Saturday, August 24, 2013

Poison Ivy

It seems as if I've been fighting poison ivy all my life.

You can pull it, dig it, burn it, herbicide it but it always comes back.

The victories in the battles are only temporary. Vigilance is a necessity. Turn your attention elsewhere for too long and it overtakes.

The analogies of poison ivy to our society and culture are many and varied. Mind poison invades and creeps into every crevice it is allowed to take hold. Words against it are only a partial solution. You dig it out and remain watchful or it destroys, slowly but surely.

Syria is the latest poison du jour. Lies are slopped onto our plates and we are expected to eat it and like it and ask for more. To question the ingredients leaves one open to ridicule, accusations of anti-American, anti-semite, conspiracy theorist and even terrorist. You can turn off the tv and ignore the propaganda but it doesn't go away. The poison will eventually affect each of us exactly as it always has.

Locally we all have to deal with invasive poisons. Militarization of the police force is one. Indoctrination of little kids with agendas not of their making is another. The ACLU is pressuring a middle school, 3rd through 8th grades, to put back up a poster saying this is a safe space for all the little LGBT children there. I can hear a 3rd grader asking the teacher, "Am I gay? Do I need to go to my safe space now?"

I'm all for education on these matters but perhaps the setting should be agreed upon by the parents and not mandated by outsiders.

How about a 'Propaganda Free Zone?' A safe space where students can go to get away from the deluge of social engineering and lies of textbook history. A place where war is not peace, where freedom is not slavery, where ignorance is not strength. A place where creativity, objectivity and truth are what matters.

A place where poison ivy does not grow.


For those who never got to see Linda Ronstadt live, let me just say that her voice could fill an auditorium like few others.  Her announcement that she has Parkinson's disease is cause for reflection. Here's my favorite song by Linda.


  1. Well this post is a huge fail but a boon for the cause of divide and conquer.

    1. It's only divisive if that's what you want it to be. I know you know that I have always been a live and let live kind of person and of course bullying is not acceptable for any reason. The question is how young is too young to have the discussions of sexuality...3rd grade, 4th grade, 8th grade? I don't really have the answer to that and think that local parents should make that decision and not an outside group.

      We don't get conquered by asking questions...only if we allow ourselves to fight with each other to the point of resentment and hatred.

  2. I suppose you could call it the agenda, promoted by the great alliance of corporate, masonic, religious, zion, media and others under the banner of satanism. It reminds of Carlos Casteneda and the separate reality.

    We are entering a separate reality, where sky scrapers fall with ease, some of them untouched. It appears the homosexual agenda has been pushed for centuries by those who wish to turn humanity into brutish beasts. The standard line is what does it matter if they aren't hurting anyone they have rights, lady gaga is harmless. You will get arguments such as "oh you want to put homosexuals in gas chambers yada yada. No that is not what most of us are saying. I am saying homosexuality is abnormal and not something which should be defended by the state. I prefer women myself.

    Under Taoism in China homosexuality was strictly discouraged. They called it dragon yang. Yang on Yang. You will notice the tao symbolizes balance, ying and yang. There is no balance with homosexuality, it is a tool for population reduction, for you of course and not those chosen to reign over the universe. (The do as thou wilt jet set.)

    We don't see many safe areas are discussion when it comes to gang killings, children dying from vacinations, investigations of orphans missing from state care etc. No we are worried about little Johnny who can't read being denied a sex change operation.

    There will be more Linda Ronstadts as the use of teflon, aluminum, fluoride, gmo, vaccines and other poisons continue unabated. Aluminum collects in the brain and it does not conduct electricity, it blocks it. That is one reason the elite cook with copper, bronze, iron and drink out of silver. Cooking with stainless still is better than many objects used in the west, but it still nickel and cadmium are not good for you. Lead and mercury everywhere are big problems also but the elite filer their water.

