Saturday, August 31, 2013

War Criminals Announce Their Decision to Strike Syria Whenever They Choose

Barry says an attack on Syria is a go. But first let's have a debate in Congress so they can vote as Israel tells them to. Money and threats of blackmail are now being offered.

Right makes might. It's the American way. So what if it's all lies? When psychopaths rule and do the bidding of their masters...there is no will of the people.

Speech starts @ 2 Minute mark.

Highlights -
- 'overwhelming evidence'
- Blamed Assad off the bat
- Citing dead children to appeal to emotion
- These attacks 'Harms our National Security'
- Possibility of 'Assad giving weapons to terrorists'
- United states IS going to take strikes
- 'No boots on the ground'
- 'Limited duration and scope'
- The US needs to 'hold Assad Accountable'
- We are prepared to strike 'whenever we choose'
- Not time sensative, but prepared,
- President calls our form of gov't a 'constitutional DEMOCRACY'
- He WILL seek authorization for use of force from congress
- Spoke with the 4 congressional leaders to schedule that 'hearing'
- Comfortable with going forward WITHOUT UN, citing them being 'paralyzed'
- Obama is mad about UK not supporting
- He then cites that he has the 'authority' to start a war without authorization

- A few closing quotes

'We must acknowledge the costs of doing nothing'
'What message would we send if we do nothing while children are being gassed!?'
'I know well we are weary of war... that's why we are only going to pressure Assad regime... After WWII, We built an international order to establish peace, so I ask you congress to take a vote FOR authorization of force to keep the peace'.

Full transcript

WASHINGTON, DC – House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA), Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) today issued the following joint statement.
The American people say NO!
“Under the Constitution, the responsibility to declare war lies with Congress.  We are glad the president is seeking authorization for any military action in Syria in response to serious, substantive questions being raised.  In consultation with the president, we expect the House to consider a measure the week of September 9th.  This provides the president time to make his case to Congress and the American people.”

Israel and client states want nobody to rule Syria
The Israeli-neocon 9/11 coup d’état allowed the pro-destabilization, Zionist faction of the US elite to seize the reins of power. Since then we’ve seen the implementation of the Destabilization Doctrine.

Many are naively asking “will it be the al-Qaeda affiliated opposition or President Assad’s government who will rule Syria?” From the perspective of the Zionist West the answer is neither. Israelocentric policy makers don’t want there to be a “Syria” to be ruled at the end of this chapter of history. It is the balkanization of the Middle East into microstates which is the long term goal, as expressed by Oded Yinon and his acolytes.

Certain Neocons have effectively argued for the Rothschildesque backing of both sides in Syria to perpetuate the carnage to the benefit of Israel. Neocon guru Daniel Pipes in a recently televised interview contended that in Syria the West should “keep them fighting each other,” adding “we are best off strategically when they are focused on each other.” This supports the contention that the Zionists want nobody to rule Syria. They want nobody to rule Iraq. They want nobody to rule Iran. They want sectarian civil war and carnage so Arabs, Persians and Muslims are fighting each other rather than the Zionist cuckoo in the nest.   more

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  1. The lies are so transparent now it is downright painful to even listen. I just read this.

  2. Could possibly get a whole lot worse than people think.

    You know did anyone ever figure out what Cliff High's Israeli mistake was. Could this be it?

  3. The world is exhausted. We need an enhanced awakening that will move us towards basic human necessities which includes peace. A continuation of chaos is the option.

    Trafalgar Square

    In Yemen they are tired of the drone strikes and western empire.

    Not enough folks in the streets in the US.

  4. Yesss! Now why can't nobody else get it:

    "...the Zionists want nobody to rule Syria. They want nobody to rule Iraq. They want nobody to rule Iran..."

    And nobody to rule in America, at least till one more war, maybe two. But then maybe they got New Zealand down for Iran. So one more, and kaput.

    Devil's Night in Detroit was Israel's plan for the whole US and they're getting there way too quick.

  5. Money from Israeli backers is pouring into the Congress, buying votes. And if that doesn't work, there's always extortion and blackmail.

    And the always reliable False Flag, which could be set off on 9.11.13 and blamed on Syria.

