Saturday, August 10, 2013

Your Love Incomplete

The following comment was left at Visible's place from Robert Bonomo...


I’ve recently published a new novel, Your Love Incomplete, and I’m offering it as a free download. I decided to offer for free because I feel charging for it would seriously limit its readership.

Here is the link:

The story follows a Silicon Valley internet marketer mildly obsessed with conspiracy theories and the shift that occurs within him after he encounters an esoterically oriented friend of his father.

So often in our media the person interested in the non-official version of history is portrayed as unbalanced, but in Your Love Incomplete conspiratorial thinking is the catalyst for the main characters journey to spiritual awakening.

There is a strong anarchist flavor to the book, it goes under the hood of the online marketing world and there is plenty of esotericism as the story carries the main character from the SF Bay Area, to New York City, Spain and the Russian Far East.

This is the tale of someone who woke up to the Matrix, but not until he lost everything and wound up in a very strange land. I think this story will resonate with many of the who follow Smoking Mirrors and The Red Lion, which I discovered here, was a big inspiration. I offer it as my contribution to that transformation we are all seeking.

I hope you enjoy it and all the best. 


It's fiction but from what I've read so far it's an interesting read and it's a free download which is always a plus.


  1. triple entendre's and Abby Martin

    my Sunday Rant....

    oh I tried, you know real hard...
    to not like Abby Martin...
    she was so brash ....

    well she just has so much attitude, and then I tried to avoid even looking at her like Erin Burnett, but not near as much as the queens of revulsion ...


    and Mr. MADDOW.

    if I had access to my treasure Chest and could put a Lady on to present the "News" ...

    my Choice would be Queen Noor....

    ἐγερθήσεται γὰρ ἔθνος ἐπὶ ἔθνος καὶ βασιλεία ἐπὶ βασιλείαν, καὶ ἔσονται σεισμοὶ κατὰ τόπους, καὶ ἔσονται λιμοὶ καὶ ταραχαί.

    there were never any so-called "Jews" at Gilgal
    or Shilo...dirging the Kol Nidre or
    Hava Nagilahing....with tiflins



  2. ' I decided to offer for free because I feel charging for it would seriously limit its readership.'

    Most thoughtful. Will attempt its download shortly ~ thanks for that.

  3. ' oh I tried, you know real hard...
    to not like Abby Martin...
    she was so brash .... '

    Well ~ I'd pop my slippers under Abby's bed any day :)

    1. elevate...

      perspective, use it or lose it...

      in case you missed it Dr. Nancy Snyderman ...on her repertory chit chat with Lester Holt the other evening..."Like some African Country"...!

      Nightly News | August 15, 2013

      One for the road: Hundreds of classic cars for sale

      It’s a car collector’s dream. An auctioneer is putting up hundreds of classic cars for sale in a small Nebraska town. Learn how one car dealer managed to store so many autos from the 1950s. NBC’s Harry Smith reports.

      classic TV...

      like the time David Steinberg was on {today show 1979} with Gene Shalit, and Gene says.."How you doin' David" -
      ... David, "I'm Worried", Gene says "What's got you worried?"

      David "I'm worried PORK makes you stupid"..!

      Farm laborers seemed to agree, as farmers who took on hired hands in the harvesting season were expected to provide their workers with a ready supply of hard cider to refresh them and keep up their strength.

  4. “hovering between pleasure and panic”

    This references two of your blog entries and is something of a response to them. But I have a lot of work left to do.

    1. "I am deeply honored, Kenny. I've been reading you for a long time, and spend a significant amount of time running down your blogroll for the updates. I think it was you who once said 'I don't necessarily agree with everything said" on a blog you put on your roll, and it was a memorable concept. What we need is dialogue among those who spend their time as observers and researchers. There needs to be a mechanism or tool through which a number of bloggers can come together to share deeper dialogue than they present online. As an avowed anti-NWO-er, I have often thought the insights I gleaned from my reading -- acquired slowly over decades -- offered an antidote. Getting the content of the excerpts from those books noted in my bibliography out into the public eye was the mission that became clear to me after I was given the gift of renewed life. Even with all of that, and all you do, we are only beginning to scratch the surface. Thanks, Kenny"

      Posted as a reply to your comment on my own blog.

