Friday, August 2, 2013

Nudge Nudge Wink Wink

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. ...We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. ...In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons...who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”
                                                                                          ― Edward L. Bernays, Propaganda

Former violinist Maya Shankar, now "Nudge Czar"

We must be in the 'reveal our methods' times. It's so they can say 'you were told, you didn't say much, so you must have agreed.'

Now we have  the announcement of the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy "Nudge Team" led by 'wunderkind' Maya Shankar who will lead a 'behavioral insights team' to tinker with our minds and nudge us in the directions they want us to go.

Nothing new here. We have had governments, religions and individuals trying to nudge us towards their viewpoints, well, forever. Often times if the nudge won't work, then the shove will. Failing that, the barrel of a gun works wonders.

The science of behavior modification has come a long way in the last 100 years since the Federal Reserve came into being. I don't think that is a coincidence. Ever since Edward Bernays was hired by Woodrow Wilson to promote World War I, there has been one nudge after another to get the public to accept wars as the biggest money making scams there are. Bernays' propaganda became 'public relations' and the consumerist race was on. One can be nudged into buying just about anything as long as there is an emotional attachment to it, contrived or not.

'Nudge' apparently comes from the book of the same name co-written by former White House cognitive dissonance czar Cass Sunstein, famous for his proposing government infiltration of groups opposing prevailing policy. Palestinian Liberation? 9/11 Truth? Anti-nuclear power? Stop the wars? End the Fed? Eat the Rich?

Maya's task will be to put a kinder, gentler, youthful face to the fascism of our day. It's all for your own good and that of the collective, you know. Brainwashing is such an outdated term so let's try a new one without the baggage.

The success of the 'Nudge Team' remains to be seen. It will start with things we may actually agree with and move perhaps into more nefarious areas. 'Stand your ground' may take on a whole new meaning because the social engineering thugs always strike first and expect us to back off and accept their nudges reluctantly but without protest. It doesn't have to be that way.


Hit the Hay


  1. Even as a kid I always wondered how people in the old Soviet Union could believe the surreal propaganda they were fed. In the long term, they couldn't and it led to the great unraveling.

    Now here in America we find ourselves being fed the same absurd twists of reality by the same players. It will take awhile for Americans to realize just how phoney things are. Well let us hope they realize, however there is no guarantee they will. Europe seems to buy the party line decade after decade as if they were talking monkeys. We are their descendants after stealing all of the native American land for the crown, mining the gold and sending it back to Euro bank vaults. U.S. version of the matrix has no free health care, guaranteed jobs like Ivan enjoyed. No you pay for health care even if you are stuck at burger king and you will provide your own trailer.

    American idiot has served his purpose, provided mercenaries for Euro wars, (300 pounders take to the street shouting USA USA, with each new war) but now it seems we simply require too much energy, food and resources than we are worth. It is euthanasia time. Agenda 21 will fill the bill. Remember GMO is being defeated in Europe, not so in America. Europe is still going to need a certain amount of slaves for the time being anyway, can't kill them all presently. They stopped fluoride in the water but still push vaccines which are great for target killing. (different strokes (doses) for different folks and you can chip everyone using the new Hitachi chip in the needle.

    Mexico will become part of these United States. There are too many of them also but that will most likely be taken care of. Mexico is very valuable as it sits on an ocean of silver that has never been mined. They will get around to it if earth changes do not get in the way. It will eventually be moving to the Euro bank vaults as they have stolen an estimated 66 thousand tons of gold just lately. In fact London banks helped Adolph (Rothschild) Hitler sell Czech gold.

    We are already beginning to enjoy the Mexican version of health care .... you get sick you die! Many people are going to get very sick soon ... tar sands pipeline across the bread basket, corexit in the gulf, fuku radiation sweeping the northern hemisphere, poisoned food, etc etc.

  2. "In order that he who rules may be seated firmly in the hearts and minds of his subjects it is necessary for the time of his activity to instruct the whole nation in the schools and on the market place about his meaning and his acts and all his beneficent initiatives." (XVI)

    Thanks for bringing this up, Kenny. This is truly beyond the pale, and this talented girl being a part of it. Sad, sad, sad.