    1. Dude, you guys are talking as if there is anything that they can't force people to believe and do when they've already made billions of people in all corners of the globe believe for 12 years that fires can bring down not just two 100 story buildings and one 47 story one, but 9 friggin' buildings altogether !! lol

      Syria, Libya or No Rothschild central bank + a secular, non-tyranny-of-the-majority-democracy-racket-infected government that economically benefits its people through strong and confident leadership, in the same way that strong, traditional father-figures would smack pre-emptive sense or discipline into their children (their disciples), accrue them the benefits and come to be respected as manly men of honor rather than hated as tyrannical child abusers = invasion

      Iran or No Rothschild central bank + a totally corrupt, medieval theocracy that specializes in anti-zio/anti-jew rhetoric but in reality does everything the zio-jews would want them to do, that is smack its peoples backwards into 32 years of double-digit inflation (sometimes as high as 25%), joblessness, powerlessness and a 1-in-17-addicted drug addiction rate and hence economic disaster, but survives overthrow because it dangles the consolation prize of institutionalized sexism and complete manly control over their women = ha ha hee hee ho ho, good bogieman to dangle for anyone naïve enough to confuse the economic strength behind all military strength with population density and fanaticism.

      ~Negentropic MK I

    2. When people are conditioned in social engineering projects through all major media in the world, mainstream or alternative, it is not the few individuals that transcend the norm who are being targeted but the masses of the more-or-less 'well-adjusted.' They are well-adjusted to what ? the strict paradigms set up by their previous conditioning, to which, most of the acceptable 'alternative' rebellions from these very paradigms come already attached.

      All conditioning of whatever degree of intensity or efficacy, for good or for bad, is Pavlovian at its base. Our concern, if we are to be presumptuous enough to appoint ourselves individuals dissenting from all or most dogmatic herds, is the bad, so we can replace it with the good.

      It is to be hoped that once the unfortunate herd-dwellers quietly suffering the emptiness of daily inflictions-of-pleasure see a few more balanced souls on a higher plateau, balanced because unburdened of the 'pleasurable inflictions' of unwanted conditioning, and enlightened and self-conditioned with the wanted, no longer armed with fall-se-hood but the know-ledge to walk the ledge, can lead them to go beyond their own fear-based triggers of dysfunction and stroll boldly upon and into definite solidities and knowable qualities and not the deliberate disinformational confusion and fear-breeding-ground of 'making all things believable and nothing knowable.'

      ~Negentropic MK II

  6. America’s Israel Lobby Demands “Direct Military Strikes” Against Syria

    The names of the “experts” seeking a “decisive response” against Syria:

    Karl Rove, Senator Joseph I. Lieberman, Ambassador Robert G. Joseph Elliott Abrams, etc.


    The list above corresponds closely with the PNAC signatories whom demanded war on Iraq:


    From the comments:

    We’ve seen these same names before the Iraq invasion. Looks like an invitation list to a Bar Mitzvah.

    Read the rest:

  7. Barack Obama is just a lying piece of excrement wearing a suit and tie. More Americans are seeing Obama for what he is. I think Al Qaeda should be stopped. Impeaching their leader, Barack Obama, would be a step in the right direction.

  8. Israel: The missing link in Syria puzzle
    by Adrian Salbuchi

    As the world holds its breath, wondering when the US and its allies will attack Syria, Western governments and its well-oiled mainstream media seem to be ignoring a key player that has kept strangely quiet during this crisis: Israel.


  9. I watched Barry at the gym - don't watch tv - I almost gave the tv the finger.

    in other news:

    The tiny town of Leith -- which had 16 residents as of the 2010 census -- got a rude awakening last week when it was revealed that a newcomer in town was plotting a takeover to make Leith a white-supremacist haven. Paul Craig Cobb, 61, had moved to town about a year ago and made an announcement in May 2012 about his plans for a "White Nationalist intentional community in North Dakota...For starters, we could declare a Mexican illegal invaders and Israeli Mossad/IDF spies no-go zone."

    Cobb had been posting on VNN

  10. The main thing to realize about fear-based manipulation is that the large number of mildly toxic conditionings that most people have allowed their subconscious minds to be programmed with, which are then, of course, triggered many times on a daily basis to reenforce the symbiotic vicious circle, are more destructive in their cumulative effect than one or two actual 'real life' major traumas creating triggers of justified fear such as rape or assault or life-threatening sickness.

    The massively funded gurus of manipulation and cunning know that by giving the impression that real life major traumas are the norm and not the exception, by making you fear potential trauma-inducing events such as rape or assault or sickness which, even if not exactly rampant in your own neighborhood, 'statistics show' are likely to be just a few miles from where you live, lusting for your flesh, blood, bones, life's breath and immune system and even for your 'way of life' and 'racial purity,' they can program your subconscious to do anything they want and to even believe things you have absolutely no proof for or reason to believe (such as the plausibility of fires bringing down 100 story skyscrapers, or guys with two legs blown off, fully conscious, holding their own bloody stumps up, tied with absurd 'gravity tourniquets,' being pushed to an ambulance in a ridiculous wheelchair by a Costa Rican white-cowboy-hatted clown in 'white knight' clothes with barely a few smudges of blood on him, etc.)