    2. sophia/kenny

      what stops cooperation is ego.
      and laziness. lots of talk but no walk.

    3. Penny/Kenny:

      Couldn't agree more. Can't say much at this time as I am otherwise committed. Hardly even know what has gone down in the world in the last 36, and there's four more days of that ahead. But there's a marvelous book with some marvelous phraseology about this I am currently digesting. Ego is one way of saying it, and it's a good way. But it's more than that; it's about suspending judgmental perspectives based on one's upbringing/background/conditioning. And it's about learning to listen, and learning to be silent. As for laziness, that's true to a degree as well; you gotta do the homework and make the inquiry and ask a lot of people and get other folks' points of view. Only downside there is time (the need to commit lots of it) and time (the need to be patient while keeping cloture open). Cash is good too but not super-important.

      Kenny: I heard what you said about Google updates; internally, I see my blog entries being updated slowly and eventually. My blog has a search function that seems to have been turned off by someone, but it also has everything archived and can be navigated that way. If the reader is patient and starts at the beginning.... Frankly, most of the news and op-ed stuff is also seen on other blogs here in this blogroll.

      One of my points is that many sites tend to post the same stuff, though interpretation, analysis and perspectives are different, and that's what's juicy and important. We (I should speak only for myself) need to "mechanize" the updates and the feeds and focus on the insight, analysis and interpretation.

      Frankly, I'd guess that if you took a sophisticated poll of the readers (and writers) of all the blogs noted over there on the right, you wouldn't find a huge amount of disagreement about the basics in terms of wars, global events, US foreign policy, the march of the police state, the attacks on people, rights, liberty and the environment, etc etc

      The question is this:

      Is there something more we (or I) can do -- beyond just screaming into the windy void -- to shape the future?

    4. Sophia: I have long advocated non greasing of the elite wheels.
      We can see what the agenda is
      The cashless society? Keep using cash
      The push to smart grid tech? Don't buy a smart phone and all that crap
      GMO food: Grow some of your own food?
      Even an apartment dweller can put a few pots on a balcony or sunny window, sprout beans, grow herbs, there is all manner of compact veggie plants
      Got this from freethinker at my place: dumb technology - hold onto your land lines and cameras
      not phones for cameras- actual cameras

      This whole myth of food shortage that is being promoted..Is that old meme of scarcity
      Many of us have back yards for gardens and some of us can have chickens for eggs
      that should take a load off of multinational food producers
      (but that is precisely what the bastards don't want)
      Anyway... I could go on
      Basically clog the gears. None of that is illegal. And can't be made so if it is being done on a large enough scale
      Just stop going along to get along

  5. happened to see the parting shot tour of Rachel Maddow ...last nite, {GAG}

    on the one hand you gotta take some small {gag} pleasure in the

    faux-left right thingy... that "she" does...for filthy lucre....

    -------> <-------

    'cause so many braindeadgoy are trapped in that mind cage...

    'cause they watch talmudvision...

    remember Joel C. Rosenberg reporting on the Emet group WAR ROOM being set up in Washington DC 23 days before...9/11...?

    A group of American business and political leaders are building a pro-Israel media "war room" in Washington, D.C. The group will be called "Emet" — which in Hebrew means "truth." - -

    Emet will try to address biased media coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and also make the case that the conflict, while serious and important, pales in comparison to the larger geo-strategic threat posed to the United States and the West by Iran and Iraq, both of whom are trying to build and/or acquire weapons of mass destruction....

