solution. You dig it out and remain watchful or it destroys, slowly but surely.

Syria is the latest poison du jour. Lies are slopped onto our plates and we are expected to eat it and like it and ask for more. To question the ingredients leaves one open to ridicule, accusations of anti-American, anti-semite, conspiracy theorist and even terrorist. You can turn off the tv and ignore the propaganda but it doesn't go away. The poison will eventually affect each of us exactly as it always has.

Locally we all have to deal with invasive poisons. Militarization of the police force is one. Indoctrination of little kids with agendas not of their making is another. The ACLU is pressuring a middle school, 3rd through 8th grades, to put back up a poster saying this is a safe space for all the little LGBT children there. I can hear a 3rd grader asking the teacher, "Am I gay? Do I need to go to my safe space now?"

I'm all for education on these matters but perhaps the setting should be agreed upon by the parents and not mandated by outsiders.

How about a 'Propaganda Free Zone?' A safe space where students can go to get away from the deluge of social engineering and lies of textbook history. A place where war is not peace, where freedom is not slavery, where ignorance is not strength. A place where creativity, objectivity and truth are what matters.

A place where poison ivy does not grow.


For those who never got to see Linda Ronstadt live, let me just say that her voice could fill an auditorium like few others.  Her announcement that she has Parkinson's disease is cause for reflection. Here's my favorite song by Linda.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Guest Post - Salina Khan

American Empire again strikes at Middle East with Egyptian coup

One again...”Empire Strikes Back!”

Egypt like most of the "Third World" has been suffering because of the neoliberal, capitalist policies thrust upon them by Western countries over the past century.

Two years ago, the Egyptian people rose up, threw out their Western-propped dictator and elected Islamically oriented President Mohamed Morsi.
Morsi turned out to be a huge disappointment as he continued existing capitalist policies (but added an Islamic flavor to them) that still oppressed the Egyptian people while enriching multi-national corporations.

If democracy had been allowed to work its evolutionary course, the Egyptian people would have eventually replaced their foreign-imposed capitalist system with one that works for its people.

But before that could happen the Egyptian military, beholden to the United States through the $1.5 billion in foreign aid it receives annually, seized power in a violent coup d'etat this month, butchering thousands of Egyptians in the process and ensuring the continuation of neoliberal capitalism in the largest Arab country in the resource-rich Middle East.

As Brian Becker of the Answer Coalition recently said: "It may be Egyptian soldiers that are pulling the trigger, but the guns, the bullets and the bombs are paid for by the Washington government and our tax dollars."

It's a shame that U.S. politicans and gullible Americans are always accusing Muslims in America of "imposing Shariah law" here when in fact it is our government using our tax dollars that is violently imposing neoliberal capitalist law and disorder around the world to satiate American Empire.

Salina Khan


Salina is the only local Muslim  I know of who dares to put into writing some of the same thoughts that many of us have. The above letter to he editor was published in the Daily News Journal but guess what, at the same time they also published a screed from an islamophobe. In the spirit of 'fair and balanced' I suppose. .

Salina also doesn't shy away from calling out some of the leaders of her religion.
--An imam of national standing organized a "Global Qiyam (prayer) for the People of Syria" in May but has never condemned the U.S. government or Middle East monarchies for equipping the foreign fighters who have brought death and destruction to Syria for over two years now. What a missed opportunity to expose the hypocrisy of the West's War on Terror!
She  is not afraid to state the obvious about 9/11 although this quote from a letter to the DNJ seems to have been removed.
"The truth is Muslims were not behind 9/11."

A line from an old song of mine comes to mind.
"Just stay in your place and maybe you'll be safe."
Staying 'safe' doesn't always aid in promoting truth and positive change. We need a few more Salinas in the Muslim community as well as an outpouring of courage from the rest of us. It's too late for 'safe.' We passed that point a long long time ago.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Your Love Incomplete

The following comment was left at Visible's place from Robert Bonomo...


I’ve recently published a new novel, Your Love Incomplete, and I’m offering it as a free download. I decided to offer for free because I feel charging for it would seriously limit its readership.

Here is the link:

The story follows a Silicon Valley internet marketer mildly obsessed with conspiracy theories and the shift that occurs within him after he encounters an esoterically oriented friend of his father.

So often in our media the person interested in the non-official version of history is portrayed as unbalanced, but in Your Love Incomplete conspiratorial thinking is the catalyst for the main characters journey to spiritual awakening.