    Among these 'well-adjusted' are just as many unsuspecting self-styled 'rebels' and 'individualists' and 'awakened' people who are psychologically conditioned in exactly the same way as the mainstream-media lobotomies, using the same basic Pavlovian mechanism, with similar triggers, but only different targets to externalize power to.

    "Out of trauma (real or manufactures) comes forth fear and out of the fear comes forth the externalization of power.

    Whatever you externalize power to, whether that is to the Build-a-Burgers, reptilian shape-shifters, the New World Order, the Jews, the Vatican or whatever the case may be, it makes no difference psychologically because as soon as you externalize power (instead of internalizing it) you're already in a state of control.

    People who are given a constant dose of fear propaganda get addicted to that physiological response. This makes them pursue anything that can provide them with that high. That high is based upon the emotion of fear.

    You can't find 'truth,' when you're in the process of being traumatized and re-traumatized and the whole process is really about fulfilling this subconsciously created need to be fearful." ~ Lenon Honor

    Abirato Radio 08 / 17 / 2013 - Ep56 - Guest: Lenon Honor

    ~Negentropic MK III

  11. Thanks folks. Appreciate the input.

    Negen, some good points. We'll see...

  12. The Jew owned MSM is pressing a full-court attack on this Syrian thing. Deja Vu of the run-up to the illegal and immoral Iraq War.

    It's times like this that give Israeli CRIME MINISTER Betty Nuttyahoo a raging boner, he doesn't have to take Viagra to perform sex on kidnapped eastern European teenagers.

  13. P.S. The 'Trans-Pacific Partnership' is scheduled to be signed before October and Barry is asking for 'Fast Track' approval.
    The TPP will make NAFTA seem tame by comparison.

    Isn't it a lucky break that all this war mongering about Syria has put the TPP on the back-burner, out of site and ready to be shoved down our throats?

  14. 1. Contrary to what USG officials keep parroting through the zionist mass media (ZMM), the United States of America is a Republic, not a Democracy and the Founding fathers specifically designed the Constitution to prevent America from ever becoming a democracy by creating what was to be a permanent separation of powers between Congress, the Judiciary and the Executive (Administration including the President).

    2. The Federal Reserve Bank is a foreign owned private central bank which creates imaginary, fiat money out of thin air only, is no more federal than Federal Express shipping company, has no reserves, and is basically an unconstitutional “sleight of hand” fraud operation which charges American citizens interest illegally to use what should be their own money - since 1913.

    3. The Internal Revenue Service is incorporated in Puerto Rico and is the private collection agency, a private company, working for the Federal Reserve Bank.

    4. All wars are pre-arranged by this secret Ruling Cabal which is best defined as the circle of top world Banksters and industrialist run out of the City of London Financial District, a separate country like the Vatican with its own ambassadors and police. Some experts have discovered a strong association with secret esoteric “super-masonic” occult groups which are luciferian based and this Ruling Cabal. Some researchers have labelled this Ruling Cabal Babylonian Zionism, or the “Synagogue of Satan” and claim that it’s wealth and power is based on the use of “Babylonian Money-Magic” which is the use of fiat money lent at pernicious usury in order to create massive debt slavery, massive asset stripping and provide complete but hidden control. Of course experts know that the creation of the US Petro Dollar which required all oil sales to be made in money converted to US dollars first was a stop gap effort to delay reality until the Ruling Cabal could use America to subdue the whole world on the City of London Bankster’s behalf.

    5. This secret Ruling Cabal has existed for hundreds of years and has planned to create a Globalist NWO system located in Jerusalem. These City of London Banksters and their Wall Street franchisees set up and financed Bolshevik revolution in Russia in 1915 taht slaughtered 66 million Christian Russians.The Ruling Cabal has used pernicious usury to create massive numbers of debt slaves, run the FBI and have hijacked much of the high military command and the NSA and other intel agencies and have been in the initial stages of moving them all back to Israel in privatized form. This is now being exposed and blocked within the military high command and Intel at also at many other levels of American Society which means that Zionism is now likely in its death throes and will be thrown under the bus soon. But this also makes them very dangerous too until they are thrown under the bus and they seem to be Hell-bent on starting a nuclear WW3 first, seemingly under some spell of evil soulless mind-control.