    Funding Emet is Leonard Abramson; he sold U.S. Healthcare to Aetna in the mid-1990s for $8.9 billion. Abramson has recruited a powerful board of directors, including Bernie Marcus, founder of Home Depot; Les Wexner, founder of The Limited; Edgar Bronfman Sr., who once owned Seagram's; and Lou Ranieri, a major Wall Street player who now co-owns one of Israel's largest banks. Also joining the board are Jeane Kirkpatrick, former U.S. Ambassador to the UN, and Jack Kemp

    oddly, Jason Bermas & Alex Jones never picked up on this tidbit of incriminating evidence leading to the cui bono .....

    dunno why

    1. Now this is information we should be aware of. Thanks Davy

  6. Off-topic but some pretty good images here today

  7. "The vast majority of people in our culture are well adjusted because they have given up the battle for independence sooner and more radically than the neurotic person. They have accepted the judgment of the majority so completely that they have spared the sharp pain of conflict which the neurotic person goes through. While they are healthy from the standpoint of 'adjustment,' they are more sick than the neurotic person from the standpoint of the realization of their aims as human beings." ~ Erich Fromm

    Being 'unbalanced' is the very condition of the searcher for a higher point of balance from which to see far. Being comfortable with a certain amount of neurosis or vice is the precondition of wisdom or putting 'doom' in a 'wise' grip.

    Being balanced by not coming into conflict with institutionalized insanity is not much of an accomplishment, is it ?

    When you discover that actions a lifetime of conditioning has taught you are good and life-giving are only so because logically consistent with a deliberately peddled false set of values, and you proceed to react to these actions from the perspective of a truer set of values, processed independently outside conditioned response, then what triggers pleasure to those in the Pavlovized reality or 'matrix' will obviously trigger displeasure to you and vice versa, but they will have vast, perverted (pre-inverted) institutions to reassure them their weakness is strength and you only your logic as rudder against their stormy sea and a few iconoclast philosophers to reassure you your strength is not weakness.

    ~Negentropic MK I


    Kenny: hope you don't mind

    This interview from Jan @ Gnostic Media
    connects with your post here

    Was the 60's phenomenon of the 'hippies' really a CIA and other assets manipulation of the mind through supplied LSD and created cultural memes? An experiment to see just how well these techniques would work? One that was decades in the making?

    I have two documents up at my place, but, there are about 18 of them at GM
    For the Canadians that visit here, the connections to Captain Trips in Vancouver and the LSD dispensation is just tooooo much! Captain Al had to have been connected to the mkultra experiments that were done in numerous canadian hospitals

    btw: I got a one year subscription for GM and am loving the archived work
    diverse, yes. Interesting definitely. $135 US for one year.
    Cost about $150 Canadian for payment and I am certain to get more then my money's worth
    The SWRAs are full of interviews with many, many, many people

  9. Thought this was good - Tyrel Ventura Takes Rachel Maddow To Task-

  10. Sounds like Fromm could have been poaching Aldous Huxley. Absolutely true though. The Sioux talked of the true path ..... the path to become a real human being.


    “The real hopeless victims of mental illness are to be found among those who appear to be most normal.

    “Many of them are normal because they are so well adjusted to our mode of existence, because their human voice has been silenced so early in their lives, that they do not even struggle or suffer or develop symptoms as the neurotic does.”

    They are normal not in what may be called the absolute sense of the word; they are normal only in relation to a profoundly abnormal society.

    Their perfect adjustment to that abnormal society is a measure of their mental sickness.
    These millions of abnormally normal people, living without fuss in a society to which, if they were fully human beings, they ought not to be adjusted.” -Aldous Huxley, Brave New World Revisited"

  11. Thank you, Robert, and Kenny for making this available to read, no charge. I definitely appreciate a page turner and, in my opinion, this 'novel' falls under that category.

    The advertising world is quite devious, manipulating and corrupt. I have an inkling because my sister is working for a Co designing web sites.

    Thank you again, fascinating read!