There is a strong anarchist flavor to the book, it goes under the hood of the online marketing world and there is plenty of esotericism as the story carries the main character from the SF Bay Area, to New York City, Spain and the Russian Far East.

This is the tale of someone who woke up to the Matrix, but not until he lost everything and wound up in a very strange land. I think this story will resonate with many of the who follow Smoking Mirrors and The Red Lion, which I discovered here, was a big inspiration. I offer it as my contribution to that transformation we are all seeking.

I hope you enjoy it and all the best. 


It's fiction but from what I've read so far it's an interesting read and it's a free download which is always a plus.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Coo Coo for Gaga Puffs

Send in your money now kiddies. What else are you going to do with it? Kickstart the The Marina Abramovic Institute. It's art for arts sake. Only $20 million needed.

Save the world through performance art and give gaga's tits the publicity they so well deserve. 

Here's the video.

Here's the scoop on Marina Abramović

Where have I been all these years? I've never even heard of Marina. It's a learning process. Better late than never. Thank you gaga for enlightening us.

Forget the wars, the crimes against humanity, the surveillance state.  Gaga's new album is coming soon and all is well. Please play a concert in Israel gaga and show those boycotters where to shove it. What a wonderful world.

Now where can I get those cool blindfolds?

Monday, August 5, 2013

A-Rod and The Book of the Law

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

There is no law beyond

          Aleister Crowley ~ Book of the Law

The great kids game is again tarnished. The very rich think they can do what they will. Now can we do something with other New York scammers and criminals, Jamie Dimon, Lloyd Blankfein, etc? Not to excuse Alex Rodriguez, but they make him look like a choir boy.

While on the subject of drugs.....

The Great Drug Delusion
“by a New York specialist”

First published in The English Review, June 1922

Professor Freud and M. Emile Coue have both pointed out, in similar language, despite their different techniques, the same fact about the identity of fear and fascination. It is a commonplace in the daily observation of the practicing psychologist. As soon as an obstacle is realized as such, we make frantic efforts to avoid it, with the result that we bump into it. Psychical impotence is in the experience of most men; it is the same thing in terms of another problem.

Now the present craze for taking “habit-forming drugs” (so-called), and the suggested remedies, are closely bound up with this curious phenomenon. The will behaves like a mule, and the imagination like a bird in the presence of a serpent.

In the spring of 1914 I had occasion to study the effects of cocaine. As it happened, I had access to all the “fast” or “Bohemian” sets in London. I went through them with a tooth-comb, and in three months managed to discover two girls who were indulging in that drug to a deleterious extent. Today, one might almost say that no tea-party is complete without it.

My investigations were cut short by the war; I was obliged to return to the United States. I had therefore no opportunity of observing the cause of the change. My English colleagues, however, attribute the present situation to two main factors: (a) the widespread outbreak of psychoses and neuroses due to public anxiety and stress, and the consequent demand for something that would dull the nerves; and (b) the D.O.R.A. restrictions on the sale of liquor. I agree that both these factors were potent; they square with our own experience in America. There drug-habits have been common for many years; for the people of the United States are naturally afflicted with the nervous diathesis. This is due partly to the climate, which is electrically charged in a way which Europeans cannot possibly understand until they have tried it, and partly to the fact that education is so widespread that the people demand art, literature, and music, which things are denied to them by the benevolence of the spiritual heirs of Cotton Mather. No other hypothesis even attempts to explain the Yellow Press, the dancing manias, the crazed search for amusement — and the resort to the waters of Lethe, beginning with cocktails and ending with cocaine.

But prohibition, ineffective as it is, has intensified the demand for drugs; and I am therefore ready to believe that war-time restrictions on the sale of liquor produced a parallel result in England. I note in passing that the prohibition of absinthe in France has resulted in the manufacture of substitutes, some of which will actually eat their way through a marble table.

There is, however, a third factor to be considered; and, without going over frankly to the theories of Nancy, the Salpetriere, Vienna, and Zurich, it may well be that it is the most important of all. This factor is the nauseating form of publicity given by the newspapers — some even of those which should know better — to the matter. Indulgence in drugs is described with an unholy leer; it is connected lewdly with sexual aberrations; and the reprobation with which the writers smear their nastiness is obviously hypocrisy of the most oily and venal type. The object is to sell the paper by making people’s flesh creep, like the Fat Boy in Pickwick.