    6. Individuals cannot become infected with this NWO Parasite or Cabal demon unless they have been somehow compromised to believe that it is okay to violate the Golden rule. Those born with a lack of conscience, extreme narcissists or psychopaths can obviously become infected quite easily if this is true. So as this narrative goes, the Cabal recruits by searching for those that are easily compromised. If someone has strong character, deep integrity and refuses to harm others unless in self-defense, the cabal is not interested in these folks. Cabal wannabees must be comfortable pedophiling and sacrificing young innocent children and creating mass-murder and mass suffering through the pre-arrangement and provocation or wars and mass death and destruction.

  15. 7.Take the very richest men in America and the world, the top Banksters and Industrialists and you can assume that most of these folks were only able to get this massive wealth and power by “selling their souls” to Lucifer in a very strange transaction to obtain “untold wealth, power and prestige” that some who later left the “cult” have spoken about.

    8. If anyone wants to climb the Cabal’s food chain and obtain higher status and position, they must be “players”, be known luciferians, have proven themselves to be comfortable attending Bohemian Grove human sacrifice rites and worship of Moloch, be able to function as criminal psychopaths and be able to do all kinds of horrible things to other innocent people, things they would never want or expect to be done to themselves. Thus these folks have a complete disconnect between their operating ideology which is completely sociopathic and all the harm and suffering they cause and are responsible for.

    9. Top insider Zbigniew Brzezinski has admitted as much that the NWO is failing because of the spontaneous emergence of a new worldwide populism aided by the internet and this is especially troublesome for the NWO Globalists.

    10. The Cabal and it main stateside agents have declared a covert war against “we the people” and intends to use their cutouts the neo-Bolshevik zios and NeoCons to set up the Department of Homeland Security to serve as the main attack force used to instigate a large internal American civil war and thus serve as a New American Cheka to mass-murder up to about 80% of Americans and institute a massive Red Terror inside America. DHS is buying up billions of how point rounds, 2700 tanks and 30,000 armed drones to attack and murder American dissidents with. The USG official lists of potential and suspected terrorists is growing so large and inclusive almost 75% of all Americans qualify for at least one list.

    11. NSA and almost all American intel has allegedly been hijacked by zio Israeli-firsters and infil-Traitors but there has been a recent awakening near the top of these orgs and traitors in charge are being exposed and will be dealt with. Most of these individuals who control these agencies have either been mind-controlled, or are criminal psychopaths, or have been bought off by Bankster financial zio espionage fronts like AIPAC, or have been human compromised and are being blackmailed into submission. Human compromise ops employ sophisticate honey traps and frequent use of scopolamine derivatives and are typically video recorded and kept on file for later coercion.

  16. 12. NSA and other American intel have been providing secret information obtained from wiretaps and other means to the Ruling Cabal to use to blackmail and coerce politicians, judges and officials to do what they want.

    13. The FBI is basically a cover-up mechanism for the Ruling Cabal, also engages in espionage against truth exposure such as with Cointelpro type activities and has run numerous illegal murder ops. such as the murder of numerous intel whistle-blowers. The FBI runs cover-up operations for the elite pedophile human kidnapping/compromise operations.

    14. About 95% of all the illegal narcotics are trafficked into America authorized by the USG by the CIA or under their protection in joint efforts. The world’s largest crime syndicate, the zios are also allowed to bring in massive amounts of these illegal drugs as long as the proper higher ups receive their cut which is currently 10% off the top.

    15. Numerous experts now claim we live in a police state. No, that is not exactly correct, we live in a Gangster State which uses a massive internal security mechanism to crush dissenters. Correctly stated, Washington DC should have a big sign upon entering DC: “Gangsters ‘R Us”. The USG is a big table of gangsters with plenty of room for any new gangster that ponies up the bucks for entry. Actually it’s like this; we have the WORST government the MOST money can buy. They buy politicians for a few few terms in office, including those who are owned by AIPAC and serve a zio mouthpieces, folks like McCain and Graham.

    16. The CIA has run secret Mind-kontrol experiments and massive psychotronic harassment campaigns 220px-Robocop_filmagainst dissenters and whistleblowers along with certain groups in military intel and gotten away with it for many years. Except now folks on the inside are staring to talk and leak and it won’t be long until these operations are fully exposed and those responsible will be hounded, harassed and eventually dealt with.