  12. Hey Kenny

    My response to you, in case you don't get back:

    It's pretty interesting stuff, really. I have to give it a listen again

    K-"Like we've talked about before, whatever engineering was going on then didn't work on everyone exactly as planned."

    True enough for the reason is engineering will only work on those that are willing to take in the engineering, there will always be rebels This is where I think the Transhumanism agenda being pushed by the elites comes into play- with that level of control the elites don't have to worry about the incorrigible
    they can just adjust their computer chips
    which is why I am of the opinion that transhumanism has to be rejected by humanity


    Here is a superb article in its brevity and accuracy.

    The short history of why we are where we are right now.

    9/11 can be seen as the latest installment in this story by those who want to be king of the whole world.

  14. This from Welcome to Pottersville 2:

    "Swartz had made strategic inroads against the ongoing movement by the government, as represented through its privatized intelligence community and the NSA, to control the Internet.

    Michael Hastings, the former Rolling Stone journalist who wrote the articles on Gen. McChrystal, leading to his firing by President Obama, was supposed to be working on a story about the NSA, and appeared to have interacted with Barrett Brown, who had been concerned with the subject of cybersecurity firms working for the government."

    There are dots here to be connected. Swartz (dead), Hastins (dead), Brown (prison for 100 years) all were working against the NSA total termination of the free internet. Jay Rockefeller is integral to shutting down the internet globally.

    This venue you are reading right now may soon be "unavailable".

    You can't be king of the world if too many subjects (serfs) know the truth.

  15. Thanks to everyone for their contribution. I've been working all week and popping in and out of the house without much time to respond. All the comments are greatly appreciated.

  16. Ryan Dawson has a recent post where he explains the present Egypt crisis in a very believable way:

    The people of Egypt are revolting against both the MB and the military. The former is linked to the CIA and the latter to the US government. Two sides of the same coin. The coin represents the IMF, Rothschild and israel. The coin is Anglo-US-israel control of Egypt. Accepting either side means austerity for the Egyptian people. The people of Egypt are being offered two flavours of the zio NWO. They want neither. The probable civil war is being orchestrated by the same Rothschild zio NWO. Divide and conquer - it's a global strategy that works almost every time.

    Around the world the Rothschild zio NWO is pitting us against each otherm to kill each other. We are being painted as evil to each other, we are killing each other.

    The devil is laughing with delight.


      According to this article the Morsi government wrote a constitution of the people, by the people and for the people and THAT is the reason the Rothschild zio NWO had to eliminate him as leader.

      Could it be that Morsi holding a FSA rebel flag of Syria a few weeks ago was a photoshop just like Aurora, Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon? I won't put it past the zio controlled lying propaganda media.

      Serfdom in the zio NWO whether we like it or not, whether we accept it peacefully or they have to use violence to shove it down our throats.

    2. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting Mustafa Hijazi the Rothschild zio NWO future (puppet) president of Egypt. He's NGO, Thinktank and Zbiggy approved!

  17. Kenny, at 8:10 AM Monday, I posted Let's see how long Google takes to show it to you. It's time for me (us) to find a way to move to a newer method and place.

  18. Ben Freedman's anti-zionist speech deleted by THE DAILY PAUL.

    Long suspected of being zionist gatekeepers; Nystrom and The Daily Paul are confirming tha fact.

    1. Sure. Nothing surprising. Still, there are a number of allies in that community and Nystrom's poor excuse for gatekeeping doesn't always work.


    "The shaman people that inhabited North and South America prior to its brutal Anglo European takeover built a vast and organized civilization. They lived in structured societies that were democratic and very connected with spirituality and nature. There was very little sickness and they had medicinal plants for every condition which were far superior to today’s pharmaceuticals. The indigenous people were extremely happy, things like depression, mental illness, crime or greed were not nearly as prevalent in their culture, as is seen in ours.