Now there is in such articles — which began, I regret to say, with a not uninteresting novel called Felix, by Mr. Robert Hichens — what Baudouin calls a pernicious suggestion. The reader is invited to gloat on the forbidden fruit. But even worse, from this point of view, is the unanimous assertion that once anybody starts to take a “drug” he cannot possibly stop of his own free will, and is only to be rescued at the cost of unutterable torments. Medical treatises on the subject, with no exception so far as I know, perpetuate this wicked libel on the divine prerogative of man to do what he wills, and, when he wills, to stop doing. Writers of fiction follow the evil precedent. The exception to this rule is The Hasheesh Eater, by H. G. Ludlow, in which the author (who lived on the Hudson near Poughkeepsie) describes his addiction to that drug, and his cure by his unaided determination.

Such cases are, however, common enough; but the strong-minded never reach the clinic of the physician, and are consequently ignored by him.

There are, in fact, three main classes of men and women:
1. Afraid to experiment with anything, lest...
2. Enslaved by anything that appeals to them.
3. Able to use anything without damaging themselves.
I hesitate to admit either of the two former classes to the title of Freeman.

Since the year of 1898 I have been principally occupied in studying the effects of various drugs upon the human organism, with special reference to the parallelisms between the psychical phenomena of drug-neuroses, insanities, and mystical illuminations. The main object has been to see whether it is possible to produce the indubitably useful (see William James, Varieties of Religious Experience) results of “ecstasy” in the laboratory. In pursuit of this laudable aim, I attempted to produce a “drug-habit” in myself. In vain. My wife literally nagged me about it: “Don’t go out without your cocaine, sweetheart!” or “Did you remember to take your heroin before lunch, big boy?” I reached the stage where one takes a sniff of cocaine every five minutes or so all day long; but though I obtained definitely toxic results, I was always able to abandon the drug without a pang. These experiments simply confirmed the conclusion which I had already adopted, provisionally, on theoretical grounds: that busy people, interested in life and in their work, simply cannot find the time to keep on with a drug. As Baudelaire says: A perfect debauch requires perfect leisure.

A prominent newspaper correspondent of my acquaintance has actually reached a stage where the privation of opium was torture to him. The stress of the war threw additional work on him; but instead of accentuating his need, it made it impossible for him to find the time to smoke. “Satan finds some mischief still for idle hands to do” is sound psychology.

A colleague of my own, who participated in my experiments, found himself on several occasions “in the clutches of the drug-fiends.” But those occasions were all characterized by one fact: he was, for external reasons, at a deadlock with his work. He had nothing to do but to think about the drug, and his mind was so flooded with “pernicious suggestions” that he could not stop it. Every trifling malaise was unhesitatingly attributed either to the effects of the drug or those of trying to stop it! Just so the young man who was reading Middlemarch fell down stairs and broke his leg — and blamed the law of gravity instead of George Eliot!

It is not contended here that the physiological theory of “toleration” is untrue. No doubt the nerves do, more or less, “shriek for their accustomed stimulus,” as the foolish physician usually tells his victim — apparently with the hope of removing any traces of self-confidence or will-power that he may possess. But, within limits, an average brave and resolute man can arrange the details of his “cure,” and carry them out with success.

The nerves, too, can be fooled to some extent. A member of the Himalayan Expedition of 1902 has put it on record that when he was starved in respect of his sugar-ration he suffered the most intolerable tortures. The body agreed with him so far as to furnish almost continuous spasms of nausea and diarrhea. But on sweetening his tea with saccharine, the symptoms almost completely disappeared: the “suggestion” of sugar, although he knew it was only a suggestion, suffices to delude his physiological “Chorus of Troezenian Women.”

Now if there be one thing certain in this complex world it is this: that moral maladies require moral therapeutics. The present system of “per nicious suggestion,” backed by prohibition, which insults the free will and dignity of mankind, which offers princely opportunities to illicit traffic and blackmail, makes the situation worse every month.