    In China they are very big on copper and silver teapots, they don't have the dementia being experienced in the west. In fact China has taken some of their excess dollars and suing them to buy up copper mines around the world. Copper is an essential ingredient in Bronze, sterling silver and brain waves.

    1. Did you see the latest 'study' on how dietary copper intake may be linked to Alzheimer's? It seems to be the latest shot in war on organics, good food and good cooking practices if one doesn't dig deep into what may be a very flawed study.

    2. Yes Kenny I did see that, I believe it was linked on Rense. Remember it is put out by the "BRITISH" national health service. LOL Articles from the telegraph also.

      Studies show it is not good to intake massive amounts of copper as with anything else but Boutillier has a theory on it and I think he is a good researcher. You can skip his theories on the prophet Daniel however if you like!

      In that article they do mention aluminum also, which seems to be the main culprit, it does not conduct electric impulse in the brain. You know one doctor was commenting once on the fact the royals all ate and drank from silver which is 15% copper. He said the prince of Wales had so much silver and copper in his cells that most physicians would pronounce him as having heavy metal poison, but with no ill effects.

      All of the ancients (China, India) used silver, bronze and copper for eating and drinking and alzheimers did not seem to be much of a problem as least that we know of. The Kiddush cup is also made of silver or bronze usually. In fact I picked up a beer opened (Israel 50th Jubilee) for 50 cents at a Haitian flea market. I toss it in a soup every once in awhile to make sure I get enough copper!

      The british national health service also wants to mandate vaccines. I rarely believe a word they say. The telegraph believes .............. fill in the blank.Call me a skeptic on that one.

    3. Parkinson's can be caused by alcoholism (alcohol being a neurotoxin) though I've never heard of LR being an addict.

      I have tested positive for a mutation in a gene which involves methylation - this is fairly common in the US. It can also cause toxic buildup of heavy metals, as well as symptoms of Parkinson's - maybe that's what is going on there.

  3. There is not much of a divide and conquer here as homosexuality is a very miniscule part of the population, as is animal sex and necrophilia. You wouldn't know that however the way it is being pushed. By the way sex with animals they say is spreading in Germany. Don't want to criticize that too much however and "divide and conquer."

    I am at the point where I wish such responses were planted and not really believed but I am afraid some believe it. Under this set of guidelines maybe we should not criticize murder, robbery, main lining heroin etc. It tends to divide and conquer. In fact normal debate tends to divide and conquer, perhaps we should all just shut up and except what corporate press tells us.

    1. That's right !! Bestiality in Germany. LOL

      It's only the most civilized nation on the planet, but after they make the best cars in the world, listen to their Beethoven and Mozart and read their their Nietzsche and Rilke, they like to go hump their pooch.

      I wonder who would say that about them ?


      Couldn't be the grand-kids of the diamond-shitters and the lampshade & soap horror comics fantasists of yore, now, could it ?

      As for 'divide and conquer,' there is no unifying people who have diametrically opposite values, but all who qualify as the smallest minority in the world can be united when they adhere to the non-aggression principle (non-initiation of force or fraud; force only justified in self defense).

      ~Negentropic MK I

  4. Only unthinking people have no prejudices. If homosexuality is inate then so are other human behaviors. Perhaps we should tear down our prisons and be more understanding. In some cultures young children cane marry so how does that square with pedaphilia? All morality is cultural, it's where you choose to draw the line. If on the other hand we are blank slates when we are born then homosexuality is taught or at least a choice. The question is then should homosexuality, pedaphilia or incest etc. be taught to children? Sometimes life presents us with hard choices.


    Copper in the ancient world, using it to treat trembling of the limbs, (kind of like people do with parkinsons disease.

    Same with ionic silver, the kind that leaches from a sterling cup into juice tea or wine. There was a time when westerners had enough since to get their children a sterling baby cup so they wouldn't get sick. No germ bacteria or pathogen can live in silver.