  17. 17. Nationwide, the police have been mind-controlled by the deployment of high tech pulsed beam microwave, constant-on shoulder held radio systems which are known to be able to entrain aggressive attitudes in many police officers and can cause parietal lobe, psychomotor seizures during arrests which can make the officers gone temporarily nuts and beat or murder victims.

    18. Every American Intel agency has had its own execution squad. At present there are 37 American or DOD privatized defense Contractor intel agencies and counting, many of these un-admitted due to being part of the black, special access (or the beyond black “un-acknowledged programs). Each of these agencies has had its own execution squad for terminations with extreme prejudice after a signed intelligence or executive finding is made and signed.

    19. “Terminated with extreme prejudice”(TWEPed) for specific whistleblowers in cases involving those who investigate and uncover current criminal operations of those in high political, military or intel officials such as the DC Madam, Deborah Jeane palfrey, or Michael Hastings who was onto a story so hot it would have likely brought down the current administration.

    20. Extensive mass mind-control is now actively being used against the American people to dumb them down, entrain an accepting mood of an underlying anxiety, false beliefs and an inability to get involved in changing the USG, that is, decreased political activism. These measures include massive deployment of psychotronics as the pulsed beam microwaves of cell phone towers, Wi-Fi, chemtrails which dispense smart-dust which is comprised of magnetized nano particles which are breathed in, and eventually cross the blood-brain barrier after which they can be flashed and activated to entrain desired brain patterns. Many vaccines now contain nano-particles of “smart-dust” which can be remotely activated after they cross the blood-brain barrier. It has been hypothesized but not yet proven that these particles can serves as a means to id individuals after they have been “set”, serving as internal RFID nano-chip. brainwashed05a_3084

    21. Hollywoodism and much of the youth music culture is occult based and run by the Ruling Cabal as a means to compromise America’s youth and uses luciferian/satanic symbolism to prepare the way for infection of the “NWO parasite”.

  18. 22. The Ruling Cabal has engaged in massive efforts to destroy normal male and female sex roles in order to destroy marriage, create unisex and a whole new increasingly large population of homosexuals which will help lower the birthrate. This is being done through the administration of gender bending chemicals to the masses, aka endocrine disruptors deployed in certain plastics, detergents and foodstuffs. The Cabal has deployed neo-Bolshevik methods such as multi-culturalism, diversity, political correctness, feminism, and teaching that perversion is normal good to grade-schoolers as a first stage in compromising young Americans and making them more susceptible to the “NWO parasite” later on. The goal here of the cabal is to destroy the fabric of America by eliminating its borders, language and culture. Obviously loose southern borders which are un-enforced allowing massive illegal aliens, and massive immigration of illegal aliens helps to destroy what America is and make it easier to Globalize it with Agenda 21, and eventually to balkanize it.

    23. Almost all cell phones contain RFID chips so they can be pinged by satellite to give one’s near exact location even if the cell phone is off and un-powered with no battery. Almost all cell phones can now be used to listen in and their cameras can be activated without the cell phone being turned on. Most cell phones can now be remotely turned on and off by fusion centers at will.

    24. Electronic telephones and many Cable TV and Satellite boxes can be used for real time spying by Intel agencies.

    25. Some video games have embedded mind-control programs that entrain violent mental images which can be later activated to help strip away the subjects very soul and make them more susceptible to the NWO parasite.

    26. It is alleged by insiders that many current vaccines contain DNA or RNA fragments and compounds which are either eugenic population controls or mind-kontrol, or dumbing down mechanisms. Many contain catalytic virus and bacteria which can be later activated by cross pollination with designer cold viruses. Some of these can be activated to become lethal in the young, old or those with current health issues. Some contain nano-particles (smart-dust) which have psychotronic properties when properly flashed by pulsed beam microwaves.

    27. The wall street Banksters are making untold Billions off of the mortgage scam through a complex pattern of criminal fraud, Mers and illegal packaging and reselling of mortgage investments without properly transferring titles. They are double and in some cases triple dipping due to Govt mortgage insurance and various crafty tricks with repossessions.

  19. 28. The BP oil spill and Fukushima are both Cabal staged biological warfare deliberate attacks on humanity, designed to create massive depopulation in the years to follow. Massive aerosol “chemtrail” spraying by DOD contract aircraft out of southern Arizona and some other locations is loaded with various toxic chemicals designed to aid in mindcontrolling and dumbing down the masses and dulling their emotions as well as increasing the death rate along with GMO foods.