    But, the plan has been in place for a long time, we are just waking up to it. Good grief.

  3. meanwhile....

    AL QUIDA is lurking....

    in your dreams {}


  4. Salina Khan once again tries to add some sanity to the local narrative. At least this does get posted.

    To the Editor:

    After President Barack Obama admitted in July that the U.S. government will be providing military weapons to mostly foreign terrorists bombing, assasinating and destroying Syria (100,000 people have been killed over the past two years), it should be clear to the American people who is really behind the "terrorism" in the Muslim world: Western imperialist powers.

    For decades Western governments have been training, funding and equipping Muslim men (including Osama bin Laden as Hillary Clinton once admitted) to fight and destabalize these regions and pave the way for multi-national corporations' to gain control of Middle East natural and labor resources.

    These foreign backed mercenaries motivated by money and a distorted misinterpretation of Islam (propagated by the Western-backed Saudi Wahabi regime but rejected by most Muslims) have nothing to do with true Islam or Muslims.

    While Muslims in America (especially Murfreesboro) are constantly accused of links with terrorism, in actuality all of us who pay taxes are responsible for funding these terrorists (in Afghanistan, Libya and now Syria).

    Where is the outrage?

    Salina Khan

  5. Natalie Merchant- This House is on Fire

    This house is on fire

    Kick off your boots, come and sit a spell
    Listen to me worry, come and listen well
    All you better best come and lean in boys
    'Cause I don't dare to raise my voice

    I've been sitting here for the longest time
    Reading all the warning and the danger signs
    I don't have the gift of the prophecy
    Telling everybody how it's gonna be

    Soon come, soon come the day
    This tinderbox is gonna blow in your face
    I don't have the gift of the prophecy
    Telling everybody how it's gonna be

    You go passing wrong for right and right for wrong
    People only stand for that for just so long
    It's all gonna catch like a house on fire
    Spark an evil blaze and burn higher

    Well, I don't have the gift of the prophecy
    Telling everybody how it's gonna be
    You go passing wrong for right and right for wrong
    People only stand for that for just so long

    I don't have the gift of the prophecy
    Telling everybody how it's gonna be
    There's a wild fire catching in the whip of the wind
    That could start a conflagration
    Like there has never been

    This house is on fire

    1. OMGosh one of the best songs ever! Thank you for introducing us to it!

      Oh, yes, and Kenny, as usual your common sense is ... sickeningly sane!

      Bernays was quite the number. It is interesting after all these years to see his name starting to pop up with frequency.

      Budge. Judge. Nudge. Fudge. Grudge. Sludge. Trudge. I imagine her father is rolling over in his grave!


    Are you having a problem with pesky nations that refuse to comply with the Globalist or Zionist program? Worried about the cost and unintended consequences of another Neo-Con war? Well, before you do anything rash, try overthrowing the target government with a "Soft Power" revolution instead. See recipe below.


    1. That's a pretty good summary of one recipe and I like the humor. I've called the protocols a cookbook for a long time and the analogy of recipes seems to fit what is nudging us.

  7. Everyone likes a building demolition video, don't they?

    Here's another one that may have not gone exactly as planned.

  8. Check this out Kenny

    The Captain

    "The other stooge was Periyar E.V.Ramasamy, the mentor of the Dravidian party of Karunanidhi. Indians must know the truth in this internet age.

    The owner of British East India company who enslaved India German Jew Rothschild used another German Jew Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche to brainwash EVR Periyar. Nietzsche did self propaganda that he is a Polish aristrocrat Christian— but he remains a German Jew, funded by Rothschild."

  9. Just thinking about the 2 "Al Qaeda terrorist" prison breaks in the news lately, the govt warnings about new Al Qaeda terror plots (how convenient) and the Soros funded Iranian writing a book on Jesus that's getting all the fundies upset - the weather report looks like WWIII is just around the corner.

    Got part of my genetics report back - in addition to most of my mom's dna coming from the UK, I found I have a 5th cousin in Palestine named Ahmed. How the hell did that happen? - Andie

  10. 93% of the Public Wants GMO Labeling—Monsanto and the Big Agribusiness Giants Plan to Spend Millions in Propaganda to Change Our Minds