In Harlem, a district of New York corresponding roughly to a combination of Bayswater and Brixton, there are, by police statistics, over 17,000 school children addicted to heroin. In this particular case the cause is simple enough. An enterprising firm of doubtless God-fearing chemical manufacturers sent out agents to distribute the drug gratis to the children. Having established the “habit,” the agents next demanded an ever-increasing price, and when they had extracted the last mil from the tortured innocents, told them to steal, rob, and murder in order to get the “mazuma” for the “dope.” (The “addict” is notoriously fertile in expedients for obtaining supplies of his drug.) Abominations of this sort are only possible when the course of nature is violently diverted by pious Puritans and profiteering policemen. Nobody troubled about the heroin when is was almost as easy and as cheap to buy as butter. Today, despite repressive legislation, there is an international industry making its many thousands per cent on an enormous turnover, and occasionally throwing some peddling Jonah overboard when some brainless dancing girl happens to kill herself.

What better could she do? And the police want “additional powers.” Of course they do. They envy the Beckers of New York, the arbitrary irresponsible gangs of uniformed grafters, in league with every form of criminal, from the white slaver to the gambler and the gunman. If the people of England want to see their cities in the hands of petty tyranny patting the paunch of corruption, well and good, “strengthen the Act!”

There has been so much delirious nonsense written about drugs that sane men may well despair of seeing the light. But it ought to be obvious that if England reverted to pre-war conditions, when any responsible person (by signing his name in a book) could buy drugs at a fair profit on cost price, cocaine (say) at 16's" and heroin at 20's" the bottle of 10 grammes — instead of as many pounds — the whole underground traffic would disappear like a bad dream.

It is possible, perhaps even probable, that for a month or two there would be an increase in the number of fools who killed themselves in their folly, though personally I doubt it. But I have no shame in saying that, after a war in which we sent our sturdiest sons as sheep to the slaughter, we should not miss a few score wasters too stupid to know when to stop. Besides this, we see, on the one hand, that the people who want the drugs manage to get them in one way or another, at the cost of time, trouble, and money which might be used more wisely, and on the other that the infernal suggestions of the Press, and the vile venality of the villains attracted to the traffic by the immense profits, are deliberately creating new addicts every day of people who in the normal course of affairs would no more think of indulging in narcotics than a cat in a cold bath.

So much for the purely practical points of the position; but, deeper still, let me say, as a Jeffersonian democrat, that I dread beyond all else the growth of the petty tyranny of restrictive legislation, the transference of disciplinary authority from the judiciary to the constabulary, the abandonment of every constitutional safeguard of individual liberty, the division of the people into the hunters and the hunted, the exaltation of the spy, the “agent provocateur,” and the blackmailer, the open adoption of the policy of sitting on the safety-valve, and the degradation of citizenship by applying physical repression to the evils whose only redress lies in moral development!
                                                                  from the Luminist Archives

Friday, August 2, 2013

Nudge Nudge Wink Wink

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. ...We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. ...In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons...who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”
                                                                                          ― Edward L. Bernays, Propaganda

Former violinist Maya Shankar, now "Nudge Czar"

We must be in the 'reveal our methods' times. It's so they can say 'you were told, you didn't say much, so you must have agreed.'

Now we have  the announcement of the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy "Nudge Team" led by 'wunderkind' Maya Shankar who will lead a 'behavioral insights team' to tinker with our minds and nudge us in the directions they want us to go.

Nothing new here. We have had governments, religions and individuals trying to nudge us towards their viewpoints, well, forever. Often times if the nudge won't work, then the shove will. Failing that, the barrel of a gun works wonders.

The science of behavior modification has come a long way in the last 100 years since the Federal Reserve came into being. I don't think that is a coincidence. Ever since Edward Bernays was hired by Woodrow Wilson to promote World War I, there has been one nudge after another to get the public to accept wars as the biggest money making scams there are. Bernays' propaganda became 'public relations' and the consumerist race was on. One can be nudged into buying just about anything as long as there is an emotional attachment to it, contrived or not.

'Nudge' apparently comes from the book of the same name co-written by former White House cognitive dissonance czar Cass Sunstein, famous for his proposing government infiltration of groups opposing prevailing policy. Palestinian Liberation? 9/11 Truth? Anti-nuclear power? Stop the wars? End the Fed? Eat the Rich?

Maya's task will be to put a kinder, gentler, youthful face to the fascism of our day. It's all for your own good and that of the collective, you know. Brainwashing is such an outdated term so let's try a new one without the baggage.

The success of the 'Nudge Team' remains to be seen. It will start with things we may actually agree with and move perhaps into more nefarious areas. 'Stand your ground' may take on a whole new meaning because the social engineering thugs always strike first and expect us to back off and accept their nudges reluctantly but without protest. It doesn't have to be that way.


Hit the Hay