    29. The Bankster engineered worldwide debt crises is about to enter its final death spiral at home inside America. The Bankster/zio NWO is going to be thrown under the bus. This will be accomplished by the spontaneously emerging new worldwide populism thanks to the Internet’s world wide penetration and formation of a new worldwide conscience-collective. As the Bankster/zio system fails a new dictator will attempt to hijack this new worldwide populism and use it to set up his own world kingdom run out of Jerusalem. The complete exposure of Israelis to be the fake Jews of Rev. 2:9 and 3:9 will be universal knowledge. Zionism will be fully exposed for its crimes and will be eradicated as will their Bankster system. The BRICS nations trade agreements and others like them seem to mark the end of Big oils hegemony through the City of London Banksters using America as its enforcer.

    30. With the advent of the new populism emerging worldwide and a whole new commitment to truth-telling by various USG, Military, Intel and alphabet agents as well as some fairly high ranking DHS folks, every single deep secret is now getting leaked and exposed. Often starting with rumors, and later followed up by actual docs, that is, the eventual complete end to government secrecy, The truth like a runaway freight train that cannot be stopped.

    35. The Ruling cabal’s greatest secret is that they are unable to infect and control those Americans who refuse to violate the Golden Rule (except in self-defense) know and keep a strong commitment to the US Constitution and Bill of Rights and refuse to be compromised or accept the lies and evil of the Ruling Cabal or its representatives or agents. They know that if more 12% of the people fully wake up they are finished, and we are at 10% now pushing 11%. Yes, research suggests 12% is a major societal tipping point and once reached, it’s bye-bye time for the ruling cabal eventually, one way or another.


    This recent flap over the big government lie that Assad used poison gas against the Syrian people is a great opportunity to see this newly emerging world populism work. The ZMM has been broadcasting 24/7 that Assad did it and most of the alternative media on the Internet has claimed just the opposite is true, that US & Israel financed and supported the chemical weapons. A false flag.

    1. Anon, why not just put up the 'Veterans Today" link to that article?

    2. Excellent suggestion Greg. At the least the link to where it comes from should have been added.

    3. The BP Oil Spill was yet another instance of media-staged fear-based trauma conditioning.

      The BP Oil Spill 2 Years Later by Lenon Honor

      The same thing applies to the entire Fuk-U-Shima charade:

      They are staging these mofos for population control through constant fear and paranoia, not actual, immediate mass killings and population reduction.

      The slow-kill slave-control method has been perfected for a reason. It works much better than any such wild real life 'disaster' adventures requiring the over-agitation of the natives against themselves unnecessarily.

      The poisonous and sugar-saturated processed foods which comprise the major part of the diets of upwards of 96% of the planet's subsistence level inhabitants keep them just barely healthy enough to do their slave jobs and slowly, constantly and progressively sick enough for the pharmaceutical industry and its high-paid, mind-controlled slaves, the medical doctors, to get rich slowly torturing them to death with drugs and barbaric treatments.

      Can disasters be faked realistically ? Yes.

      The psychological mechanism used is so simple as to be laughable. They use people's egos against themselves. People will believe any horror story, in fact, the more 'hardcore' and blood-drenched the better, as long as they can assure themselves that this was a 'real life event' and therefore get to pat themselves on the back for being 'street-wise,' 'hardcore,' and hard to fool--real sophisticated characters.

      To have to admit to themselves that they were naïve and stupid enough to have been completely bamboozled by a friggin' cartoon, this is not conducive to big hard-ons (or wet panties, but it's an easily observable fact that at least 80% of all conspiracy researchers are men). To admit that nothing more complicated than a pre-manufactured special effects movie, complete with actors and real-life reporters and 'news'-anchors involved, aired as 'live news,' pulled the wool over their eyes, puts them in the position of clowns acting in a farce with the main joke being on them. This is no good; this isn't Charles Bronson meets Aldous Huxley, this bozos in a farce shit. This is the equivalent of a swim in cold water as far as their ding-a-lings are concerned and let's face it, every half-ass psychologist has known for at least a 100 years that it's all about the ding-a-lings.

      Complete control of media is damn near complete control of reality.

      ~Negentropic MK IV


  21. If you read any newspaper or watch any News channel then it is nailed on that Assad used Chemical Weapons on his own innocent people. They have even got confirmation through hair samples....please tell me that I'm not going MAD.

    1. You're not but much of the rest of the world is.

  22. I notice how your congresswoman conveniently assumes that Syria has used chemical weapons with no proof offered.

    Madsen seems to think a possible reason for going into Syria is to obtain the chemical weapons that Bush is responsible for being there in Syria in the first place.