    The ancients knew that silver, copper and gold lodge also in the pineal gland, the seat of cognitive intuition and second sight. They lodge in the spine to conduct sexual energy upwards to the brain and keep it humming. Fluoride is known to calcify the pineal gland. (probably just an accident it is in our drinking water.) yup

    Come to the center of the earth, and there you shall find the Philosopher's Stone - Basilius Valentinus (Fifteenth Century Alchemist)

    Indian black salve

    2. Compounds of colloidal silver, copper and gold found in the salve.  Some are of these are there naturally, while others may be added in tiny quantity in certain herbs.  Silver and copper, for example, are excellent germ killers in their own right.

    I may have to do another post on this one.

    If the MSN is against something, I am usually for it! Cheers

    1. heh, too.

      Also if it's advertised or promoted heavily, it's most likely not needed.


    Like werewolves and vampires, bacteria have a weakness: silver. 

The precious metal has been used to fight infection for thousands of years — Hippocrates first described its antimicrobial properties in 400 bc — but how it works has been a mystery.

    I can remember when pharmacists used to use a bronze pestle to mix medicine.It made it much more effective with the copper colloid.

    "I know of no microbe that is not killed by silver in laboratory experiments in six minutes."
           -- Dr. Henry Crooks, M.D. (1921)

    Please note that in no way, shape or form should these quotations be construed to be an endorsement of the use of colloidal silver for purposes not approved by the FDA. Nor should they be construed as "prescriptive" in nature. They are for informational and research purposes only.

  7. Everything is not all negative. A German group has taken to destroying spy cameras and it has spread to Finland and Greece as well as Washington State. They film the camera smashing and show it on youtube. They call it camover.

    It is not totally new as I read a few years ago, in some sections of Los Angeles the hispanics simply took guns and shot the cameras!

  8. How about a poster that declares "everyone who conducts themselves in a civilized manner is deserving of respect". I bet we could design one free of pyramid(inverted or not)and/or star(pentagram)symbolism.

    1. I'll go with that.

      I'm slow. I didn't even notice the connection with the star and inverted pyramid in the poster. Thanks. Very perceptive.

  9. All the stories about the 'poor' Syrian children the MSM is running means they're getting ready to kill a bunch of Syrians, all for the sake of humanity.

    Seven countries in five years? A bit behind schedule, but still heading that way, all for the glory of Eretz Israel.

  10. can't we all just get along..."Jew" worshipping ?

    it seems to be working so well, especially for the poor and defenseless...

    curiously Al received almost one full calendar year of FREE BED & BREAKFAST in

    MISSOURI....the "SHOW ME" so-called STATE !!

    the difference between the SACRED {Holy} & the PROFANE {unholy} obvious

    even to a child.....

    who would simply conclude that the war on a plant should have been against

    POISON IVY...instead of Hemp.

    unnatural & unholy is not a PURE state....of being.

    "Jewish" much more can America & the "West" endure ?



    "The answer is, the Syrian government did not use chemical weapons in Damascus, or elsewhere. And while the strawman currently being knocked down by the Western media is whether the attacks were faked or real, the stark reality is that [USrael-]NATO and its terrorist proxies most likely did expose a large number of people to something, seeking mass casualties in a last ditch effort to salvage what is clearly the end of their 'Arab Spring' blitzkrieg." - Tony Cartalucci

    [my add]

    This is the zionist new world order at its best, or worst, depending which side of the truth and history you are going to stand.

  12. I too saw Linda Ronstadt live many years ago and she was great. She only got better. As an avid reader of the Jerusalem Washington New York Times Post I found this feature on her today. It is a bit disappointing, but still you might enjoy reading it.

    Best wishes,

    Mantiq al-Tayr

    1. Mantiq, so glad to hear from you. I hope you are doing well.and look forward to you getting back into the mix as your time permits.

    2. Will do what I can but it won't be often. Just put one up a few days ago on the Mantiq al-Tayr site.

      I have an alternative site where I post simpler things that don't take a lot of time. Probably about once every three weeks or so on average.