    ...the kind of mass violence seen in the west was certainly not present. There were many different tribes scattered throughout North and South was literally a whole new world inhabited by a vast network of societies each with their own unique culture.

    One common myth about the native people is that they had no respect for property rights or trade. In reality native cultures had complex systems of trade which even included various currencies, using anything from shells to animal pelts...

    To say that there was just one civilization here before colonization began would be a disservice to the diverse culture of the pre Columbus Americas. Making the generalization that every tribe in that hemisphere was the same would be like saying that Canada, Mexico and the United States had identical cultures today.

    Contrary to the Europeans claims that the Americas were a vast uninhabited wilderness*, there was actually a massive native population that numbered in the hundreds of millions**.

    Traces of this large population seemed easy enough to destroy at first, considering the natives put a great deal of care into making as little an impact on their environment as possible. However, as time passes archaeologists are continuing to uncover evidence that the pre-Columbus civilizations were much more advanced and populated then the historical record tells us."

    * The Balfour letter was based on Palestine being a few Arab tribes in an otherwise empty desert.

    ** In ca 1550 Egypt had 6 million inhabitant, now is 80 million. The 85 million slaughtered indigenous Americans would now be half a billion.

    We Anglo-Europeans killed a beautiful culture living in harmony with nature and each other instead of learning from it. The polluted, debased, violent and corrupt American culture of today is what we have achieved.

    Shut it all down and let the continent and the world heal. We failed miserably through greed and usury. Our continent is a toilet and our families and our relation with Gaia and God are broken.

  20. That is very true Mouser and a good summation, don't know if there would be that many native Americans however. When you don't rape the land and live according to nature, the population tends to stabilize.

    Native Americans had one problem, people showed up with guns and swords which they did not have. Of course to make these things you have to begin strip mining the iron ore and other things of the earth, making iron wagon wheels, furnaces etc and on and on it goes. Those in harmony with nature found themselves over shadowed by those out of harmony with nature and on it went with the very earth an animals suffering the consequences.

    This is best description I have seen about what is happening in Egypt. There are more stories going both ways on this one than most revolutions. We are seeing now some links indicating that Putin has called a meeting and said Egyptian military officers are too have unlimited access to Russian military operations also. There is now a scramble for influence in Egypt. The US did not stop aid. The Saudis want to throw some money to the generals. It seems all a bit up in the air to me. Morsi quickly went back on his promises of democracy and the Egyptians protested again. In fact I don't think the army wanted to go fight Syrians or Ethiopians either. Aren't the Muslim bro hood the same ones who were eating organs in Syria?

  21. I can't stand the lies any more! The zionist controlled Reuters is now falsely claiming Assad has used chemical weapons against terrorists in Damascus killing 200 of them.

    Reuters is telling a bold-faced LIE.

    Assad is trying to rid his country of USrael NATO backed mercenaries using standard military weapons. He has not and will not resort to chemical weapons.

    Reuters lying propaganda is to prepare the MSM believers for the Syrian invasion by USrael NATO forces coordinated from their base in Jorden.

    We are being flat out lied to by the main stream media.

    I can't stand it!


    Reuters lies.

  23. "it is increasingly clear that the groups committing these crimes against thousands of Syrian civilians are the foreign-backed mercenaries, whom the Western media and their governments have tried to lionize as 'rebels' fighting for 'democratic freedom'.

    That charade is rapidly disintegrating, exposing not just criminal Western governments sponsoring the violence against civilians, but an entire media industry that is also guilty of war crimes through its willful complicity.

    This is not mere hyperbole. To disseminate false information and lies about conflict - under the guise of independent news - is to be complicit in covering up war crimes. You can hardly get more serious misconduct than to tell lies about crimes against humanity." - Finnian Cunningham

    Deliberate lies by Reuters, AP, CNN, Sky, BBC, ABCBCNNBCBS are morally warcrimes against humanity.

    While PRESSTV is being legislated off the airways for reporting the truth.

    May God help us.